Monday, January 15, 2018

Let it out...

They are lined up like little soldiers, ready to do their duty.  Fedoras, baseball caps, beanies, tams, berets, wide brim floppy, boaters, cloches, a Shady Brady, cowboys and panamas.  They are on shelves, line the back of the futon, and fill up my hat tree.  I even have a mad bomber as well as a helmet with a scull on it.  Rhinestone embellished, leopard print and one even has a feather!
It all started with a raspberry beret from Salvation Army back in the day-I kid you not.  (RIP Prince)

On occasion, I try to purge my collection, but I can't seem to part with any of them.  I need all my Detroit team hats to at least look the part.   Some of them match my jackets.  I spend too much time in the sun to give up all of my brimmed hats, and I need all the colors and styles.  I may attend a country concert so the cowboy ones stay-all four of them.  Beanies are for my bad hair days or to cover my roots when my color is overdue.  In case of an Alaska adventure, I have my fur hat with the ear flaps.  And if I hitch a ride on a motorcycle anytime soon, I have the perfect scull brain bucket to protect my melon. 

I think you are either a hat wearer or you are not.  I love them and find them stylish as well as functional.  Thanks to that silly 'National Hat Day' today for giving me an easy post prompt.  Do you like/wear hats?  Do you possess them in excess of say...65 or so?  Give me your thoughts on this very deep subject!

Remembering the great Martin Luther King today.  In reading his famous quotes, I am again struck by his passion, brilliance and attempt to educate on equality and peace.  RIP Dr. King, you are yet to be matched.   

Have a wonderful week, friends and if the weather stays this cold, for heaven's sake, put on a hat!!

Monday, January 8, 2018

(You Gotta) Fight for your Right...

Am I the only one appalled and disgusted and confused by all the 'alleged' sexual misconduct that has recently come to light?  The underage children and even teens exposed to these predators undoubtedly will never be the same and require years of therapy to undo the damages.  That's just wrong and these people should be made to pay. 

But what about the grown men and women and the accusations they've claimed?  Some have waited 10 years to speak up and I just don't get that.  Were the careers that hinged on dealing with these idiots that important?  Was it too risky to just speak up at the time?  It's a story as old as man, I guess.  Men-and sometimes women-often will overestimate their power and entitlement and make a try with something as small as a brush up against, to full exposure and even rape.  Rape.. And still it wasn't exposed until now?  Does the safety in numbers of women speaking up now make it easier to face? 

This I can't imagine.  Men will always make a try at an encounter.  Even though it can be wrong or completely inappropriate, it has and will always happen.  Some do it will class that can be accepted while others crudely expose themselves or whatever.  I think basic human reproduction and survival will be the instinct that can drive such behavior.  But when things get past a simple 'flirt' it's up to the victim to talk, shout and fight back.  I assure you, things would have not gotten so crazy if everybody would have spoke up at the time.   And rape is a crime and I don't care WHO you are.

Old Harvey and others would only have exposed themselves once to me and they would have gotten a size 8 foot to the side of their head and another to the crotch, followed by my left jab and right hook.  By keeping quiet, women have given these creepers a certain undue 'respect.'  And I hate that. 

I hope this will be the start of equality and honesty in both Hollyweird and our pedestrian lives. 

I think it's worth the fight.       XOXOXO                                                                                           

Monday, January 1, 2018

Brand New Day...

Happy New Year, Dolls!  It's officially 2018.  On Christmas Eve, while driving up north, Randy spotted a partridge in a pine tree and we had to brake suddenly when 2 errant (rein)deer crossed in front of us.  Whew! Christmas is much merrier when you don't have to schedule a trip to the bump shop!

I'm not making any New Years 'resolutions' that I can't keep.  I plan to work on my cookie belly, stay involved with Families Against Narcotics and not beat myself up if I fail at either.  Most of all, I want to make an effort to not wish the days away.  The days already fly's by at a dizzying speed and no upcoming event is worth rushing time for.

I am going to try to find some good in every day-even the most mundane ones.  Cold days aren't so bad, if the sun is shining, right?    I'll read rag magazines in the long line at Kroger while working on my patience level.  I will revel in and acknowledge with gratitude the life I am living. 

And if all else fails, I'll have a cookie.  Hugs.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Linus and Lucy...

Yes, it's a classic.  Yes, we all know about it and it's nothing new.  We may even have our favorite dancer.  But I can tell you a story that only few know of and some lucky ones have even witnessed.  It is truly a legend-in our minds at least.

Years ago, in the 80's, at a local bar up north, girlfriends and I were enjoying the weekly bar version of the Gong Show.  You know, like a regular talent show but with a rude 'gonging' if the judge deemed you with little or no talent.

The action that night was sort of slow and the emcee was begging the crowd to come to the floor and share their talent.  My squad put our fried, dyed and layed to the side hairdo heads together and realized that indeed, we did have a talent.  Cousinfriend Joyce, bumped the band member off her keyboard and the rest of us hit the dance floor.  As you can imagine, Joyce hunched over, knit her eyebrows and began banging out the song.  Yes, THEE Song.  The rest hit the dance floor and broke out in our finest imitation of the dancers.  We shrugged, we ponied, we running manned.  We flipped our big hair from side to side and generally brought down the house.  That is until the judge gonged us, amidst strong protests from the audience.  Like the stars that we were, and with great dignity, we bowed and waved to our adoring fans.  Someone even sent us over a round-a small consolation prize for our humiliating treatment.

So yeah.. this song and this video will forever be the night when us chickies fearlessly performed a spontaneous and creative talent show performance.  We were the people's choice that night and were even asked to do an encore.  But we knew we could never repeat our 'classic.'  Once was enough, the legend remains and the rest is history.  Merry Christmas, my friends. xo

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Grand Illusion...

Are we turning into wimps that talk more than we do?  Has anyone else noticed what Drama Queens and Kings we've become?  Everyday conversations are full of superlatives and exaggerations that make everything so much more important and well, dramatic.  I need to say at this time, I do not mean to offend anyone who truly DOES have these issues and I don't aim to trivialize.

Here's what I mean....

After the party on Friday night, I was a hot mess on Saturday morning.  Really?  There was nothing 'hot' about it-trust me.  When my condition was pointed out to me, I was not hurt.  No, I was 'butt hurt.'  Charming, huh?  Because I was having trouble finding focus, I must have been a bit A.D.D. And when I finally organized my closet, I was accused of being O.C.D.  And I wasn't just 'busy',  I was crazy busy.

Now, I love good slang just as much as the next person, Dane used to check me on that habit as needed.  If I check out the cute E.M.T. at the gym, I am not a 'cougar.'  A smitten kitten perhaps, but NOT a cougar.  And how do I get my eyebrows 'on fleek?'  Unless a fleek is an eyebrow pencil, I'm pretty sure I don't want it 'on' my brows.  What about the laziness involved by using word mash up to save ourselves having to say two words?  We cleverly say we are 'hangry' to encapsulate our hunger and anger.  Why relax when we can do double duty and 'chillax?'  Is it too much effort to say chill and relax? 

And don't get me started on the use of the word, literal.  I had someone tell me that they 'literally died.'  And yet they were standing right in front of me, warm and in the flesh!  It drives me crazy that the word is so totally misused.

I am trying to make an effort not to overdo the adjectives and superlatives in my speech-starting tomorrow.

But right now, I'm getting a snack and hitting the couch, because I am obsessed with and 'addicted' to the Property Brothers and literally 'starving to death.'

Y'all have an amaze-balls week covered in awesome sauce!!!   xo

P.S.  Hit up Bobcat Betty's for brunch and ignore the false advertising!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Step into Christmas...

On a blustery Sunday, dollfriends Kristin and Susan and I bundled up (note the warm lid) and made our way down to Eastern Market to take in the Holiday Market event.

  We got inside as quickly as possible and spent the next couple of hours browsing the vendors.  Always a sucker for soap, I scored some locally made, organic bars that will make my shower experience transporting.  I shrieked with glee when I saw a t-shirt locally printed that featured Diana Ross and the Supremes.  Anyone who knows me, knows my affinity for concert tees of shows that I've been to.  I saw Diana in 1983 at Cobo hall and she was, and is, a legend.  There was a young teen selling redone cigar boxes and I purchased two for jewelry or what ever.  I just couldn't resist them or his earnest sales pitch.  Locally crafted clothing, jewelry, baked goods, purses, and art were all ours to admire.  It also happened to be a Santa meet and greet, so there were very sweet babies and toddlers dressed in holiday attire to get their wishes heard and pics taken.  Christmas consumerism at it's finest! 

When thirst and hunger got the best of us, we made our way up Woodward to one of my favorite spots.  If you haven't had the pleasure of Union Street CafĂ©, I totally recommend it.  A bellini with grilled lobster and cheese sandwich was the perfect warm up.

Filled with Christmas spirit, I resolved to decorate my mantle and get the tree up.  Yessiree, right after a little couch time, I'll get right on it.  Or not... 

Warm hugs, my friends.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fast Car...

Do you remember your first new car?  That pristine, glossy thing with that intoxicating 'new car smell?  Getting to drive in a car of your actual choice?  The responsibility and the anticipation is a heady combination. There's truly nothing like it until maybe when you purchase a house or birth a child. 

 Niece Nicole had been car shopping for awhile and on Friday night, my brother, Ford salesman extraordinaire, surprised her with her dream car.  As Nicole stepped out in our garage to grab a Bud Light, Steve had her car at the ready with bows, ribbons and a giant name tag.  Nicole was shocked to say the least that her loaded Ford Fusion was right in front of her.  We had snowballed her into thinking that the car would not be available at her price for weeks but Steve did his magic and made it happen sooner. 

The rest of the weekend was spent with Steve giving her tutorials on all the bells and whistles-an easy task with Nicole being a self proclaimed techie nerd.  And celebrating.  You only get your FIRST new car once and we made it the big deal that it is.

Congrats Nicole, you have worked very hard and deserve this.  We are all proud and happy for you.
Drive safe and go easy on that turbo, Cookie!  xo