Monday, September 17, 2018

Under the Covers...

I've been to Cape Hatteras, all over the Outer Banks as well as Beaufort and Okracoke Island and have heard our friends describe seeing the wild horses that inhabit various islands in that area.  I found it fascinating that they have lived over 400 years and I just HAD to see these wild beauties, living naturally.  But in all my rattling around, I had never seen them.  Last summer our friend Jeff changed all that.  On a perfect day, we boarded his 'Reel Love' and motored out of Beaufort.  After a bit of touring, we anchored up close to a small island.

And there they were.  As we coasted in, I jumped off the boat and swam/ran to the island.  There were at least 12 horses doing what horses do.  As I approached, they barely took notice of my giddy self.  I slowed down about 15 feet from them so they could realize my intentions.  A mare and her colt allowed me to get a bit closer yet before blowing their lips and slowly walking away.  I was breathless with excitement.  I had finally seen the wild horses-up close and personal!  The horses were much less impressed.

We have been following hurricane Florence and anxiously waited for news from N.C.  With much relief, this morning we learned that our friends were all safe and were now in the process of drying up and digging out.  With the recent hurricane Irma in the Keys, we understand the devastation and all of it's effects. Being without power in a tropical climate is no joke-to say the lease.  And that's just one of the problems to be addressed with fallen trees, flooding and wiped-out bridges.

Today I learned also that my precious horsies have weathered the storm.  I am so happy that they have been spared.  What survivors!  I will be checking on them on our next visit.

Jeff, Lauri, Alex and Jim, our prayers for you have been answered and I don't envy you the horrible rebuilding process.  I trust that you will let us help in any way.  We love you and support you.  XOXO

Monday, September 10, 2018

Breakfast at Tiffany's...

Last week, while visiting NYC, dollfriends Tami and Don helped indulge me in a longtime fantasy.  (Hey now, no dirty thoughts involving the 3 of us!)  Because 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' is my favorite movie-it was more like Make a Wish fulfilled for an old starry eyed chick.

Before going on the official 'Sex and the City' tour, Tami, Don, Randy and I hit up Starbucks for coffee and a snack.  I was elated to see that they still had a croissant-a rare treat for me-in the counter.  In case you haven't guessed, I wanted to feel like Audrey Hepburn enjoying her breakfast and forgetting her cares as she gazed into Tiffany's window.

Now, I have no illusions and realize that I am a short, curvy girl dressed more like Carrie Bradshaw than Holly Golightly.  But it was of absolutely of no matter and I would have stood there longer if not for the crowds rushing by as Randy snapped off some pics.  Audrey stood there in her heels and hat and nobody even got in her way while she was having her moment!

How often do you get to realize a dream?  When was the last time you got to do something you always pictured yourself doing?  Was it as good as you dreamt it would be?  Silly as you may think it-I'll never forget the moment.

I do not have a bucket list.  My list is more like a 'living' list.  And live (it up!) we did on our New York City getaway.  Thank you again, Tami and Don-the perfect friends and hosts.  You two never missed a trick and spoiled us rotten!  We love it and we love you.

 Now you will never get rid of us!  Hugs across the Hudson. XOXO

Monday, September 3, 2018

Light me Up...

I am continually shocked at the bad behavior exhibited by some people.  It simply amazes me that people do things to me that I would NEVER do to anyone.  Allow me to expound.

See these feet?  That's how they looked when I walked to my car at Four Mile Beach last weekend.  Bare.  Because someone STOLE my flip flops!!  Seriously, who doesn't kick off the flops when approaching the water and leave them in the sand?  I was shocked that anyone would lift them.  I refused to let it ruin my walk and hope that they are with someone who needed them more than me.

When I went to get my morning newspaper, I reached in my mailbox and found the top of a Gatorade bottle with a wad of gum attached.  Huh?  Who puts their garbage in someone else's mailbox?  Probably the same slob who throws his cig butts in my yard.  So gross...

A friend  recently witnessed a car backing into an empty car.  And then just merrily driving away!  Not a drop of remorse ruining that dolt’s day-as far as I can tell.  One can only hope HIS car gets a smash and go incident done to him.

At Macy's I overheard a woman trying to return a dress that she had obviously worn.  The polite salesperson pointed out that the dress smelled of perfume and had deodorant under the arms.  It had obviously been worn.  Did she think that she had rented the dress?  (Insert my pursed lips and flared nostrils!)

I could go on about loud, public cell conversations,  people stealing glasses and salt and pepper shakers from restaurants, unnecessary use of handicap parking spots. etc.etc.etc., but I'll stop my rant for now.  Anyone have anything to add?

Have a great week keep and if you spot some gray, leopard print flops, let me know!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Could it be Magic...

Well, it's official-I've kicked my 'man' to the curb...

Rocky Balboa aka/my Jeep Wrangler and me are through.  It's been two years and I am over him.  Yes, he was handsome and muscular and could take me places I never dreamed of going.  As fun as it was, the ride was just too rough for this old chick.  It was an amical parting and we swore that we would remain friends.  My brother, car salesman extraordinaire, promises to match Rocco up with someone more his style.

I admit to having an affair on poor, unsuspecting Roco.  I have had my eye on a vehicle that I could get in and out of without the risk of breaking a hip and seats that were electric so I can baby my frozen shoulder.  I needed a smoother ride with a more refined style and luxuries baby, luxuries!

 My brother told me he had the perfect ride and could sell me it with a D plan, a rebate, a return customer discount, a coupon, and a family discount.  I was ready in a hot second.  Steve hooked me up as usual.

My new wheels are giving me what I need and I love the smooth ride.  It is a lovely dark berry color and as I always do, I've named him.  Berry Manilow is my new fling.  He's older and wiser and so very accommodating.

So, I'm officially sporting an adult vehicle-no more Mustangs or Jeeps.  I love Berry Manilow and don't care who knows it!

Now if Sirius would just co-operate.  I need a Barry Manilow station!   XO

Monday, August 20, 2018

Until You Come Back to Me...


Can you stand yet another 'simple pleasures are the best' rants?

I spent hours walking the beach this weekend.  The sun was out with just enough breeze. I met a family enjoying their first Lake Huron beach vacation.  The children were throwing beach balls in the water and letting the waves return them.  They were children-playing with beach balls.  I was touched at their old school, simple fun. The water was so warm and I spent long minutes just standing and marveling at the waves.  A doe jumped out of some weeds a few feet from me and I'm not sure who was the most surprised.  She ran off, but not before we actually locked eyes.  She was so beautiful.

And how about my beach treasures?  I found lots of sea glass including one piece of the elusive cobalt color.  Crockery pieces that I like to imagine were part of some dinnerware on a ship.  Then there's the heart shaped rocks that I also collect.  I love to 'glass' and Saturday was a boom day.

And dinner tonight was the perfect summer dinner.  BLT's with tomatoes, lettuce and sourdough bread purchased from the farmer's market.  So yummy and a taste of sunshine in every bite.

Just a lazy weekend that got me all 'reset' for another busy week.  How about you?  How do you reset?  If you don't know, may I recommend a long beach walk and a BLT?

Have a wonderful week, my darlings.  XO

Monday, August 13, 2018

Aint No Way...

I am not a great cook.  I have no natural ability, plus I find it very dangerous.

For a person who loves eat, this can pose a dilemma.  Family and friends know that my contribution to dinner will most likely be a salad or a bottle of wine.  Safe and simple-except for the one time I dropped and broke a bottle of wine on my big toe.  In addition, everyone will testify that I practically need a safety helmet to butter toast-a truth that has been proved over and over.

Family lore recalls me having baked a turkey into turkey jerky by cutting off the breasts because they seemed fatty.  Those were some amazing, brown turkey bones, and very low-fat!  And aren't the sweet potatoes the stars of the show anyway?

Once, when splitting a chicken breast in half, I managed to split my palm in half.  5 stitches later, my hand bears the scar and everyone still winces whenever I grab a knife.  Recently I left a pan in a pre-heated oven and thoughtlessly grabbed the pan with my bare hand.  July 4, found me sporting a white, raised 'Calphalon' branding, again on my palm.  Clutching an icy cocktail seemed to alleviate the sting.

The same friends witnessed me twice! burning to tar, a brie and croissant dish, that I knew was already stretching my culinary limits.  The wail of the smoke detector alerted us before I burnt down Kristin's cottage!

I once dropped a flaming marshmallow on the top of my foot. proving that even cooking over a bonfire has it's perils!  I now prefer to just unwrap the graham crackers and Hershey bars and wangle someone else to take the risk.

And last week, while popping popcorn-the one dish I have truly mastered-a hot, errant half popped kernel flew out and dropped down my top. In my distress, I tipped over some hot butter and-you guessed it-burnt my wrist.  I finally dumped the damn thing out but not before incurring a third degree burn between my chi chi's.  OUCH!

So all of you Cooking Channel and recipe aficionados, have at it.  I've got one life to life and I prefer to do it while perusing a nice menu.

And an icy cocktail-just in case!   XO

Monday, August 6, 2018


10 Good things this past week....
*The perfect, fresh macaroons from a bakery in Dearborn. (Thanks, Jimmy)
*Combing 5 (yes, 5) beaches for beach glass.
*Finding the most beach glass at our own beach!
*A five mile walk with Kristen. Much needed venting time!
*Spotting a meteor on Friday night by the campfire.
*Diving into the new Kristen Hannah novel.
*Dogsitting for Ernest for a few days!
*Boating with friends on Sunday.
*Cheering on the Tigers with my homies.  They even won!
*Writing a quick blog and hitting the hay-I'm beat.

Have a great week, my Dears.  Love from a tired old Chick. XO