Monday, April 25, 2016

Sometimes it Snows in April...

Sigh.... It was some very sad news this week for me upon hearing the news of Prince's passing.  I realize I never met him, but we go waaaayyyyy back.

I started when he started somewhere around 1980, but really picked up steam in about 1983.  I remember that time being sort of a rebirth for me personally and Prince and Madonna were around to tell me that it was okay to express yourself and even (gasp!) be sexy.  And the three of us are all exactly the same age!  When we got our first real disco in Alpena and the words, "dearly beloved" came through the speakers, the dance floor would fill up with participants.  I also used "Let's go Crazy" as the cardio portion of my class when I taught at the gym.  I was delighted to find a vintage raspberry beret at the local Salvation Army, and wore it thinking I had amazing Prince style.  I watched that now cult classic "Purple Rain" over and over-amazed by Prince's riveting performance.  Later when I got my license to do hair, I cut many men and women's hair to match Prince's and his purple pants ruffled shirts were perfect and favored Halloween costumes.  I joke that my purplish hues house is prepared in cased he ever wanted to drop by.  My favorite lip gloss is called, "Sexy Mother Pucker!"

When I finally got to see him perform live in 2004, he did not disappoint.  Prince gave us all a knock out show. He was cheeky, sexy, funny and AMAZING.  He danced, winked, and made me love him even more. 

But love him?  I never even met him.  But Prince was the guy who had the secret that you wanted to have whispered in your ear.  He represented freedom, style and yes, sex to me at a time when I needed to believe it.  I will continue to play his music with thoughts of those time frames.  For that, I love him and thank him.

 I hope he rests in purple sweetness forever.

Monday, April 18, 2016

When the Sun goes Down...

The last sunset in the Keys was gorgeous, but now it's back to reality.  We are currently in Williamsburg, Kentucky which is our last stop till Michigan.  The trip has been uneventful save for the accident in Gainesville that left us completely stopped for 2 hours-not a cool thing when the drive is already long enough.  And then there was the awful gut ache I suffered after smashing back about 3 cups of jellybeans that I foraged for and found in the counsole.  The pets have been good, riding peacefully in their little nest in the back of the truck.  We rewarded ourselves for the 12 hour day with delicious Mexican food and margaritas.  I am miserably full and tired and ready to get back home.  This vacation has me worn out and in need of a regular schedule.  And all of that goes into effect tomorrow.  Really.  I promise.   I've had all the fun I can stand for awhile.   Forgive me while me and my food baby slip into a food coma.  Have a wonderful week. xoxo

Monday, April 11, 2016

Light it up...

It was supposed to take 3 weeks.  There would be no mess.  I wouldn't be called on to do anything.

Lies.  All lies.  Or miscalculations at least.

We broke ground on our two bathrooms on March 03 and hope to be finished by the end of this week.

We have been living in a unholy mess.  Dust, paint cans, ladders, shop vacs, supplies, boxes of tile and various other hubris lying about has had me stubbing my toes and frustrated with the disarray.  Wonder if they make steel toes flip flops cuz my pedicure is trashed.

I was given the standard contractor joke that if I were to 'help' on the job, it would cost us an additional $1000.00.  Shortly into the job I told Randy to pay up and let me at it!  I have sanded drywall, painted, cleaned, made sandwiches and hot dogs.  As shown, I have wowed them all with my incredible beauty.  Riiiiight, I have looked as rough as I sometimes felt.  Thank God, I had 'The Foreman-Mickey to help oversee things.

But it's not all my contractors fault.  Countertops came in late, a flu bug temporarily took out two of the guys, electrical issues and such slowed things down even further.  Frustrating, but as a part of the crew, I learned that these unforeseen problems are more the norm than not.

Now for the good news.  My bathrooms look amazing.  The planning we did from 5 states away was remarkably right on.  I love the clean new look and feel of everything.  Do I want to do another construction job anytime soon?  Not a chance in hell.

For now, I am hanging up my overalls and looking forward to heading home. As usual I will be happy to get there and get into some semblance of a routine that includes gym time as well as opening the beachhouse and maybe getting into a project up there.


Blowing a kiss to my brother Steve, and sister Lisa-the best siblings in the world.  I love you both.
Also, a shout out to my cousin, Ashley who completed and took second in her first ever bikini contest. She worked hard and looked amazing!  xoxo

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sail on...

What a difference a week makes.  Last week my brother Steve proudly landed this monster sailfish while fishing here in the Keys.  It was the catch of the lifetime and I'm told that he expertly landed the fish.

Fast forward one week to snowy Hubbard Lake.  On Sunday morning Steve slipped on a bit of ice and took a hard fall.  4 broken and 6 fractured ribs with a side of punctured lung, has him in the hospital with a tube in his chest to drain inflammation.  He is on oxygen to help with the painful breathing aspect.  He will be laid up for awhile while all of this mess heals.

Both my Mom and Dad have experienced falls that left them with various broken ribs.  When I was pregnant I coughed so hard that I broke 2 ribs and then later tripped and broke another rib.  All of us can agree that there is not much more painful.

Have you ever broke a rib?  Tell me your story and please keep my brother in your thoughts and/or prayers as he recovers from this painful injury.

Have a wonderful week and step mindfully-we don't need anymore broken rib issues!  xo