Monday, May 27, 2013

American Soldier...

Happy Memorial Day!  To all of the men and women who have bravely gone where I would never have the guts to go and fought to give us all that choice.  I enjoy all the freedoms that our veterans so honorably defended and am grateful and humbled by such unselfish service.  God bless you all today and everyday.

My Uncle Dan is a Vietnam war vet and I was ten years old at the time.  I clearly remember writing letters to him and anticipating letters back.  And I got them.  He fought in the front lines and was a platoon leader.  This was a very scary time for my family when all we could do was write and send care packages.  We carefully would pack up my Mom's wonderful baked goods and other favorites and send it off to those exotic addresses.  We later learned that he generously shared this bounty with others.  Thankfully he made it back, but not before seeing the horrors of war.  To this day I cannot watch 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Platoon', or any other movie depicting war. Just too realistic and heart wrenching.   We were, and are, very proud of Uncle Dan.

A friend of mine, Tom, fought in the Gulf War.  We communicated with letters also.  From his left handed leaning scrolled notes and television coverage, I felt very close to that war/skirmish.  How very strange to be able to 'see' the war and not just imagine it.  (My silly crush on reporter Arthur Kent a.k.a. 'The Scud Stud' made it even more interesting!

A dear friend, Dava, also a veteran, just got her son home from Iraq.  He is finally safe and in her loving arms.  What a relief and once again, we are very proud.  Welcome home Derek!

And to those of you that have had friends and family die in any war, know that their efforts are not forgotten.  Happy Memorial Day. xo

Monday, May 20, 2013

Circle of Life...

It's with a heavy heart and deep sympathy for our friends Bob, Kristin, and daughters Lexi and Elle, today, on the loss of their beloved pet, Wyatt.  As the quintessential golden retriever,  for 13 years he was a loyal friend and companion.  He will be missed by his family as well as many friends.  Knowing that he is in a better, pain free place only helps a little.  God bless, Old Boy.  You loved and were loved so very much and it was a blessing to have had you in this world.  xo

What is it about our attachments to our pets?  I once lost a dog and could barely function for days.  My heart was broken.  Pets insinuate themselves into our lives in a way that can hardly be described.  The joy and unconditional love from a pet is like no other relationship in our lives.  We are instantly super heroes.  Their routines become our routines as they blend seamlessly into our days.  Like children, we anticipate their needs and they know just when to throw a special look our way.  A dog-or cat-looks at us with the most loving, trusting eyes that reflect back the very best part of ourselves.  I read a quote that says, "Be the person your dog thinks you are."  We can at least try. xo

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Like it...

How fabulous is it that it is finally spring in Michigan?  I've totally got spring fever!

 My dollfriends and I are enjoying the first bonfire of the season and you can tell by our smiles that we are happy, happy, happy!  Or maybe it's what is our cups...

My magnolia is bursting out with its gorgeous pink flowers and my irises are ready to bloom their snowy, while petals.  The nurseries are callin' my name as flats of perennials are ready to be purchased and planted.  I spend a crazy amount of time designing my big flower pots and am on the hunt for some large elephant ear plants.  Dramatic yet glamorous is the look I am aiming for!

And equally important, my lazy winter mood is finally lifting.  Yes, I think I suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Being in the Keys for five weeks almost saves me, but I still struggle to endure these gray, cold days.  I just feel like cuddling up and napping.  And most days I do.  Are y'all bothered in this way? 

I am carefully sorting thru books and loading ebooks, looking for beach reads in preparation for long, lazy afternoons in my hammock where I plan to escape into the world while enjoying the one I am present in.  It's heavenly. 

Seems like most of us are breathing a sigh of relief as we anticipate about 7 months of lovely weather.  It's what makes Michigan worth hanging out in!  I love it!!

Gotta run, dearies, they have pink flamingo's on sale at ACO with my name on 'em!!! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doggie Style...

I had the strangest experience on Friday night.  While dozing on the sofa with a belly full of pizza, I woke suddenly.  The Tiger ball game was on and I was listening to the commentary.  Suddenly my heart started racing while my palms began to sweat.  I was completely overcome with the feeling that my Dad-one of the greatest Tiger fans ever- was near and watching the game, too.  Like here, with me, on the love seat.  It was so very real that I almost heard his voice arguing the call.  Just as quickly as it came, the feeling left me.  The whole thing was oddly comforting and I hope it happens again sometime.

Now I wonder...Was I dreaming?  Was Dad's spirit really with me in such a palpable way?  Was it nothing more than simple missing him and being reminded of him through our common interest?  Is this part of an adjustment period of sorts?  Don't know, but it was comforting and I loved it.

I have always believed that some of our energy is left here after we pass on.  Have any of you ever experienced anything like this?  Do tell, Darlings, I really would like to know. xo

P.S. What's cuter than dogs in cars?  I saw these two in the keys patiently waiting for their owner to finish shopping.  Our old Mickster would have stormed the Kmart to find me for sure!  Even the dogs in the Keys are laid back! xo