Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Yeah...

Bet you almost didn't recognize Cheryl and I without our bikinis and beer!  Such is life.  Ah, but it's fall and that calls for sweaters and water.  Water?  Things are getting crazy up in here!!!

On this night, I am over my beloved Tigers loss in the world championship.  It was fun while it lasted and a real good ride.  Some gets to win and someone has to lose.  Life throw even the best a real tricky curve ball sometimes.  Till next year, guys....

And what the crazy hell is up with Hurricane Sandy?  It's rare that that type of storm hits so far north.  I feel horrible for the tragedy that has effected so many lives and promises to change many more.  We are most assuredly lucky and blessed that only big waves and high wind will hit here.  I have watched news coverage till I am sick about the devastation that is occurring.  I hate weather extremes and wonder why it seems we have so many of them lately.  Last year it hit 80 degrees in a snow less March and then was followed by the hottest summer on record.  Nothing spooks me more than high wind.  I didn't leave the house today and do not plan to do so tomorrow either.

And on the circle of life front, I have to congratulate friends Mandy and Goci on the birth of their beautiful baby boy.  Luka is gorgeous and I am excited for their new and enriched lives.  And almost on the same stroke of time, I must send out my sympathy for my dear friend Tim, who has lost his brother Marvin, all too soon and all too quickly.  Beginnings and endings fill my thoughts, along with everything that falls in between.

Stay well my darlings, no matter what life has in store this week.  There are no guarantees. xo

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hold that Tiger...

How silly are Dane and I posing with two 'fatheads' of our two of our favorite players?  We had a blast at the game with those crazy things and even had a moment on the jumbo tron.  It may be my 15 seconds of fame...Go Tigers as you head into the World Series!  Make us proud!

It is with a giant groan that I am attempting to watch the presidential debate.  I watched the first one, missed the second one and am now viewing the third.  Anyone who has known me for 5 minutes or so, knows that I abhor politics.  I always have.  People just tend to get far too militant when the subject comes up and politics always bring out the worst in people. We all have our reasons for voting for who we support.  Things that effect our democracy is different to each of us.  As I watch, both candidates seem as smug as bugs in a rug.  Cheshire cats, patiently waiting for their moment in the sun.  I can't help it-I hate it.  Maybe it's my overall ignorance and I recall very little from my high school class designed to teach me the machinations of government.  As you can imagine, I could have cared less.

Am I proud of my lackadaisical attitude? No way.  Many of the people in my life have bothered to get involved and can surely talk the talk.  I just lack the patience and feel not knowledgeable enough to even have my vote count.  In 1976, my very first presidential election, found me leaning on my Dad for advice.  He follows all political everything and will patiently educate me if I will sit still long enough.  Why anyone would want the job of President of the United States is beyond my realm of imagination.  I'd rather dig a ditch.  But give me credit where credit is due, because the Lions game is on and also the game that will tell the tale for the Tigers and I am STILL trying to get thru the debate.

I realize that it's bubble heads like me that help shape the world as we know it.  I'm just more suited to frivolous details rather than ones that just about make my head pop off.  Too much he said, he said.  I pray that voters smarter and more educated than myself will make the proper decision. 

Any advice?  Let me know what you think.  And please forgive me, so maybe I can forgive myself.  xo

Monday, October 15, 2012

Take me Away...

Aah, the sweet days of strolling Ann Arbor in a halter dress are done and over for another year.  I love AA, a perfect college town with an eclectic mixture of culture and collegiate.  Art, beer, dining and youth make it a favorite place of mine-culture vulture that I am.  I love to pretend I'm a University of Michigan student doing my thing instead of an aging yuppie horning in on all the fun.  Oh well, I can dream can't I?

It's officially fall.  I have the 'yard dudes' coming over tomorrow to help me put my yard to bed.  Today for the first time, I have the fireplace on.  The days are getting so short and I will be happy to 'fall back' when that time comes.  The leaves on our street are slowly getting orange and my planters have officially given up their color.  One lowly white iris stubbornly is blooming.

Of course the two wins the Tigers have had over the Yankees have me jazzed.  We have tickets to tomorrows game and I can't wait.  It's not going to be a tank top and cutoffs night, tho.  I will be digging out the sherpa coat, boots and mittens to cheer our boys on. 

Pretty routine week here at the ranch.  Sometimes I like it that way.  Enjoy your fall and the changes it brings.  xo

Monday, October 8, 2012

Come on, Come on...

So Friday morning finds me wandering out to my mailbox with bleary eyes, bed head hair, Starbucks mug in hand, clad in only a plush leopard print robe.  Truly a sight for sore eyes and morning commuters whizzing by.  Certainly not the vision they needed burned into their brains on this, the beginning of the weekend.  But I digress.  My peripheral vision shows my neighbor-up with the birds, I presume-lugging stuff out of her garage for a sale.  Oh Lord..the utter ambition.


Until the past few years, when she had nothing else to sell, my Mother held her annual 'G Sale'.  Such sale was a major production involving our whole family with weeks of preparation.  My sister, brother and I would be called upon to sort through clothes that didn't fit and toys that we no longer played with.  My Mom scoured the basement and storage areas of the house for things that did not make the cut for last years sale.  My Dad would move his stuff around the garage to allow space for the set up.  His truck was used to haul tables needed to display the merchandise.  My mom would painstakingly price each and every item, securing a small paper tag with a straight pin.  We then filled the spaces with organization that would rival a Gap store. 

In the preceding week, friends and neighbors would be phoned and invited to the 'pre sale'.  Early sales were necessary to make room for better displaying of the goods.  All week, our hallway and bathroom were busy as the area doubled as a fitting room, one with no limit on the number of garments allowed.  Children were left to their own devices to shop or play with toys.  There was always a 'free box' where they could help themselves to headless Barbie dolls and puzzles with missing pieces.

On Friday morning, my Mom would be up at the crack of dawn setting the dough for her famous cinnamon rolls.  These gooey treats were traditional and fill the house with their lovely cinnamon scent.  The goodies would be ready around eight and my auntie, uncles, grandparents would pour in to grab a mug of coffee and a roll as we waited for our customers.  Usually we just got our signs posted when it was time to open the garage door.  Our sales were legendary and our shoppers did not disappoint.  Sales were brisk until lunch when we would stop for chili and sandwiches.  It was fun to count the money box to see how we were doing.

At six the door would close and we would wrap up the day with pizza.  Saturday was much the same except all items were sold at half price.  Sales were slower but it was important to get rid of the stuff.  Sale goers were encouraged to buy, buy, buy.  At four, we boxed up the remains and prepared to 'curb it' for the garbage man.  Money was counted and recorded and split among us.  The cigar box was put away for another year.  Inevitably we would comment that it was the best sale ever.

Feeling tired and content, we were happy to retire from retail/resale for another year.

Thank you all for your patience in reading what may be my longest blog post ever.  It was simply a story that must be shared.

P.S.- Do you have or go to garage sales? Or do you just call Purple Heart?  Ever find any fabulous finds?  I'd love to hear.. xo

Monday, October 1, 2012

I Wear my Sunglasses at Night...

Check out my girl Kristin and me showing off our new sexy specs! Hers are Chanel! and mine are Brighton, if anyone really gives a rats ass.  Both of us are sun glass crazy and could be seen sporting them around Eastern Market as we tailgated for the Lions game yesterday.  This shot was at one of our favorite watering holes-Vivio's where we talked our way OUT of the five dollar cover charge (the bouncer was an easy target) and enjoyed Bloody Mary's-mine virgin and spice free due to my still spongy stomach.  No matter, they were delicious and sooooo awesome.

However, not so awesome was our team, the Detroit Lions.  Amidst high hopes for the season, they simply cannot seem to get it together.  That I carefully gather from what others say and the approximately 2 minutes that I actually paid attention.  Sort of.  Oh well, my beloved Detroit Tigers took up all the slack with their fantastic win which puts them even closer to being in the AL Central Pennant race. Just 3 more games left!!! And with our own Miguel Cabrera in the run for the Triple Crown, things are really heating up.  I LOVE baseball and I have explained before, it's in in my D.N.A, as my whole family are rabid fans dating back to my grandpa and probably beyond.  On my Mother's visit, (she left Sunday, boohoo!) she was glued to the Ryder Cup, a big tournament in golf.  I don't much care for golf, but I love her enthusiasm.  Up north, my Dad, Brother, and Sister as well as most of my Uncles were similarly engaged, probably wearing out the 'last' remote button as they flip back and forth not to miss anything!  It's our passion. Yes, you could call us sports nuts.  Or just plain nuts-that works too.

Oct. 01 marks the start of a full month of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Let's be thoughtful of ALL cancer and it's insidious effects on the people and the families suffering from it.  A phone call, card or kind words can go along way.  Hell, I just had a minimally invasive and minor surgery and was totally touched by the outpouring of concern.  It makes me renew my resolve to be a more thoughtful person.

Enjoy this glorious fall week and GO TIGERS!!!! xo