Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's All Good...

Tiger, tiger burning bright....Check out Lola's bright eyes, as they match the Christmas tree! By the grace of God, I still have a modicum of holiday spirit left to pose for this silly pic.

The last few days were the promised logistical nightmare with the whirlwind of travel and activities, but I survived-none too much worse for the wear. We had a wonderful holiday, despite, with family, food and fun. But of course, there is no place like home for this home girl.

So, today I planned a 'schedule' quite the opposite of the one I just wrapped up. Kinda like a little holiday detox. Please read and keep up if you can.

9:30 wake up without 'aid' and stretch luxuriously. Pinch more-than-an-inch on tummy and vow to hit my treadmill later. And lay off the cookies. Avoid bathroom scale like the black plague. Stumble down a put on coffee and head out to collect days worth of papers and mail. Sip and read for hours. Brunch on cookies.
12:30 reheat leftover lasagna from my sister's restaurant, followed by more cookies. Scrumptious!
1:00 snuggle with Lola and consider treadmill thing.
1:30 shower and nap in front of fireplace till 4:00. Upon waking, more stretching and then ordering 'Sex and the City II" on ppv. Zone out in chick flick heaven. Admire the muscle tone on the 'fabulous four'! Consider doing some crunches, later.
7:00 reheat more leftovers and dine with my family.
8:00 check computer sites and write blog.
9:00 eat more cookies while reading 'Shape' magazine and vow to actually get in shape.
10:00 prepare to call it a day and go to bed. My personal 12 step has me done with indulgence and ready to join reality. After about 10 more hours of sleep.

In case I haven't done it, let me say Merry Christmas to all of you. Rest well tonight--normalcy begins tomorrow. xoxo P.S. the weather promises a warm week with temps in the high 30's by Thursday. Whoo hoo!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Run, Run, Rudolph.....

Let the indulgence begin! After dinner with friends on Thursday, a party at Andiamo on Friday and then a house party with friends on Saturday, can I just tell you, I am fried! Food and drink in abundance always marks the season for me. We saw a dinner show on Friday and were lucky enough to see the Scinta's perform. This talented family provided lovely holiday songs and gut splitting humor that can get you in the spirit faster that you can say 'Rockette'!

I have a shopping/lunch date (Toy's R Us, beware!) with two little girls tomorrow followed by another dinner party. Tuesday brings another lunch and shopping party with my godchild--more Toys R Us! Wednesday we host our annual employee party, and on Thursday we hit the road to Ossineke, to spend some time with my family. We have my nephew's Christmas program on Christmas Eve followed by Christmas Mass. On Christmas Day, we head to Ann Arbor for yet another family celebration. When we finally get home later, we can relax and exchange our presents. Whew! Kinda reminds me like that movie, "Four Christmas's" where the nerves are tried to the extreme in the name of Noel. To those of you lucky enough to have family close by, I envy you. The rest of us will participate in the Christmas Road Rally. I think friends of mine headed to Hawaii on Wednesday have the right idea. Maybe some day...sigh...

So dear friends, pray for the safe return of the Skelton children that have been missing since Thanksgiving, and for safe travels for those of us on the busy highways. Enjoy your holiday and take the time to remember the reason for the season. Have a joyous, happy, holiday and Merry Christmas, good friends. xo

P.S. Me and galpal Kristen snapped a pic while taking a break from the madness to enjoy our Detroit Lions pulling off a win! Must have been our fabulous cheerleading! I think our record now is an astounding 3 and 11! Whoo Hoo!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let it Snow....

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but the fire is so delightful. And since
we've no place to go, let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
It doesn't show signs of stopping,
and I've brought some corn for popping.
The lights are turned way down low.
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
When we finally kiss goodnight,
how we'll hate going out in the storm.
But if you really hold me tight,
all the way home I'll be warm.
The fire is slowly dying, and
my dear, we're still goodbying.
But as long as you love me so,
let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
If ya can't beat 'em, ya might as well join 'em. On the first blizzard of the winter, be safe, be well, and be warm. xoxo
P.S. quote o' the day: I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. Mae West

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Only Wish.....

Warning: This is a public service announcement--something I do not usually use my blog for. Bear with me my lovelies....

On Thursday evening I was privileged enough to attend a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser held at the Emerald Theater in downtown Mt. Clemens.

On this frosty night, I learned upon my first visit that the Emerald Theatre is very cool. Kind of like a tired and worn, but still glamorous old gal. Founded in the 20's as a theatre, it is now a more contemporary venue for concerts and such. And it still has it's opera seating, in addition to a large bar.

The food buffet was the usual array of finger food but the real impressor (for me anyway) was the 'candy bar'. Large glasses full of all my childhood favorites were there with little brown bags and scoops to secure said treats. I stocked up on Black Jacks, M &M's, Squirrels, Mary Jane's and Twizzlers. My goodie bag and a glass of Pinot Grigio had me ready to hear the past years report and mission statement of Habitat's president.

The stats are impressive. A banker at our table said that the rate of failure of repayment on Habitat loans is zero-never a default. Habitat housed children have a higher rate of finishing high school and in some cases college. Teen pregnancies are almost none. The whole program was quickly highlighted, before two bands took the stage.

I met and inquired about an all women team of builders and plan to donate some time on a house in the near future. And yep, I bought the t-shirt!

If you are so inclined, locate your nearest Habitat office and check out donating materials, time, money or whatever. In this season of giving, I think it's a totally worthy cause.

Happy December everybody. Enjoy the season..xo

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Better Days....

This weekend I learned a new phrase and practiced it completely. The new line is this, "dolce far niente". It is Italian and it translates: 'the sweetness of doing nothing'. I have no trouble with that one...

After cooking the bird and hauling it's little browned-in-a-cooking-bag ass up to Port Sanilac and then driving home in the pouring rain, with heavy traffic in the dark--I can assure you that on Friday I was ready to crash. After putting in some time at the gym to atone for sins of gluttony.

But then the nothing. And the sweetness of it all...

I read the book "Eat, Pray, Love" after all of my friends and with much resistance. Many of them had reported that the book was everything from good to life changing. Hmmm...That shit just scares me. I don't know if I WANT my life changed. I like to eat, pray and love, so whatever could be my issue? I don't know, I'm just pigheaded that way.

When I finally (in secret) read the book, guess what? Yep, I loved it. So now as I indulge in being lazy, I purchase the movie, based on the book of the same name on PPV. A large bowl of popcorn and a MGD and I'm good to go. That is good to go to Bali, Italy, India and then back to Bali. Total escapism as I watched Julia Roberts as Liz, navigate these lush, and beautiful landscapes. The food made me want to lick the screen, the effects of good meditation was healing even to watch, and the love....well, the love was with Javier Bardem and well, let's just say, even more yummy than the pasta...(more screen licking...) Also the soundtrack was amazing. The two songs by Eddie Vedder can almost make me cry.

Then, on a carb-loaded tummy, I dozed off for a nice long snooze. Then made some turkey noodle soup.

A perfect way to escape from all the shopping madness on this chilly weekend. I refuse to succumb to the pressure that has already begun to hang in the air like the scent of those cinnamon pine cones. Maybe I'll get the wreath on the door sometime this week. And I'm sure Kroger will have my gift cards when I get around to getting them.

For now, just a little more of that sweetness, doing nothing..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Living in Fast Forward.....

Fall musings....

Had a wonderful time at the Lawrence Street Gallery on Friday Night hearing JR, Michelle and Mark do their readings. They were, of course, awesome. I purchased and got autographed books, from both Mark and JR--the rock stars that they are!! I am anxiously awaiting Michelle's novel to be in my hot little hands. It promises to be a stunner! After parties included drinks with the ever darling Michelle and co-hort and partner in crime, Cal. They are very tolerant of my gushing and asking a zillion questions about their lives. Michelle and I discussed the necessity of having 'palace approval' of all unauthorized photos of us. Yes, Lady Diana had the right idea. Ya just can't trust anyone to get the shot that doesn't include double chins and such. I have officially added 'palace approval' to my words that I will probably overuse!

The Lawrence Street Gallery is tucked in tight on Woodward, but is defiantly worth a drop in. The art and mediums vary and seem to be reasonably priced. I need to go back and chat with the owner a little more about some of the pieces...

I saw Martha Stewart (on the tube) with a turkey hand cutout and a glue stick. I shuddered and quickly changed the channels. It's going to be a very short week with the festivity of food looming. God save us, I'm gonna cook. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I have much to be thankful for, everyone else can be thankful that next year will NOT be my turn....

Tonight is a 'blue moon'. When I tried to read and understand the phenom, I was more boggled than when I just used the phrase 'once in a blue mood', on occasion. I would watch tonight, but the moon is really just the regular cheesy color.

I have learned that friends Gary and Duane have adopted again, this time adding a boy, Arlo to sisters Avery and Addison. Congrats on the lovely family and I can't wait to get to San Francisco to visit! xo

Birthday wishes to my Mom this week, and her twin brother, my Uncle Jim. Sometimes her day hits on Thanksgiving which is truly appropriate. Happy Birthday Mom! Also I have an ice skating party to go to for friend, Elle. She is a doll and I have to get the appropriate Sonya Henie outfit ready to go!! Us Norwegin ice queens got to represent! Maybe a fur muff? A tutu? How about a fur Elmer Fudd hat. Oh yeah, I already have one of those..

I am considering paying my son off to to score a new television on Black Friday. There is no way in hell I'm trudging around half asleep to a big box store and dealing with that nightmare. Still workin' on that one....

So everyone enjoy your holiday and eat with abandon and if there are cameras about, be sure to get 'palace approval' on all shots!!! xo

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good Bye to You....

Coming to you as a tired, old chick tonight. Me and a few (30) friends got together this weekend for a girls night out kinda thing. We met at Weber's in Ann Arbor for dinner and then proceeded to the lounge. Our waiter, Josh, was exceedingly patient in light of the melee. My roast duck was luscious as was the wine. I hope the tip amply repaid his charming effort.

The lounge was packed and the band covered 80's tunes to a tee. I mostly watched the dance scene, but was too lazy to dance altho one dude with a jack-o'lantern smile did ask me. No judgement on the lack of dental care what with insurance is these days, just not motivated to get up on an already packed floor. Some Elvis looking guy in a suit was wandering around doing tricks such a floating a dollar bill in the air in front of him. I was warned not to make eye contact as then he won't leave the table. A woman told me that I looked hot. The 6'2' girl in the corner was a boy--or at least at one time was.
Had more than a few laughs and was happy to be in my plush room bed at 2:00 with my ipad. I tell ya, if you ever want a measure of time gone by, just embark on a night like this to completely solidify the idea. It used to be so easy. And now it's just way more effort.

Back at home, I made a giant chicken pot pie and lit the fireplace. I still have to process the weekend a little more, but this I know for sure. I am so happy that that part of my life is over. I couldn't swing it anymore and wonder how I was ever as good at it as I once was. Loved seeing the girlie's and am happy that we don't have to do it again for another year. As nine o'clock nears, I think I'll haul myself off for more sleep and ipad. C'mon, Lola it's time......xoxo

P.S. I'm excited for next friday night when I get to hook up with Mark (Walking Man), Michelle (Michelle's Spell) and JR (JR's Thumbprints) to hear their talent! Way more my speed!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Lately I have been on a Joyce Maynard kick. I got into her stuff years ago, but lately have re -discovered how much I love her writing. I was hooked after reading 'To Die For',and 'Where Love Goes'--both of which I highly recommend.

And lately I have gorged on 'Labor Day', 'The Good Daughters' and have just finished up this little literary feast with 'At Home in the World'. A perfect trifecta! I pre-ordered 'At Home in the World' as soon as it was available on my ipad and was lickin' my chops when it was 'delivered'.

So bowing out on a social obligation, skipping a couple of gym sessions, ordering pizza for dinner and letting the laundry go--I got comfortable, and dug in. This is the story that Joyce apparently had to wait for J.D. Salinger to die before she could publish. If you have read the hype, you know that Joyce had J.D. for a mentor and actually moved on to a relationship with him when she was 18 and he was 53 years old.

I once read an article in a magazine that hinted some of the details of this odd pairing, but this book definitely fills in the gaps. J.D. Salinger managed to strip this young girl of all self-esteem and sense of self. She adopted his personal habits--strange as they were--and even allowed him to foster her eating disorder. I think he wanted to keep her as young as possible to favor his borderline pedophilia. The story tells of his methodical stripping her of friends and family and favoring a very isolated lifestyle. He convinces her to trust no one and to question all motives by everyone from publishers to parents. He later berates and belittles her. And she still loved him. Pretty grim stuff. But Joyce was smart enough to evaluate the situation and figure some things out. Finally, in adulthood, she finds true love and has a family. The motivation of J.D. and his ways haunted her enough to make one last pilgrimage out east to confront him. The answers he gives her are flippant and nonchalant. She is able to have closure from both writing the book and seeing him one last time. A weaker woman would have crumbled under his machinations, but Joyce was able to step back, write, and learn from it all.

I wholly recommend this and all of Joyce Maynard's work. I am even going back to read some of her very early essays written before and while she lived with J.D.

That said, I have a question for you all. Do you do as I do and go crazy for an author and read everything in print all at one time? Or do you space things out and mix it up a little more? Let me know your preference. Have a good week--I am excited for our little fall warm up the weatherdudes have predicted. And Happy Fall Back to y'all. I love the extra hour of sleep! xoxo

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Say it Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)

Once upon a time there was Sally, a small, unassuming little white Mustang. She had a petite engine and was generally a good little girl that could be convinced to go topless on occasion. She took me by the hand and broke me in gently. Owning her was a foregone conclusion, when one night at the now defunct Soup Kitchen Saloon, Sir Mack Rice and the boys popped in, took the stage, and treated us to an impromptu, 'Mustang Sally'! Only in Detroit--bless its little, damaged heart.....

When she was tired, I hooked up with her friend Black Betty. Now this bitch was Sally's alter ego. As bad as Sally was good, she had a little more guts and was not at all afraid to go topless--brazen hussy. She took me on more than one drag race on Gratiot and also got me a number of tickets. 'Ram a lam, the dang thing, gone wild'....

Thru Black Betty (ram a lam!), I was next introduced to Ruby Dee. An even throatier broad, to be sure. This was a girl loved showing off her assets and new blingbling. Flashing her special candy apple red 'lipstick' made her hard to miss. And she didn't take no shit from no one! She only garnered me one ticket, as I am FINALLY learning the speed lesson.
But now, there is a new sheriff in town. And HE is a bad ass! Meet Denzel, my first male car. Macho, black and beautiful, just like his namesake. Think Denzel in 'American Gangster', which is precisely where Ruby first laid eyes on him. Sleek, plush, handsome and with a deep, sexy growl--there is no mistakin' him for a girl. He is clean cut--sportin' a black on black suit with an 'eight shooter' in his pants. His big, ...uh...engine has 417 horses just dyin' to get out. And out they did come when Dane was hangin' and bangin' with him the other day, enjoyin' a little male bonding. Luckily the officer was understanding when it was explained that it was actually his Mommies car and it was new and he just wasn't used to it yet. Okay son, now get that bad boy home. Slowly. Whew! No tickies on the very first day...

Okay. So, I know I am nuts--and fully own it. My love of Stangs go way back to teenage years when I could NEVER afford one. I had to admire from afar. Years later, when I COULD afford one, I couldn't afford the insurance, as my driving record has never been stellar. Again, just a dream. Finally the stars aligned and all planets came together. That, and the fact that my favorite (and only) brother sells cars for Dean Arbour Ford (think northern lights) and makes it all possible for me. Thanks bro, I'll be careful. Promise. (fingers crossed behind back) xoxo

Happy Halloween to all. May all your tricks be treats!!!! Chocolate Kisses...muwah!!! PS. if ya haven't yet done it, check out Heff's blog this week (link on my site) for a Halloween giggle. Heff is a big (hallo) weenie, for sure!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Radar Love....

My friend Gayle loves to remember the old stories from our 'heyday', as we fondly refer to our childhood. I've been threatening to share this one for awhile. So here goes, Babe, this ones for you...

My cousin Joni was the first in our group to turn 16 and get a car. She owned the hottest, most trick 1973 Barracuda that there could ever be. My Uncle Bob owned an auto body shop, so the paint and stripes were that of a genuine artist.

It was not unusual for Joni, myself, Gayle and maybe three other girls to be packed into the 'cuda' on the ride to and from school, smoking Marlboro Reds and singin' "Radar Love." It was also not unusual for us to stop at our favorite swimming hole on the way home for a quick dip.
One particularly hot June day, we decided to have a swim to cool off from the hot, steamy day. The 'cuda' was not air conditioned and we were roasting. Our special swimming spot was like something out of "The Blue Lagoon." Very hidden and private, the water in the Devils River was clear and the bottom was sandy. You had to go down a big, sandy slope to get to the water. There was even a big rope swing in which to launch ourselves.

Not bothering with bathing suits, we just stripped naked and plunged in, leaving our togs at the top of the hill. After frolicking around a bit, we started up the hill to get dressed. About half way up our two friends, Ray and Jeff--who apparently had the same idea, appeared holding our clothes. Mortification set in and screaming and running back down to the water ensued. In water up to our necks, we begged, pleaded and cajoled to get our clothes back AND that the 'little creepers' be gone when we to back to the top. The negotiations were hot and heavy. And a little teary. Ray and Jeff danced around waving our clothes like idiot matadors, daring us to come up and get 'em. Joni stood fully up so as to take one for the team, but since none of the rest of us would follow suit, that didn't work. Finally a deal was struck and they threw down our clothes. I don't remember what we bargained to this very day that saved ourselves the humiliation of showing up butt naked for dinner. But you can be assured that we knew to keep our clothes at the BOTTOM of the hill from now on.

Over the years I have retold this story a number of times and listeners always think it's a giggle. No one is the least bit sympathetic to our old plight and can't believe the freedom of it all. What can I say? We were children of the 70's, and very much comfortable with our bodies.

Zoom ahead to 2010. And now our little tale is in the blogosphere. Our future grand kids may try to find the video on Utube, but luckily enough, there were no cell phones around to capture the moment. We will do it the old fashioned way--through old memories that can always make us smile. xoxo to all of you that share your lives with me--blogosphere and otherwise. I luv ya all. xoxo

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blue Moon.....

Sometimes there is no accounting for good taste, as witnessed here at some pre wedding festivities. Buddy Mike just could not resist adding the moon to an otherwise sunny day. (Thanks Rose for the good quip!) Needless to say, a good time was had by all..

My whole family and many friends have convened on lovely Marco Island for the wedding of my gorgeous, supermodel niece, Laurel and her handsome fiance, Ben. There is a certain deliriousness and lawlessness involved in moving the party 5 states south--as witnessed poolside.

I've been spending time walking on Tigertail Beach which is approximately 6 miles long and then quenching my thirst with a local cocktail--or four. My sweet nieces are here from California and are stealing the show with all their 'cuteness'. Everyone is in high spirits to say the least.

The wedding takes place on the beach today at 5:30 and will be followed by what promises to be yet another fun party. I hear there is sushi!! How my heels are going to negotiate the sand is yet to be determined...

Congrats and best wishes to Laurel and Ben. May your life be sweet and happy and filled with the compromise and compassion that it takes to stay together for life. All my love and support, Auntie Jodi xo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Same old Song and Dance....

Inspired by dollfriend Michelle's post (Michelle Spell), I am going to try to address the difference in men and women--in my humble opinion. This ought to be good huh?

Michelle references Phillip Roth whose portrayal of women seems typical and mostly based upon our hormones. I think I read 'Portnoy's Complaint' in high school, or maybe just carried it around to impress someone, although I can't imagine who. Probably Mr. Jason, my favorite teacher whom I had a crush on (I later found out over cocktails, years later, that he was similarly enamored)! Oh, the power...

To me, I will own all of our differences and give the responsible nod to plain old hormones. Yes, we can become hysterical and illogical. Yes, we tend to go on and on over our female 'condition(s)'. Can ya blame us? Our emotional issues are simply due to the fact that we deal with a hormonal stew that keeps stirring around almost hourly sometimes. And the fact that we tend to express ourselves much more vocally than men on that, and most other subjects, makes it seem even more so.

We are genetically programmed to have specific roles at birth where we are set up to carry and nurture babies. Mentally and physically. Men, the lucky shits, can do their little part and move on to male bonding and providing food and shelter and possibly providing the seed for more babies. That part of their lives is so much less physically responsible. Even women in executive positions, who are bosses over men, still are looked at for the original role and expected to do both; whereas the duality for men is only sometimes recognized.

Men being the more (or so they say) 'visual' of the two sexes, will always see us for the beauty and child bearing attributes first. It's just nature trying to proagate and procreate the survival of the fittest. I doubt if they will ever care if we have read 'Portnoy's Complaint' upon first glance...except of course for Mr. Jason that is. Porn will always appeal to men with its imagery that sets up for sex and little else. A woman in charge of the same 'movie' would have the scene include wine, chocolate, back rubs the male 'talent' cleaning up something and WANTING to hear about our feelings--all before tucking us in for a lovely nap...But to me, that is part of the differences--based on, well, the basics.

If I sound like a setback for all women, I don't mean to. Our nature varies enough for this theory to not always be the norm. But, I do believe it explains things naturally. I love my role and wouldn't trade it. Can't help it. But as Jessica Rabbit spectacularly once said, "I'm not bad, I was just drawn that way."

Happy 10-10-10 to all my Honey's!!! xoxo

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes......

After years of talking about it, I finally did IT. No, not bungee jumping or roller derby, two of my big aspirations. I cut my hair. No, not just a slight trim or the addition of more bangs--but a real haircut. I don't prescribe to any new fashion trend or anything, actually more of an old fashion thing. Are any of you old enough to remember Joey Heatherton? Regular looking girl with a fabooo blond pixie haircut. I do not remember much of her acting, but I loved her in the Serta Perfect Sleeper ads in the 70's. Very sexy stuff for the times, "Buy a Perfect Sleeper. By Serta." I also can sing it perfectly--all throaty and breathlessly. Petula Clark andDusty Springfield are also two of my 'hair hero's' and had much the same look. However, I CANNOT sing 'Son of a Preacher Man' perfectly altho it is one of my favorite songs EVER, both Dusty's and the more modern Joan Osborne versions,--the same goes for 'Downtown'.

But I digress. Why are we women so hung up on our hair? I've heard it said that the hair loss was one of the most devastating aspect of cancer. So much of 'self' is tied up in our locks. As a hair dresser I have seen both the very brave and the very timid when it comes to hairstyles. I have mohawked, shaved bald, permed within an inch of it's life, mulletted, highlighted, bleached and anything else you can think of on willing clients. On myself tho, I tend to stay blond and medium to long length. I have flirted with short hair only a few times ever. A 'friend' recently posted on facebook a pic of me in the late 80's in all my big haired, permed glory. A sad time for women's hair for sure. How I was able to smile in the pic is beyond me. Must have been one hot camera guy....

So anyways, last week on my regular trim appointment, when Richard said, "when are we gonna cut this shit off?', I shocked him and said that now would be good. A devious smile appeared on his lips with an evil glint sparking his eyes, as he dug out his (gasp!) razor. Finally, He says. Are you nervous? No. Shut up and cut it. I did have to provide a pic because, Richard, in all his peachy youthfulness, was clueless on the 'Joey' look. No, not the dude from 'Friends', dumb ass! 28 minutes later and a 2 minute blow dry, Scissorhands spun me around for the reveal. Whoa--what a difference! Good or bad, of this I'm not sure. But I don't care, change was the goal. And all in all, family and friends have cheered the change.

The whole experience was exhausting. Lucky for me, I've got a Perfect Sleeper--by Serta.... xo

P.S. R.I.P Tony Curtis. Cool dude. A girlfriend was once rescued by Tony on the side of the road in Ft. Lauderdale, when her decrepit Mustang broke down. He was a total gentleman as he assisted her. And who could forget 'Stony Curtis'? Cool dude, indeed.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Boogie That Be....

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth....
My AT & T has been acting up so my wireless and cable has been spotty at best. The service man will be here between 8:00 and 12:00 tomorrow to check it out. I won't get into the boring particulars of the whole service call because we have all had to make those calls and it is never very pretty. I love the whole 4 hour window--as if I have nothing better to do than wait around for him to get here and then fix the damn thing. But what choice do I have? Having service go in and out is sooooooo irritating..

So, the lack of telly and computer has me reading like a crazy person. I LOVE my Ipad I never thought I would say it, but I even enjoy perusing the virtual library. I don't find it to be a big money saver, however, because I usually bought my books used. I have read the Steig Larrson trilogy and am anxious to see the movie--both the original subtitled one and the one with the darling Daniel Craig starring in it. I have read at least 3 memoirs and a number of 'beach reads'--none of which I will admit the titles to. I promise to read something with some substance soon.

I find it very convenient to be able to enlarge the font sizeto accommodate my aging eyeballs. The back lit screen makes reading in bed without an otherwise glaring light also very nice. It's like I have a new best buddy! No regrets on the Ipad and I would recommend it highly.

The combination of the weather and the extra time has me in the kitchen. Baking. Yes, altho I've barely turned on the oven this whole summer, this fall finds me whippin' up some sweet treats. Today it was Apple Crisp and Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yummy for the tummy! And the house smells delicious, too.

I will cut this thing off for now, as my AT & T may blink out at any moment. Besides, I gotta hurry and order "The Flat Abs Diet" on my Ipad!

Enjoy the crisp weather--while it lasts, cuz you know what's on the way......xo

Sunday, September 19, 2010

King of the Whole Wide World....

I took a trip around the world this week--mall style. No kidding. If you want an international experience, you need look no further.

After a particularly grueling workout with Trainer Tony, I hauled my sore body to the mall to run some errands and 'beauty up' a bit. Upon entering, I was easily convinced by a darling Chinese girl to sit down and get a 20 minute shiatsu massage. She was polite and my neck and back loosened up under her expert touch.

A little farther on, a boy from Israel talked me into a hand massage with minerals from the Dead Sea. My hands were like silk and I asked him a lot of questions just to keep him talking (and rubbing!) with that very cool accent. And yes, I sprung for the products.

On to National Coney Island where a polite man from Greece served me a delicious hani sandwich. His English was broken and charming and the sandwich was heavenly--as usual.

I then stopped by the booth to get my eyebrows threaded. Threading is an ancient beauty treatment originating in India. My regular girl, (from India), swiftly and professionally snapped my brows into perfect shape. See ya in two weeks Doll!

At Perfumania I picked up some cologne that I like. The girl behind the counter was very exotic and had a lilting accent. When I asked her, she informed me that she was from Cameroon. Africa. How cool is that?

With just one more thing to do, I headed over to get my toes 'did'. My expert girl, a darling chickie from Vietnam, made my toes look f.i.n.e.-fine. Cherry Blossom pink. I picked her brain for family history and learned that she has been here only 1 year with the goal of owning her own salon one day.

As I sported my new pedi out to my car, it dawned on me what an experience that I just had. I was treated respectfully and professionally by everyone and I enjoyed learning the new things that they had to offer. Someday I hope to do some international travel, but until then I'll just take a spin around the mall. Who knew? xo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love Calling....

This weekend found me making the pilgrimage to Ossineke to visit family and attend the shower and 'Bachelorette' party for my beautiful niece, Laurel.

The festivities began with yummy hors d' oeuvres and cocktails while Laurel answered questions pertaining to her groom while he played along via computer screen. Door prizes were liberally given out and I was thrilled to get some great goodies. My sister knows better than to force me to play 'bridesmaid bingo' for a dishcloth! Then the opening of the gifts where Laurel scored quite the loot for her new home. Very cute and staid activities as per the usual shower custom...

But then.......A bus pulled up and it was all aboard for the official 'bachelorette party'. No chances for the PoPo to pick up a drunken bridesmaid--or Auntie Jodi! Now at this point, I would like to point out that I am too 'experienced' for this kinda nonsense. Thank you blog friend Erik (Erik's Choice) for sweetly pointing out the difference between old and experienced. xo!

But when in Rome....

Laurel gamely sported a t-shirt with hard candies that invited dudes to 'suck for a buck'! She netted 96 bucks from the eager 'suckers'. Her tiara and veil were cleverly festooned with tiny penises. And a giant, 8 foot inflated penis appeared from somewhere and was anointed as the official mascot. I think you get the theme of things. Much female bonding occurred while drinking shots and toasting the bride-to-be. I escaped the whole thing with a smile and most of my pride intact.

But, oh to be a groom. Skip the shower thing and just head out for the bonding and debauchery, with out the care of matching rugs and towels. There may even be some nudity for the lucky guy, in case he never sees a naked woman again. So much easier when the groom isn't forced to wear a crown or clothing sporting female body parts. Just buddy's, beer and booze. I've heard the girly version be called very unflatteringly-- I may add, a 'hen party'. Does that make the guys party a 'cock party'? No. I think WE had that covered!! Congrats to Laurel and Ben--Oct. 17 will be here soon!

Congrats also for my Godchild Nicole and her new baby Evan. I got to hold the sweet pea when he was a scant 24 hours old. What a darling addition to our family! Kisses to Mommy and Baby.
Happy Fall to all and enjoy this lovely weather! xoxo

Friday, September 3, 2010

These are Days.....

Happy Labor Day! What a long, hot glorious summer it's been. Cheryl and I have celebrated the hell out of it..But it's over (sigh). Kiddies are back in school and the nights are gettin' chilly. And it was great fun while it lasted.
Last week I read an article encouraging us to 'start now to get done before the holidays.' Really? Like, now? Why? Micheal's is helping us by putting out the Christmas decorations. Already.

Years ago, I alleviated most of the stress by eliminating the gift buying thing. I love to shop, but hate the deadline pressure thing. I shop and buy all year round, but am more liable to give it to the person right away instead of on Christmas Day. I prefer a kind of 'treasure hunt' approach to the whole thing. So, no real stress there...

It was hinted at that we could bake our sugar cookies now and then freeze them till December. I can't even imagine missing out on the lovely smell of cinnamon and chocolate on a snowy day while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa. O.K., I've never really DONE that, but it sounds cool. I can, however, be counted on to simmer up some mulling spices. And eat Mom's cookies.

So, my big plan is to let fall unfold the way it should. I'm gonna admire the changing leaves, drink fresh cider and maybe eat a caramel apple. I adore looking at Halloween costumes and planning out what this years 'get up' may be. That's about as far as I can plan ahead. Why rush things? Live in the moment and somehow it all just 'happens'. Have a good week--it's gonna be a short one! xoxo

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Heard a Rumour......

Today I am taking a page from the lovely Michelle, (Michelle's Spell-as if ya didn't know!) and doing a little listy kinda thingy. Please bear with me tho, because Michelle is INFINITELY more interesting than I.... Give me some feedback, okay?

1) I am currently loving the Dos Equis commercial with that cool dude doing cool things. I think I want to hang out with him..

2) I do not know how to use 'Word', which will be evident in the form this post is taking on.

3) There were 3 Jodi Lynn's in my graduating class and I was friends with the other two.

4) I am a hairdresser by trade, but hate my own hair which refuses to be thick and luscious.

5) I have favorite words that are fun to say, such as luscious, Metamucil, Papadapoulous, and pumpkin pie.

6) I love slang, but usually sound ridiculous when using it. At least my son things so. I also love to swear. Too much.

7) I like to go to bed early and rise early too. I adore my 2:00 p.m. 'lay down' with Lola. It took awhile, but I now do it without guilt.

8) I am a serious crossword addict, and pretty good too--if I do say so myself!

9) I hate to houseclean but love a clean house. This I will pay good money for....

10) I wish I could capture a perfect photograph, but do not have the patience to learn how to do it.

11) I don't know how I lived before Lola. She brings the love!

12) I cannot stand an interruption in my routine, but consider myself spontaneous.

13) I could read all day, but NOT without guilt.

14) I cook rudimentarily, but do not care to improve my skill.

15) Tolerating racism, bigotry, homophobia, and chauvinistic opinions is impossible for me.

16) I come from a long line of 'know it all's'--just ask us!

17) I wish I could have had more children and I can't wait to be a 'Nonny'.

18) I wouldn't trade my life with anyone.

19) I have one tattoo and do not want another one.

20) I adore clothes but hate actually wearing them...

Riveting stuff, heh? May I suggest that all of you fellow bloggers take a moment and do this, so I can get to know you better. And thanks dollface, Michelle, for the inspiration. Kisses. xoxo

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Running on Empty.....

Hey honey, I'M HOME!!! Yes, after two weeks-nearly to the hour, we are home. It went something like this 2 marathon days of driving at the beginning of the vay cay, followed by 10 very chill and relaxing days, followed by 2 more marathon days of driving.

And as Dorothy returning to Kansas once said, "There's no place like home." If I could only figure out how to 'click' my flip flops like she did!

Given my overall aversion to fast food and roadside hotels, this is a minor miracle.

Road food has always left something to be desired. I managed to avoid a Stuckey stop, the 'Awful" House, and Shoney's. Thank the good Lord. I am happy to report that McDonald's now accommodates me with yogurt parfaits and grilled chicken salads. Subway will do in a sandwich pinch also. Lola caused quite a commotion yesterday outside of the Subway in Ocala, Florida, by screaming her fool head off when we went in for 8 minutes to get subs. Upon arriving at our vehicle, we were met with 3 police cars and a crowd of onlookers, deciding what to do about the 'cat in distress' call that was put in by a little old cat-loving lady. I explained that she wasn't that hot, just merely pissed cuz she didn't get to go into Subway and check things out. She is always totally insulted when she must wait in the car. When we were kids, we regularly got banished to the car while Mom stopped for errands and it was easier to go it alone than drag the three of us along. And not once, did anyone call the cops concerning our welfare. Luckily I did not end up in the pokey with Lola in foster care. Lesson learned...

We didn't stop at Ruby Falls, Mammoth Cave, Disney, or any of the bajillion antique markets along the way. No Georgia pecans or Florida oranges. Again, thank the stars and satellites. However, I did snag a nifty Hello Kitty key chain when we had to stop by an Auto Zone.

We were in Key West the day the idiot managed to steal the 5 pound gold block. I too, have stuck my hand thru the plexiglas at the Mel Fisher Museum, hoisted said block, but never once did it occur to me to STEAL the thing. I don't care if the thing is worth $550,000! They got him on video camera so it won't be long till he's hearing the "Bad Boys, Bad Boys" theme!

Driving over the 7 Mile Bridge in Marathon will always be a wonder for me. My very favorite tourist attraction. I never get tired of the beauty of that view.

So, will I do the drive again? Hell yes, tho this time, when driving thru Georgia, I AM stopping for a pecan roll........xo

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coastal Confessions.....

Cheers from the sunny Keys. As predicted, I am on my deck (tan lines optional!), enjoying an afternoon recovery cocktail. The ride was not too bad--I don't want to do it again soon, but not too bad. We all survived nicely--even Lola.

I remember road trips growing up. My grandparents lived in Detroit, so every so often, we would pile into the station wagon and hit the road. Efficiency was the name of the game. My Dad would announce, "if ya have to go to the bathroom, go now, cuz we are NOT stopping!" Us three kids would answer in unison, "WE KNOW!" The speed limit was 70 and we were probably going 85 in order to 'make good time'. Off we would go till we hit Standish, where we would would stop for gas and a very quick bathroom break before getting on the expressway. You can bet the clock was running. At last we were officially 'down below'. I75, now this was really something. Growing up in Ossineke, there was not a four lane, a one way, or an exit, so we were really excited for this action.
All three of us were prone to car sickness, so my Mother would make a giant bag of dry popcorn in hopes of quelling our stomach acid. Sometimes it would even work, but we didn't care--we were off to the city. We played the licence plate game, the alphabet game and slug bug, and had to avoid reading or checking a map lest the 'queasies' set in. Somehow we survived without a G.P.S. or a television playing movies or an ipod with earphones in our ears! Quelle horreur! And don't even ask the dreaded 'how much longer, and are we there yet?' questions. A mere 3 and a half hours and we were there, enveloped in Grand-parental love. My Grampa's first question would be, "didja make good time?"

Due to my Dunkin' Donuts fetish, bathroom stops are quite a frequent necessity. And if I see a store that looks interesting, we will stop. I had my first Dairy Queen since about 1994, at a truck stop along the way--and it was luscious!
I don't mind taking it a little more slowly these days. We made terrible 'time' and I'm okay with that. What's that they say about enjoying the journey as well as the destination? I can honestly say that I did.

Take the time to smell coffee and look around, maybe get a Dairy Queen. Life's too short not to enjoy every moment--if ya gotta stop, it's all right. And that's my words of wisdom on this hot, steamy Keys night. xoxo

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Burn Rubber......


After a harried week that included work snafus, truck air conditioning issues, boat registration stuff and a double surprise 40th party for friends, we are FINALLY on our way to the keys for Lobsterpallooza 2010. A week later than usual, but I'm good with it. Sorta.....

And we are doing it the hard way.

This year we are driving. Yessireee. And pulling a 17ft. Zodiac. With Lola. I'm sure American Airlines won't be too devastated to miss out on their smallest passenger, where she manages to hog all the attention away from the pilot and annoy the flight attendants.

Plan to leave after pizza tonight, 7ish or so, and drive till we drop. Where we will land I am not sure. Part of the adventure, I guess. It's 24 hours from door to door, but I will NEVER make it non-stop. To me, it's about a 3 day drive--if we are lucky.

I hate car rides and usually struggle with the 3 hour and 40 minutes it takes to get to my parents, so this oughta be good. It simply tests my patience on every level. I must admit, however, that it was nice to be able to take whatever I wanted in the line of packing--usually I do with just a carry on. Plan to leave the boat there and head home with a cooler full of lobster and fish. And Lola.

So wish us Godspeed and hopefully there will be no incidents--speeding or otherwise. I will try to be romantic and picture the Smokey's in the morning and truck stop food. Uh, okay... I will be back at you from my deck with the verrrry necessarrrry cocktail in hand--recovering. (I am too old for this shit)

Happy Birthday to dear buds, Billy and Bobby who got the party going last night, amidst the Harrison Twp. Festival of Lights. Beautiful night and ROCKIN' party! xo

Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's been a long time since I've went to a movie, at the theater, the old fashioned way--before premium cable came along and granted us access to a bajillion channels. I never rent movies because of the commitment of returning them and I'm sure they will eventually turn up on cable.
So this past week I rounded up the three little musketeers and commandeered them to Partridge Creek mall and on to the MJR Theatre. "Ramona and Beezus" was the flick choice and I couldn't wait to see one of my favorite childhood characters on the big screen. I avidly read EVERYTHING author, Beverly Cleary wrote as a kid and often gift those very books to children now. And they seem to love the stories too.

First of all, I had to hit up Timmy Ho's for a large iced coffee to keep up with the little chickies. They of course had to have some beverages too. Then in a stereotypical summer happenin', Lexi blew out her flip flop. So, we darted into Wally World, with Lex in the cart, and grabbed her up some new flops. Made it outta there otherwise unscathed. Oh wait. Some idiot put in an arcade that, of course, the girls were familiar with. A few bucks later, in quarters, I was able to tear them away and get over to the theatre.

Now, little girls physically CANNOT just walk by a Claire's store. So, in we went and spent some time tryin' on hats, snappin' compacts, and admiring all the makeup possibilities. But, thankfully we really DID need to get going, so the time factor probably saved me fifty bucks or so.

Upon entering MJR I forked over $27.50 for my adult and 3 children's tickets. For a matinee. Okay then. Next we posed for the pic taken by cute usher guy before ripping our tickets in half. Refreshments come next. Now this took some serious time and debate. Three slushies for sure and an H20 for me. We settled on a large popcorn with free refills, some hot pretzel bites with fake plastic cheese product to dip them in, a bag of some time of colored sugar candies, and yet another bag of different shaped colored sugar candies. This loot would all be ours for the low everyday price of $29.00. You've got to be kidding me. Don't anybody drop ANYTHING!!

Once seated, we all happily munched thru 20 minutes of previews in a stadium style, recliner seat. Most definitely an improvement. The movie was cute and kept us all entertained for the next hour and a half. They did Beverly Cleary proud.

Finally all bloated and sugar buzzed, we stepped out the the bright light of day and walked to the car. But not before passing Bar Louis, were the little money eaters asked, "Can we go there? Bar Louis has the BEST chicken tenders ever!" No kiddies, not today. Aunt Jodi has sticker shock and simply must go home and have a little lay down. And maybe a wee adult beverage to aid in said shock recovery. Till the next time, little ladies, thanks for the fun day.. xoxo to Layne, Lexi, and Elle, my little partners in crime......

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hola mis amigos! In honor of National Tequila Day, witness myself and Cheryl enjoying blue Margaritas, made with delicious 1800. The other pic is my siesta on the beach....
So now we need a National day to honor tequila? Huh? What's up with that? Can we expect a day to honor every kind of booze, beer and wine available? How about grass, Valium and L.S.D.? Who deigned this great day? Certainly not Hallmark! I'd guess some tequila sellin' company, but as to which one or how they got the national nod--I haven't a clue.

But this I do know for sure. Tequila is evil. It is the devils brew and I have been tempted--and succumbed to-it's evils on more than one occasion. I remember as an eighteen year old legal drinker, ordering Tequila Sunrises and thinking they were the most sophisticated cocktail ever! By the time the orange juice gave you a good case of heartburn it was usually too late and the inevitable colorful 'rerun' was next. It would have helped to have eaten beforehand, but that never seemed a real priority. Us chickies preferred to sup AFTER cocktails so the groovy outfits fit optimally and maybe we could get some sucker to spring for a late meal. Not always the best laid plans, but hey, we lived and learned.

I have to say that tequila is a swill that is definitely worth spending the extra dough on. I have moved up from Jose Cuervo and Sauza to the much smoother 1800 and the luscious Patron. I love the coffee Patron on the rocks. Cheryl can tell you of a rather unfortunate incident 2 years ago where I proved that blue margaritas made with cheap tequila was a HUGE lapse in judgement. I literally risked life and limb and almost fell off the boat. Not to mention an overall 'lapse' of time. What a waste of 24 hours, as I now suffer the hangovers from hell. Get it? Devils swill directly associated with hell? NOT a coincidence...

So as I read up on the history of tequila it struck me that I really do not care. Who originally created it, where it came from, and the blah blah blah of it all. The lesson I learned, I learned the hard way. Trial and many errors. And in the future--just the good stuff, thank you very much!! P.S. for a good giggle, utub Pee Wee Hermans 'Tequila Dance'. It was funny then and it's funny now!

Monday, July 19, 2010

This is How we do it.....

What a week, beginning with a surprising birthday post from the ever gorgeous Michelle! (Michelle's Spell) and ending with many wishes from family, friends, blogfriends, facebook friends and even Lola! Thank you to all. xo Makes an old chick feel downright special!!

Among the birthday loot I received, an Ipad and an easel, (thank you, Randy), are my favorite things! To quote Ellen DeGeneres, " I love my iphone, my ipad, and my ipod. I even like IHOP!" Me too! Can't wait to download books and read them on a large screen that is lighted with large letter options. Also the light on it will be so convenient for reading in bed. And when travelling, I don't have to haul books along or purchase them upon arriving. You know me--I judge the value of a vaycay on how many books I was able to read...So, yippee on the I pad! The easel, ah, the easel. I have always painted my canvasses on a flat surface, but lately find when I stand the pic up, that something is off in the proportions. The easel should be able to help with that, once I adjust to the inevitable learning curve. We shall see....

How about the news this week? The cap on the oil gusher is working! So far, so good. Let's hope that the collateral damage is something we can live with. No, pray. Praying would be better. And they finally caught the 'Barefoot Bandit'. I mean, really. A nineteen year old, barefoot dude that is a known petty thief. Until he steals 5 AIRPLANES!!! C'mon. And then takes his gig internationally. Passports, crossing state and country borders, renting a hotel, and committing crimes of pie stealing. And he is just NOW getting caught. Makes us look like idiots, for sure. The made for t.v. movie is gonna be a good one and he already has the perfect stage name.
"King" Le Bron will not be gracing our Detroit Pistons with his honor. He has settled his royal self with the Miami Heat and will be bringin' the heat for real. Managed to get Jesse Jackson's boxers in a knot with the slavery comparisons. I can't even go into the ludicrousness of that whole thing. Detroit is my #1 Team but since I am a part time Floridian, the Heat is my #2nd loyalty--as long as they don't beat our home boys!!

Whoops, he did it again! Our poor, hapless Kwame. Gettin' in trouble even while in the pokey. Now, his wifey comes to visit, and a embrace and a kiss is allowed. Sounds reasonable to me. Until the dumbass simply MUST grab her breast. Really? Ya, just had to do it, didn't ya? Couldn't resist, apparently. What was he hopin' for, a full conjugal right there in plain sight? What a goofball...

Strains my old pea brain, I tells ja..Shout out to my darling friend Kara, who underwent an emergency appendectomy this week. She is recovering and will be back to pimpin' diamonds at Atlas Jewelry soon. Kiss and gentle hug, to you, Diamond Girl!

Have a great week and pray to the Lord above that the humidity finally goes down. Enjoy life--a 'cold one' will help.. xoxo

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Other Side of Summer....

In speaking with my Dad this past week, he posed this question. Why aren't you writing more? Ya gettin' lazy, or what?
So yes, hell yes, I had to admit. This weather has me lazier than a cut dog. (That's up north speak for a neutered or spayed dog and the ambitions it lacks!) Not sure if lazy is the appropriate word, because on a much lower level, I AM doing something. I have read many books lately and even got a little paint on the canvas. I have napped every afternoon for looonnnng, lazy hours while still sleeping in a little later in the morning. Dinners are usually something cold or simple or better yet, off of a menu.

But writing? Not so much. I sort of vowed when I started this blog thing, that I would not make it a journal of my weekly, regular happenings. My daily minutiae bores meto tears, much less any hapless reader! I would try to tell stories or at least address something relevant. Or maybe even venture into a little non-fiction, as witnesses in my ONE stab at it in the blog titled "Two Egg Day", posted under "Baby, it's Cold Outside". And for some reason, I hate to write of someone that is still living. I keep notes when something seems 'blog worthy' to me, but lately I have really been uninspired. I still love to read all my blog friends posts and comment on them, too. But I have been very dreamy and mushy headed myself, with barely a clear thought. Even more than usual! (which I own) I seem to start and then lose my train of thought entirely. And as much as local politics make for a wild ass story as does the tragic oil debacle threatening my precious Keys, I just am still too uninformed to comment.

I can only blame the heat. You know your getting old (which I own) when you dwell on the weather. But it IS so relevant! I used to totally revel in the summer temps--and still do on the more temperate days, but more and more am finding it draining, both mentally and physically. We've all heard of the 'dog days' of summer and I suppose that this is what it is describing. I have cut my gym time in half as the place is like a rain forest--just with a funkier smell. Although the regular 'snakes' don't seem to mind. All the better glisten for the biceps and such! And some of that funk is ME! Even my L'vanilla and Secret gel can't live up to the task! An abbreviated, small effort on the weights and a little treadmill time, and I am SO outta there. Drop the top on Ruby Dee and hope to not offend the traffic in the area!

Again, the dog thing. Lazy and smelly and just a little more jiggly. NOT a pretty picture. Paired with the discovery of Krunchers Kosher Dill Potato Chips and Ultra Pomegranate and Raspberry beer and it is NOT a pretty picture. Even my position of utmost importance, (1 day a week in our warehouse) is on hold, because it has been like a blast furnace in there. I hope the company can still turn a profit without me sweeping in and handling the lunch details and such!

So, here is a couple of pics sure to cool you down. Can you really stand another pic on a boat with a cocktail? (Weellll, that's not REALLY over!) The downtown Mt. Clemens ice carvings are very cool and buddy Chance, is totally chillin'....Let me know what y'all are doin' to stay inspired these steamy days....xoxo Well, maybe just kisses--it's too hot to hug.... xxxxxx

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thank U.....

Pictured here is my darling goddaughter, Layne, and I enjoying a perfect July 4Th holiday weekend on beautiful lake St. Clair.

Red hot sun,

White wine on ice,
Blue sky and water.

Now that's the perfect color scheme for me. Corny, I know but Michelle (Michelle's Spell) and Erik, (Erik's Choice) already said all the good stuff!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with the freedom to do what makes you happy. xoxo

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party Crowd....

After a crazy fun weekend with friends at the beach house, I am FRIED! The farmers market/art booths, Bloody Mary's, the Caseville 'Ribstock' party, along with too many cocktails and too much food to own up to, I am totally beat down. I must mention tho, the 10 ounce filets that we were treated to by friend Bob, who has a meat market in Eastern Market. One of these bad boys, were enough for 4 of us girls! Melted like budda, I tells ya!

For your viewing pleasure, I am posting a pic from a recent get together. Note what can go on when Michelle and I decide to pose with a pic of the irresistible Mark. Kinda a 'Walking Man' sandwhich!!! It's obvious that a good time was had by one and all. Can't wait to do it again. xo

Too many parties, too little time. This girl has got to sleep. See ya all, soon... xoxo

Sunday, June 20, 2010

California Gurls....

Me and Elle bein' fine, fresh and fierce--even for Michigan girls! These are the days we wait all winter for. Playing hooky in lake St. Clair on a Friday afternoon is a fabulous way to end the week and start the weekend. The 'dog' days of summer are upon us. Huge whoo hoo! Today is the longest day of the summer and also Father's Day.
For me, this means lemonade (with vodka), hot dogs in natural casings, cooked over the bonfire till they split. This delicacy is followed up with s'mores cooked similarly.
I tend to get up earlier and stay up later. I read looooong books quickly. I paint pictures and wear less makeup. Fresh fruits and vegetables are purchased from the local farmers market. Some dinners I serve are totally cold, and at restaurants we can sit outside. I get to dress in very little clothing or long, flowy dresses. (Think Mrs. Roper!) I am usually barefoot. I enjoy beer and potato chips, mostly without guilt. I nap with no guilt whatsoever. I bottle feed baby calves and watch for new fawns. I enjoy the vibrancy of color of my lipstick roses, as well as the heavenly scent. Lying on a blanket in the warm sand on a clear night, I can proudly spot some constellations, as well as a planet or two and shooting stars. Northern lights are a spectacular vision. I can open the window and sleep like a log. I watch the bunnies chew on the lily's in my backyard while laughing at Mickey in his wading pool. (Okay-sometimes I join him!)
I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I love summer. LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it.
Hope you enjoyed this long, gorgeous, picture perfect day. And happy Father's Day, Dad. Hope you enjoyed your day. See you soon. xoxo

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tiptoe thru the Tulips....

Something I've always wanted to do is take tap dancing lessons. As a child, I took years of ballet lessons from an elderly french lady who only spoke to us in french. Consequently, I learned very useful french phrases such as, 'point your toes', 'listen to the music', 'spit out your gum' and 'pay attention, please'! I have not yet made it to France to show off my language skills.

Anyhoo, now they call it a 'bucket list', and I am able to cross one thing off. Tap lessons with a full recital. Check. It was a fun thing to try and it made the winter fly by. I met some really cool ladies who had a similar goal as mine. I didn't bother to tell my instructor about my Gregory Hines dancing fantasy. I didn't need to see another misunderstanding eye roll!

So, on Friday night, along with darling little lambs, chickens, dalmatians, horsies, etc., 8 women of a certain age, dolled up and took the stage. We were able to dress as flappers and don what can only be described as 'Tammy Faye' makeup. (The children sport the make up look of the tragic JonBenet Ramsey style.) We made it thru the dance and shook our old asses for all the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts audience to see. Rose and I did our best parade wave to our adoring fans!

If you haven't crossed anything off of your list lately, I highly recommend it. It truly feels like you have conquered something. Next off, I think I want to try a Brazilian martial arts class. Wonder if I can wear sequins, glitter and Tammy Faye makeup? Hi-yah!

Y'all have a great week and work on that 'list'! xoxo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to You....

27 years ago today, with the all of the usual hype and fan fair, I gave birth to my one and only child-Dane. I know!!! You are thinking, "no way could Jodi EVER have a son that old!" Tee hee. Well, we do things at a very young age up north! I will not bore you with all the gory details, just suffice it to say that after 24 hours of 'au natural' labor in a very cool "birthing chair" the awaited scream was heard for all the world announcing his entry into the world. It was the happiest day of my life.

Pictured here are Dane and his beloved mutt, Mickey at Ossineke Beach, a place of many fond memories.
My life would certainly never be the same without the crazy parental experience. And as a single parent, I could never have done it without the support of my family. Thanks to you all, especially Mom and Dad.
So now I am enjoying a friendship and kinship with my Son. We love many of the same books and food. He is FAR more political and news savvy than I, tho. But I am learning thru his patient (sometimes) tutelage. We cheer on our Tigers and view indy movies together. He is also an animal lover and talented musician and writer. Compassionate, smart, informed, and talented--I am proud to say that he is my Son.
Happy Birthday, to you Dane. May all your dreams come true. Love, your Mom xoxo

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rock On......

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside...

For your viewing pleasure, I respectfully submit the following in all it's detailed gloriousness. Wah La! The famous roadside attraction in the thumb of our great state. Heff, this treasure belongs on YOUR blog! Ossineke (my hometown) has it's giant Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox carving that pays tribute to the lumberjacks that help found said burg. And when I go to Florida there is a huge lobster sculpture on highway 1 reminding us of the local culinary delight. And here it is in all it's notoriety, the infamous 'penis rock'! (there are other names you can probably guess, but as usual-I will try to remain a lady!) Recently the rock was pushed over on it's side spurning a whole new batch of names. But it's back up in it's rightful position, just in time for the holiday weekend!

This hard as a rock-oh wait- it IS a rock, is surely a local curiosity. Sand blasted in it's owners image--allegedly! I have driven by many times to witness people (in various positions) out for a photo op. Trust me, there have been some very creative photos taken with the thing. There is even a little plaque that suggests you email your memory so that the owner can share the delight! It reads something like this, "from your photos with this erection, please send copies for our collection." So, I finally got my 'wish you were here moment' on Friday.

It's the stuff urban or in this case, suburban legends are made of. Locally it is believed that Ron Jeremy purchased a cottage and, ahem, 'erected' this little driveway marker in his own image. Shame on you Hedgehog, flyin' your personal freak flag! How dull am I with an old English 'D' marking the driveway? Oops, guess I just forgot about the option of casting a body part in stone for all the world to see! But I digress. Ron has been sighted tooling around in a block long, ancient, baby yellow caddie. The local hardware claims to have sold him stuff for his pad. What? Screws, nuts, studs? Did I mention the word ALLEGEDLY? I however, have not yet had the pleasure--thank God! I hate to believe the rumors because the last time I did, I ran my biscuit off trying to see Tom Selleck. Yes, it was believed that he, too purchased a cottage and did his daily workout on M25. Imagine my disappointment when I met Tom Celiak at the bar smokin' a ciggie and swilling a frosty mug o' Bud!

So this summer if you are planning a little Michigan staycation, be sure to stop by for a viewing and photo. Beats the hell out of the 'Giant Ball of Twine' or 'The Corn Palace'!

Happy Memorial Day, Darlings. Enjoy this fabulous and important holiday.... xoxo

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Witnessed an unusual sight last night whilst out with my posse at the local watering hole. A handsome, confident young man sporting a beer advertising shirt while swilling the same beverage. He knew all the dirty words to the songs playing and worked out a mean 'dirty dog' with anyone similarly inclined. He fist pumped--hell ya, with his buds and did numerous shots of some vile looking green swill. So what, you ask, was so unusual? Seems just like any other Saturday night. Are you ready for this? He sported a fanny pack. Yep, the little bag that straps on at the waist and is worn with the pouch in front and not on the fanny as the name implies.

Hmmmm, I wondered as I watched him frolic with his homefries. What's up with that? Did I miss the memo that these things were being worn again? So, later when he sidled up to me and said, "hey, Mama", I seized the moment and said, "well hi there, fanny pack guy." "Ya got a pizza in there or are ya just happy to see me?" NOT! Well, that last part. That lame line would have disgraced Mae West while leaving the young hottie puzzled. He answered me with, "Oh this?" Yea, I got a lighter in here and some cherry chap stick if ya need some--I love this thing!" Well, okay then, guess that's that...Now move along...

Got me thinking how ludicrous is it that we pay so much money for designer and designer knockoff purses only to throw them on dirty car and bar floors when the fanny pack is cheaper and much more handy. Stays clean and we never forget it in shopping carts and the like. And considerably cheaper, unless you just have to sport a designer or a designer knock off of one of those as well. (HELLO ladies, Louis Vuitton has been dead for like a hundred years or so!)

I remember wearing one to Cedar Point once and to an Art Fair where I wanted to shop hands free. Now you only see them on seniors mall walking and at the flea markets in Florida. Another good idea gone wrong.

Unless you are a confident, handsome guy that just needs a place for his flame and lip jam! You go honeybun, cuz you rocked that look and may single handedly bring it back for all of us!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden......

Happy rainy Monday! I am decompressing and paying attention to my couch after spending the weekend downtown at the Hoedown and Flower Day. My girl, Kristen and I dragged her two little darlings down to Eastern Market on Saturday for face painting, elephant ear eating and general people watching. Flower Day brings out it's share of gardeners and weekend yard crashers, but the real show is the opportunistic folks out to get their hands on some visiting cash. I love the guys who try to 'sell' public parking spots as their own! I encountered many hungry individuals that were only interested in money and not the actual food to fill them. Oh well, it's their lives to spend that little cash however they wish. Donating to the street musicians never bothers me, as they are entertaining and talented. But I never become immune to anyone who is truly needy. How do you draw the line? I can't donate to everyone--even tho I would like to. The homeless dogs break my heart, too. Again, can't adopt 'em all. The two we house now has to be enough. Sigh...

Then just for giggles, we headed over to Hart Plaza for the hoedown. First timers we were, but virgins no more! Fortified by Bloody Mary's from Vivio's, (delicious!) we made the harried but thankfully short drive. It is there that the true 'people watching' gets good! I have always loved old country music, and some of the new stuff is catching on with me. But why--for the love of God--is the hoe down an excuse for tacky, inexcusable behaviour and dress. Old country was sparkling and sometimes over the top, but it was always relevant and respectful. But that was then and this is most defiantly now. Not to qualify, but if I saw one Dale Earnhardt rebel flag, tattoo'ed beer belly--I saw a hundred! The gorgeous weather allowed these dudes to be shirtless, which always adds to the viewing. Also taking advantage were the chickies in SHORT shorts and tiny, belly exposing tank tops. How do you even sport such rolls at such a young age? Oh, that would be the beer and the luscious fat laded snacks that were being pimped as food options. Gotta love some good nachos with 'gas station cheese'! Not judging here, but you just wouldn't believe it. And why would your bring your infant baby or large, threatening dog along? Huh? Beats the hell outt me!
On the bright side, what I heard of the music was good. Parking was convenient and reasonable. Managed to squeeze Ruby Dee in and amongst all the giant monster four wheel trucks. All in all it was a pretty placid, happy mob. No hard liqueur was sold, which probably helped out with that cause. Finished the day up with a Lysol bubble bath and a wire brush. Public places are very hard for a germaphobe.
Even a redneck one like me! It takes one to know one! So, all is well. Can I get a yee haw up in here?
P.S.-Congrats are in order for my darling friend, Stacey who has just announced her engagement. The last time we had cocktails, She was tellingly, deliriously happy. Kisses and hugs for You, Girl! And for the rest of you? The same, of course! xoxoxo

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ain't no Party like a Detroit Party....

Cuz a Dee-troit party don't stop!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all. On this day we remember and honor our Mothers--here and in heaven for the colossal job of being a mother. The unconditional love, total selflessness and dedication is a very hard thing to understand but oh so beautiful for those of us lucky enough to know it.

Rest in peace my dear cousin, and friend, Joyce who passed away this week. She was 50. We grew up 3 houses apart and were great friends. Joyce was an excellent athlete and was not alarmed when, at 22 or so, seemed to have alot of muscular aches. When you competed as hard as she did, this was not so unusual. Soon after, a diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis left us all shocked and began her 27 year battle with this horrific disease. She fought well and hard-- her attitude and physical condition helping her with the fight. It was one of those situations that just didn't seem fair. The lessons she taught us in courage and hope will never be forgotten. I like to think that she has joined up with her mother and brother, in a pain free and happy place. I hope in heaven the basketball court, running track, golf course and tennis courts are in good shape, as Joyce will surely be up to her old tricks. Have fun, Babe. We will miss you.
Also, I have to give a nod to Ernie Harwell, Tiger's broadcaster and human extraordinaire. Some of my fondest memories are of my Dad grilling up something while us kids ran thru the sprinkler and listened to Ernie announce the Tigers game. He was a class act that lifted Detroit up with his style and grace. He lived it right and lived it well and for this he, too, will be missed.

And sadly our Detroit Red Wings lost on Saturday and are now out of cup contention. I was lucky enough to attend Thursdays game and witnessed Johan Franzen get his hat trick. They had already shoveled about 5 octopi off of the ice when the hats rained down and the crowd came undone. I threatened to throw my brassiere on the ice if he scored again, but remained a lady when, he in fact did. I must finally be growing up. Not sure if I like it, tho. Any hoo, it was an entertaining season and I saw again why they say that Detroit fans are the BEST. See you next year boys. Golf well!

Can I just say that the SNOW on Saturday was a shock? C'mon now. I was so hoping to go for a walk on the beach and not freeze my cookies off doing it. Maybe next weekend.
Hope y'all are having a good one. Life goes on. xoxo

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smoke on the Water..

My first ever cigarette was at my Aunt and Uncles house on Newport Street--fittingly enough. My cousins and I were roughly 1o when we pilfered 2 ciggies to try. They were menthol and unfiltered and we hacked our lungs out and were mildly nauseated. So much for that first effort where the true fun was in the sneak job.

Fast forward 6 years, on my birthday, where Led Zeppelin was singing, "Smoke on the Water". All my girlfriends insisted that with the freedom to drive,(I had a car) came the freedom to smoke. All my friends smoked and so I purchased a pack of Marlborough's and got the lesson that initiated me into being a 'smoker'! I was never really a big smoker and used the cigs mostly for effect. Also being a gymnast and a wanna-be runner, my lungs would hurt like hell if I smoked too much. Coughing up blood was most definitely NOT glamorous!

At eighteen I could legally go into bars and drink, and the smoking went along perfectly. I graduated to the extra long smokes and featured myself very glamorous with my lime flavored Tom Collins and cigarette in my hand sporting a white, denim jumpsuit and cork heeled wedgies and a wicked Farrah Fawcett blow dry. Tres chic! This posing went on for about a year till I had had it with the coughing, mess, smell, etc. On New Years Eve, I took up a bet to quit and did. Wasn't that hard and I just HAD to win the bet.

So now there's a law in place banning smoking in public places and away from food by 100 feet. I love not being forced to breath secondhand while I am out eating and such, but I think it was and is dumb to not allow smoking patios. Bars and restaurants are effected enough as it is and this will surely make a difference. In Florida the smoking patios seem to work out as the best compromise for everyone and it would have been nice to try it that way.

There will be many letters to the editors one way or the other on the subject, so this will probably get very interesting. I'm not sure if the government took away a right or just gave me a new one. Either way, it's out of my hands and we'll just have to see how it shakes out. Let me know your take on it...Go Wings! I have tickets for Thursdays game, whoo hoo! P.S. I have the great honor of celebrating with the darling Michelle, (Michelle's Spell) on her birthday tomorrow. There may even be an appearance by Mark (the Walking Man)! Cannot wait!! xoxo

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Fine Day....

I was a pre-teen (now they coin it 'tween') on the very first Earth Day. We studied it in our sixth grade class and a vote was taken to determine the best things we could do to be personally involved. So, the date and time was set for 60 kids and two teachers to try and make a difference.

On a unseasonably sunny spring day--by the grace of God, it wasn't snowing, this IS northern Michigan we are talking about-- we walked to our destination. Hiring a bus would be totally counterproductive to our efforts. Sporting my best hot pants, (now coined 'Daisy Dukes or booty shorts'), Snoopy t-shirt and Jack Purcell's, (anyone else remember those?) and armed with a bag and a stick with a nail on the end of it, we proceeded to clean up the sides of US23 for a mile, on both sides. It was an unbelievable mess. We then planted flowers in the town hall yard. I know we planted trees, but I do not remember where. We were later treated to a cone at the Dairy Dome--which was a locally owned knock off of the Dairy Queen, but just as yummy. It was fun to be virtuous and sanctimonious as we patted ourselves on the back for helping to save our Earth.
I enjoyed the day off from studies, being outside and getting to wear a totally cute outfit. (Bonus!) I made some effort on later Earth Days, but it was never the same as that first, idealistic, innocent one. We were so sure we could change the world.

At the same time, our local factories that kept our town alive was spewing junk in the air steadily as the paychecks it was handing out. Littering was a ticket able offense, but I've not once heard or or have seen it being enforced. Whole fields were being cleared for those subdivisions where there is not a single living green thing when completed. At one point, we stopped getting money for our cans and bottles and mostly just threw them away. They still do that in Florida!

So now that we have total and breathless media saturation on the subject, I'm not sure what is different . Being a natural cheapskate, I always return my cans and bottles, and hate to waste ANYTHING! I used cloth diapers and breastfed--best for child and cheap to boot! I do drive a gas hog now, but I drove small, economy cars for years--mostly due to my own personal economic situation--re: broke as a joke! I love resale and buying those hunk a junks and turning them into something special. But that's as much of a hobby as a recycle. I always buy my books used and return them for reuse. Again, cheap being the motive as much as saving trees. However, I do confess to a love affair with paper towels--Brawny Pic a Size, to be exact. I reuse as much as possible with things like plastic bags and leftovers, but other than that, I had actually forgot about the actual 'Earth Day', that I now understand is 'Earth Week'.
My friend Kristen and her family cleaned up a large area of litter and for that I am proud. (Urban legend has it that another clean up effort on 94 and 7 mile yielded treasures like bags of dope and a large roll of money--but that is a totally different blog!) Her daughters were refreshingly eager in their efforts. Good job, ladies! Guess I need to take a cue, get off my ass, and do SOMETHING. Any suggestions on how a spoiled, kinda lazy person as myself, can make a real difference? Let me know, okay? P.S. Go Wings--it ain't over till Karen Neumann sings! xo
P.P.S.S. Sorry everyone for being so long winded. Sometimes I am full of hot air! xoxo

Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Feel Like We Do?...(live version, of course!)

Recently I filled out my fourth application for jury duty. What the hey? I have already been chosen as a juror three times and I think I have done my duty. I know people who have never even served one time. Of course, I am always worried that said duty will interfere with a vacation or a possibility of messing up a nice Friday afternoon getting ready to head up to the beach house..

The first time, when I lived up north, I was very excited to be a part of the process and actually looked forward to it. My employer paid my wages for the time and I didn't have to count it as vacation or sick days. I sat thru days of the choosing process only to discover that the person on trial was a close, personal friend. I was promptly excused even though my friend had hoped I could get him off the drunk driving offense. Your on your own dude--I am so outta here! I collected my $14.00 from the court for two days 'work' and was on my way.

The second time I was called to serve, was also in Alpena, and the case was much more involved. This time I was chosen for the whole enchilada. I think the dude was definitely guilty, but he had a much better lawyer and got off quite lightly. That or the fact that the judge snored thru most of the arguments. I was doing hair at the time, on a commission only basis, so I lost wages for three whole days and the paltry $21.00 was an insult.

The next time I was called I had a vacation scheduled and the judge took pity on me and excused me. Whoo Hoo! Start the party early!

Under Judge Maceroni, (who I LOVED) I was chosen and heard a very interesting case involving a Detroit crack whore, her pimp, and the dude they rolled and stole the car from. It was crazy and very revealing. Apparently that poor, brazen, girl was so beat down that nothing could embarrass her. She told ALL. Anywhoo, the Judge took pity on us and after 5 days, insisted that we wrap this thing up. The payment had went up to $12.00 a day, so being unemployed, I took my check and ran. Hardly late for cocktail hour, thank you very much!

So now I read about the juror that was intoxicated and released from her duties. I've heard many excuses to get out of duty, but this one, by far, was the most effective. And newsworthy. While I still don't understand how I keep getting picked, (my son thinks my social liberalness visibly oozes from my pores!), I think I'll just serve away and save the cocktailia for after the gavel bangs...Enjoy our beautiful weather--it's only gonna get better! xo