Monday, December 29, 2014

Carol of the Bells...

Normally, I do not do reviews on anything because I just don't have the confidence to competently pull it off.   But this is one I think I can handle....

On Saturday afternoon, Randy and I ventured out to The Palace of Auburn Hills to see, not the Detroit Pistons, but the fabulous Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I have heard and loved 'Carol of the Bells' as done by the T.S.O., being their most recognized, and in my opinion their most powerful song.  Now, I sat and wondered what the heck Tran Siberia had to do with this band-who is really not an orchestra.  At one point, the screen showed the train speeding along thru Siberia, I assume as a nod to the name.  I like to describe the the show as a progressive rock Christmas opera.  Throw in numerous rock and classically trained musicians and 25 or so lead singers and you get the idea.  Let's not forget a crazy cool light, laser and fog show ala Pink Floyd, with musicians running thru the audience and being suspended on cranes and raised stages.  Fire and snowfall effects were amazing.  And the hair.  How could we forget the hair?  99% of the band and singers have waist long locks and these manes are also in perfect sync.  And just when you think you've seen and heard it all-they kick out an unbelievable Led Zeppelin tribute. 

In addition to the show being visually jaw dropping, the music was beyond.  I was moved to tears many times as the beauty and passion of the spectacle overwhelmed me.  2 and a half hours flew by like a dream.  It was simply wonderful.

Tran-Siberian Orchestra brings their show to town every December.  If you ever want a special experience that you truly will never forget, snag some tickets-they are very reasonable-and make a date to get lost in the magic.

Have a fab-ooh-las week and a safe New Year's Eve.   xo

Monday, December 22, 2014

All About it...

Does anyone ever call Monday a 'funday'?  Not usually, I suspect.  But when a my darling niece, Lindsey proposes a such a day, how could I say no?

 So, instead of the usual Monday grind, I hauled my cookies to Ann Arbor and participated in a girly day of indulgence.  By waiting until after the early rush traffic time, I made the drive in just an hour.  We started out with lunch at Zingerman's.  It's been awhile since I've been there I and I forgot how much I love their menu.  Why does grilled cheese sandwiches taste so good when you order them out?  Maybe it was the exotic cheddar or the excess of matter, it was delicious!  Next stop was downtown where the weather was perfect for browsing the cool shops.  Just enough of a street crowd to make the hustle and bustle of the season perfect.  Loved perusing the unique, arty stores without any holiday shopping pressure.  Both Lindsey and I purchased cashmere scarves-for ourselves!  And of course, all that browsing can make two girls thirsty, so a drop into 'Felix' was in order for a couple of specialty martinis.  Yummy..

But the best part of all was getting to know my niece as an adult woman.  The time spent at family holidays doesn't always lean to that type of conversation.  Especially in our family with sports on t.v., various pets running around and all of us pretty much talking at once.  Lindsey and I have a mutual love of food, wine, makeup, family and art.  She is a scientist with a brain I could never stand next to, but if she talks slowly and uses short words, I can kind of get it.  Kids these days!

Thank you, Linds for breaking your old Auntie out of her rut.  I had a blast and am looking forward to more adventures with talk of a cake decorating class and a sushi making lesson.  Sounds cool, doesn't it?   xo

Merry Christmas, my Darlings. xo

Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby, it's You...

So when did pregnant women become sooooo  gorgeous?  Dollfriend, Lauren, was ever the picture of a radiant expecting mother when I attended her shower this fall.  Confident with clear, glowing skin, shiny, glossy hair and a body that looked normal, other than what looked to be a small basketball tucked under her cute dress.  A truly, serene and beautiful Madonna.

It probably won't surprise anyone that that was NOT the case with me.  At eighteen days overdue, I was a miserable witch-and that's being generous.  Very generous.  My big perm was frizzy, (hey, it was the eighties!),  my ankles were elephantine, and we won't discuss my maternity wear.  During the hottest June ever, my swollen bod was in a bikini or a t-shirt with the garden hose over my head.  And I could have cared less who saw this vision.

 We did not have air conditioning-hence the overheated whale like body paired with the unfortunate coif. I protested smocked, pastel maternity wear-incredulous at this little insult to injury. Are ya kiddin' me?   Mommies today would never suffer the humiliation of EIGHTEEN days overdue, but at the time, ultra sounds were not insurance covered except in emergency situations.  "That baby will be born when it's ready" were the sage words from my Doc.  (yeah, bite me!)  I was practically a menace to the neighborhood wandering around half naked,  totally overripe, muttering at anyone who crossed me or marveled at my 'doo'.  Few escaped the wrath of my hose.  With no idea when I was actually going to birth this little babe,  I was stripped of all possible dignity.  Folks-it was not pretty.   Let's face it, the science, nutrition, and fashion are waaaaaaaay better today. 

Last night friends, Tom and Kara had the ever trendy 'Baby Gender Reveal Party' and announced to the world that their firstborn would be a girl.  Hello Kitty!!  Buds Brian and Kelly are sharing this weekend, the sex of their little peanut. xo  Cousins Kristi Jo and Kevin  expecting a girl this spring.  I am very excited and happy for them all.  Girls rule!

But, coolest of cool..... Lauren and Tom welcomed little Tom Harley Sawyer on 12-13-14!  What a birthday!!   Congrats you two as you walk thru the door to the most incredible experience life has to offer.  Enjoy every second of baby Harley-he's truly the best of both of you.  WARNING: I will kiss his cheeks off when I see him.!  Congrats again. xoxo

Monday, December 8, 2014

This is Gospel...

I don't know what bug was dumb enough to bite an onery cuss like me, but I'm telling you, it took out a chunk.  Spent the whole day snuggling with Hazel and sippin' hot beverages out of my trick new Starbucks mug.  Isn't she a pretty little mermaid?

Anyways, tossin, turnin', freezin' and burnin' have left me exhausted.  Achy all over with a sore throat made for a very lazy day.  Am loading up on Elderberry and zinc, (thanks Kristin!) and if I don't feel better by tomorrow I am going straight up Tylenol Cold.

What a drag.  I've downloaded a new book and am reading in between naps, and I don't even feel guilty about reading the day away.

Hope y'all have a great week and hope like hell you don't catch this thing.  Take care of yourselves.  xo

Monday, December 1, 2014

How you Remind Me...

Happy December 01!  It is also the day recognized as "National AIDS Awareness Day".  AIDS.  Now there is something I have not heard of or thought of lately.  I saw on the news that Ryan White's Mom was here speaking in Detroit today.  I remember the plight of Ryan and his courageous attempt to educate us at a time when very little was known or understood about the disease.  I then tried to educate myself on the C.D.C. site, but was unable to find any updated stats.  I can only assume that thru education, the rates are down.  I know the medicines are much better and life expectancy is higher.

I only knew one person personally touched by aids.  Very sad, of course.  In Key West where the population is mostly gay, I have seen the ravages.  It is an absolutely horrific sight.  There is a group that helps to adopt out the many cats and dogs left behind as their owners can no longer take care of them. But that's really as close as I've gotten.

In the book, 'Fairyland, a Memoir of my Father", by Alysia Abbott, the story comes to life.  Taking place in the '70's, in San Francisco, the story Alysia tells is one of coming of age in a less that perfect childhood situation.  Being raised solely by her father, a professor and poet, she experiences early freedoms as she more or less figures out her fathers situation.  He is mostly honest about his lifestyle and Alysia thrives under his honest and loving parentage.  She reverses the roles of child and parent as she steps up as his caregiver in his final weeks.  It is a story she tells with candor and no regret.  I recommend it to anyone as a good read and a peek into a very personal life story.

Pray, as I will, that research will lead to more successful therapies and that someday we will see a cure.    xo

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Little Bit Stronger...

On this week approaching Thanksgiving, I was going to list 10 things I am thankful for.  However, it became too cliched, and 5 things seem to be enough without being too redundant.

#5   Firstly, I am thankful for family and friends that I can count on to get me thru what is the
       hardest time of my life.  Thank you for your unending love and support and understanding when        I have to blink back tears.  The cards, calls, and kind words are balms to my soul, and I cannot
       express the importance and joy you bring me.  I am touched and you have made me a better                and more compassionate person thru your actions.  What a delightful and unexpected lesson.  XO
#4   The comfort of my home, car, food and security that allows me to take for granted how very
       lucky I am.
#3   My health.  I work hard at staying strong and the endorphins help me to forge on.
#2   The freedom to live, love, worship and speak my mind in the way that I choose.  (You know I
       ALWAYS have to speak my mind-and sometimes even have to have the last word!)  Don't hate-
       it's genetic!!
#1   The love of God,  my husband and pets who try their best to keep me loved, warm and sane.
       Without  y'all, I would surely crack.  You are the best and I love you all deeply.
#0  Wait!  There's a zero??   For hot showers, flannel pajamas, good vodka, big cookies, books-how
       could I forget my favorite escape?, lifesaving coffee,  good linens, garlic, down comforters,                scented candles, dark chocolate and automatic car starters-the gravy on my potatoes and icing on
       my cupcakes.  (red velvet, please!)

As I struggle thru many grey days, I have to remind myself that life is good.  Challenging, but good.
We question, but do not get to know all the answers.  The mystery of life is such.  So we remember, and wipe away the tears.  Cherish all the good things and be thankful for what you have, while you have them.

And lastly...Dane.  I am thankful that I had him for 31 years.  As I go thru this first holiday season without him,  I am trying to be happy that I was able to know and love him.  He was and is the best gift ever and I am forever changed by his life and his death.  I pray for grace to accept this.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and cherish every breath you take.  xo

Monday, November 17, 2014

Something Big...

What the hell is going on?  Can the quest for celebrity degenerate any lower?  I am so disgusted by the in-your-face, blatant, self promotion of these 'asstastic stars'.

Jennifer Lopez, the mother of two, takes every chance she can to show and shake her butt.  And when it wasn't enough, she paired up with a younger pop star and did a dual rumpy thing.  Nicki Minaj has rumored to have had implants making her already huge ass titanic in proportion-and she loves to show the world what she paid for.  And what the hell for?  I am genuinely flummoxed by all the attention that this body part is garnering.  But at least these three can sing.  Okay sorta...

Now comes along the biggest self promoter of all.  Kim Kardashian.  The girl who made a blue movie and 'thrust' herself into the spotlight, with no visible talent other than beauty, Kim has become a household word.  She can't sing, dance or otherwise amuse me, and yet every time I turn on my homepage, there she is, showing her ample junk.  I read that she earned 43 million in three months by loaning her image to a video game.  Are you kidding me?

What happened to old Hollywood glamour?  Are we so overstimulated by technology that it takes a real shocker to grab our interest?  I loved it when Marilyn, Jane, Audrey, Lauren, Bette and the such were models of modesty and true glamour.  They looked and acted like ladies and there was a mystery that kept us intrigued and wanting more-without airbrushing!  Class without ass, I say.....

Well, now that I have acknowledged the very thing and names I abhor, I guess I've made my point.  Don't you think this is a sad trend that is now becoming normal?  I hate it in print, song lyrics and the way I see women dress.  I can't imagine trying to raise a daughter in this culture.  Pathetic.

Monday, November 10, 2014

War/No More Trouble...

On this Veteran's Day 2014, I want to take time to thank all of the brave men and women who have served our country-unselfishly-to help keep us safe and insure our freedom.  They have done and are doing something that I, personally, could never have done. 

I was tickled to see the list of restaurants that were letting veterans dine on the house today.  How very cool is that?  I hope many took advantage of this.  P.T.S.D. is now and finally, being recognized as the serious medical condition that it is.  I personally know vets that are now getting benefits due to them from their trauma.  It's about time.   Also, to the doctors and nurses at the V.A. hospitals providing care to these special people.

But meals and benefits and even therapy will not make up for the way that war can change a persons life.  And for that, the greatest respect is deserved.   xo

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pay for it...

All over Chicago I saw statues of horses painted and decorated in amazing ways.  I asked and found out that the public art installation was honoring the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.  Each horse is named after a fallen hero of the Chicago police department.  The proceeds from a live auction will go to the families of the injured or killed in the line of duty officers.  How cool is that?

But, of course, this beautiful tribute had to fall victim to idiots that just couldn't help but lean on or push over some of the horses.  There were even photo ops gone bad as too many people tried to pose on the statues.  Accidents do happen, but vandalism?  I simply cannot understand how anyone could do that.  Are you bored?  Showing off?  Pissed off?  Completely shameful.

And as I ponder that travesty, I came home to my own little drama.  The cans that hold the spotlights in my yard were knocked over as well as two of my mum plants.  And just to add a personal touch, a large-and still full-cup of Speedway coffee was left on the front porch.  Hmmmmm, guess all in all, it was a pretty light touch and certainly nothing to compare with the poor horsies.  Skipping passing out Halloween candy was my crime and someone just had to 'trick' me a little.  Oh well, 'treating' myself at my Sister's restaurant was well worth it!

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just remember that lesson that we learned in kindergarten. Don't touch other peoples things and keep your hands to yourself.  And for crying out loud, never leave a FULL cup of coffee anywhere-cuz that's truly nuts!

Happy November my Darlings! xoxo

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sisters are Doin' it for Themselves...

I can cross this one off my 'bucket list'.   I finally made it to Chicago.  Friends were shocked to hear that I had never been there before, being a girl that loves to visit big cities.  So when Sister-in-law extraordinaire had a conference being held in the Windy City, I was only too happy to hop the train and tag along.

I found the city almost exactly as it had been described to me.  Big, beautiful, diverse, and clean.  Cheryl, who has visited a number of times, was a perfect tour guide.

I tend to love 'port towns' and the touristy area of Navy Pier proved to be my favorite place.  It reminded me of a county fair without the animals (which I love) and the sleazy carnies.  Riding on the giant ferris wheel gave us the most incredible view of the city and waterfront.  Conveniently, the yummy specialty cocktails we enjoyed at 'Harry Cary's' gave Cheryl the chutzpah to overcome her fear of heights.  Well sort of....

As usual, I enjoyed the street traffic and people watching.  I was totally impressed with the Asian men and their incredible cool.  They just nail urban style perfectly.  And also as usual, I am sorrowed by the homeless and their dilemmas.  Many were obviously diseased.  I know I can't save or even help them all and I hate that.  The brutal Chicago winters must be totally uncomfortable for such.  All I can hope for, is that there are plenty of shelters available and hope that someday mentally ill, veterans, unemployed, and addicted can be offered health care and help.  It's truly the dichotomy of most big cities, that the most indulged people are beside the least fortunate. 

Sissy and I are getting old.  On Saturday night, where could we be found?  Toting large shopping bags?  Partyin' it up in one of the great bars?  No way, J(spot)!  Girlfriend and I were tucked in our beds watching a rental movies.  Yup, it's like that.  We are perfect travel companions and we didn't feel like we were missing a thing.

But, it's back to reality and that's okay with me.  As usual, Homegirl is just as content at home-till the next time duty calls!

Thanks again to Cheryl, who is the Ethel to my Lucy.  Love u, xo

Monday, October 20, 2014

You Gotta Be...

Friends.  I love my friends.  Not the virtual facebook 'friends', but real honest to goodness friends.  They are the supporting characters in my life and I don't know what I'd do without them. 

 Friday night, oh boy, all Hell broke loose.  On a whim, I called buddy Tim and was shocked to discover that he, too, had a night open.  (I later found out that he cancelled a date!)  It's not often that those stars align and we both knew it was a rare event that found us both available.  A suburban white woman and a younger, urban dwelling, dreadlocked, black man make an odd looking friendship, but we revel in our differences as much as our commonality.  Tim and I met in the middle at a great little joint and did a crazy dance/run things to each other. Tim catches me up in a crazy hug and we literally jump for joy!  Then came reminiscing, laughing, and telling new tales.  Hours flew by and we reluctantly parted before an impaired driving ticket would have to be issued, ruining our night.  Luv u Timmy-my brother by a different mother!

My BFF Kristen and I talk almost every day and sometimes 3 times a day!  We can barely get thru our gym classes without getting stern looks from our trainer.  We can examine and beat to death any subject big or small.  No detail is left unturned from split ends, organic cooking, and shopping!  We debate the general conundrum of child rearing and life as we know it.  She has been there for me thru some of the darkest days of my life.  Her family has adopted me as their own and I love them for it.

I could spent a week telling you of the rich friends in my life, but I think you get the idea of the importance of them to me.  I want to also mention a few others-most of which I have talked about before in my blog.  Therese, Mark, Marky Mark, Rose, Matt, Kelly, Cheryl, and Jeanne.  My friend Tami deserves her own blog post and will get it soon! xo  If I've forgotten anyone, please forgive me.  Thank you all, you make me feel special.  And I love you. xo

Monday, October 13, 2014

Under the Influence of Love...

It's been a chocolate martini kinda week. And that's never a bad thing.

On Wednesday, good friends Tom and Kara announced to us that in the spring they will welcome their first child. With tears and hugs we toasted the good news, all except the little Mommy who sipped her water.  We are so happy for them and that will certainly be one lucky baby.  Hopefully I can horn in a little and babysit sometime even tho I will have to stand in line behind some very anxious grandparents!  Congrats Tom and Kara!

On Saturday, we joined cousins Chelsea and Andrew as they said their vows.  There is not much prettier than an outdoor fall wedding, especially with the sun shining down on the lake and spiked cider to sip during the ceremony.  The bride and groom are old friends that just realized their love a couple of years ago.  We again toasted, this time to a life of happiness and love.  Congrats Chels and Andrew!

On Thursday of this week, my sissy Cheryl and I will train it to Chicago for a long weekend.  It is my first ever visit to the Windy City and I'm getting so-o-o-o excited.  Cheryl has some training stuff to do and I will do what I am best trained for-shopping!  I will need no pointers in that department, it comes naturally...Her and I will hook up after her classes for some dining and exploration.   Hope the weather isn't too cold and windy,  and is suitable for dragging shopping bags around.  And Cheryl and I will surely toast our friendship.

Wonder if they can make a Hot Chocolate Martini?  My bet is yes!

Hope you have a week filled with happiness and love.  Oh, and chocolate!  xo

Monday, October 6, 2014

Old Boots New Dirt...

Blog friend and personal friend, (I'm proud to say!) Erik, of  'Erik's Choice' asks a question this week on his blog that has me thinking....

Can people really change?

Physically, of course we can.  I have lost and gained weight over the years, but always seem to pretty much settle back to the same poundage.  It's my m.o. to cut and grow my hair, even tho it seems to morph back into the same mid-length blond do.  We do not need to address the changes in my skin. :(

Can we re-invent ourselves or are we just acting?  And what's the difference?  Life experiences constantly form us.  How we were raised plus our choices has built our character and personality.  Nurture or nature?  Both, I think!  As women, we spend time learning the hard lesson-that men rarely change.  If we go into relationships and think we can change the man's habits or persona-we are sadly mistaken.  But I've seen men, and women, that want to improve to be 'better' people.  Seems that that only works if we change for OURSELVES and not others.  Pressuring anyone to our needs only causes regrets and blame later.  But that is only my experience. 

Aging changes us both physically and mentally as we take more 'laps around the block' and season us a little.  Losing our naivety is inevitable and you could chalk it up to personal growth.  Trauma can get imprinted on our brains, changing the way we view things.  Still, I think we are who we are if we can say and do what is true to ourselves. 

Fellow Detroiter Mitch Albom has a cool take on changing.  He says, "One day spent with someone you love, can change everything."   Amen and yee haw! xo

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One More Cup of Coffee...

Can you believe I'm a day late in posting on National Coffee Day?  Whoo Hoo!  This might just be my new favorite 'holiday'.  Yes, I've flirted with the whole tea thing, but I'm a true blue coffee girl at heart.

As a child, my Gramma's farm always had the BEST coffee.  She perked in the old fashioned percolator pot and we tricked it out with full fat Half n Half and as much sugar as we wanted to.  That smell along with bread baking takes me right back to that little kitchen.  It's where my coffee habit took roots along with the wonderful memories of Grampa coming in from morning chores and settling in to a big cup.  And we thought we were sooooo cool!

Growing up, I would always volunteer to wrangle open the can just to get that first heavenly smell and I still love the scent in my giant Tim Horton's can.  As a teen, I worked at a private country club and could drink all the coffee I liked.  The caffeine never kept me awake back then and my Dad and I would often drink one last cup while watching Johnny Carson.  Now if I indulge after 2:00 p.m., I will toss and turn all night.  I love Bailey's or Kahlua and coffee, but unfortunately I have to partake in that treat early or order it with the dreaded decaf.  Don't get me started on the revulsion I have for decaf.  I mean, what's the point?

I always hate to support the 'big guys' but good old Dunkin' Donut coffee and Tim Horton's are my favorites.  Something about them just taste 'roastier' to me.  The anticipation during the short drive thru wait can make me crazy and I'm never happier as I peel back the tab and burn my tongue on the very first sip.

Over the years I started collecting Starbuck's cups altho I don't really care for their coffee.  I love the emblem with the split tail mermaid.  Uber cool!

Over the years, I find myself totally weaned off the sugar addition, but will sometimes add cinnamon.  Being out of Half n Half is practically an emergency at my house.  I recently saw a t-shirt that said, "Coffee first, talk later".   Yes, as I walk like a zombie to the pot, that is my first thought.

So do you love coffee?  How do you prefer your cup?  Do you NEEEED your caffeine?  Not a real challenging question, I know, but tell me anyways.

Or maybe we can go out for coffee!!!   (Mark, call me!) xo

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello my darling Sweet Potatoes!

 How about a little 'corn' for a Monday night?  I 'yam' exhausted from a full weekend of fall projects, yard work, and then a day of painting at a friends house.  Dirt under my fingernails and a sore back are where it's at!   Vegging on the couch is all I feel like doing.  'Peas' and quiet is what I crave the most and I don't 'carrot' all!  'Lettuce' tune into 'Dancing with the Stars' and maybe pour just a small one...

So what else will this first week of pumpkin season bring?  'Beets' the hell outta me!

Enjoy YOUR week and 'peas' forgive my silly, slap happy delirium! xo

Monday, September 15, 2014

Motorcycle Man...

Thank you to my buddy Mark, who made my day by taking me for a ride on his Hog.  He caught me drooling over his Harley and offered me a ride.  It's no secret to friends and family that I have always been slightly obsessed with all things 'bike'.  Was it really that gorgeous out just one week ago?  Oh yes, nothing like having the perfect day for a little cruise that left me feeling like a bad ass for a second or two.

 Still amazed that you can get a ticket for being in a car without a seat belt, but a bike has no seat belt or helmet requirement.  How does that make sense?  Well, it was not for me to ponder-I was far too happy just having my moment and being a bad ass.  What an escape from my usual reality as we lit it up a little and did the 'Harley wave' to passing bikers.

Also, I have to thank Miss Lynn for loaning me her man as well as her 'bitch seat'.  xo

Keep the shiny side up Mark and Lynn!  (I am SUCH a bad ass!!)  Y'all are the coolest.  xo

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rockin' in the Free World...

Good morning, Dollies.  Eastern Market was the site for 3 Sporty Spice Girls rockin' the Carolina blue and representin' the Detroit Lions.  Note the towers in the background that some ingenious and kinda brave person or persons managed to artfully graffiti.

 It's a late start for me today after spending a crazy afternoon downtown tailgating at attending the Lions game.  My brother will tell you that I'm a waste of a good ticket, as football is not really my sport.  The Detroit Tigers have most of my love, but I do dig a good party, so I can endure the actual game.  Dinner at 'Legends' was amazing and as usual, the people watching was superb.  And Kristin and I do enjoy checking out the 'tight ends'!  All in all it was a fabulous night in Detroit with perfect weather and Tigers and the Lions kickin' ass.  I have to say it... Lions and Tigers and Vodka-oh my!

Enjoy your week and I have to haul my cookies off to the gym for a little sweat detox.  Luckily vodka does not have much of a smell..

See y'all next week! xo

Monday, September 1, 2014

Up We Go...

HaPpY LaBoR Day 2014.

  Someone or ones apparently thought Devil's Night came early this year!  As I walked out to get my paper on Thursday morning, I was met with this sight.  And I must say, they did quite a job.  The cherry trees hosted quite symmetrical formations while the smaller shrubs were decorated in a more horizontal fashion.  Charmin two ply, ultra strong, no less.  After all this is Harrison Twp. where no expense would be spared the little darlings!  As I looked both ways down my street, I confirmed that, yes, I was the only yard of honor.  While out photographing this 'art installation', my neighbor informed me that it was the night before the first home football game and pranks were to be expected.  Really?  Football in August.  I didn't think that classes had even started.

Oh well, after admiring the handiwork, I got to cleaning this mess up.  Most of it pulled down quite easily leaving only a few tails for the kids to come by and giggle at.  I can't say I minded too much.  I remember doing the same thing to a favorite teacher once in high school, so I guess divine retribution was visited on me.  Next time I will pay attention to Mickey, who was pacing around at 2 ayem trying to give me a heads up.

Lately, I've been enjoying giving out a question to my dear readers.  So how about this-have you ever pranked or been pranked?  Joni, Laurie, Gayle and Beth...You do not need to answer that one.  And Mr. Maxwell, belated apologies for the mess we blessed you with!

Have a great week on this, the first week of fall.  xo

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hurray for Hazel...

Hello friends and may I introduce you to my grand kitty, Hazel.  Along with Mickey, I have inherited her as another pet.  No, she does not have eyes like Max Scherzer, she is in fact blind in one eye.  Dane rescued her from a shrub on Hazel Street-hence her moniker.  She's slightly skittish, being feral and all, but she seems to be adjusting well, and I get a kick out her in the absence of Lola.

  I love all animals and in a perfect world I would own pigs, calf's, monkeys, ponies, goats, llamas, and many others.  We would live on a farm and I would have many hot, half nekkid farm helpers to feed and groom them.  I would pet, snuggle and love on 'em all without all the dirty work.  My idea of paradise!!

So I guess my question is this:  are you a cat lovin' person, a dog lovin' person, both, or neither?  And, have you ever had a favorite pet?  Let me know!

Have a wonderful week.  Can you  believe it's the last week of August already?  And a belated Happy 30th. Anniversary to our dear friends Lori and Ivan.  They celebrated last weekend with a lovely party, and I marvelled at how they are barely 50 and already at this milestone.  Stay in love my dear friends. xoxo

Monday, August 18, 2014

Black Widow...

Did you ever have a week that just flew by in a blur?  After arriving home and enduring the death of our precious Lola, surprisingly the world just kept turning.  It did not stop while I mourned anew. I had to buy cremora, pay bills, look after the yard, see my Little Sister, and plan to head up north for a family wedding and to rescue my Mom from her 2 weeks of dog sitting Mickey.  Events just keep happening no matter how much you'd like to stay in bed for a nap and a good read.

Tragically, people in the Detroit area cleaned up from the massive flood.  Tearfully they put their belongings on the curb and prayed for a way to replace the things that they lost.  Sister in law, Cheryl completed 60 miles in the Susan G. Komen cancer walk. The training she did was intense and she stayed focused.  Hooray Girl, you did it again and we are so proud of you!  National Coney Island and shopping for my Little Sister's school supplies took up most of a Wednesday afternoon and I muddled thru knowing that a nap would come later.  Cousin Kristie and her man Kevin wrapped up plans for their wedding and on Saturday it all came together in a lovely celebration..  It was a happy event although I couldn't help but blink back tears thinking of how the time has past.  Their beaming smiles and faces full of love were so optimistic and I pray that they can stay that way. .

I fear for the future of all of us-mostly the inevitable.  Handling life's sorrows is so hard.  I'm not sure how anyone prepares for having the air knocked out of you.  No one can predict what might be waiting around the corner for any of us.  One rainfall, one phone call or one split second can change the color of how we view the world.  I look at everything differently now.  Happiness is a moving target with no guarantees.  Nothing is the same and  I have changed.  Baby's are being born and the circle of life continues relentlessly without skipping a beat.  I'm happy for those new parents while mourning the grandchildren I will never have.

I pray for the strength to continue without constant question.  Live for today.  Be good to yourself and others.  It's the only chance we have at living thru this thing called life.  xo

Monday, August 11, 2014


                                                                 Lola Simone Tigerlilly
                                                              02-14-2005 to 08-10-2014
                                                                     Rest in Peace

                                                                 Mommy loves you. xo

Monday, August 4, 2014

End of the Road...

Yes, this week, I can be found at the 'end of the road'.  In the Keys of course.  I spent the day-hot as it was-in Key West.  Shopping and wandering and having a customary margarita at the Bull.  Okay, 2 margaritas!  Dig this old pic from back in the day with the old gang at Sloppy Joe's.

On Wednesday, the Florida lobster season officially opens.  We have flown down for a quick 9 days and plan to grab up as many of the sweet treats as possible.  It's been HOT, 103 degrees in Key West today and occasional rain, which makes it feel like an outdoor sauna.  But what can you expect in south Florida in August? 

This trip isn't about the weather or even the lobster.  For me, it's just a necessary change of scenery and routine that I hope will bust me out of the funk I have been feeling.  I realized a strange thing, tho.  I have been doing some MAJOR bed hopping.  Yep, bed hopping.   Let me 'splain.  Last Sunday night I crashed out at the beach house.  Monday night found me back home.  Tuesday, I took Mickey to my Mom's and spent the night in Ossineke.  Wednesday and Thursday I was home again.  On Friday night, I enjoyed a wonderful night's rest in Miami and then on Saturday, I was in the Keys.  Whew, I wake up in the morning not sure where I am and even worse, in the middle of the night I get completely confused!  Stubbed toes, spilled water bottles and bumping into wall as a result.  Keeps a girl totally off guard...

I'll catch up with y'all next week when I will have the 'lobster report' to share.  Wish me luck!  xo

Monday, July 28, 2014


At the tail end of a perfectly wonderful weekend, I had to face some of my worst fears.  Really, right out of nowhere, I got the beJesus scared out of me.  Twice.  Do tell, Jodi?  Yes, I think I will!

A family weekend at the beach house started out innocently enough with barbequed ribs and bonfire.  Things got slightly dicey when the disco dancing took a turn for the worse and had some of us nearly and literally, 'Burn Baby Burn'(ing) as such gyrations got too close to the flames.  However, unscathed, we avoided third degree burns over 90% of our bodies..

A friends daughter's grad party found us dancing again on Saturday night at no less of a 'fevered' pitch.  Someone sat in, and broke a chair, but the fall seemed to be tempered by the effects of alcohol leaving said reveler intact.  The rain held off, and once again a good time was had by all.

So when does this weekend take a turn for the worse, you ask?  Well, on Sunday night a terrible thunderstorm moved in with high winds.  I do not mind snow or heat, but I HATE and am petrified of high wind.  I had visions of our little beach house being blown in the lake.  Blessedly, with a shaking Mickey by my side, things seemed to let up a little.  Later, as I'm walking to the kitchen, I spy a sugar snap pea on the floor under the bar where I had been eating them earlier.  As I stooped to pick up the pea, it MOVED in my hand.  Yes, the girl who doesn't mind spiders and snakes, but hates worms, has just palmed a giant, slimy slug!  It was unbelievable gross and most certainly deaf and comatose as I screamed and hurled it back down to the floor.  Randy rescued me and Mickey stopped shaking long enough to at least seem concerned.

High wind and worm-like things.  This calls for a large glass of wine and hope that I will not have a nightmare involving being blown into a slug filled garden-a most tortuous fate! 

As I drifted off to sleep, I kept repeating; unicorns, pink ponies, puppies and kitties, butterfly's, babies and cotton candy...bubbles..rainbows..etc.

What are your fears and phobias?  C'mon, fess up.  Inquiring minds want to know! xo

Monday, July 21, 2014

Stop Thinking About It...

I think most of us has a story of a 'celebrity' or 'personality'.  Well, I'm no different and with the death of Tommy Ramone last week, it's high time I trotted out this little nugget.

As I remember it, it was a sunny day in late fall.  You know the kind- cold but sunny with every breath smelling that crisp leaf smell.  The year was approximately 1999.  I was busy doing hair at a salon in Alpena.  The door blew open and I looked up from the desk to see a tall, skinny, black clad, sunglass wearing, long haired dude stroll in.  'Can I get a haircut'?  Absolutely I told him, and walked him back to the shampoo bowl.  He had to duck to clear the archway.  'Sorry my hair looks like hell, but I've been busy and haven't had time to get it cut'.  Not a problem-it's what I do.

 When I asked him what he had in mind, he told me to just go for it.  I gave him a trim and gobbed a massive amount of mousse in, before having him flip over for the blow dry.  I then teased and hairsprayed the hell out of this huge hair.  I whipped off his cape and he preened in the mirror and put his sunglasses back on.  Just then, the door opened again and three more black clad dudes walked in.  "What the hell is taking so long?"   "Dude, the hair rocks!" " Hey Joe, ask her if she wants to see the bus!"

As you can guess, I had cut and styled the hair of Joey Ramone.  No formal introductions were made but I was told they were heading to the U.P. for a special gig.  I pocketed a generous tip and told them to stop back if they were ever in the area again.

And that's it.  Oh, there may have been a vague offer about a hairdresser for the tour, but I don't remember who offered-Joey or me!  They walked out, got into their bus and I never saw them again.  But it was fun and I can say that I met the Ramones and had a very 'hands on' encounter with one.  R.I.P. Joey, Dee Dee,  Johnny and Tommy.  xo

 Also R.I.P to James Garner.  As Brett Maverick, I had a dizzying crush on him.  xo

Monday, July 14, 2014

Like a Rock...

Hello Darlings, from the 'Birthday Queen'.  Most of you know that I really do not find the day of my birth reason to throw a party, preferring to applaud my Mother for birthing me.  I did very little but enter the world and scream for food.  Birthdays are for kids.
However, many lovely peeps in my life insist on making me feel special.  Pictured above is friend and trainer extraordinaire, Tony, who just could not let my day pass.  He insisted that I wear a tiara and He and his lovely family, Jaime and Dexter showered me with gifts.  They were very thoughtful in their choices and proved just how very well they know me. 
Amongst the bounty o' the gift bag, there was an actual and official 'The Rock' doll! Only close and true friends know the depth of my love for Dwayne Johnson, a.k,a. 'The Rock'. Not only is he a sight for my sore, old eyes, but in interviews he comes across as a polite, intelligent and humorous dude.  Totally my type.  Sigh....
I've never been the sort that played much with dolls.  Oh yeah, I had the requisite  Barbie dolls and my mom made her the coolest outfits ever.  My Barbie was the envy of all my friends with her awesome wardrobe.  I, however, had barely the patience to dress her hard, sticky body and usually sent her off in her Kleenex box sports car, sporting high heels and sunglasses with a marabou tossed casually around her little neck. (an outfit, I, to this day envy!)  I have long since lost track of my Barbie's but my new Rock doll will take his place of extreme honor among my Ben Wallace bobble head and Hello Kitty figurines in my dressing room.
I really must thank Tony and Jaime for making me feel like a kid again, along with Randy, Rose, Kristin and my Mom.  Y'all are the best and so special to me.  Love from this old chick and Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson! xoxo
P.S. And if you ever want the best personal trainer ever, lookup Tony at T3 Training. He will kick your ass every time-and you will actually have fun doing it!  xoxo

Monday, July 7, 2014

America the Beautiful...

Happy July 04, y'all!  Yes, my crazy niece, Nicole is up to her Independence Day shenanigans!  This year found her kickin' the boys asses while bass blastin'.  It's true the guys may have been a little distracted by her idea of 'fishing clothes' but that's no excuse.  She calmly landed the first, biggest and most bass, while managing to look very patriotic doing it!  Atta girl, Baby!

The rest of the holiday went well, with the weather being totally perfect.  Family, friends, BBQ's and fireworks kept my favorite holiday on track. 

Anybody do anything cool?  Please share!  xo

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Do U Wanna Ride...

Dear friends Jim and Pam recently provided me the luxury of their fabulous boat (I think it's a yacht!) for a cruise on Lake St. Clair and dinner at their yacht club.  It was a gorgeous night with humid, balmy air and calm seas.  O.K.-calm lakes.

 I wore my best yuppie polo and took the expected 'heat' for it.  Dinner was sumptuous and the wine was good.  The company was even better as I forgot, for a moment, what was present in my life. Two ducks mated blatently right in front of us as we enjoyed our wine, a sight that this northern girl had never witnessed.  Circle of life?  It goes on and on without even a hic up.

  Many wonderful friends have stepped up to distract us from our grief.  And for this I am grateful.  I tried hard to enjoy this luxury and feast of the senses without blinking back tears too many times.  But such are my days.  I am keenly aware of all of life's beauty and the red sky on our return surely looked like heaven.  More blinking back tears.  I am still very fragile, but am moving forward slowly but surely.

Thank you all of you for your kind cards, calls, words, and gestures.  You cannot know the comfort it brings.  I thank and love you all. xoxo

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Boxer...

So, ya wanna go a few rounds?  Bring it baybee!  Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee.  Rope a dope and  keep your eye on the bubblegum pinks, cuz yer goin' dowwwnnnnnn!  Shits about to get real.

Along with being a roller derby bad ass, I've always had an interest in boxing.  I love professional matches old skool style-where the fights weren't as fixed and the refs not as quick to call it.  The fitness-both mental and physical required to go the distance amazes me.

Not sure how long I've been at it, but I'm guessing 6 years or so.  I've read that a rookie boxer sometimes works a whole year learning one punch before he is allowed to learn another.  The form is that particular.  Instructor Kurt Carlos is the fourth teacher I've had and he is breaking it down and workin' us hard.  He concentrates on form and will not let me hit like a girl. Along with bag work, we are sparring and moving around more which is a whole new level of concentration.  Our 'rounds' are both exhilarating and exhausting.  Surviving our 'match' is very empowering-and very humbling.  But I love it and there's a chance I may even be improving!

In a way, boxing is like yoga for me.  It's sort of like a little Geiger counter that measures where I am mentally that  day.  Am I up for the challenge?  Can I stay motivated in the moment and concentrate on form solely?  Can I tune out everything but the beat of the music and Kurt's instructions?  And can I last on that last 10 second countdown? 

And the best part is the end, when we bump gloves and enjoy the buzz that comes with knowing you just worked very hard.  The sweat is pouring off  us and water never tasted sweeter.  It turns my day around,  and the world doesn't seem so bad. 

Thanks, Kurt.  You rock. xo

Monday, June 16, 2014

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?...

 Like a mirror in a fun house, my world seems distorted.  The angles and pieces of my life do not fit together.  Things can be one normal one moment, and then like the giant wave that comes every 15 minutes at 'Typhoon Lagoon', the grief almost knocks me down.  Eating cotton candy, an elephant, a coney dog and a candy apple, would not give me a worse stomach ache.  The finality is slipping in a little at a time and I catch myself expecting his normal calls.  It's a cycle that spins with questions as unrelenting and nauseating as the teacup ride.  The 'what ifs', and 'maybe ifs', and 'if only's' circle my brain like a carousel, round and round and up and down.  Mood swings go up to the top  of this roller coaster when I maniacally try to  get-it-all done,  and then plummet down, finding myself curled up in the fetal position and playing my own version of home movies in my head.  Neither offer relief.  I know it will get easier, well meaning people have told me that, along with the fact that 'he is not longer in pain'.  The zombie in this haunted house, is me as I feel like  a part of me has been cut off.  Wounded,  broke and bleeding, dizzy and sick, I move thru my days.  I pray for the strength to make some sense of this nightmare.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweet Child O' Mine...

Dane Andrew Jacobs
June 6, 1983-June 5, 2014
Rest in peace our precious son.
Hugs and kisses
Please check out The Walking Man blog to read the beautiful tribute to my son that Mark wrote.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Every Day is a Winding Road...

What's the t.v. show or movie that you will stop at anytime you find yourself randomly channel surfing?  Fox 2 News last week focused on just that question.  Big day in the news world, huh?  The 'talking heads' conferred and agreed that 'Shawshank Redemption' was the one movie they will always stop on.  Lucky for them, its on almost every day on various channels.  Lucky for me, it's also a favorite.

My Dad would watch 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' and love it each and every time.  My son will watch 'Office Space' and 'The Big Lebowski' ad nauseum along with anything by Guy Ritchie.   Randy will watch 'Waterworld' and any of the 'Kill Bills' without once tiring of the craziness.  Same goes for 'Pulp Fiction'.

 I cannot resist either of the 'Sex and the City' movies and the series that I practically know by heart can still make me giggle.  As many times as I've seen those shows, I still find something new-usually.  'Legend of the Fall' is so beautifully done, that I never tire of it.  I also have seen 'Sling Blade' a thousand times and I also watch 'Erin Brockovitch' whenever I want background sound.  (It's on right now!)  "Casino' and 'Goodfellas' both amaze and stun me.  I sometimes watch a 'Snapped' marathon marveling at how dumb and desperate people think they can outsmart detectives and d.n.a.  'Cops' is my total guilty pleasure.  And I've mentioned before, I love 'Rehab Addict' and cheer on every victory Nicole Curtis has while rehabbing her houses.  When cooking dinner I sometimes have 'Friends' reruns on and I can't believe at how originally I thought this show was funny.  It's now unrealistic and sophomoric on most levels, but, inexplicably, I still leave it on. 

So what's your favorite?  Do you have a show or movie that is irresistible to you?  Oh, and one last question.  Do you fall asleep with the t.v. on?  I, myself, cannot sleep with the tube on.  It makes me restless and gives me crazy dreams.

Can't wait to hear from y'all.  But right now, I've got to go.  Erin is about to get her 2 million dollar check and I can't miss it!

Oh my gosh... Just popped back on to amend something.  How could I forget 'Saturday Night Fever'?  I love, love, love it.  And my all time fave-a drum roll here-'Gone with the Wind'.  Scarlett is my girl .  She is both glamorous and frivolous-two irresistible qualities!  xoxo

Monday, May 26, 2014

Set Fire to the Rain...

Here's some 'cornball' for y'all this morning-the best things in life are free.

That said, I must qualify a few things.  The first weekend at the beach house this summer is not quite 'free'.  Along with the usual bills and taxes-most definitely not free, I hauled  $300.00 worth of start up supplies up the shoreline to get things rockin'.  A stop at a favorite resale put me back 45 bucks, but I scored two large, pristine gargoyle bookends for Dane plus a vintage Detroit Pistons t-shirt.  Cheap, compared to the next sashay thru TJ Maxx where new threads racked up another tidy amount.  But I put that little spree on my Maxx credit card, (interest rate 26.5!) so it doesn't really count.  Right?  Gas, Tim Horton's and the 'likker sto' finished things up and added to the tally as I finally made it to the beach.

But this morning...ahhhh...  I love waking up early here and my  routine hardly varies.  First thing, of course, is putting on the coffee and smelling my brew come to life in this tiny kitchen.  I grab my old, plush Hello Kitty robe and whatever current book I'm reading or in this case re-reading.  It's an old fave that I had loaned to Dane but recently got back.  It's called 'Second Hand', and is written by a Detroiter with the story taking place in Detroit.  It is always fun to read about things when you recognize the locations the author is detailing.  It is wittier than I remember as the character describes his love for 'junking'. Given my propensity for oddities, the story kind of hits home.  My home is too contemporary/modern for most old stuff, but that doesn't stop me from loving to look at cool kitsch.

The view of the lake on a sunny morning is stunning.  The water is calm and appears to have glitter twinkling on the surface.  And glitter is never a bad thing!  Bird sounds are loud and varying and provide all the background music I need.  Plenty of time for Pandora later.  As the coffee finishes I grab my old pink 'pirate girl' mug and settle in on the slip covered love seat near the window.  Lola is stretched out to full length (about 3 feet!) in the sun with a half lidded look of complete contentment as she soaks up her vitamin D.  And also contented, and in total comfort, I enjoy this most perfect morning.

I mentally sit and offer up a prayer of thanks to all who have fought for and are still fighting for this lovely life I enjoy.  My deepest gratitude and respect to every one of you for helping to make it all possible.  I do not take this 'free' dom for granted and like this day to contemplate it.  Men, women, active, retired, and veterans-never forgotten, always honored. xoxo

Monday, May 19, 2014


Welcome to my world.

 Lately I have been driving myself nuts with a self imposed mission to organize my life.  The four foot pile of shoes in my closet necessitated the above pictured shelving unit to hold some of my 'stuff'.  I was starting to look like an episode of hoarders-just with more leopard print!  I actually would get short of breath and crabby when forced to deal the jumble of shoes, purses, hats, scarves, and books that I feel I need.   Recently, when my Mom visited, she helped me to get my kitchen and pantry in perfect order-a job that up until then, had me totally overwhelmed.  She is the ultimate in sorting, purging, cleaning and organizing and provided me the kick start I needed.  Dane was the lucky recipient of extra cookware that I didn't need.  Salvation Army is getting a box of serving platters and other gee gaws that I purged.

   I actually love to organize-purging, and putting things in a logical order feels good to me.  And when I get on that kick, look out because nothing and no one is safe.  I recently plowed thru our office and now its as neat as a pin-or maybe a paperclip.  I even parted with some books which is almost physically painful for me. I've been donating, recycling, and re-gifting things that I am not using regularly.  It is so cool to lighten up the load a little. Very liberating indeed.

Tomorrow I am moving on to the garage, a task that is so satisfying when finished and I pull Sascha Fierce into her clean spot.  My garbage man is going to hate me when he sees the pile at the end of my driveway.  But I am gonna love it.

So tell me, are you an organizer or not so much.  Does clutter drive you crazy or do you even notice it?  Do you go thru closets and such with any schedule or keep it up more on a daily basis.  I'm interested to know how you handle your stuff.

Let me know if you, like me, can organize your life in hopes it helps you organize your your thoughts.

Gotta go.  I have a shed with 10 20ft. cords to re-coil up and 10 gas cans to deal with.  And 4 snow shovels, and 6 pails, and 2 dusty bikes, 10000 fishing lures,  some rusty garden tools...etc. etc. etc..    xo to all of you and hoping you have a wonderful Memorial Day! xoxo

Monday, May 12, 2014


Yesterday was Mother's Day and I ventured up to Ossineke for our annual weekend to celebrate.  I love that we have a designated day to slow down and think about our mothers.  I am so lucky to still have my darling and healthy Mom to spend time with.  And the rest of my immediate family that live so close nearby. 

Upon arriving back home, I was treated to crab legs and wine for dinner.  Dane got me the most beautiful card and then wrote some lovely added sentiments.  It is nice to appreciate and be appreciated and as I get older, it means more and more to me.

Whether you are a Mom, a Grand mom, an adoptive mom, a pet mom, or a mommy figure-no words can adequately express what we feel for our mothers.  Hope you all had a chance to spend time with or enjoy a memory of your mom.

After all, where would we be without them?  Happy Mother's Day to all you, with much love. xoxo

Also, we cannot forget to pray for or at least think of the mother's of the Nigerian schoolgirls.  Their anguish and fear is something we never need to experience.  I can only imagine how terrified they must be.  I pray for resolution soon.  :(

Monday, May 5, 2014

La Cucaracha...

Happy Cinco De Mayo and an especially Happy Birthday to my sister in law and amigo, Cheryl.  All the good Mexican restaurants are packed tonight, so we headed to a barbecue joint to celebrate her day.  Turns out that they made wonderful margaritas, so we partied in tex-mex style!

Pictured with us, is the 'shot-ski' that I made her enabling 3 people to drink shots at once.  Back in the day, I loved to waterski and never dreamt that I'd be defacing a ski for a drinking prop.  I know, it's crazy and we are most definitely not in college anymore, but somehow and sometimes the party just calls for such nonsense.  (Usually about the same time we are disco dancing!)  I'm usually in for one (shot) before the campfire mesmerizes me and I sneak off to bed.  Which happens to be the case right now.  The long drive to and from Ann Arbor plus two margaritas has this old party chick ready for some snuggle time.

Stay young Sissy, and  I will borrow your quote, "drink up bitches"!  Love you so much. xoxo

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Way I Am...

Hiya Sweetcheese!  In a conversation lately with a friend, we happened on the subject of names.  I love clever names of businesses and boats and even peoples homes.  I've even heard that some people name their cars!!  How easily entertained SHE must be...

I know a cabinet supply owner who's yacht is called, 'The Counterfitter'.  Our friend Bobby is a boat repo man who's boat is named, 'Crime Pays'.  The writing on a sign shaped like a molar indicates that 'Tooth Acres' is the name of the residence and I can only assume that a dentist lives there.  A local van has Scooby Doo on the side and the company will come and scoop up your dog waste.  Just call 'Scoopy Doo' and the job will be done!

My Mom thought she was quite the original when she named me Jodi.  However, there were 3 Jodi's in my graduating class.  I like my name, but the Catholic priest back then, baptized me 'Judith' because Jodi is not considered a proper name.  'Judith' does not suit me nor do I like the name.  I write the check to 'Tom Arnold' for the work he helps me with in my yard.  He says he is used to people being amused by it.  He also works for a veterinarian named Dr. Nurse.  His wife is a nurse that they called Nurse Nancy.  When she married Dr. Nurse she became Nurse Nancy Nurse.  True story!  A love story among the puppies and the kitties-could it get any cuter?

My question to you is this.  Do you like your name?  Is it a family name or does it have any special meaning?  Let me know, okay?

Love to you all, whatever your name is!   xoxo

Monday, April 21, 2014

Do it Again...

 Hello Darlings!  On this sunny Monday I can be found on my hands and knees installing flooring in my upstairs.  It looks great, but I am way tired and am just finishing up at ten p.m.  Gotta beg off in this weeks posting.  My creativity is running very low.  I'm tired and my laptop is in the hospital so this is a borrowed one and I'm having a fit with it-all with no patience left.  At all.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter.  Mine was lovely with thanks to good friends Kristin and Bob who once again took us in like the orphans we were this year.  The feast and company were both the best!

See you next week when I'm sure I will be well rested and admiring my new flooring.  It's a dusty, messy project, but it's gonna look wonderful when completed.  And y'all know-I do love a project.

Have a wonderful week with whatever 'project' you are workin' on! xo

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dry Bones...

Bones.  Yeah, bones... Has anyone given their bones more than a passing thought lately?  Let me tell you a little story about my wake up call regarding my old bones.
Just before vacation I began having hip pain, in both hips.  Achy, twingey, ouchey pain.  On a coffee date, old buddy and runner extraordinaire, Jim (J.R.'s Thumbprints) sympathized and said it happens to us all sooner or later.  I had been training extra hard in anticipation of our annual 'Sloth, Indulgence and Debauchery Tour' and just figured that I had strained something a little.  Lord knows workin' it a little harder on the front end MAY help me maintain thru 3 Margarita lunches followed up with Key Lime pie.  Partyin' like an old rock star, for sure!
As the pain increased, I stopped with my customary run/walks and surrendered to just Tylenol and vodka to numb the pain a little.  I stayed busy with plenty of guests and just tried not to think about it too much.  The local Keys hospital specializes in removing fishhooks from thumbs and decompressing unfortunate divers.  Given this, I decided to wait until I got home to get an xray on my poor hips.  On Tuesday, my 'old sawbones' broke the news that yes, in fact, I DO have arthritis is both hips.  What!!! How old am I?  Like 90?
So now glucosamine and Tylenol are my two new B.F.Fs.  I hate it, but as in most things-it could be worse.  The bone scan I have scheduled will tell more and the blood work will determine the exact type and possible treatment.
So please darling readers, cross your fingers for me.  And for my part, I will work on acceptance for this latest curve that's been thrown at me. 
Damn dem ol' dry bones!!  xoxo

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue in the Face...

The shooting at Fort Hood has me sad, frustrated and motivated.  Yes, motivated, but I'll get to that. 
It's easy enough to understand the 'sad' part.  4 people dead and 16 wounded, tragically and unnecessarily is so very sad for their families and friends.  There can be no true words of comfort as they work their way to try to understand and carry on. 
 Frustration fills me as I hear that people still are blaming 'guns' as the cause of the rampage.  The gun was just the convenient method to carry out his action.  He could have run over the victims with his car to a similar result.  It was the man's brain that was the true weapon.  He had a history of depression at the very least.  The possibility of post traumatic stress disorder was still on the table.  It pisses me off that an 'expert' has said that p.t.s.d. is impossible due to the fact that he had not yet been in actual battle.  C'mon.  Anything our brains cannot process in a healthy way can be perceived as traumatic.  Brain disorders are very hard to diagnose and even harder to properly medicate and manage.  The fact that his depression was acknowledged should have been enough cause to proceed with caution.  I realize that I regularly get on my mental health soap box, so I won't completely go there now. 
And now for my personal motivation...Until we can get some recognition and understanding of mental illness, I resolve not to donate or support any causes that are covered by health insurance.  With our brains being the most under insured organ with the biggest chance for consequence, I will continue to strive for understanding.  Our brains have the capacity to trick or fail any of us at any time putting us all in danger.  No one is ammune.  We simply must make research a priority if we are ever going to be able to stop this senseless action.  And compassion-let's not forget compassion.         
After all, we're all in this life together.   xo                                                            

Monday, March 31, 2014


Holy hot papito!
Okay, every once in a while you will cross paths with a truly amazing person- someone different than anyone else you know.  That exact thing happened to me last week, here in the Keys, when when I met Yuri.

 Yuri and his family were staying in our complex and in addition to being absolutely stunning,  okay-smokin' hot-he was completely amazing!  Yuri has recently retired from his career with the Cirque du Soleil after a 20 year run.  As a solo artist, he has performed in over 7,000 shows including shows for 30 presidents.  Yuri was born in Russia and speaks with a charming accent that mesmerized me, as he patiently answered all of our questions regarding flying through the air and maintaining a perfect physique.  To add to his 'cool factor', his wife Natalya was the prima ballerina in the show.  Can I just say that these two upped the ante at the pool this week?  Fo' reals, we were all 'sucking it in' as these two pulled up chairs to join the party.  Simply physically perfect with personality to match.

On Yuri's last night here, he dropped by and got us all interested in his career after Cirque.  His photography skills are amazing.  The influence of Cirque is easy to see as he combines physicality with his personal visions.  He modestly showed us a bust of himself that was created by an artist in his honor.  We all drooled, looking at the computer screen as he explained his art visions.  I have some favorites pieces and am determined to own one one day.  If you google his site, it's the one with this wife and the snake.  Completely amazed.

How fabulous is it that a normal day can bring you such unexpected joy and wonder? 

If you get a chance, look up and Yuri and view his photography.  And, as usual, I will be interested in what you think.  xo

Monday, March 24, 2014

Home Sweet Home...

 Three weeks into this vay cay, I must say that things are going great.  My sister, brother and two favorite cousins have joined us for the non stop festivities.  Four other friends came by for cocktails and dinner out al fresco.  And now we are entertaining two couples, friends from North Carolina.  Whew!  It's been a blast. 

On Friday, our friends leave and we will have one last week to unwind and button things up in preparation for the trip back to Michigan.  As much as I love the Keys, as always, I am slightly homesick for Dane and Mickey and the normal routines that 'home' brings.  I miss our friends and their kids.  I am over fed and under exercised and just generally indulged.  Our guests have been loose and understand if I sometimes need to sneak off for a little nap, cuz damn, this is all crazy exhausting!   Lola is as lazy as a cut dog, spending her afternoons lolling about in the sun-much the same way as she does at home.  But somehow, she seems a little restless.

I can only hope that Michigan will greet me with the snow being melted and my tulips sprouting up.  My morning paper will be in the box and I will make my 9:00 ayem gym class.  I will cook something.  I will limit my cocktail hour to weekends and dessert will not be an everyday thing.  I will focus more on writing.  I love routines, but can never seem to find that groove here.

Vacations are fabulous, but be it ever so humble-there's no place like home.  xoxo


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whiskey in the Jar...

Happy St. Paddy's Day!  Doesn't Lola look cute sporting her Irish hat?  She wore it for a moment and I was much more amused than she was with her fashion statement.  The hat brings out her big, green eyes, at least, saving her from total humiliation.  As an Asian leopard, she doesn't see the point of all of this St. Paddy shenanigans.  But she does look really cute-don't you think?

 Our celebration this year included some Michigan friends down for a visit. Cocktails, sunset, dinner and a cool magic act were on the agenda for a wonderful Keys evening.  No green beer, no corn beef and cabbage, no Irish music, and definitely no leprechauns!  I barely even wore green.  And that's just the way I like it.

I wonder if there were any Norwegians that did something worthy of a day I could celebrate?  Gotta look into that possibility and what a celebratory day could entail.  Hopefully there could be a big, Nordic god or goddess that would be more palatable than any old leprechaun-which totally give me the creeps.  Or at the very least a Viking mascot-which could necessitate a big hat with horns.  That could be cool.  I'm pretty sure Erik the Red did something as worthy as driving out all the snakes ...We could eat salmon, drink black coffee, and view the night sky hoping for a natural light show.  Sounds like wayyyy more my speed!

Anyhoo..  Hope your week goes as smoothly as a sip of Irish whiskey, with the wind at your back and the sun in your face, with the luck of a four leaf clover, and all that nonsense!  xoxo

Monday, March 10, 2014

Blue Heaven...

In an old, two story, funky looking house in Key Heaven my favorite restaurant can be found.  Located off the main strip in an area known as Bahama Village, it is the epitome of Keys style.  You have to look closely for the signage and the big blue arched gate that marks the entrance. 

There is both indoor as well as outdoor dining areas and bar space but I always prefer the outdoor arena. Tropical plants and flowers are left mostly in their natural state with colorful hibiscus and bougainvillea everywhere.  The open air is 'roofed' by multicolored tarps strung between the trees.  It's imperative that you watch your step so you don't trip on the roots of giant banyan trees in the middle of the 'dining room'.  There is an area that once was a boxing ring that old Ernest himself used to come and spar.   Wild chickens roam around on the ground and nest in the trees accepting any food offering you might have for them.  They co-exist peaceably with numerous cats lounging about as well.

There is most usually a wait for a table.  The outdoor bar is fun to cozy up to and watch this crazy dining experience play out.  If that doesn't suit you, there is a gift store hocking the usual souvenir's available to poke thru.  And randomly, a ping pong table sits off to the side allowing for gamesmanship if you are so inclined.

I love the food.  It's a cool blend of local fresh fare with a Bahamian twist.  I find myself ordering the exact same thing every time I go there and it never disappoints.  Yellowtail snapper with a citrus sauce, beans and rice, cornbread and plantains is the plate I can never turn down.  Playboy magazine rated this very dinner as a top ten favorite once.  You know I agree!

Do you have a favorite eatery?  I'd love to hear about it.  xo

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


What day is it anyway???

 Tuesday?  Omigosh, I forgot to post!  Now that doesn't happen very often.  After arriving in the Keys on Saturday night, everything seems like a blur.  A very warm blur.  With long, sultry days with temps hovering at 80, it's very easy to lose track of time-and days.   And now, on Tuesday night at 8:58, all this fresh air and sun has me completely whipped.  When did I become such a wimp?

To add to the surreal situation, we put Warren out to sea today.  A small group of us gathered and remembered him in the place he loved to visit.  I read the post that I wrote shortly after we lost him with background music of some of his favorite songs.  My brother did the final honors and feel he is resting where he belongs-perpetually happy and at peace.  R.I.P. dear friend. xo

So, Dolls, on this happy note, with a belly full of mahi mahi and vodka, I am calling a 'blog pass' this for this week.  Kinda like a blog vaycay.  A blogstop.  A postacation.  We are heading to Key West today for more hi jinks, tomfoolery, and shenanigans.  Also, Mark (Walking Man) has me on some mission in the horticultural arena.  Seems that there is some interest in a certain yellow flower that happens to thrive in the tropical foliage at mile marker 0.  I promise to keep an eye out, Bud.

See you all next week, when hopefully I'll have my head together. 

Or not.... xoxo

Monday, February 24, 2014

Really Bad MF...

As mother nature decided once again to shake up her snow globe, Jim, Mark and I hooked up at Timmy Ho's for coffee and convo.  Kismet it was that allowed the three of us to be able to punch a small hole in our lives and make time to get together.

 I arrived first and watched Mark come thru the door all snow covered and looking like an off duty Santa Claus.  We had our traditional-albeit wet-hug.  Soon after, Jim strolled in and graced us with his gorgeous smile.  He tolerates me throwing myself at him for a squeeze.

After the usual weather observations, we got down to the business of catching up with each others lives.  Mark is fighting chronic pain and the frustration of Detroit politics, as they directly affect him.  He mostly is content with observing life around him while enduring some painful losses of friends and family, and one special little doggy. 

Jim is on his own new life adventure and he has never looked better.  As things in his life have ironed out, his eyes are bright and he is able to see the humor and irony, better than ever.  Tales of his teaching inmates petrify me and I can't wait to see him safely retired.  But his social life stories are hilarious.

So what does a world weary poet, a buff prison instructor, and an aging party girl have in common?  Nothing and everything!  We wrangled an innocent bystander to snap our pic and I was prompted to make my usual 'rose between two thorns' observation.

Three hours passed like minutes.  Till we meet again my friends, I'll think of you often and with a smile.  xoxo