Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brass in Pocket...

Witness myself with Walking Man (Mark) and his 'Girls of Sunday Night'! My camera card seems to be failing me, so it's actually a pic of a pic! When I suggested that I be given an honorary membership in his harem, I was quickly corrected by both Michelle and Katherine, that in fact, HE was THEIR bitch! Semitics girls--let's just get the pic!

The evening at The Beat Cafe where Michelle and Katherine hosted an open mic/spoken word event was a hit. Detroit roads, The Olympics, and the Detroit Tattoo Convention threatened to possibly divert attendance, but turned out to not be the case. All tables were full and ready to read or listen. Or in the case of Katherine's sister, sing! Check SpellingI, of course, am a total listener and appreciator of this raw and beautiful talent. I was flattered that the girls even THOUGHT I would participate! It takes incredible guts to take the stage and hang out your heart for all of us to ponder. There were beautiful poems as well as prose--all spoken from the heart. The a cappella song was touching and sweet. We were even treated to Mark reading from his book, "Stink" with offers to autograph all sold copies--for a price!! That was after he offered to sell the book for whatever you could pay. He has a rich, and engaging presence on the stage.

The Beat Cafe was ready for action. The smoking room is in a separate space or outside if you choose. The smell of their house coffee is so intoxicating and fills the room richly. I, lover of caffeine that I am, cannot sleep if I indulge after 2:00 p.m., so found myself relegated to decaf tea. The little darling behind the counter suggested a green tea and carefully steeped it for me for the mandatory 3 minutes before handing it over. Delicious and with a free refill! The owner made the announcement that his fresh chocolate chip cookies would be on sale for $1.00. I indulged and it was a delight. The cinnamon that he adds gives the cookies a unique and original twist. Yummy! If I had been hungrier, I would have had a bowl of his chili--that gets rave reviews!

This event will be taking place again at the end of March. Watch me or Mark's site for updates. I strongly suggest you come out to the Beat to take advantage of this unique and thought provoking event. These are some talented artists showcasing their work in a very special venue. I know some of you have work I would love to hear you read, live and in person. Or just observe--like me. Support your local Detroit artists and coffeehouses. Happy Sunday, friends. xoxo
P.S. Olympic hockey USA vs Canada for the gold. Go USa and a whoo hoo for Jett's Pizza!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When the Stars go Blue.....

In the news this week: A local couple with the last name of Weed is arrested for--you guessed it--possession of marijuana! Kwame cannot make his payments. (Make that WILL not make his payments!) The Detroit Tigers have signed Johnny Damon for one year for the small sum of EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS! Some consider it a bargain, while I consider it nuts, unless of course, Tigers win the pennant! Some idiot in Austin, Texas crashed his plane into an IRS building after being pissed off about his taxes. He took his life as well as an innocent person's. How very pitiful.. Sleazeball extraordinaire, Roman Polanski will not be able to accept his award at the film festival in Berlin because he is confined to his chalet in Gstaad for punishment for a sex crime committed 32 years ago. Really? I think old Romy better hire O.J.'s attorney! Oh, and how about 'the apologie'? Other than Tiger's wife and family, who was he speaking too? You don't owe me anything, dude.

I have enjoyed watching the Olympics, but am bored to death with both curling and luge. Uggggh.. Loved the skiing (go Bode and Lindsey Vonn) and snowboarding (yes Shawn White!). Even the men's figure skating with all it's flamboyance and hissy fits have been inspiring...

And as I write this on this gray, mid-winter day, I am feeling much the same way. The news has us bracing for another winter snowstorm. It's always been my theory that by now, we only have one more month of the nasty conditions till my tulips push thru giving us fresh hope for spring.

As blessed as my life is, I most always feel like this during mid February. Just kind of unmotivated and bluesy. So, any suggestions for books or movies? Comfort food or drink? Let me know, okay. I'm starting to feel like Michelle's (Michelle's Spells) Grouchie!

Love to all for your friendship and support. xo P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to friend, Kelly who celebrated this week. Congrats on the Kindle, babe! xo

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday...My Funny Valentine!

96 years ago today my Gramma, Iola Ruby, was born in Barton City, Michigan to Lawrence and Ona Bushey. She grew up in the Spruce area and was educated at the Norwegian School, as were her children. Gramma walked a mile and half each way to school. For real.

At 17, she married my Grampa, Myrto Vam and they made their home in Spruce, Michigan, having first, my father when she was 19 and later my auntie.

In 1940 Grampa passed away from a brain tumor. Gramma eventually married my Grampa George and moved to Detroit where she worked for Vita Boy Potato Chips. Legend has it that one of her jobs was to clear the fryers of the rats that had fallen in overnight.
After a time, they moved back to Ossineke where they had a dairy farm. These days on the farm are some of my earliest memories. I loved that farm. Gramma raised chickens, and as children, we were scared of them. However, it did not stop us from eating those large roasters that Gramma baked with mashed potatoes and gravy. Always fresh chicken, eggs, butter, and milk were in these yummy meals. When we spent the night, after morning chores, Grampa would come in for the breakfast Gramma would have waiting. As a special treat, we would enjoy coffee with him. The smell of percolating coffee will always be "the farm" for me. Gramma would give us large cups that were half coffee and half Half n Half! It was soooo good and we felt grown up and important drinking it with him. Large fresh farm eggs and toast with Gramma's homemade bread made the best breakfast ever!

The farm was the place to be in the summer when it was 'haying season'. Grampa would patiently let my cousin, Joni and I ride on the hay wagon and watch the guys clear off the field. We then would troop in for a midday meal made ready by Gramma as if we had worked our rears off, too! We climbed a huge old willow tree and fished in the ditch. A favorite game was played with the electric fence. What you would do was pick a weed and touch it to the fence and see who could endure the shock the longest. My brother usually won!

My Gramma was a cook at a private country club and when I was 16, got a job at the same place. We enjoyed many giggles working together. Gramma always treated me to the best breakfasts on my break! Also I remember Joni and I going skiing and stopping at Gramma's afterward, where she would have hot chocolate and toast waiting for us! Perfect warm up, and we slept like babies afterwards!
Gramma loved to crochet and has made beautiful afghans and the such for us. Every Christmas She makes sure that I get a plateful of her delicious Berlinacrancers that are my favorite cookies. Gramma enjoys good health to this day and I am sure it is a result of all of the physical farm work and organic food it provided. I recently got a 3 page, handwritten letter from her with all the latest news. What a gal!

So today, on Gramma's birthday, and Valentine's Day I just want to say, "Happy Birthday" and thanks for the memories. I love you Iola Ruby Bushey Vam Kitter! xoxo

P.S. Also I want to say Happy Birthday to my precious, darling Lola Simone Tigerlilly of the Junglebeat Cattery who turns 5 today and her buddy Mickey who Dane rescued 6 years ago and shares (approx.) the same birthday. Hugs and kisses to our furballs! xoxo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When the Saints go Marching in.....

It's Superbowl Sunday and you know what that means! Yep. A great excuse to party! On a Sunday! Even after being a cheerleader for 3 years, I'm still quite vague about what is actually the point of the game. Then, as now, I was too distracted by the spandex! Now, as then, I will use it as a reason to wear a cute, sporty outfit and eat nachos and drink beer. Hmmm... Saint Jodi perhaps? It may be my only change at canonization. Maybe I could do a few 'Absolut-ions' for some sinning fans!

Having no actual team allegiance, I have chosen the Saints as my team du jour. This choice being solely based on my blogfriend, Charles, who lives in New Orleans and is an avid fan. Go Saints--make Charles proud! If our hapless Lions ever make it to the big dance, I will expect the same back, Brother!

We have been invited to two different parties and there promises to be crazy amounts of food and drink. I have numerous 'squares' on the football pools and am hoping someone tells me if I do, in fact, win a quarter! At halftime it will be fun to critique the overdone commercials. After a few cocktails, they may even be amusing.

Finally it'll be off to bed later and more indulged than anyone needs to be on a Sunday night. Monday morning it's all Trainer Tony where he will attempt to help me 'make it all go away'! Till next year.

So... Go Saints Go! Two snaps, a wiggle and a twist! Shaking of the pompoms! With a few high kicks thrown in for good measure! P.S. If the game is too dull, there is always "The Puppy Bowl" with "The Kitty Halftime Show" that is being simulcast on Animal Planet. This fun tradition boasts, "you came for the puppies, but stayed for the kitties!" What could be better than that?Get down, furballs! xoxo