Monday, November 20, 2017

Helter Skelter...

Charlie Manson died today.

As far as I'm concerned, that could be his full obituary.

I clearly remember that in my junior year of high school, hidden behind my biology book, was the book, "Helter Skelter."  (It's no wonder I barely passed the frog dissection!) I was morbidly fascinated by this true story of a diminutive cult leader and his followers that would do anything he ordered.  Before DNA testing, high tech security cameras and computers and even cell phones, evidence had to be put together so very carefully.  It probably was my first foray into the true crime genre that still interests me today.  And the fact that the very glamorous Sharon Tate was a victim, well..that just added to the intrigue.  I have always been curious at how anyone could have the brain that justifies murderous behavior.  In another life, I think I would love to explore criminal psychology-what an addition to my resume' that would be!

I have long since lost any interest I had in ol' Charlie.  He was a sick and twisted individual that did not even deserve to live to 83.  But it was never for me to decide.  He can answer to St. Pete and garner his true just rewards.  I am happy to 'close that chapter' in our history.

With Thanksgiving a few days away, I am thankful for all the usual things-without taking anything or anyone for granted.  Life is too precious and tenuous to do anything else. 

Have a peaceful holiday, my darlings.  xo

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Plan...

Has anyone read any good books lately?  With the turn of the weather plus my pneumonia diagnosis last week, I've been reading and resting like crazy. 

I saw that a favorite story of mine has now been made into a movie.  The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls is the true story of a family struggling to survive with a very optimistic view of things that would take most of us (me included!) to the edge.  I have the story on my ipad, so I decided to reread it-something I don't usually do.  The wry humor and irony of a tale told by a young girl is inspiring and out and out funny.  I seem to be attracted to stories of personal triumph.  I loved it again and can't wait to see the movie which inevitably won't be as good as the book.  I now have moved on to another one of Jeanette Walls books, which is my modus operandi.  Both Dane and I would do that thing where we would binge read a certain author or watch an actor or directors complete works.  Do you do that, too?

It's been a pretty quiet week here at the ranch while I hack my brains out and gobble antibiotics and Mucinex.  Books, movies and the fireplace have been my best friends during this down time and I am looking forward to feeling normal again.  (I know, 'normal' being a relative term!)

Speaking of friends-as Hunting Widow Week approaches, I gotta get hale and hardy cuz I can't be tardy to hook up with my Dollfriend(s) this weekend.  It's our annual girl time.  There will be wine, good food and surely some discussions on what we are reading.  Our hunters speculate that we use this time to talk about them.  As if!  Undoubtedly there will be far more important topics covered, such as a discussion about the latest beauty products and speculation as to whether they will possible change our lives for example.  Maybe even some hot tubbing while doing all the above mentioned. (Hint, hint, Kristin!) 

Gotta work on my health, Babes, the weekend is coming and a girl's gotta have goals! Hug and Kisses-I'm not contagious!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Call it What you Want...

In honor of Daylight Savings Time, I am 'falling back' into my usual coping habits.  As a person who suffers from Seasonal Depression Disorder-fancy name for being in a funk-I have to take care not to get as dark as the days.  So here's my plan: tossing on a onesie, monkeying around, drinking apple cider and eating Randy's Famous (very regional opinion!) Chili.  Throwing on the fireplace and catching up on all the movies I've taped will keep me from going bananas on these short, dark days.  So what's everyone else up to?  Let me know your survival techniques! XOXO

Monday, October 30, 2017

This is Halloween....

With designs on a party,
We packed up and headed west.
To the island of Hemingway to the fabled
2017 Fantasy Fest.

Much destruction along the way, Hurricane Irma did not play.
Our hotel was overbooked-please go down the street, the lady said,
You're upgraded to a suite!  No way!  (Sa-weet!)

Two Sea Sirens, creatures divine.
With Poseidon and Neptune,finer than wine,
with sights on Duval to
do the Halloween crawl.

Steampunk and hippie funk, a pope in a wheelchair;
the sights and the smell,
a nun with no pants,
we're all going to hell.

Angels and Devils and very naughty nurses.  (very!)
Snake charmers and body paint, strippers,
And drag queens with purses.

Elvi, (there were two!) eating ice cream,
Dayglo neon and giant fro hair,
It was all we could do not to just
stand and stare!

The parade was epic, our seats were V.I.P, (score!)
The floats were amazing, and we caught tons of beads.
Now I ask you, who could ask
for anything more?

And then it was done...

Four  sea creatures tired, happy and fat,
Crossed one off the bucket list;
2017 Fantasy Fest,
Been there-done that!

Happy Halloween, my Pretties! xo

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hip to my Heart...

Last Saturday I was surprised to be feted at a surprise gathering in my honor.  As I walked into the Fresh Palate, friends and family gathered to toast me.  Huh, me?  My cousin Shannon handed me a glass of wine and said, 'This is for you.'  I thought she meant the wine..

As I looked around the packed room at all the smiling faces that came from as far as Ann Arbor, I had to take a moment to understand what was happening.  My old friend, Rose McWilliams had me take a seat and presented me with an award her Better Living Massage Center and Spa gives out every year.  I was completely gobsmacked as she explained the basis of the award.  Seems I was nominated and chosen as this years honoree. Rose read the award and presented me with a gorgeous, personalized spa robe along with a certificate for two for a full spa treatment.  But that was not all-Rose created a 'Whispering Mermaid' bath bomb that she will sell at her spa.  A portion of the profits will go to a local charity of my choice.  The name honors the little angel voice that I have whispering in my ear along with my mermaid love.  I tried to explain to everyone that my motives are not as unselfish as they may seem.  I try to help others because the 'whisper in my ear' would have wanted me to.  It simply heals my heart and helps Dane live on through others.

Cards, hugs, more wine and well wishes from a group that brings tears to my eyes for the love and support they have shown me in my efforts to recover from the loss of Dane and move on.  I am humbled and honored and renewed in my efforts to help others recover from addiction and or mental illness.

Thank you to my secret keeping, lyin' for the cause, conspiratorial family and friends.  To my pal Rose-we go way back-for making me feel so special.  And my cousin, darling Shannon for the nomination.  I love you all and vow to "Feel Better and Live Better."  xoxo

Monday, October 16, 2017

Moving Stones...

Last week while sharing Cheryl's retirement, it dawned on me that my 'career' has not been as consistent.  For 39 years she had ONE job.  And while I admire her tenacity, my colorful 'career' has been no less fulfilling.  I may have even learned a few things.  I've decided to try to recall my jobs...
I have-in no particular order worked as:
*A Waitress, yes were not yet called servers.
*A child care provider.  Okay, a babysitter
*A real estate secretary-for one week...never got the hang of transferring calls!
*I taught gymnastics for a summer school-twice.  I still love to cartwheel and stretch!
*I've taught a few yoga classes....Ohhhmmmmmmm.......
*A travel agent and I can still rock the cheap reservation.
*A dental assistant.  My brother in law made it so fun!
*A bartender and I've got the stories to prove it.
*A hair stylist and nail tech, and I still love that business.
*A furniture sales person.  I know how to buy a good mattress and sofa!
*I put in some time in our warehouse-I had an in with the boss!
*I worked as an aerobics instructor/weight trainer and yes, I wore a leotard and leg warmers!
*A roofing estimator and with my dubious math skills, that was a real challenge.
*I worked in retail and gave back my whole paycheck for clothes.
*I was a masseuse, and yes, I was properly trained.
*A writer, 'Love is the Drug' my one and only story of love and hope.
*A blogger-8 years and counting.
I probably have forgotten 2 or 10 other employment opportunities, but I think you get the picture.  I have always regretted not furthering my education (aside from Beauty School and Masseuse Training) but I'll never regret the things I have learned and the people I met.  With my short attention span, my various jobs seemed to suit me.  I loved the exploring and jumping in and learning new skills.  Variety is the spice of life-right? 
Speaking of spice, if I only could land my dream job of cookie taster in a fine bakery.  Now that's a job I could stick with.  Have a sweet week, my darlings! xoxo

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Woman With You...

You've all seen Cheryl and I causin' a  commotion at the beach house.  We laugh, boat, search for beachglass, bonfire, conversate and just generally celebrate life.  There may or may not be wine involved...

But at the end of August this year, Cheryl finally retired.  For 39 years she has been a valued employee of the Federal Government.  When working for the E.P.A. as a co-op student she could have never guessed how her career would have played out.  Yesterday she shared with me award after award that she received for special projects she has chaired.  The days were long and the responsibilities great as she took on these challenges as a single parent of two small children.  39 years...I can't even imagine it.

In her retirement Cheryl has lots of plans.  Never one to sit idle she will pursue a real estate career (passed the test on the first time!) as well as getting her L.L.C. to work as a consultant.  She will finally have the time to read, do craft projects, take a photography class, and advocate for drug awareness.  Unlike myself, she never sits still.

Kenny Chesney sings a song that I think of her, every time I hear it:
Cause I'm gopherin', chaufferin', company chairmen.
Coffee maker, copy repairman.
Anymore there ain't nothing I swear man that I don't do.
Been juggling, struggling, closing big deals.
Dancing backward in high heels....

So now, that chapter of her life is finished.  She's leaving the stress, traffic commute, and deadlines behind.  It's a new day-one that doesn't start at 5:00 a.m.  It's slower, more relaxed with more time to do the things she's dreamed of.  So she'll take it slower, indulge her plans and let life unroll for her.

We are planning a party to honor her next summer, so watch for pics and updates.  Until then, congratulate my Sissy for all she has done and accomplished in her (39 year!) career.  She has worked hard and I am so proud of her.   XOXOXO