Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cry Pretty...

After a long day on the high seas spotting sea flap flaps (stingrays), floating potato's (manatees), beach chickens (seagulls),  murder logs (crocs), and slippery tube dudes (sea snakes),  two salty chicks sporting their best messy-hair-don't care (not even a little!), made their way in for a shower and happy hour!  The day was perfect.  Until.

Rarely do we even turn on our tube while on vaycay, but a quick scan revealed that we had launched missiles in Syria.  You all know that this old mermaid is the most apolitical person ever but the images shown were shocking.  How anyone can comprehend the gassing of innocents?  I hate war and still maintain that a sit down conversation with options and consequences would be better served than hideous violence.  But that's just me and I know I do not fully understand or even know all the facts.  I pray for all of those suffering under such tyranny.

One thing I do know for sure, and feel very strongly about sharing is this.  My therapist has taught me the danger of viewing theses scenes over and over-as the news channels insist on doing.  She says that our brains are not set up to process these horrific images and can do lasting mental damage.  After 9-11, post traumatic stress disorders and depression rose, in part due to the inundating images. It's a new syndrome-thanks to news channels and social media.

So while I want to learn and be informed, I will not expose myself to the endless rerun of images that is shown with the information.  Please consider this danger.

We all need all of our strength to survive these times.  Have a great week filled with discovery, wonder and compassion.   Peace, Dolls.   XO

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Raining in Kyoto...

My nephew has purchased a condo in Slovenia and I scored an invite to join my extended family for vacation.  Slovenia?  I had to look at a map to see where it was even located.  My sister and brother in law's children are travelers and adventurers for sure.  I admit to being interested in the visit but it falls too soon after my Keys holiday.  This same nephew hosted my wonderful time in Dubai.  Eric has always had the wanderlust and I used to get updates from all over the world as he enjoyed traveling.  He speaks 6 (I think) languages and uses his worldly charm to make up for the rest.

I have great interest in learning about other parts of the world and consider myself a sort of 'culture vulture' soaking up the differences and commonality of life.  However, being a staid homebody, I prefer to read or watch travel shows to do this.  Like most people, I love the adventure but had the trip.  Familiarity and comfort top most things for me these days.  And short flights....

I also have this odd thing where I like to imagine living wherever I visit.  Maybe a tall house on the hill in San Francisco..no matter that it is uber expensive.  A beach house on the Outer Banks?  Love it, but too isolated for me long term.  Costa Rica?  Easily 6 months out of the year.   Boston is a strong possibility.   Abu Dhabi?  Too culturally different.  Cape Cod or Maine?  Nah...  Downtown Detroit?  Not yet, but maybe someday. Colorado?  Too late to be a ski bum.  I haven't yet visited Paris, but picture myself with a neck scarf and beret sipping coffee at a cafĂ© and enjoying a deep chat about art and literature.  Ahhhh, someday mes amis.  Gotta work on my accent!

Summing up this musing-I love to dream and there is no better place for it than the sultry, lazy days here in the Keys.
But like little Dorothy, I contend, 'there's no place like home.'   XO

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Call out My Name...

Imagine my surprise when Dayna texted me to wish me a Happy Mermaid Day.  Of course there is a 'day' for that I love that she thought of me!  

I have always had the fondness for mermaidia-even before we were unindated with merchandise proclaiming the pop culture icon they have become.  With the combination of beauty, mystery, legend, and romance it's easy for me to indulge in the allure of escapism that their images provide.  And it seems that the world kind of agrees.  I have been gifted with everything from t-shirts to socks, pictures, cards, art, mugs, books and jewelry depicting mermaids.  I even have a large, vintage water feature mermaid in my front yard!  It's fun and I love it.

Back in, say, 1998 I met the artist, Wyland and admired his 'Mermaid' piece.  Years later, it hung in my living room and is now here in the Keys where she seems to be at home.  Last week at an art fair, I got to meet Wyland (again!) and tell him that I bought the piece.  He was gracious and sweet.  And I have been treated to seeing manatees in our harbor that legend says may actually have been mistaken for mermaids.  

I think tonight I may shellabrate with a Mermaid Martini and maybe take a shell-fie or two-not!  
Have mer-fectly great week, stay saucy and be mermazing.  I am fin-ah-lee done with this tail-I think I hear my shellphone ringing.  Love and best fishes from this old mermaid wannabe chick. xo

Monday, March 26, 2018

Satisfy my Soul...

It's been a busy week here in the sunny Keys.  The Sloth, Indulgence and Debauchery tour rolls on as my first wave of guests left the same morning that my second wave rolled in.   With fresh sheets on the beds, more friends joined us for boating, fishing and happy hour(s).  I have a few days to regroup before my third wave sweeps in.  Whew!  I should be exhausted but actually I am grateful that we are blessed with such wonderful family and friends in our lives.  I enjoyed each and every one of our guests and the diversity they bring to the table.  Never a dull moment as we discussed movies, books, kids, social media and even aging.  I truly love it and I think these connections and support are what brings a rich shade to our life.

Happy Birthday to my brother Steve and friend Luis.  Another trip around the sun!

Prayers and hugs to my friend Mario, who is enduring the hardest thing a parent can do.  xo

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Whatever Makes You Feel Like a Rockstar...

Our much anticipated St. Paddy party started early.  Bloody Mary's and grouper reuben's are our Keys tradition and provide a good base for later reveling.  As a surprise to the party, Randy and I arranged a private plane to drop us in Key West for the night.  Somehow, we managed to get our little leprechaun's fed and in their finery and out the door by 9:30 ayem.  Much like herding cats, it almost took an act of congress to accomplish this AND keep the secret.

Arriving at Marathon airport, The Aviation North plane and pilot Dale (nice name!) was at the ready to escort us across the tarmac and load us up.  As we soared above the Keys, for the short flight west, we were treated to a view that was incomparable.  Crystal clear waters of aqua, turquoise, emerald and teal colors left us all a little slack jawed with the natural beauty.  The sun cast a mesmerizing silver sparkle over white masted sailboats and islands.  All too soon, we landed at the Key West Airport.  Upon arrival, Niece Nicole remarked that people were wondering what kind of 'shit show' was trotting across the tarmac. Rock Star status-firmly in place. Shamrocks and kilts secured, we were ready to rock.

After settling into our rental house, the day went off with all the usual shenanigans.  We laughed, ate, drank and observed.  Some of us may have done a jig....And Dale was there to pilot us back home the next morning.

Thanks go out to my brother-in-law and sister (the true Rockstar's)  for providing the air transport that made for this amazing day.  I can fully recommend them, and Dale for all your private plane needs.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!  XO

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Make Way...

Well, it's official.  My brother is here along with 3 other revelers due to arrive tomorrow to kick off our 17th. annual Sloth, Debauchery and Indulgence Tour!  Don and Shannon and niece Nicole arrive to join the party and celebrate St. Paddy's Day.  Erin Go Bragh!  Brace yourself for pics next week!

Also, I would like to extend a warm welcome to 'Ernest Hemingway' the puppy our friend Tony has adopted.  Ernie is an adorable, cuddly mushball with tons of extra skin to grow into.  And he is  sporting the perfect puppy breath!  I am so happy for Tony and his little buddy.  Tony and I both have a soft spot for all things 'Ernest' and I had to feature him as I hang out in the land of Ernest Hemingway!

The past two days, I have been struggling with flu-like symptoms (hence the late blog!) and that's just all wrong!  After escaping Michigan without so much as a sniffle, I am laying low and trying to get well before the mayhem here ensues.  Wish me well and please send me some white, healing light.

See you all next week!  xo

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

It Runs Through Me...

Greetings from the sunny Keys where I am definitely NOT frozen stiff!  After our usual journey I am now on Keys time where everything moves soooo much  slower-even me-hence a later than usual blog post! 
Driving down, I was amazed to see the re-opening of various restaurants and resorts that have gotten back on their feet since hurricane Irma.  I mourn the 'death' of some of our favorite places that are just holes in the landscape.  Detritus and such that were in giant roadside piles on our last visit have been (mostly) cleaned up and hauled off.  Foliage shows new green (mostly!) and is starting to fill back in, but I miss the colorful Bougainvillea that used to add such brilliant color.  As I went for a morning walk, I noticed that you could scavenge just about anything if you wanted to pick through the mangroves.  I noticed a tee shirt hanging in a branch and someone's beat up jeans.  I appears some poor soul actually gave true meaning to the unfortunate 'blew out a flip flop' as I saw a random one. Dog dishes, lawn chairs, coolers, etc. were all visible as that stretch had not yet been handled by the vigilant, but overworked road crews. 
And my heart goes out to dear friend Rose, who just recently lost her nephew a boy who's life ended tragically and premature.  His family is heartbroken-a pain I understand.  But as I see the Keys gradually coming back to life, I realize that nature perseveres and survives the unthinkable, somehow.
Time will never truly heal and nothing will ever be exactly the same but we must live and trust that the sun will come out and our souls will rebuild-slowly but surely.  Peace to that family who will live in their own hell for some time. 
Have a wonderful week, stay warm, and count your blessings.  xo