Monday, January 28, 2013

Paint a Smile...

How am I doing, Carol Merrill?  The Dale family has finally zoomed into the millennium with a new television  Yes, we have succumbed to peer pressure and finally ditched our old tube style Sony. We have flat screens in other rooms but have not upgraded the main t.v.  So here is that bad boy-all 72 inches of him!  The pic is HD and extremely clear and the 'sound bar' makes it seem like we have surround sound speakers everywhere!  Don't yet get the BluRay thing.  Something called bluetooth enables my smart phone to play thru the thing without any other electronics.  I abhor wires showing and I love that it is wireless-or at least hidden in the wall.  Yes, I love it and feel like a regular Judy Jetson!
Last weekend we went to the theatre and saw 'Life of Pi'.  Can I just say that it is the ultimate in movie theatre experience?  I sat there with the dorky 3D glasses on and jumped out of my skin at the reality that is provided by something that I always blew off as a gimmick.  The  movie was directed by Ang Lee and he does not disappoint.  The story is simple and sweet with lots of action thrown in.  There is very little dialogue since Pi mostly interacts with animals-especially one large Bengal tiger.  The cinematography is simply stunning with amazing oceanic views.  I ducked down in my seat more than one time as it appeared that a fish or whatever was going to land on top of me.  I must also add, that all day I was so excited for the ultimate carb loading experience that is 'theatre popcorn'-you know the large tub that practically comes with a warning from the Surgeon General.  I imagine it to say something like, 'upon complete consumption of this 8.00 tub of salty, fake oiled and extremely buttery tub 'o corn, proceed without haste to the nearest E.R. and request an artery blowout providing you still have one left open.'  That test should be immediately followed by a brain scan for dropping 8 bucks for ten cents work of popcorn.  I barely escaped Dr. care by eating only about a third of that hot mess!  And by sneaking in my own water, I saved another 4 bucks!  Yay me, both healthy AND thrifty!
So now that my home theatre is in place, I think I'll just settle in and watch one of the zillion channels that I overpay for.  In the comfort of my own living room with my own popcorn.  I just gotta figure out that 'BlueRay' thing.  Oh, and does anyone have a good recipe for that damn popcorn? xo
P.S. A huge shout out and thanks to our friend and technological genius, Tom who spent most of his Saturday here at the ranch, hooking us up.  Couldn't have done it without you. Giant hugs and samootches! xoxo

Monday, January 21, 2013

Stairway to Heaven...

Hey Babes!  Are we living in the Arctic Circle or what?  It is frigid out!  My Mom and my sister, Lisa, are here and we are shopping to redecorate Lisa's restaurant.  Decorating and all that it entails is one one of my very favorite things to do.  But, as we check out JoAnn Fabrics, Lowe's, etc. and load up the t
ruck, we are surely freezin'!  But it's a process, and one I enjoy.  Fabric swatches, paint samples, and accessories are my thing-but this weather does inhibit the process.  Down jackets, scarfs, and mittens are simply more clothes than I care to deal with!
Today is my Dad's birthday.  He would have been 79 today.  I have thought of him on and off all day and it helps that my Mom and sister are here to share memories. We have had lots of laughs thinking of Dad and how impatient he would have been with all of our messin' around.  Hope heaven is providing him with a good euche game, a strong Manhattan, and a meat and potato dinner. A big hot fudge brownie sundae would be his perfect ending.   A Tiger game where they take the win would top off Dad's perfect day.  So, Happy Birthday Dad!  Hope your day is a wonderful sunny 75 degree day.  Oh, and Happy Martin Luther King Day.  Keep your dreams alive.  xoxo  Stay warm my Muchachos-winter is here!! xoxo

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ho Hey...

My doc begged me to get the flu shot.  But did I listen?  Oh no, my dumbass knew better. I got one last year, but the needle was so big, I swore I'd never get one again. (wuss!)  My pharmacist offered to do the poke, but I again, declined.  Thanks, I got this.  I told him that I rarely get the flu and even then, I usually shake it in 24 hours.  It's a good excuse to nap and eat ice cream.  Not the influenza virus he says, shaking his head-much worse and possibly fatal. So on Thursday, when I felt the headache emanating from behind my eyes, and and overall achiness coming on, I knew I had made the wrong decision.  Shoulda bit the bullet and took the damn shot.  By Friday, I could not get out of bed.  Ditto for Saturday and Sunday.  And Sunday was 64 degrees!!!  And now, just to add insult to injury, pnemonia has set in.  What a mess.  So, today, looking like 'Night of the Living Dead' and 'Zombie' combined, I trudge my weak ass back in to the doc who I allow to give me the 'I told you so.'  He chews me out for not coming in earlier, but HELLO Doc, I could barely sit up, much less find my way in here!  He then pulls out a syringe with some crazy elixir, promising me that I will feel better yet this afternoon.  Scripts for Tamiflu and the Z pack will have me sittin' up and takin' nourishment by tomorrow.   Hot damn!  Lesson learned.  Next year I will for sure get the shot and get it over with.  Losing a whole weekend is just not worth it.  Not to mention my poor, sore lungs.  Lola has been ever vigilant in support of naps and puts up with my near constant barkin' like a seal.  So please, hear my public service announcement and GET THE SHOT! Have a great week, and stay healthy for goodness sake.  xoxo

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello, Dolly!...

Hello my muchachos!  I come to you today with extreme frustration.  My computer is acting up and not allowing me to do what I normally do. Giant grrr..rr..r.  If my son stops by today, I am sure he will be able to sort this shit out.  Until then, this is it!  Enjoy your day as we finally are in the first full week since the holidays.  Thank God, normalcy is upon us.  Well, as normal as this effed up world can be.  See you when I get this stuff handled! Mucho luv, j xo