Monday, February 29, 2016

Ready, Steady, Go...

Well, we are packed and stacked and ready to rock.  Our annual Sloth, Debauchery, and Indulgence Tour gets under way today as we begin our travel to the keys.  The trip this year promises to be a doozy as in addition to driving Randy's big truck with a bike rack on the back, we are also hauling a 16 foot trailer packed with materials for the two bathroom demo and redo project that will be underway starting Thursday.  Throw in a dog and a cat and you've got yourself an adventure.  Normally we have this ride down to a science with our stops planned at pet friendly hotels and decent restaurants.  Parking with that trailer will prove to be a new challenge, I 'm sure.  But fear not, I won't be driving.  I can't park or back up to save my life.
My brother will be down to join us on his annual vacation and is a very willing participant in all of our tomfoolery and shenanigans. Wish us luck with the weather, the trip is long enough without snotty road conditions.  And I hope March finds you all feeling well with the feeling that spring will be here soon.  xo

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hard Sun...

Apparently there is a national day for EVERYTHING..  Sissy in law Cheryl was only too happy to remind me that today is National Margarita Day.  Yes, with her own birthday falling on Cinco de Mayo she is the margarita queen.  Yes, she has the official machine and yes, she uses premium tequila.     (Yes, life IS to short to drink cheap tequila!)  We don't even have to discuss the potency and effects of her special frosty treats.  Remind me to tell you about the ill fated "Blue Margarita Booze Cruise" sometime.  I remember some of the details....

 But with a whopping calorie count, I usually limit myself to a couple.  Not to mention that mouth- happy feeling of fresh tortilla chips and salsa that usually accompanies the drinks.  And melted cheese.  And queso, and guacamole....

Tonight, after a busy day, I'm totally "one and done".

Anyone else attached to margaritas and or good Mexican cuisine?  Do you have a margarita or even a good tequila story for me?  Do tell, 'ole!!!  xo

Monday, February 15, 2016


Happy Valentine's Day, one day late.  Also Happy Birthday to Mickey who turned 13 yesterday.  He is still as spry as ever but begging for treats has moved up his ladder of importance.  Snacks and a soft place to lay on his pillows are his main activity.  But we love the crazy coot; Frito smellin' toes and all.

With the cold days upon us, I feel much the same.   Maybe I'll take a page from Mickey's book and eat a bowl of chili and camp out near the fireplace to catch the Grammy's.   Push over Mick, there's room for both of us!

Hope your week is off to a good start.  xo

Monday, February 8, 2016

Love Yourself...

A friend called me this morning with the greeting of "so what do you want to hear first-the good news or the bad news?"  After a brief pause I answered with "the good news."  My off the cuff theory is based on this:  if the news is good enough, the bad won't seem so bad.  If you start with the bad news, the good may not seem so good.  Convoluted?  Maybe, but it works for me.

So why do we let the bad side of things outweigh the positive aspect?  Is it because the bad takes so much more effort to face and/or correct?  Or do we not put enough stock in all the good stuff?  I don't know, but personally I am making the effort to recognize and enjoy all the good things.  And I'm just hippy drippy trippy enough to believe that sending out the positive vibes and gratefulness (is that even a word?) will attract the same thing back to me.   Also I am trying to not stress over bad stuff if I can't change it.  What for?  It's a total waste of time.  Hey, can't hurt to try...

What do you prefer-good news or bad first?  The good news is that I got to get together with my cousins for a birthday party.  The bad news is that I feel REALLY old.  The good news is that I can't change that and so I refuse to dwell on it!

Happy Birthday Rindy Lynn-I remember when you were born.  And that's really good news.  xo

Monday, February 1, 2016

Time of our Lives...

 Last Tuesday after my training session, I saw some very special visitors that were there for a field trip that involved checking out the Powerhouse Gym.  I noticed that they had a tour around the place but were not really participating in any real exercise.  They appeared to be itching to participate in something.  After clearing it with the proper people, my trainer Kurt and I decided to hold a special class.  Just a couple of songs with a basic and fun agenda, so the kids could get a feel for things.  And maybe learn a few things, too. 
 When I asked the group, "Who wants to work out?", a resounding "I do!" filled the air.  As we filed into the room shouts of  'Happy Tuesday' and 'let's do this' could be heard with the addition of many high fives.  Kurt fired up an inspiring playlist of workout tunes and then got the party started.  And I mean PAR-TAY!  Our class warmed up with Kurt leading us in some dancing replete with fist pumps and roof raises.  We took it down to the ground and brought it back up.  There were dance moves that could rival a New York City disco on a Saturday night!  We jumped.  We walked and skipped around the room.  We practiced tip toeing.  We flapped our arms like birds and stretched up to the sky.  Grabbing light weights, biceps were worked-and flexed!  We bounced giant balls in time to the music, sharing and taking turns.  We punched and jabbed.  We smiled and laughed and danced some more.  I ran around playing with and hugging our students freely in support and love.  A very sweaty hour later we wound things up.  As they all thanked me, I thanked them right back.  It was truly our pleasure.  After finishing, we did the photos and Kurt gave them all a high five as they boarded their bus.  I asked the leader of the group if they would like to come back and work out again, and she promised to investigate that possibility.
I'm not sure who had the most fun in that class, but I'll bet Kurt and I were in the top two!  We marveled at the wonder of just 'playing'.  Unashamed, unabashed and simply joyful playing.  What a simple reminder of how moving unselfconsciously for the pure fun of it is a natural and organic thing.   What an unexpected gift Kurt and I received that day. 
I recommend that you try it sometime-just for the fun of it.  And thank you to all the wonderful kids who taught us a life lesson last Tuesday.  Hugs to you all from Kurt and Jodi. xoxo