Wednesday, December 7, 2022

These Eyes…

 Tomorrow morning I will rise at 4:20 to drive up north to take my Mom for cataract surgery.  As much as I hate rising early and driving in the dark-this will be no small feat.  Please sent your thoughts and prayers to Mom in the hope that all goes well and her vision improves.  I’ll take any leftover prayers in hopes that my coffee does its thing  and that I steer clear of any deer, as Lux, Hazel and I cruise up north.  Fingers crossed! XO

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

2 Different Tears…

 At our wonderful family Ducksgiving dinner, I said down with my two adorable great nieces.  I don't get to see them often as they have lived in various places and relocated recently to Ann Arbor from Japan.

Meet Aeryn, age 16 and Elli age 14.  Read on for our interview!


Aeryn-"Japan!  Because there are so many interesting things to do and it's so accessible and safe.  

Elli-"San Diego! It was the main part of my childhood, and it was very exciting.  Love the summer weather."

I know you two are excellent students.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECT?

Aeryn-"Math.  I have a great teacher and I want to show that I'm a good student."

Elli-"English.  The class is exciting, and the assignments are good."


Aeryn-"Travel, learn about places.  I want to connect with the Korean culture."

Elli-"Go back to San Diego-it's more exciting and alive!"


Aeryn-"Goals.  If I make a goal-I like to strive to achieve it.  I recently made second chair on clarinet after playing for only eight months."

Elli-'Sports.  Volleyball, soccer, tennis, swimming, skating, skiing, and gymnastics.  I'm an athlete and those are my favorite things."


Aeryn-"T.V. and reading. Classes are hard and I need to relax my brain."

Ellie-"Drawing and my phone.  Cartooning and animation."


Aeryn-"My Dad's pizza-completely homemade and very yummy!"

Ellie-"Same-with pesto and everything crust!"  

And there you have it, my beautiful, smart and sweet nieces~I am so proud of them! XOXO

Friday, November 18, 2022

Bang, Bang…

 So it’s hunting season (again!) and Randy bagged this beauty on Sunday.  

By growing up in northern Michigan, one would expect that I would understand the idea of hunting a bit more.  Now, I love to  hunt for beach treasures, morels,  good bargains etc., so that type of hunt I get.  I just don’t understand the kill.  ‘Look at that beautiful old buck, doing what comes natural with that doe.  I think I’ll shoot him dead.’  Now we do eat the meat so at least there’s that.  

But the men in my life seem to be scratching some primal itch by it.  They prepare, commiserate, and talk the details of hunting to death.  Maybe it’s a bonding thing…I don’t know.  And it’s called bagging a buck-as if it’s wrapped in a bag with some ribbon.  No, that comes later at the butchers!  You can’t eat horns but somehow that’s where the biggest thrill comes in.  I mean, leave the poor old thing alone!  I guess I’d feel better if the deer had a weapon too, evening the score a little.  If the hunters had to dodge an arrow or a bullet from the buck, to me, that would truly be a greater feat.  No tree blinds either, cuz deer can’t climb up to get that advantage .  Mono a Mano on an even hunting field would truly be a sport.  

I could go on with more of my ridiculousness but I will spare Randy the eye rolls.  Good luck and be safe, hunters.  And if I go on and on telling detailed stories of my hobby, y’all best nod and smile politely.  XO

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Elderberry Wine…

 Well, after two full weeks of fever and coughing, I’m finally joining the land of the living!  Not 100%, but surely on the way!  My respect for people suffering chronic conditions is immense and I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to adjust constantly to a new ‘normal.’  I’ll be content when I can breathe to the bottom of my lungs, have my head and ears unstuff and go four hours without a nap.  I’d like to keep the sexy  new voice!   

I’m also looking forward to being able to taste a good glass of wine.  This old wino needs a sip of something other than hot tea!  The famous Louis Pasteur said it best, “ Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”   My girl, Kristen and I confer that wine cures everything from stress to a broken fingernail, but the cure all struggles when it come to pneumonia.  

Tonight I will have my girl, Katie pour me one up as I cheer to health, hygiene, and normalcy.  

Oui, oui Louie, don’t mind if I do! 🫁🍷😘

Wednesday, November 2, 2022


 Okay… who goes to gorgeous San Diego for a week and gets sick?  Me.  That’s who.

Randy had a work function that encouraged spouses to join, and I after much deliberation, I decided to come.   My Mom is recovering from a fall, the flights too long, and I have no clothes are just a few of the reasons that could keep homeslice (me!) home.   But…a hotel with a harbor view, a party at the San Diego Zoo,  a cafe with kitties, are some of the reasons I decided to suck it up and get on that flight.  

As we landed, my ears plugged up and never truly opened.  My throat feels like it’s been sliced with razor blades and my cough originates from the bowels of hell.  Medicated,  I had fun with some of our ‘work kids’ at an amazing dinner on Friday.  But then it hit me.  With a foggier than usual head I navigated a couple of events and spent whole days in bed, sleeping and enjoying? the view.  All my plans for exploring shops and petting kittens went out the window as I coughed my head off.  

I’ve heard of people getting sick on vacation before and shuddered-all that anticipation, packing, shuttling, etc. just to cough in a different environment?  No way.  

But here I am, frocks unworn, cruises not sailed, kitties not petted.  Tonight is the last night with a dinner planned with Randy’s new board appointment comrades.  Here’s hoping I can haul it up, pretty it up and keep my foggy head up,  to support him.  

Wish me luck, Dollfriends as I soldier on.  XO

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Something in the Orange…

 I get asked all the time, ‘Why don’t you move to the Keys?’  As much as I love the Keys, I have no interest in living there on a full time basis.  The winter escape is perfect for me but I love our seasons here in Michigan more.  Our spectacular fall is unmatched.   As I drove back to Ossineke on Sunday, the fall leaf colors were amazing.  In all my years, I never tire of natures paintbrush creating a varying landscape.  It makes an otherwise dull drive totally breathtaking.  

At a recent wedding,  the roaring fireplace and the sun shining thru the colorful foliage made a setting that was natural, warm, and simply gorgeous.  Congrats to Savanna and Aaron- wishes for a marriage that is as warm, colorful and unique as a fall day.

And if those palm trees and mangroves ever change color from green to orange, gold, and red; I will reconsider my stance!  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  XO

Tuesday, October 18, 2022


 Hey Doll(s)!  Thoughts, prayers and big, big energy tonight for my Mom who is recovering from surgery following a fall that left her with a snapped humerus and three cracked ribs.  An eight inch plate and 6 screws are in place by her wonderful surgeon and the prognosis is excellent.  The newly remodeled and added to, Mid Michigan Hospital in Alpena is gorgeous and the staff have been wonderful.  In fact, so wonderful that she’s probably nervous about coming home tomorrow under Nurse Ratchett’s (Me!) care.  But we will get ‘er done with all the family and friends nearby.  

So don’t be alarmed if you pass Nancy’s house and don't see her mowing the lawn, raking leaves or washing her car, know that she’s taking a few weeks off.  She should be fully back in action by ‘shoveling season.’  Ya can’t keep that good woman down!  

P.S.  Can I get some commotion for the back of my Nashville jean jacket?  Thanks to Cheryl for help me with my Dolly homage!  πŸ«ΆπŸΌ