Monday, July 16, 2018


Did you ever just straight up be proud of someone? As I sat at the 4th. of July BBQ, I was busting my buttons over this charming, smart friend.   Although I didn't have any buttons,'s obvious that I was busting outta something....

Meet Cory Messing.  I met Cory about 18 years ago at our beach house up north.  We are dear friends of his parents and Cory got dragged down to our bonfires.  Over the years he had put up with me visiting the family farm and asking a million (stupid!) questions.  Do the cows have names and do you know them all?  Which ones are boys and which ones are girls?  Who's a heifer? Can I pet them?  I have oohed and aahed over the baby cows-they are called calves, Jodi, as well as piglets and kittens.  I love farms and animals and Cory was a very patient tour guide and barely smirked over my 'Cityot' demeanor.

As the years flew by and Cory was in high school, we understandably saw less of him.  But we always looked forward to when he would drop in, and again, indulge us as we asked him how school was going and remarked on his growth spurt.  Always polite and respectful, it was a joy watching him grow up-a fact we marveled about at his graduation party.

Cory is now almost 27, a Registered Nurse and an engaged man.  He drove up for the day to attend the BBQ and thoughtfully answered all of our health questions.  As an R.N. in the E.R.,he has seen so much.  I couldn't be prouder of this soft spoken, giant of a man.  Did I mention he is 6'6" tall?  The proverbial gentle giant!

Next year when Cory marries it will again be a very proud moment.  He is everything you could ever want in a son and a friend.  I feel happy and lucky to know him.  

And proud, very proud.  Hugs my friend-even if I have to get on my tip toes! XO

Monday, July 9, 2018

Let the River Run...

On the eve of my sixtieth(!) birthday please allow me a moment to share some hard learned life lessons as well as some very ugly truths.  Words of wisdom coming from someone who has her head in the clouds and routinely loses her cell, keys, etc., so take it with a grain of salt.  The pink Himalayan kind!

*Regrets and worry are a waste of time and energy.  Change things if you can and accept if you can't.
*Don't give a rat's ass what others think of you.  Friends and family know your truths.
*Accept that you will never have your 30 year old body. Or your 40 or 50 year old one either.
*Travel is great but books provide just as equal of an escape.
*Coffee after 2:00 p.m. is never a good idea.  Neither is that 4th. glass of wine.
*High quality sheets are a necessary luxury.

*Everything happens for a reason-even if we don't always get to know why.
*Come to terms with the fact that I will never skate in a roller derby or do a perfect chin-up.
*Family and friends are really all that matters.

That's all I've got.  That's it.  For the mess that life can be, it's ours to live and love.  I quote my girl Carly Simon in saying, "These are the good old days."
 60 years of them to be exact.   XOXO

Monday, July 2, 2018


How 'bout this blazin' hot weather?  Holy sweathog it's hot!  Luckily I was in the thumb for the weekend where the temps were slightly cooler and we got a nice breeze off of the lake.

Upon arriving at my happy place, I took a long stroll down the beach searching for the treasures that make me happy.  My hunt yielded me three pieces of beach glass, one heart shaped stone, a perfect clam shell, and four feathers.  What's better than an hour or so of mindless strolling and picking up natures jewels?  I would rather 'shop the shore' than a retail store any day!

Later, at the bonfire, (it cooled off enough to warrant one!) we noticed that the moon was full and bright orange.  And the next day, while enjoying the deck, a monarch butterfly worked hard to pollenate a nearby milkweed plant. It was gorgeous and I've not seen one in years.  I laid in my hammock and read for hours-lost in a great book.

Needless to say, it was a great weekend, just doin' what comes naturally.

Now if only that damn Lake Huron would warm up past 63 degrees, I could add swimming to my list of favorites.  Gone are the days when my sister and brother and I would swim 'till our lips turned blue.  I've gotten wimpy in my old age-that's for sure!

Enjoy the Fourth y'all.  Roast a hot dog, eat a s'more, marvel at nature and maybe, just maybe, take a dip in some freezing cold water-even if it's your shower, I guarantee you'll feel alive.

Happy 4th. of July!   XO

Monday, June 25, 2018

Done for Me...

I broke out in a cold sweat.  The unthinkable had happened.

 I left my cell phone at home.

 Yep, enroute to the beach house, I went to call my Mom.  With that dull feeling in my gut, I realized that I had left my life link at home.  Quell horreur! That's French for 'Damn, I'm an idiot!'  Gasp, sharp inhale,and pop eyed realization-I was without my phone for, say...THE NEXT 40 HOURS!

After a few calming breaths, I got logical and realized that if anyone had an emergency, they could reach me via Randy who would be joining me later that night.  Okay...I'm cool, I got this.

BUT..but..what if, say, someone needed to text me?  Kristin, Matt, Lisa and others regularly update me on the trivialities of their lives-bringing a smile to my face.  Well, I guess by Monday morning I'll have plenty to be amused by.  But, what about Facebook?  Someone surely would be sharing pics of their kids that are ten years old, and I hate to miss that!  What if someone was checking into an airport?  Could they even board without my knowledge?  Guess I'll just have to suck it up and listen to Sirius instead of my custom Pandora playlist.  And it seems Siri has the weekend off, if I need clarification on anything.  Guess I'll just drive along without calling anyone and see how it goes.

The short story is yes, of course, I survived.  I kind of liked not being sucked into the vortex of my phone.  I didn't miss a thing.  Heading home this morning I saw a mama doe and her little spotted fawn that wasn't much bigger than Hazel the one-eyed wonder Cat.  Sooo cute.  Also a giant eagle perched in a tree.  And all of these sights were in my driveway!  A bit further up the road I had to brake for a fox with a giant plume tail and two more deer.  Had I been on a phone convo, I may have missed all of this beauty and possibly cracked up the front of Rocky Balboa.

It was nice and maybe I'll go phone free next weekend--NOT!  XO

Monday, June 18, 2018

99 Red Balloons...

We all watched in wonder as over 2000 (bio-degradable) balloons soared to the heavens while we sent up our prayers for our loved ones that have passed, are in recovery or active addiction-along with the friends and family affected.

On Families Against Narcotics 8th year for the Run Drugs Out of Town event, I can best describe as having all 'the feels.'  Inspirational, motivational and emotional-just to name a few.  Looking into the eyes of people who experience the same pain as I do had me blinking back tears all day. (no shock there!)  But the love and support makes it all worth the work and effort that the event brings. After a few 'tears from heaven' (as us F.A.N.atics like to say!) the sun burst out and blessed our day.

I was so happy to run into my friend Courtney.  She is an absolutely amazing woman who lost her sister to addiction on Christmas Eve two years ago.  Now her two nieces are lucky enough to live in her loving home. Courtney is a tireless advocate for addiction awareness and is even opening the Amber Reineck House which is a recovery home for women.  Courtney will tell you that in the beginning she was totally unaware of the realities of addiction but now has dedicated herself to stopping the stigma of addiction and recovery.  The love of her sister has made her a force to be reckoned with and if anyone can make a difference-Courtney can.  I am proud to call her my friend.

Please send your positivity, prayers and white lights of support to Courtney and her efforts to honor her sister as well as educate and help others.  Peace and love.   XO

Monday, June 11, 2018

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

I wish I had some answers.  In addition to tragic celebrity deaths, I also read in my local newspaper about a young boy who had lost his mother in a traffic accident.   He simply could not face life without her and took his own life.  And I wonder...had nobody noticed anything.  Had he reached out to anyone? How desperate lonely he must have been. So horrible.

As a member of National Alliance on Mental Alliance, I have studied and read many case histories of people that have taken their own life.  As near as I figure, there is absolutely no solid pattern.  Suicidal tendencies cross all boundaries and is a moving target.  As successful celebrities can show us, it doesn't matter how much money or success you may have.

 Is it possibly societal?  The face that we are more disconnected socially than ever can't help.  Maybe too much pressure to be Pinterest Perfect?  Filtered pictures to remind us of all of our flaws?  Or is that not deep enough?

Is it wholly due to deep mental instability?  Does the stigma attached make diagnosing evasive?  I wish I knew.

Ideally, we can spot a person struggling and reach out to help them.  But I don't know that realistically we can. When I'm feeling blue, you will never see me. There seems to be a commonality with isolation and privacy.  Not all mental torture is shared publicly.   Seems that by the time the person needs to be helped, their decision has been made and there is no stopping it.

I've been blue all day anticipating trying to address this topic.  As a person who struggles with depression, it scares me that maybe that edge is lurking somewhere nearby.  I'm working on staying positive and healthy and learning all I can.

So, lets try to be loving and kind-you never really know what a person is dealing with. Thank you all for letting me muse and share.  Peace, XO

Monday, June 4, 2018

Heaven Only Knows...

Dane and Mickey
Together forever

06-06-83 to 06-05-14

All our love,
Mom and Poppy