Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to my wine swillin'
hot tub chillin'
workin' out,
and laughin' about
gym sessions and
sunglass obsessions.
Sister of my heart,
I don't know where to start,
except to say that it was kismet 
the day that we met.
My partner in crime,
we mesh and we rhyme.
I have your back and
you pick up my slack.
For all you do
this much is true;
My life is much better
because of you.
Happy Birthday, Dollface! xo

Monday, July 17, 2017

Ice Cream Man...

July is National Ice Cream month, because we needed a 'National' holiday to celebrate the lusciousness that is ice cream.  As if...

As a kid, I remember vanilla ice cream with traditional Hershey's chocolate sauce.  We would smash our sundaes till the ice cream was straight up chocolate.  The perfect combination of sugar and fat, ice cream is a party in the mouth!  The local Dairy Dome (yes, Dome-not Queen) was a short bike ride away and I believe a small cone was 15 cents, 20 if you wanted it dipped in that mystery hard chocolate shell.  Save the peanuts-I still hate nuts in my ice cream. Sweet were those summer days with ice cream dripping down your wrist as you hurried to eat before it melted.  Terrible brain freezes were endured as we gobbled down our icy treats.

Later, as my tastes refined, I craved Heavenly Hash ice cream.  It was the only thing that would calm the incessant heartburn I suffered during pregnancy-nothing else would do.  Or at least what I would have you believe!  Nobody would dare question the motives behind a woman 9 1/2 months pregnant during the hottest summer ever and get out without mortal injury.  Toss her a bowl of the Hash and back off quickly! 

Somewhere along the line my stomach became wonky and I now cannot tolerate regular ice cream.  I now enjoy the occasional gelato with no ill effects.    I indulge rarely, and for that reason, every bite is a heavenly treat.  I normally favor anything coffee flavored, but today decided to go with the Berry Cheesecake.  Cuz berries are fruit and fruit is healthy, right?  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Do you have a favorite flavor?  The weather is perfect so indulge and let me know how you 'ice cream!'  XO

Monday, July 10, 2017

Plot Twist...

It was nothing short of a 'Thelma and Louise' adventure as my niece, Nicole and I  made our way to Bad Axe to renew our drivers license.  Having spent the week at the beachhouse, we figured the small northern office would be the path of least resistance to handle our birthday task.  However; the path was not straight or smooth....

After getting very specific directions to a town we have visited about a thousand times, we found ourselves in the middle of cornfields and those giant windmill turbine  things.  Lost as lost can be.  After consulting with both Siri and google maps, we finally got ourselves headed in the right direction and only needed Rocky to spin about 4 u-turns to do it. 

We 'smiled pretty' and were happy to learn that we did not have to write a test.  Our relief was palatable as we headed to Wally World for supplies.  I had what I was sure was a Robert DeNiro sighting.  Unbelievable resemblance.  Just 'ol Bobby lookin' at coffeemakers along side of me.  He gave me a nod and that crinkly smile as I grabbed up my Krups.  Later at a local thrift store we saw what I am sure was the winner of the RuPaul Drag Race season 8.  About  6'8 in platforms and fishnets, she was browsing the goods.  Nicole and I needed a cocktail and lunch after these crazy and unlikely viewings. 

Fed and happy, we headed back to the beach-this time on the right road.  We stopped at a giant turbine to snap a photo op and admire the gorgeous countryside, replete with wheat fields and a doe
and her twins.  What a perfect ending to our country adventure. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Cookie from your Auntie.  I look forward to sharing more crazy shenanigans.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sharp Dressed Man...

After a sumptuous dinner at the Tiger Den, on my way to my seat I spotted Craig Monroe.  C. Mo.!- I shrieked like a teen at a Justin Bieber concert.  Stopping in my tracks, I was happy that my sunnies covered my star shaped eyes.  C. Mo, I gushed, I watch all the game broadcasts just to see what you are wearing!  Any chance you would let me have a photo op?  Sure, he says and putting down his Caesar slice, leaned over and sweetly posed with me.  Let me see what you have on, I said.  He obliged me with a twirl and we laughed that even with his gorgeous suit, he had on Converse kicks that matched the ones I had on.  We bonded instantly..

I am a sucker for a sharp dressed man.  I love creative, thought out looks on a man that is not afraid to show that side of himself.  Craig's perfectly tailored suit with a crisp white shirt, skinny pants, and a contrasting silk pocket square topped of with his high tops were perfection.  We don't have to even discuss his also perfect physique and whatever cologne he was wearing. (Okay-tiny crush here...)

I told him that he was next weeks blogstar.  He flashed me his smile (more perfection), and got back to his slice.  I made my way down to my seat, still a little starstruck.  We miserably lost the game but I still had a cool 'Detroit Tiger' experience. 

I mused later on how much I love the fact that my husband is also a clotheshorse and an incredibly stylish dresser.  Whether you dress up or dress down-no matter-just own it and be comfortable in your skin and style.  It's a confidence thing.

Thank you Craig Monroe for indulging an old, suburban chick.  You're MY Tiger!  xo

Monday, June 26, 2017

It's not Unusual...

I love the Carpenters.  There, I've said it.  Karen Carpenter had one of the best voices ever-to me anyway.  But it wasn't just that clear sweet voice; it was her lyrics.  Karen sang of love-not sex and her song, 'Superstar' and still can tear me up with it's raw longing.  When Barry Manilow sings 'Even Now' or 'Mandy', it's impossible not to recognize the love and desire in his words.  Diana Ross put her undying love right out there when she proclaimed that there 'Ain't no Mountain High Enough,' to keep her from gettin' to him.  Now that's a whole lot of climbing and swimming!  When Bob Seger sees the 'young hawk flyin' I sigh and clearly recognize his need for freedom.  Hearing George Michael vowing his dedication in, 'Father Figure,' used to make me dream of someone having my back that hard.  The raw passion and romantic images that some of my favorite artists conjure up for me take me to places far away- nostalgic, dreamy places.

Such a contrast to much of what is on the radio now.  Between backin' it up, droppin' in low, gettin' sexed up, and worse, we'll, you get my drift.  I miss the romance and passion from my old crony musicians.  Now, I'm no prude.  I'm a huge Prince fan and nobody did the explicit any better than him-rest in peace.   I've hauled my 'American thighs' to the AC/DC show, fist pumped with Kid Rock and have seen Madonna 5 or maybe 6 times.  I want to go party with Pitbull in Miami-hey, a girl's gotta have goals!  And I love Barry White and everything he stands-or lays for.

So I betcha you'll never guess who I want to see next... Give up?  TOM JONES.  Yep, he's on my list-at the top.  It's where I'm at these days.  No judgment or comments from the peanut gallery.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Love is my Religion...

One of the most peaceful days I have ever spent was visiting the Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.  Respectfully clad, we checked in our shoes and wandered about marveling at the pristine beauty and breathtaking architecture.  Words cannot describe the feeling as we were invited to pray.  It was an experience that I'll never forget.

So it is with great sadness that I hear that London was once again the target of an attack and this one being specifically for religious reasons.  In looking up the name of the Mosque pictured above, I read about the recent renaming of it.  The Shiekh in an effort to promote tolerance has renamed the Zayed 'Mariam Umm Eisa' which translates into English as 'Mary, Mother of Jesus.'  I don't understand these acts at all.  Not a political person, my dumb bunny brain just wants us all to get along.

A tune by Ziggy Marley best describes my thought.  Ziggy says:

Well, I'm done searching now.
I found out what this life is worth, yeah.
Not in the books did I find,
But by searching my mind, yeah.

Love is my Religion.

Prayer go out to not only these victims but for all those effected by the tragedies in London recently.  It is a wholly unnecessary shame. 

Enjoy your week and pray that this violence can somehow be stopped.  xo

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Reminding Me...

Have you ever had what I call a 'perfect morning?'  Where it just all seems to come together?  I did, last Saturday at the beach house.  Allow me to share in the perfection..

Awaking to a quiet morning with Randy already fishing, I sat for a full hour, enjoying my coffee, reading a book and watching the sun rise over a flat calm beach.

Soon, I felt motivated to take on the only task I had scheduled for myself that morning.  Reluctantly,  I planned to head to 'town', rent a carpet scrubber and git 'er done.  But stepping outside, the glorious sunshine lifted my mood.  I popped the top off of Rocky and hit the road, but not before admiring the wildflowers that seemed to have popped up overnight. In town, I hoisted the cleaner in the Jeep and resolved to get to work...

Two hours and three antique stores later, I scored a vintage Rolling Stone magazine featuring Guns n Roses on the cover.  I noticed the 'open' sign on the local bakery and decided to drop in for a snack.  Got a great cup of coffee and some fresh baked butter cookies.

Making my way home I noticed a dude on a bike, doing the two thumb texting thing.  Distracted biking?  At least he had a helmet on.  My next visual came in the form of a big, burly Harley guy who pulled over his bike, unzipped his leather jacket and pulled out a Yorkshire Terrier.  Yep, a tiny Yorkie.  Snapped on a leash and proceeded to walk his puppy.  So cute!

Next up was a huge yard sale where the owners had apparently fallen victim to late night QVC and other infomercials.  The owner was sweet and I escaped that madness with a book purchase.

Cruising up the shoreline sippin' my Joe and munchin' butter cookies-gluten be damned, I got all teary when my favorite Bob Seger song came on.  'Roll me Away' indeed.  Arriving back at the beach, I thought it would be a great time to take Mickey for a beach walk and search for shoreline treasures.  He was only too happy to oblige..

By now, the procrastinator in me put off my carpet job till the next morning-today was just too good too waste.  Again, I marveled at the perfection of my complete sensory stimulation. 

What a great day to be alive.