Monday, June 29, 2015


What a week this has been!  We can finally celebrate the Supreme Court passing the ruling for gay marriage to be allowed in the United States.  What a monumental step for us all.  I hope this ruling brings much happiness and justification to all couples that this affects.  Also, may it bring us all closer to universal love, compassion and understanding.   This double rainbow on Saturday night was perfection in all it's beauty and symbolism!
On Monday morning,  I saw a young adult male, walking down Gratiot in full clown makeup.  Yep, regular clothing, but a face full of clown white, complete with a red nose.  He looked happy enough sauntering by with his backpack on.  Maybe he was one of those crazy Insane Posse Clown groupies, but it was 8:45 on a Monday, so I can't imagine there was a concert anytime soon.  So, okay...whatever makes ya feel like a rock star.
And how about that 500 pound pig rescued from a home in Detroit?  Poor little (?) porker was living in deplorable conditions.  I can only guess what nefarious reasons there was behind keeping, and abusing that porcine pet.  I have since learned that the 'lil porkocono has been relocated and renamed and is now free to live his life out in a normal way.  I will never understand how anyone could mistreat an animal in that way and I am sure that somewhere in the 8th. circle of hell, a special place is waiting for that idiot.
And lastly, this afternoon at Target after giving a young man five bucks for the bus, (yeah, sure...) I found two ones and a ten spot blowing across the parking lot.  BO NUSSS!!
That's about it for my random world.  Everyone have a safe and Happy July 04!!  xo

Monday, June 22, 2015

Song of the South...

Last week this northern girl got schooled in the 'southern way' by 9 southern belles.  

Class was held last week at a beach house in North Carolina.  The first lesson I learned was that the  legendary southern hospitality is no joke!  The Belle's made me feel completely at home.  They seem to effortlessly consider each others needs.  From getting each other coffee and cocktails, to patiently listening to each others personal issues-they were sweetly and fully engaged. 

The next thing I observed-but cannot subscribe to- is packing at least 3 times the luggage needed.  Me and my carry on were grossly underdone.  All outfits must have the matching jewelry, shoes, and purse!  A fresh bathing suit is necessary for each day and the coverup, jewelry, sandals, towels and beach bag must resemble a Vogue fashion shoot.  And, 100 degree weather still calls for a full face of make up.  I may have flunked that class.

Anything derogatory is softened by the proverbial, 'bless her little heart.'  For example, you may have to comment about someone's mismatched outfit.  It would go something like this, "She just must not realize that that outfit just doesn't do a thing for her-Bless her little heart."  So much nicer than me saying 'what the eff is she thinking'!  The same goes for rude waiters, slow bartenders and crude men.  You simply smile and talk about it later at home on the porch.  Or not....

And you will rarely hear a Belle curse.  Anyone who has known me for a minute, knows that I love to swear and certain words can usefully be uttered as a noun or a verb.  It's not attractive, I know-but it's who I am.  Extremely unladylike and most certainly unBelle-like.

Porches are a big part of the Belle life.  These chickies will literally sit on the porch all day.  It is the hub of all activity.  Cocktails, snacks and chatting all happen on the porch-even when it's hotter than the eighth circle of hell.  Get gorgeous, get a cocktail and get out there-ah do declare!!

So what do I take away with a week of "Belle School"?  I have learned to slow down a little,  speak a little sweeter, pay attention to detail, and relax on the porch.

And what did the Belle's learn from me?  Just to accept my rough, gritty self as an honorary Belle.  Thank you Rose, Laurie, Mary, Mischka and the rest of the girls for an amazing week.  Class dismissed!

It was amazin' and and ah loved it-bless your little hearts!  (I'll try to forgive that sweet tea and cheese grits thing!)   Southern Sisters Forever!!! xoxo

Also, congrats and welcome baby Mila to friends Kelly and Brian.  Can't wait to get my hands on that little darling! xo


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fire under my Feet...

The "J" can be spotted in the Outer Banks this week where she will be enjoying a vacation on the beach with some gal pals.  She will be back next week with all the glittery, glamourus, details.  xoxo

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mr. President...

Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to the one and only Marilyn Monroe-who would have been 89 years old today.  I have a picture of her with the quote, "I don't want to make money, I just want to be glamorous."  I love that.  I also have a black and white pic of one of her most iconic poses.  I have read probably 3 biographies on Marilyn and have investigated the conspiracy theories regarding her death.  ( I do believe it was accidental.)  She was an outwardly beautiful, warm, intelligent and bawdy broad-as her good friend Frankie S. used to say.  I wonder how her life would have panned out had she lived.  R.I.P. Marilyn.

Also, good news!  My dollfriend, Michelle is back!  Yes, after a long absence from the blogosphere, her Michelle's Spell is active.  As one of the original supporters of the j spot, as well as a good friend of mine, I am happy to see her return.  Check out her blog for some always amusing adventures of her and Baby Grouchie.

Have a good week and please keep me in your thoughts as I close out the hardest year of my life.  Love to you all. xoxo