Monday, November 11, 2019

Say it Again...

I love what I am seeing this Veteran's Day.

Recently I noticed that Lowe's has 'Veteran's Parking Only' spots.  How cool is that?  I also saw a barber shop offering free haircuts today.  In Alpena, a local restaurateur gave free meals to customers that served our country.  And in my hometown of Ossineke, my elementary school hosted an 'American hero's on Veteran's Day' program.  This event has been honoring Veteran's for 10 year and includes the children reading poems, singing songs and doling out special gifts- to 30 Vet's!  God bless you all for your thoughtful efforts.

Every year I struggle to write something that expresses my gratitude and respect.  For all of you that did what I never had the guts to do- I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  XO

Monday, November 4, 2019

7th. Heaven...

On Saturday I had the wonderful experience of spending time with some old friends.  As hard as it is to make time to get together-this was a very special event.  Held in a beautiful venue, we were treated to some very angelic vocals.  The food was local and homemade and the desserts were decadent. (As all desserts SHOULD be!)  Warm hugs and reminiscent stories were the order of the day.  Emotions ran high and there were tears as well as much laughter.

Can you guess where I was?  Yep, at a funeral.  Family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of a very loved man and give him the send off he deserved.  It also provides a gathering to share stories, as well as facing our own mortality.  Efforts are made to keep the mood light, but the inevitablitly of death is the commonality that joins us.  The great equalizer.

We all have the time between our birth and death to live a life we can be proud of.  The famous 'Dash' poem reminds us the importance of what we do in the middle that is what we will be remembered for.

I think that funerals are really just parties that celebrate, evaluate, and refocus on how we are doing so far.  Are we kind?  Respectful? Considerate?  Patient?(a hard one for me!)  Compassionate?  I am going to make an effort to use funeral celebrations a time to reset goals for my 'Dash.'  Isn't that the best way to honor someone?  OXOX

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Other Side...

Whoo Hoo-I'm back and feeling all refreshed and rested!  Vacation was filled with sun, sea, laughter and more good food than should be allowed.  And wine-yes there was wine....Sun and sand is sooo necessary for my soul and I feel strong and very blessed to have this time with family and friends.  I have hit the ground running with goals for my yard as well as my house.  It's a good feeling and I have Lisa and Steve to thank. XO

Are you superstitious?  I am-a little.  When I see an ambulance, I always do the sign of the cross and say a little prayer in hopes that my good wishes will be heard and make a difference.  If I see a cardinal, I always think it is a sign that someone from heaven is thinking of me and maybe paying me a visit.  I love it and feel very blessed.  When I spot a penny, I will ALWAYS pick it up, hold it to the heavens, and thank the Lord above for sending me this 'sign.'  I know you may think it's silly, but these little things bring me great comfort-and I love having these perks in my everyday life.

So today, after Zumba class, I spotted this fiver while unlocking Berry Manilow. By chance, I glanced down and saw my little piece of good fortune, nestled in the beautiful fall leaves.  I muse that if pennies are from someone in heaven than a 5spot must be from the whole gang!  How amazing!

As I pulled thru the Tim Horton's drive thru ordering my usual egg white spinach bites and coffee, I pulled out the found fiver and (almost!) paid for the order.  I felt like my breakfast was a treat from my personal angels.  It gave me a smile and again-a smile and a little prayer.  Sigh.....

How cool is that?

Happy Monday and may you all be blessed from angels above.   XOXO

Monday, October 21, 2019

Easy Breezy...

Hello Darling Pumpkins!  The JSpot will be spotted this week on the white sand beaches of Marcho Island!  Yes, I'm going to enjoy a little get-a-way for some fun in the sun-barefoot nation, here I come.  My brother-in-law extraordinaire is celebrating his birthday and Lisa and I are ready to par-tay!

I'll see ya'll next week when I'll be layered in flannel and shivering my cookies off.  Happy Birthday, Steve-we will live it up-Marco style!   XO

Monday, October 14, 2019


Happy Indigenous People's Day-as well as Columbus Day!

Growing up in Ossineke, Michigan-it was very common to have 'Indian' names for common places.  After all, Ossineke is an Ojibwa word meaning, 'place of the image stone.'  On the Devil's river, legend says there was a stone that the native's used as a marker to find their way home off of the water.  I have heard that the word has more modern meanings, but I like the old, home town legend.  At our elementary school, one of our ball fields was called 'Pukweegee' which means 'playground of little people.'  The sign marking the field said as much and used a little Indian native boy in the pic.  Probably not the most politically correct thing, but it was meant as an honor and not a slam.  The field on the other side was called 'Shingwak' which means 'playground in the pines.'

We had a roadside attraction called Hayden's Acres and upon entering, you would be greeted by a carved, life size, proud young brave on a horse in full head feathers.  Walking through the woods, various stations depicted all sorts of native life.  Supposedly, these carvings and displays were indicative of how life was lived, originally, on the Devil's River, in Ossineke.

My Grampa Cliff used to threaten us kids by saying he was going to give us back to the Indians.  "Some old squaw will strap you on her back and that'll fix ya!" Not the most P.C. either-that Gramps of mine!  And recently I learned that my (step) Great Grandma was a full blooded Indian.  My Grampa was raised by her, so maybe he knew what the deal was!

At any rate, I hope I haven't offended where I meant to convey pride.  I love my town's history and the fact that I, too, am an Indian-even if it's by proxy!

Have a wonderful fall week, my friends.  XO

Monday, October 7, 2019

Hit the Back...

I love art.  All art.  Anything that anyone created interests me, from amateur to 'pro'fessional works-they give me joy and wonder.  Mt. Clemens is full of art.  Street art in particular, from gorgeous murals to this amazing horse sculpture by Jonathon Bowling.  How our hood got graced by his talent is still unknown to me-even after research.  I know he is from Richmond and specializes in sculptural art.  If I understand correctly, one of his horses has made it to the Kentucky Derby.  I envy his incredible vision and talent.

How sweet is it to be able to drive down a street and be amazed at random works of art?  I'm in awe and I love it.  I've read he has done a mermaid, but I've yet to see it.  (Goals, Baybee!)

Thank you to Jonathon Bowling  for your generosity in sharing your totally cool work that brings a smile to my face.

Have a wonderful, fall week, my lovelies;  and stop and enjoy the art whenever possible!   XO

Monday, September 30, 2019

Swap it Out...

On Sunday four Detroit Lions fans, dressed in their colors and hauled their cookies down to support the Lions on their crazy winning streak.  It is our annual pilgrimage, but this year Kristin and I had an epiphany.  After the drive down in crazy traffic, the expensive parking, the overpriced cocktails, the crowd, the miles we walked, the deafening lack of acoustics and the overall length of the game, (four quarters!) that MAYBE this would be us chickies last game.

As our tradition deems,  Kristin and I lasted all the way thru the first quarter (can you believe there are FOUR?) before making our getaway.  Crowd aversions and the dull roar precipitate low grade anxiety attacks in each of us and a fresh vodka would probable ease the symptoms.  A full cardio workout ensued as we did the 'Rocky in Philly' staircase.  The bathroom lines were only slightly shorter than the drink line.  But we persevered and got both events handled and it was on to walking and shopping.  Finally, we found a table where we could people watch.

Together we made the executive decision.  Next year we would wear our cute outfits at brunch and then catch the game at home while enjoying the Ernst hot tub.  We can NOT-watch the game in comfort while imbibing on cocktails and snacks.  We will leave the logistical hassle to the guys and have dinner waiting when they arrive back.

The older I get, the more I like this idea as do my poor hips.

Wonder if fan gear has Lion's bikini's-for the hot tub section?  Stay tuned, Dolls and oh, wait...
Go Lions!