Monday, September 26, 2016

One Love...

Hello my Lovelies.  This week I am feelin' the love from my birth town, Alpena.  On Saturday I was honored to be a part of the Alpena Book Festival held downtown.  As I drove along gorgeous State Street, preparations were being made for the Tunnel to Towers event honoring the firefighters, military and first responders that were the hero's of September 11, 2001.  The signage, banners and balloons were just a small part of the scene that hosted over 600 run/walkers.  I only wish it wasn't the same time as my book festival obligations.

Also being held was some sort of Folk Music Festival along with the Farmer's Market featuring 'Kid's Day.'  A huge pool was set up so the children could experience kayaking along with sampling fresh vegetables.  Wonder which event was the favorite?

Historic, beautiful Alpena was poppin' with action as Blue Phoenix and Olivet Book Store, George N. Fletcher Public Library along with Cabin Creek coffeehouse, The Loft,  Thunder Bay Winery, and Fresh Palate opened their doors to authors and bibliophiles alike. (Please forgive me if I've forgotten anyone.)  On that perfect fall day, the weather was sunny enough that the open, big garage doors on two storefronts, allowed the crowd to easily mingle. The hosts of the festival were accommodating as well as warm and welcoming to all of us.  I was proud to say that of the 23 authors, I was the only one born in this wonderful town.

I can't help but wish that everyone could feel the 'Alpena experience', and I was reminded of a favorite children's book called "The Little Engine Who Could."  Alpena is the little town that DID and I am proud to own it as my hometown. 

Thank you all for the support and love.  xo

P.S. Rest in Peace, Travis; a life lost too soon.  I will pray for God to hold you in his arms. xo

Monday, September 19, 2016

Booty Song...

In honor of  national "Talk like a Pirate Day," (who thinks of this stuff?) I thought I'd post a throwback pic of me and my bucko during a vacation on the Outer Banks.  Lauri, (the wench in white) insisted that I costume up a bit as a sort of initiation to the beach.  After a few giggles, we ditched our eye patches and tucked into a big shrimp basket.  And maybe a vodker, or two!

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how pirates have become so in vogue.  Since I mostly vacation on seashores, the pirate theme seems to be everywhere.  Maybe it's the idea of being on a ship, drinking rum and pillaging something that perpetuates the romantic notion.  I admit to having flown a scull and crossbones flag and I do have a gold pirate pendant. But, I am an avowed landlubber and find the whole pirate theme a little gritty for my tastes.  My attraction sides to more metrosexual dudes-you know, the ones who get haircuts and take showers and earn their livings legally.  And I hate rum...Blackbeard, Bluebeard, Cap'n Crunch-you can keep 'em all.

However, I do have a fascination with Mel Fisher, who in 1985 discovered the Atocha shipwreck, netting a 450 million dollar cache of gold, silver and emeralds.  There is a pic of Mel in a tuxedo, wading into the water with a bottle of champagne celebrating his treasure.  My kinda party and well deserved, Mel!  I visited the museum in Key West and held a ten pound brick of solid gold that he retrieved on the wreck.  And  I gifted Randy with a 'pieces of eight' pendant made of Mel Fisher gold.  As an avid diver, he's a bit of a modern day pirate himself.

For a bit of corn, I'll quote my favorite pirate saying:

"To err is human; to arr is Pirate!  Forgive me this err-I am only human!  Enjoy your day, my dear Matey's! AARRRRRRRR  xo

Monday, September 12, 2016


Recently, I spent a weekend up north hanging out with my darling nieces who were visiting from San Jose.  Soon they are moving to Japan for two years, so I wanted to spend some time with them before they leave.  We went fossil hunting at the Rockport Quarry, worked on some arts and crafts and snacked-a lot!  I watched as they patiently fished and caught a few small ones. Aeyrn and Ellie are polite, bright and loving little girls.  They speak two languages and play violin and piano and also dance and ice skate.  I'll be excited to see what they pick up living in Japan.  Congrats to my nephew, Jacob on his promotion.

On another topic, tonight finds me exhausted after the weekend at the beach house.  Last night, we fell asleep to a movie and woke up with the screen door open a little and Hazel out and about.  Flashlights and calling her did no good at all.  We left the door open and I slept on the couch hoping to hear her come back in.  Around 1:00 a.m., I somehow woke up to her strutting in with wet paws and cold fur.  Evidently her adventure was over and she was back no worse for the wear.  The whole thing could have ended horribly and I'm so happy that it didn't.  She's usually a very good kitty but sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her.  And we all know how that can end!

Needless to say, I am exhausted tonight and can't wait for a good nights sleep.  I seem to be needing more and more all the time.  Guess I'll scoop up the little furball and hit the hay.  That's all the adventuring she's doing tonight!

Have a good week and enjoy the nice cool nights.  xo

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Happy Labor Day!  On Saturday I was expecting my brother to drive down the hill to hang with us for beachfront fun, but I was NOT expecting to have my sister, Lisa, surprise me!  I was so excited to see her and have a few days with nothing but fun scheduled.  And could it have been a more perfect weekend-weather wise?  Even though it was just the usual beachhouse shenanigans, we had a great time.  I usually do not like surprises, but this one was one I loved. 

Thanks for making the weekend special, Lisa.  You are the best.   Love, Jodi xo

Monday, August 29, 2016


On Friday morning while enjoying my newspaper and coffee I had one eye on the t.v.  There was a true crime show depicting the life and eventual murder trial of Phil Spector.  Although I always loved his one time wife, Ronnie, I thought Phil was a creepy little weasel.  The story went way back and featured the women that Phil mentally and physically abused.  His incredible success in producing music is lost on me with his extreme bullying behavior.  Pity the unsuspecting women that crossed his dark path. 

But what I found the most amazing was the numerous hairstyles old Phil sported over the years.  He had pageboys, mullets, perms, blowouts, caeser-style bangs, shags, flat tops, d.a.'s,  bi and tri-colors and everything in between.  But the most bizarre was the giant, blond white man fro.  Now as a man with most undoubtedly a NapolĂ©on complex, I guess he just must have been searching for the perfect look.  The money to have a hair stylist on staff just enabled these bizarre affectations.

I too, have changed up my look quite a bit over the years and can pretty much tell you what was going on just by the hairdo I was sporting at any given time.  And being a stylist myself, I had access and support in my quest for style.

On Sunday afternoon while at a beautiful outdoor wedding, I marveled at the crazy amount of man buns, dreadlocks and tattoos found on the guests.  ALL hairstyles above mentioned were on proud display.  But the one that stopped me was the dude confidently flying his giant fro.  Just when I thought I had seen it all, there it was in all it's round, frizzy perfection.  After a couple of vinos, I decided to stalk him and be a creepy old lady and request a pic with him.  My brother had that same hair in the 70's and his too, was au naturale.  (We have never figured out how my bro was born with that nappy hair.)  I walked up and said, "Dude, your fro is outtasight!"  With a grin as big as his hair, afro man was only too pleased to field my questions and pose for the pic.  I loved his happy confidence and the way he soaked up the attention.

I  guess that you can truly pull off anything if your have the chutzpah to do it.  And maybe the worst thing that can happen is indulging the creepy lady stalking you for a pic! 

Have a great week being true to yourself and showing the world your smile.   xo

P.S.  Congrats to the happy couple Nate and Mandy.  You are adorable! xo

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Red Hands...

You know what's frustrating?  Me eating my stupid salad at Sonny's BBQ while across the table, Randy is suckin' down ribs, chicken, mac and cheese, potato salad, cornbread and redneck egg rolls.  Lickin' his fingers and MMM mmm mmm'n all the while.  His weight hasn't changed in the 24 years I've known him and I, well, struggle with the battle of my pudge.  Randy's theory is that I just should eat what I want and not worry about it.  I just may give it a try.  The whole injustice of it all, drives me nuts!

Also frustrating is that fact that I lost my new eyeglasses either at Sonny's or in the rental car on the way back from the keys.  No one has turned them in.  So much for the 'honest people' out there!  Also, as of late, I cannot find two of my favorite sunglasses.  What the hell?  I don't know if losing things has to do with getting older or what but some days I fear I am truly losing my shit!  I think I just have to slow down and be more mindful.  But it sucks...

Writing this blog has been very trying this week also as Blogger has a new look and it took me days to find the spot needed to pen this little rant.  I finally, 3 days late, figured it out. Grrrrrrr....rrrrrr.

What's not frustrating is the support I get from you all as I navigate the trivialities of my life.  Thank you all.  Have a day filled with the good things.    xo

Monday, August 15, 2016


So what do you do when a $599.99 (I checked at Amazon) Maui Mat randomly washes up on your beach?  Easy, you pack a cooler and grab the gal pals for some fun in the sun.  It's the most expensive 'find' I've ever been privy to.  Never have won at Lotto or the casino.  Yep, this giant lily pad was the big one.

On Saturday we took our new found treasure out and found that it also works as a roof of sorts as the rain poured down for a bit.  The Maui Mat is all that it is cracked up to be and we are happy to use it until it's rightful owner can claim it.  (Later at the bar, the young chickies 'found' some cute locals to claim as their own-okay for the night anyway!)

While on a walk today, Kristin spotted a fiver laying on the path and scooped it up.  Bonus!  We looked around a little in case, like picking morels, there would be more bucks lying about.  No such luck.

So, how about you?  Any lucky streaks?  Find anything good?

Let me know!