Monday, May 30, 2011

Brighter than the Sun...

Happy Memorial Day! After a long weekend up north getting the beach house and tiki bar opened up, I am finally home and bushed. The weather was pretty co operative and the company was fabulous! The wi fi and air cards-not so much. More than once it was noted that it was almost better when we simply had NO service and lived with it from Friday till Sunday or Monday.

I am just now pausing to remember those who have fought for our country as well as those who simply fight the good fight. My family, friends, bartenders and servers, my pharmacist, and fitness coaches. I love you and thank you all, for making my life more pleasant. Oh, and my lovely lovelies here in the blogosphere. Wether you comment or just read-my thanks to you. xo

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Rapture? So what the hell was that all about? I never bother to get too hung up on these 'predictions' such as this or any other possible disaster. I never got hysterical and stocked up on water and provisions in case of Y2K or even a Michigan snowstorm. Seems we are never snowed in more than a day, and even then I can soldier on without milk and bread for a morning or two. Gives me a chance to get creative with some of those mystery packages in my freezer in fervent hope that one of them is my mom's German Apple Coffee cake. My true worries involve having enough vodka and/or wine to get thru the weekend without having to endure Kroger during crush time. So forgive me if my cynical ass found myself not surprised to NOT have had myself saved-along with the rest of the world. I still have bills to pay, weight to lose and flowers to plant. Business as usual. Thank goodness.

After Saturday dawned without incident, and without any eminent danger, I was free to continue with planned events. I headed downtown to a cool watering hole with some faces you may have met if you follow this scribbling I do on Sundays. It was a belated birthday get down for Michelle of Michelle's Spell, and sister Beth-always a delight- was here visiting. Oh, and of course, Baby Grouchy (Michelle's mascot and possible love child) was in attendance and could be found trying to get a buzz through fur absorption. And at our table, He stood a very good chance of this! Jim of J.R's Thumbprint endured my driving lack-of-skill, where we hooked up with Mark of Walking Man fame and professional hugger status, and I got to meet and get to know Erik of Erik's Choice-totally my pleasure. Twas a fun evening that flew by in what seemed like a few minutes.

Sooo, "Rapture" will continue to be the Blondie tune with the crazy lyrics that we used to sing along to in a Debbie Harry monotone voice. And those friends of mine-thanks to you all. I had a blast and hope we can do it again. SOON! xo

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rock and Roll Never Forgets....

Bob Seger is embarking on his farewell tour tour in Detroit this week; and he is now 62 years old. Amazing! In the greater Ossineke and Alpena area where I grew up, Bob is a local legend. His mother lives in Alpena, so he is a semi-regular out and about. He has been quoted as saying he loves the area because he is left alone, mostly. My sister has played golf with him and my brother has shot some nine ball with him at the local watering hole. All of us have our 'Seger' stories-me included.

One cold Northern Michigan night, a girlfriend and I were out trolling at the Alpena Holiday Inn when Bob walked in and caused a mild stir. He looked good, dressed in a wool trench coat and 'piano keys' scarf with snowflakes in his hair and on his eyelashes. My compadre and I played the scene verrry cool. Well now...Didn't Mr. Bob sidle up and buy us chickies a cocktail. The bartender set down our new drinkies and said that this one is from Mr. Seger. We gave him a raised glass 'thank you' nod and got back a reciprocal 'your welcome' from Bob. The DJ respectfully did NOT put on a Seger track that would have surely embarrassed him. After slamming down his drink, our local legend vanished back into the dark, snowy night.

I grew up with and loved his music and most of his songs evoke a fond memory. From skiing to school dances to hot dates, there was a tune for all times. Just reading his current concert play list is still a walk down memory lane. No offensive language in the lyrics for emphasis, just relevant songs sung from the heart.

So as he brings his final swan song to Detroit, I say sing those old songs, dude. And if I see you out again, this time I am buying the cocktails. xoxo

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mamma Mia...

Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms, Grandmas and special friends of children-young and old. We literally would not be here without you and one day is not nearly enough time to express our gratitude for everything you have done for us.

I was in Ossineke this past weekend for my traditional Moms Day visit and had a nice time with my 97 year old Gramma who can remember most every detail of the birth of her two children. Rock on, Grannie! My own Mom, after raising us 3 hooligans is now a proud Gramma of 8. She sacrificed anything and everything for us and I have the fondest childhood memories you can imagine. After school chocolate cake and milk, wonderful holidays, support in my gymnastic and cheerleading efforts, and family vacations, not to mention constant help with the raising of my son. Mom ran crowd control, refereed fights and kept us from killing each other. And nothing will ever compare to those times. After a wonderful breakfast, I brought my Mother back here with me for a few days visit where we will be enjoying some relaxing, fun time. Plan to shop, catch up on family stuff, and drink a little vino. The Red Wings are on tonight and will need our undivided attention and unbridled cheering if they are gonna pull off the miracle we need to win this series. Go Wings!

I also had lunch (4 and a half hours!) with an old and dear friend that is THE ultimate mother. She adopted a family of three children when they were tots and has raised them to be loving, caring and happy adults. How lucky and blessed were they to have found this jackpot in her loving arms! Baby, your the best.

And then there is my buddy who lost his mother this year. May the memories of his MomAngel comfort him today as he surely misses her. Heaven is richer in her warm presence. xo

I hope all of you had a wonderful day however it shook out for you. Celebrate the love for Mom today and everyday. xo

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pink Cashmere...

Crossing Hall road on Saturday, when the waves of nausea hit me, I thought the incessant stop and go traffic of a busy afternoon was causing that feeling in my gut known as 'car sickness'. Somewhere around Pontiac, after walking around a Target parking lot, I decided it really was some kind of fast-hitting flu bug. The fact that I had NO urge to do a 'Target run', clinched the diagnosis. Skipping planned party destination and turning around to head back home was the only 'run' I could get wrapped around. Dry heaving in a parking lot is decidedly NOT glamorous.

Sooo, spent the last two days sleeping and recovering from what turned out to be a 24 hour bug. Watched endless HGTV and read when my eyes could focus. Even treated myself to ice cream without any heed for calories--it really is the only 'flu worthy' food! And finally, at this late hour on Sunday, I am feeling human and even plan to meet Walking Man (Mark) for java and chatties tomorrow. Watch out friends, your ears may be ringing! (Michelle, Jim)

********Just in-Osama Bin Laden is dead! May his evil soul rot in hell.*********

To the rest of you lovelies, Happy May Day. I think spring is finally here! xo

P.S. In lieu of my still wan appearance, I am posting a pic of a mermaid painting I did for dear friends Mark and Marty who accused me of doing a self-portrait. Moi? Silly boys....xo