Monday, April 28, 2014

The Way I Am...

Hiya Sweetcheese!  In a conversation lately with a friend, we happened on the subject of names.  I love clever names of businesses and boats and even peoples homes.  I've even heard that some people name their cars!!  How easily entertained SHE must be...

I know a cabinet supply owner who's yacht is called, 'The Counterfitter'.  Our friend Bobby is a boat repo man who's boat is named, 'Crime Pays'.  The writing on a sign shaped like a molar indicates that 'Tooth Acres' is the name of the residence and I can only assume that a dentist lives there.  A local van has Scooby Doo on the side and the company will come and scoop up your dog waste.  Just call 'Scoopy Doo' and the job will be done!

My Mom thought she was quite the original when she named me Jodi.  However, there were 3 Jodi's in my graduating class.  I like my name, but the Catholic priest back then, baptized me 'Judith' because Jodi is not considered a proper name.  'Judith' does not suit me nor do I like the name.  I write the check to 'Tom Arnold' for the work he helps me with in my yard.  He says he is used to people being amused by it.  He also works for a veterinarian named Dr. Nurse.  His wife is a nurse that they called Nurse Nancy.  When she married Dr. Nurse she became Nurse Nancy Nurse.  True story!  A love story among the puppies and the kitties-could it get any cuter?

My question to you is this.  Do you like your name?  Is it a family name or does it have any special meaning?  Let me know, okay?

Love to you all, whatever your name is!   xoxo

Monday, April 21, 2014

Do it Again...

 Hello Darlings!  On this sunny Monday I can be found on my hands and knees installing flooring in my upstairs.  It looks great, but I am way tired and am just finishing up at ten p.m.  Gotta beg off in this weeks posting.  My creativity is running very low.  I'm tired and my laptop is in the hospital so this is a borrowed one and I'm having a fit with it-all with no patience left.  At all.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter.  Mine was lovely with thanks to good friends Kristin and Bob who once again took us in like the orphans we were this year.  The feast and company were both the best!

See you next week when I'm sure I will be well rested and admiring my new flooring.  It's a dusty, messy project, but it's gonna look wonderful when completed.  And y'all know-I do love a project.

Have a wonderful week with whatever 'project' you are workin' on! xo

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dry Bones...

Bones.  Yeah, bones... Has anyone given their bones more than a passing thought lately?  Let me tell you a little story about my wake up call regarding my old bones.
Just before vacation I began having hip pain, in both hips.  Achy, twingey, ouchey pain.  On a coffee date, old buddy and runner extraordinaire, Jim (J.R.'s Thumbprints) sympathized and said it happens to us all sooner or later.  I had been training extra hard in anticipation of our annual 'Sloth, Indulgence and Debauchery Tour' and just figured that I had strained something a little.  Lord knows workin' it a little harder on the front end MAY help me maintain thru 3 Margarita lunches followed up with Key Lime pie.  Partyin' like an old rock star, for sure!
As the pain increased, I stopped with my customary run/walks and surrendered to just Tylenol and vodka to numb the pain a little.  I stayed busy with plenty of guests and just tried not to think about it too much.  The local Keys hospital specializes in removing fishhooks from thumbs and decompressing unfortunate divers.  Given this, I decided to wait until I got home to get an xray on my poor hips.  On Tuesday, my 'old sawbones' broke the news that yes, in fact, I DO have arthritis is both hips.  What!!! How old am I?  Like 90?
So now glucosamine and Tylenol are my two new B.F.Fs.  I hate it, but as in most things-it could be worse.  The bone scan I have scheduled will tell more and the blood work will determine the exact type and possible treatment.
So please darling readers, cross your fingers for me.  And for my part, I will work on acceptance for this latest curve that's been thrown at me. 
Damn dem ol' dry bones!!  xoxo

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue in the Face...

The shooting at Fort Hood has me sad, frustrated and motivated.  Yes, motivated, but I'll get to that. 
It's easy enough to understand the 'sad' part.  4 people dead and 16 wounded, tragically and unnecessarily is so very sad for their families and friends.  There can be no true words of comfort as they work their way to try to understand and carry on. 
 Frustration fills me as I hear that people still are blaming 'guns' as the cause of the rampage.  The gun was just the convenient method to carry out his action.  He could have run over the victims with his car to a similar result.  It was the man's brain that was the true weapon.  He had a history of depression at the very least.  The possibility of post traumatic stress disorder was still on the table.  It pisses me off that an 'expert' has said that p.t.s.d. is impossible due to the fact that he had not yet been in actual battle.  C'mon.  Anything our brains cannot process in a healthy way can be perceived as traumatic.  Brain disorders are very hard to diagnose and even harder to properly medicate and manage.  The fact that his depression was acknowledged should have been enough cause to proceed with caution.  I realize that I regularly get on my mental health soap box, so I won't completely go there now. 
And now for my personal motivation...Until we can get some recognition and understanding of mental illness, I resolve not to donate or support any causes that are covered by health insurance.  With our brains being the most under insured organ with the biggest chance for consequence, I will continue to strive for understanding.  Our brains have the capacity to trick or fail any of us at any time putting us all in danger.  No one is ammune.  We simply must make research a priority if we are ever going to be able to stop this senseless action.  And compassion-let's not forget compassion.         
After all, we're all in this life together.   xo