Monday, March 25, 2013

Girl of Glass...

Had a ball today doing the arty thing.  Friend Pam and I visited a local glass art gallery and took a class.  The studio is filled with light and gorgeous glass works by artist Stephanie.  I have played around with glass by doing mosaics and such, but never before had I fused glass.  With Nora Jones and Sade on the stereo, Stephanie gave us a short history on glass-it's been around since 500 B.C., followed by a tutorial in glass fusing.  I designed 8 pieces and observed as she fired them.  She then added bales to the glass allowing them to be strung onto a necklace.  I loved it and it was a total two hour escape from reality and I recommend art as therapy to anyone.  Try it-you'll love it! xo

Monday, March 18, 2013

Beer Thirty

Tomorrow Randy, my brother and Warren leave for Michigan, officially ending the annual "Sloth, Indulgence and Debauchery Tour" for another year.  I will be staying on.  I've had a blast the past ten days, but some down time will be fine with me.  Every year, I swear it gets harder to keep up the pace required to 'relax' on vacation.  I simply cannot hang like I once could. 
 I have completely embraced the Florida custom of 'Early Bird' happy hours and dinner.  This time frame I used to find amusing as the 'old people' hurriedly made their way in for half off drinks and appetizers.  I don't understand that schedule in Michigan, but it is beginning to make sense here in the Keys.  The fresh air and sunshine find me yawning around 10:00, necessitating in a very early start to most nights out. This schedule perfectly coincides with the nightly sunset celebrations-an event that requires a waterside seat and numerous cocktails to be properly viewed.  The beauty of the sunset over the water is breathtaking and certainly deserves to be appreciated. 
Clap, clap. Whoo hoo.  That's gorgeous, now can I please have another rum runner? 
Early Bird also is a  financial boon.  My rum runner goes from $5.50 to $11.00 after 7:00 and the same percentage applies to food.  $12.00 for conch fritters? Sheesh!  It's crazy but genius, really.  The way I see it is that the old people and cheapskates can fill the restaurants and bars and get their food and drunk on and then make way for the people that didn't get off the boats or beaches till six o'clock.  Less waiting for seating and a bargain to boot.
Tonight we found a spot that served my wine for $2.50 and a great little salad for $5.00.  Dinner and two drinks for ten bucks is a bargain anywhere and with the money I saved maybe I can buy a kicky little sarong or some other necessity  Happy and thrifty to boot-that's me!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day Late and a Dollar Short...

Today finds me a day late in my usual posting schedule and more than a dollar short. 

Yesterday, near the end of a grueling day in Key West, I was approached by these two skin care experts for a little 'facial relief'.  After a leisure drive that included a stop at the No Name key for lunch, many 2 for 1 Margaritas, and much participating in the 'Duval Crawl', there is no doubt that I was ripe for the picking.  Also, due to the fact that I had 9, count 'em, spots of pre-cancerous stuff zapped off me last week, I could understand the boys recognition of a likely mark.

Now, I have worked with these little scammers before.  They are from Israel, totally gorgeous, dressed in the latest designed wear, and smell delicious.  The same qualities that you can find down the strip at the gay bars-with one major difference-these hotties could sell a vegan a t-bone2.  Down at the disco, I have no trouble being 'convinced' to spin around to Donna Summer.  Oh, but this is different....

After being seated and plied with wine (the cheap stuff), Dollface #1, got an up close view of my poor old, sun ravaged, alchohol dehydrated, and sleep deprived skin.  It was hard not to check him out, as he gently applied the 'magic'.  The sincerity in those liquid, Hershey candy kiss brown eyes was inescapable.

Now, I could have resisted. (Yeah, right). But, the effects were very visible and I had heard good things previously about the product.  I truly was in need for a regime that did not include liquid Soft Soap and generic moisturizer.  But experience told me, that after Dollface #2 had sufficiently got to size up my spending capabilities (again, the liquid eye thing), I would have to strongly hold out until he cut the price in half, at least, and threw in 3 times as many freebies.

End of story is that I bought the starter line.  This morning my skin still looks terrific.  But, you might want to heed my warning.  If you see a gorgeous, dude offering to change your world, run-don't walk.  And make sure you DO NOT look into those eyes...sigh, but I am weak, and there's one born every minute!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Trails...

Twas the night before holiday
and all through this shack;
not a creature was safe,
as we tried to get packed.
Suitcases were stuffed
with the utmost of care;
with tank tops and shorts
to wear while we're there.

Lola will be happy
all snug in her truck bed.
While visions of fishies
dance in her head.
With Daddy in his Ray Bans
and an ipad in my lap,
and Lola cuddled up for
a 24 hour nap.

When suddenly I heard such
 an awful chatter,
I bolted upright to see what
was the matter.
Oh now I know,
I thought in a flash;
it's just the toll girl
demanding some cash!

Now I've officially left
behind the snow.
Temps are much warmer
five states below.
So on to the condo,
the courses we flew.
With a truckload of stuff,
and Lola kitty, too.

I sprang out the door;
and let out a whistle.
(And just what the hell is
'down on a thistle'?)
I've been heard to exclaim,
upon this great sight.
Ahhh, it's my bed,
hello and good night!

Okay, I've spared you fine folks my version of the originals missing verses.  You can thank me later. The cornball factor is high enough already with what I have wrote! 

Yes, we are on our way for the adventure south.  Bring on the BBQ at the Smokin' Pig in Valdosta and the fresh Mahi in Islamorada.  I am all set for some R and R!  Be comin' at you next week from Islamorada where the rum is cheap and the men are loopy.  I'll navigate it all as I always do.  Happy trails... love j   xoxo