Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gotta be Me...

Happy Memorial Day with a special nod to all those who have bravely served us in preservation of our rights and freedoms.  All my gratitude today and everyday.    xo

Monday, May 23, 2016

Learning to Fly....

Hello friends!  It's been a 'wild' week in my world-titillating you could say....  Let me explain. 

A woman in Detroit reported that she had a chicken hanging around in her yard.  She would not have  minded but the thing showed up and cock a doodled at 5:30 a.m. every morning. No neighbors were raising yard bird and it was determined that the poor thing may have been used in cock fighting and somehow made a run for it.  Animal control would take care of the bird-on-the-run.  The woman said she now cannot even eat a chicken breast.

Friends in Dexter spotted a coyote hanging around in their yard and found this appearance very unsettling due to the fact that they ARE raising chickens.  Those exotic beauty of fowl will have to be watched very carefully until the bounty on the poor 'yote' is honored.   Nobody wants to see the critter with chicken feathers hanging off his lips.  Personally, I think that coyotes are cute and it's not their fault that they are being squeezed out of their homes.  I'll keep you 'abreast' of the situation.

At Luiggi's on Saturday night, galpal Kristin and I viewed a whole another fowl creature.  A woman sitting near us at the bar, had her blouse completely open.  Completely.  And being braless, she was totally exposed.  Luckily we had finished dinner and were paying our tab.  Her date seemed rather amused at his view, but me and Ms. K. were appalled.  In what world is that appropriate?  I'd be totally chicken to try it!  Those two giant cutlets have me put off from Luiggi's Parmesean Pollo for awhile-and also cantaloupe melons!

And in an unrelated but wild event, Kristin and I witnessed what we think was a bobcat while walking the Metro Beach trail.  About 20 feet from us, a very large cat came stalking through the weeds, grabbed a live snake in it's jowls and scampered off.  I have never seen or heard of a bobcat here, but I'm telling you, we saw a wild cat of some sort.  It actually was pretty amazing.

That's it for me, dears.  Life never ceases to amaze me!  xoxo

Monday, May 16, 2016

Short Skirt and a Long Jacket...

"A party without cake is just a meeting." Julia Child

On rare occasions I like to treat myself to the ultimate in sensual pleasure.  A full body experience I like to call a 'cakegasm'.  Yes friends, a dark chocolate lava cake is my pleasure.  I indulge rarely and it's worth it in every way. 

Cake..Caaakaaahhhh.  Even saying it is delicious.  As kids we would beg for my Mom's homemade sheet cake in all it's chocolate gooeyness-consuming large squares of it, before bolting outside and burning it all off.  Or it's more glamorous cousin, Red Velvet Cake.  That cake for desert, could turn a mediocre meatloaf dinner into a 5 star dining experience.  It's still one of my favorites.  As an adult, I also love carrot cake-you know, the healthy sounding cake.  As I plunge into the cream cheese frosting, my eyes roll back in my head and  I almost believe it!  Why does devil's food cake always taste better than angel food cake?   And how about 'wedding white cake'?  Undoubtedly it's the best part of the whole celebration. I will eat a four course reception dinner with all the capacity of a sparrow, saving room for when they finally cut that cake!  Me and that fluffy white cake with the sweet, thick frosting-now there's a match made in heaven.  And always I take a slice home wrapped up for later, sometimes necessitating licking the napkin to enjoy the sweetness.  I've never been able to put it under my pillow and dream sweet dreams.  More like roll around in sweet crumbs.

When something special happens to us, it's the icing on the cake.  For sure, just make sure mine is spread on extra thick.  Have your cake and eat it too?  Never understood that one.  As opposed to saving it?  Giving it away?  Having cake is ONLY about eating it too.   When something is easy it is referred to as a 'piece of cake'.  All good things=CAKE. 

Whether she truly said it or not, I agree with Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat cake!"  As possible 2016 presidential platform?   Different and better than the ones we have been hearing, that's for sure.  A sure vote getter for me!

Have a great sweet week my darling cupcakes and if things get rough, eat some cake.  Feel the magic!   xo

Monday, May 9, 2016

Love, Hope and Misery...

Just a note to tell you all how pleased I am about how my two readings that went on last Saturday.  At the first one, I was nervous, but muddled through.  The crowd held familiar faces plus faces I had never met.  After I read, I asked if anyone had any questions they would like to ask me.  When nobody responded, I asked if anyone would like to add anything.  I was thrilled to listen as a number of people stood up and told a story regarding Dane or I.  The mood lifted and I was tickled to death.  People started to get in line to purchase the book and one by one came up to my table.  One lady told me of her son that had mental illness and committed suicide.  She confided that she never understood how he could do what he did.  Another girl, 14 years old came up and whispered, "I have anxiety."  Another lady told me that her brother had just died of an overdose.  Another girl was hoping to understand a friends addicted husband.  On and on it went....I left totally overwhelmed at the outpouring of support.

At four I arrived at Rosa's to a good crowd already milling about.  My sister had me all set up and even had flowers on the table.  The reading went well and this time there were questions.  People genuinely wanted to know about addiction and how they could help.  Again, as I signed books, I heard more stories of heartache and pain.

Two days later I am still smiling.  I have two more readings scheduled in the future and I promise I will be more relaxed.  I ordered another stash of books today and am anxious to get more feedback.  I'm not gonna lie, I am still smiling.

Thank you to my family and friends who supported me in my dream.   xo

Monday, May 2, 2016

Not Today...

Hello Darlings, please send me positive thoughts as I embark on my official "North of Normal" book tour this weekend.  I am a little nervous but my fabulous editor, Mark, has advised me on possible chapter options.  Thank you all for your support here on the blog which led me to believe that I even had a chance on telling Dane and I's story.  It's simply because of you and I thank and love you all! xoxo