Monday, September 24, 2012

You Give Love a Bad Name....

Good Grief! What's this world coming to when Nordstrom's is pimping t shirts with whitetail deer on them?  The tines on the deer represent the approximate number of holes currently in my abdomen following my recent laproscopic surgery.  Yes, I was a surgery virgin until last Friday altho Mark, (The Walking Man), expert on all thing surgical and beyond, did his best to coach me thru it.  His tips regarding my impending nudity while freezing half to death while 8 people in masks view my 'regions' was very helpful.  My hiatal hernia experience came off without a hitch and I am home happily recovering, not too much worse for the wear.  My Mom is here nursing me along my recovery.  She's fabulously handy at cleaning, making casseroles and even cutting back my irises.  I think I'll stay uncomfortable for just a little while longer than necessary just to keep her here.  And to watch 'Dancing with the Stars' with me.  We both have that guilty (not really so guilty) pleasure and love to critique expertly (of course), while admiring all the hot euro trash in tight pants! Yes,please..
On a much different note, I want to give a jspot kiss and hug to friends Ben (sometimes commenter, BenJammin') and Dave, who's sons are both deer hunting in Youth Season.  And both of the boys are named Zach!  Ben's son, age 9 has already bagged his buck and the other Zach will probably get his very soon.  But the big nod really goes to the Dad's for the lessons they have taught their son's.  Firstly, the support it takes while the boys got their licence to hunt, and then hours while the shot is perfected.  Next comes time waiting in the blind teaching patience, dedication, and perseverence.  And lastly, the respect of mother nature all while bonding over some Father/Son time.  What a beautiful thing. Congrats guys.
Oh, just one more thing...How about that women going all 'Goodwill Hunting' and finding that painting for 9.99 at the local thrift store.  And then reselling it at an auction for 37,000.00!  How cool is that?  I love thrift stores and once found a 50 dollar bill in the pocket of a vintage tuxedo jacket that I had purchased. And another friend who happened on a very cool chess set that turned out to be solid ivory which she sold at a very solid profit on Ebay.  Whoo Hoo.  I'll be paying much more attention to the 'art' section of the stores in the future.
Any to get to my recovering..feet up, check.  Phone(s) within reach, check.  Ice water, Lola,  Ipad and blankee, check, check, check and check.  And to all of you Dolls, check ya later! Have a great week. xoxo

Monday, September 17, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls...

Hello Monday!  After our annual Girl's Weekend, normalcy is looking mighty fine to me. 

Getting together with friends I usually have not seen in a year is always a blast.  Sister in law extraordinaire, Cheryl, does most of the planning and organizing, and no detail goes unchecked.  We have little routines and rituals that she makes sure are carried out-no matter how crazy-it's all part of our sisterhood.  It's the closest thing I'll ever get to a 'sorority'-something I never wanted to have any part of.  But this is different.  No rushing.  No initiation.  No dress up dances.  And most importantly, NO BOYS!!  We catch up on each others lives and laugh ourselves sick.

But it's back to reality-thank the good Lord.  I do not want a cocktail for breakfast-even if it's disguised as a healthy thing with tomato juice, celery, or orange juice.  I will happily get my diet on track without yummy dips, too much cheese, and hot dogs on a stick.  I promise to drink 64 ounces of water today to counteract a s'more shot and a Barry White martini.  (the latter was sipped while listening and dancing to his Big Sexiness-all without spilling a drop!)  Makeup will be on my face and the sweats are in the wash. I'm going on a loooong walk in hopes of burning off some of the 7 gajillion calories I ingested with total and utter abandon.  And I will go to bed at a reasonable time instead of bonfireing and stargazing until all hours.  Absentee 'sisters' can sleep peacefully knowing that they will not be 'drunk dialed' to be reminded of all the fun they are missing.

So till next year, my lovelies.  Enjoy your lives and be assured that your honorary therapy weekend will happen again next year-we should be recovered by then!  xo

Monday, September 10, 2012

Try a Little Tenderness...

It is with total frustration that I will try to re-create the blog I posted yesterday and inadvertently erased.  It's, by the grace of God, the first time I've had to do this.

Ummm, yeah, OK.  First I wanted to acknowledge National Suicide Week.  Most everyone has been touched by this senseless and tragic choice. In my experience, there is very little you can do for the person who chooses to take their life.  Providing an ear and shoulder is about the whole of it.  Usually, by the time a person's mind is made up, very little can be done to change it.  But the people left behind in these senseless tragedies really are the ones we can help.  As in any death, there are really no words of comfort except I'm sorry.  It is a wound that I don't think even time can heal, due to residual feelings of culpability and guilt.  I've heard support groups can help.  God save us from having to go thru this, and give us the grace for compassion to those who have suffered it.

Next, I went on about Grandparents Day.  This is the first Grandparents Day that I find myself without any Grandparents.  A sort of Grandparent orphan, if you will.  With the passing of my Gramma this spring, I became nobodies granddaughter.  I was lucky to have them in my life as long as I did.  I miss them and think of them everyday.  Who else will be happy with a short call or visit?  Who will listen with rapt interest while I blab on and on about the details of my life.  Even minutia was important to a grandparent.  I could count on being told I looked good even if I had gained 5 (or 10) pounds.  My Grampa would could me liver and onions with so much love that anyone could have been converted to enjoy this sometimes dubious treat.  My Gramma made Norwegian cookies and made sure that I got my own personal tin every year thus contributing to my weight gain.  I loved my Grandparents and feel deeply the hole they have left in my life.  I pray someday to be able to be the same kind of Gramma to my own grandchild.

Yesterday, when I posted, I was feeling melancholy.  Telling you all what was on my mind helped.  Thank you all for 'listening'.  And for this, I loves ya. xo

P.S. My original post surely was much better than this regurge!!! PPSS-Rosegarden, Charles and Mark all left lovely comments that I am happy to have read before I did the big erase!  Not even sure how I did it! Grrrrr.....

Monday, September 3, 2012

September Morn...

Happy Labor Day!  Hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend.  And what a weekend it was.  Family descended on the beach house and the weather was glorious.  Perfect for B.B.Q., boating, observing the 'blue' moon, bonfires and s'mores.  Niece Nicole 'celebrated' the full moon by losing her bikini bottom while jet skiing.  That girl does know how to get her party on!

But, yay!, now my favorite season is upon us.  Fall, or Autumn as I like to call it, is just around the corner.  The nights are getting cooler, the kids are back in school, and life seems to take on more structure.  As a creature of habit, this all bodes well with me.  As every change of season approaches, I like to treat it as another beginning.  A fresh start.  Time to re-organize my neglected house and recommit to a healthier lifestyle.  Put my yard to bed.  Be home a little more and catch up with correspondence. Cook a bit more.  Try out some new soup recipes. (well, maybe order them while dining out!) Visit my family up north and some friends down south. Watch movies that I've been wanting to see.  Get my hands on some good, crisp Michigan apples-McIntosh being my favorite.  Watch in amazement as Halloween stores pop up everywhere.  Plant some big purple cabbage thingies.  Smell that delicious smell of burning leaves. 

So, after one of the hottest summers on record, are you ready to embrace fall?  Any plans?  I'd love to hear 'em.  xo