Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things that make you go hmmm........

I think I got this idea from my blog friend, Charles, (RAZORED ZEN) when he did a post on favorite titles. Thanks, Charles, and please forgive me for my blatant copycatting--and remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery...

That said, I read a review about a movie that is out from Detroit producer, Sami Raimi, that is called, "Drag Me To Hell". The review was actually quite flattering and the title certainly grabs ones attention. I wonder if it is a plea or merely a suggestion? Kinda like when you have the flu or a whoppin' hangover and inevitably you mutter, "This must be hell. I'd have to die to feel any better." I swear I will never drink again--at least not until Thursday, or just later on today.

One of my all time favorite title comes from a book, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", (which I LOVED) and a movie (ummm, not as much) by the same name. What magic does that title conjure up? Darkness, maybe moonlight, floral beauty and the chance for possible danger. Very cool. Read that book, if you haven't yet. It rocks.

Last year I bought a new book off of the sale rack, simply because of it's title--something I rarely ever do. How could I resist a big, thick, hard (what did you think I was gonna say?) cover called "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs." Hysterically satirical, relevant, and point on, I nodded and laughed all the way thru it. Again, I recommend you check it out--for a goof!

"Sex and Candy" is a song by Marcy Playground that qualifies doubly as a cool song title and also a cool band name. And it made the cut for my ipod.

"Shit on a Shingle" gets the nod for the best name for an item on a menu. My Mom's menu anyways. Sometimes we would eat a concoction of creamed tuna on toast with peas. Usually during Fridays in Lent. We loved it and loved saying it. Behind Mom's back of course....
I've already posted in the past about favorite names, but the ballplayer named CoCo Crisp for the Red Sox. Or how about the crazy deal where George Foreman names all of his boys (5 or 6?) George Foreman. Narcissistic or merely simplistic. Beats the hell outta me!
Anything make you go hmmmmm? xo
PS. Kudos to our fabulous TIGERS. I hit the game against Seattle that turned into a real home run derby. Reminded me of Dane's little league games. But we won of course. Wil, once again I sent out my sympathies as ANOTHER Detroit team has to give you a little lesson. I hate to gloat, but, We ROCK!!!!! xoxo

Sunday, July 19, 2009

She works hard for the Money...

Hello and witness the picture of me slaving away.

On occasion, it has been alluded (both boldly, and veiled) to the fact that I have a cushy life, devoid of worry and free from the drudge of work. I've been accused of the proverbial kept woman that sleeps till noon and then lounges for hours on the divan with bon bons and soap operas.

Well, let me tell ya, it's not all been pink ponies and popsickles.

Eschewing college, in favor of "adult life" put me in the most crazy job situation ever. With little or no experience, I waitressed at 2 fine fine dining establishments, bartended top end and at private parties, I sold furniture, was a real estate sexratary, taught summer school gymnastics, babysat, was a file clerk and later a travel agent, acted as "Charlie's Angel", (see 6/28 Angel post) bartended some more, worked retail at the mall, worked as a dental assistant, and taught aerobics and weight training--all before the age of 26 when I decided it was time to pursue higher education. From here I went to a 10 month Beauty College and got my licence and worked in 3 different salons before my "retirement" 5 years ago.
It was fun, risky, enlightening, tough and HARD. I learned to be quite fast on my feet.

Now, I work every Tuesday in our warehouse. I start at 9:00 and finish whenever and make ALL the hard decisions--like where to get lunch. Or what flowers to plant in the front of the office. Then there is the cocktail/dinner dilemma to get worked out. And I even make coffee! I have tried to get fired many times, but as you can see, my position is very important to our overall success. The things we do for love.

Now, if I could just get a divan and some bon bons for afternoon break.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sugar and Spice........

How about it? Took a cue from the "Walking Man" Mark, and attended Megan Abbott's book signing in Birmingham on Thursday night. Almost the first person I saw after purchasing her book and heading upstairs for the reading was him. I knew instantly and waited till Megan was done with her story and q. and a. session to approach him. Standing close by, was the beautiful, "Wandering Savant," who I also recognized right away. Mark hugged by warmly as if I was an old, trusted friend, and introduced me to his friend. (forgive me, I cannot remember her first name, altho I can recount her cool clothes clearly!) We proceeded to get to know one another, and I got to ask some questions regarding poetry--which has always been a mystery to me. Some hints from Mark promise to be of help. I HAD to have a pic. I pointed out that Michelle (Michelle's Spell) was gonna be jealous, but the humble Mark didn't think so! I couldn't hog all of his attention, but I do think we will be getting together sometime in the future--and he has volunteered to be the D.D.--always a plus!

After Borders I went into the Cupcake Station (also in B'ham) and just about cleaned 'em out on delicious, overpriced cupcakes to share with my gym buddies on Friday. (The dude sellin' 'em had the most beautiful head of spiral curls that I almost reached out to unspring one!)Seemed the perfect way to start off my birthday celebration. My Mom lives too far away to deliver to the class, so I made it happen myself. After a little protesting, my friends gave up and indulged. They were so yummy and I recommend them for whatever you are celebrating! Especially the carrot cake!

Friday night was perfect with dinner, drinks and diamonds for the lucky girl-ME! Makes gettin' older not seem so bad. Got wonderful calls and beautiful cards from family and friends-- thoughtful as ever. xo Then spent some time boating, (thanks bro in law Mark) and reading at the beach house. Megan's book, titled "Bury Me Deep" is the kind of book you just fall into. Her writing has been described as lush, and I couldn't agree more. After about title 35 pages, I can recommend it to anyone. Along with a cupcake would be good.....xoxo P.S. How 'bout our Tigers! Brandon Inge is THE Tiger. Congrats on the allstar pic, dude. Homerun Derby is Monday night. Go Tigers!xoxo Oh, sorry lovely Megan--I DID remember your name. Yay, Me! xo

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Songs of Freedom.....

Happy Independence Day everyone! I have spent the usual lazy, fun, up north at the beach house kind of holiday. Barely left the cottage (unless you count the booze cruise on the four wheeler!)which is fine with me. Had a big gang here for the festivities and the weather actually cooperated on Saturday. Nothing new or unusual to report. Had a large garter snake in the shed that scared the Bejesus out of us, but other than that it was business as usual. As long as he continues to keep the place mouse free--I say just leave 'em alone.

Pondering my Independence was the most serious thought I had in my head--aside from blended or on the rocks? If I get political here--well, it would just be kinda scary. Going at the idea from a personal slant is more my style.

Independence can be defined as freedom from dependence, control and determination from others.

While I THINK I am independent, while considering, I am not so sure I am --or really want to be. I take much more comfort in DEPENDING on smooth familiar routines and rituals. Counting on family and friends and depending on them is a safety net and support system that I would NEVER want to be without. I want them to depend on me for the same. Doesn't it seem that we basically just pinball off of each other absorbing what we want or need? My mood can be influenced by the people around me and I like to think that I have the ability to do the same for them. I need people and their differences to teach me things.

Control? I cannot think of a situation where I would want to be controlled. Respect and compromise in relationships can pretty much squelch that. Thank the good Lord. However, I love to control my time and what I choose to do with it. I abhor lateness and being kept waiting and make every effort not to do it to others. I like routine, but I try not to let it control me.

Determination of others is a cause and effect kind of deal. Others actions can determine ours-if we want or let it. I try very hard to not be responsible for what others think of me. Can't be bothered. Trying to live right is all we can do to ultimately control our own destiny and even that gets whomped up along the way. Too many things are just not up to us.

Our freedom to live, think, speak, express, believe, create, and love, give us the ability to choose how we let all of this effect us personally. The yogic statement of not being able to control situations, but rather how we can control how we handle them, sums it up.

So, in continuing with this 'prophetic' style, may I just say--enjoy your wonderful human ability to be free. They can never take that away from us. xoxo