Monday, July 30, 2012

The Shoop Shoop Song...

Who says there is no such thing as mermaids?  Witness my beautiful niece, Nicole, carefully posed on the Charles A. Street shipwreck.  This ship sunk in 1908 near Forestville, Michigan in 10 feet of water.  It's also near a wonderful sandbar that we like to anchor up on and when the water is clear, it's visible and easy to see the hull and ribs of the ship.  Very cool indeed.  I love the picture so much that I have entered it in a 'summer fun' photo contest.  Wish Nicole luck because she could use the prize money purse as she pursues her nursing career. 

I know I have written about my mermaid fixation before, but lately they seem to have enjoyed a renewed popularity.  Discovery Channel recently ran a two hour special that speculated their existence.  I have it DVR'd and will check it out after the Olympics. (Go U.S.A.!)  I think I see a theme, here.  Vampire movies and television series seem to still  be going strong and an ill-fated Dark Shadows movie was in and out faster than you can say, "I vant to draaink yourr bloood."   So what's up with all the fantasy?  Are we that much in need of excapism?  And no, as of yet, I have not indulged in 50 Shades of anything-unless you count paint samples at Lowe's.   My usual pig-headedness will not allow participation in such aforementioned books until the brou ha ha is over and done with.  I'm less likely to have to defend myself when nobody is talking about it anymore.  Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings zoomed to bestseller status even with their total fantasy themes.  The Olympics lets me live vicariously and imagine my own fantasy of truly being an athlete.  Such mental and physical control amaze me and I watch in wonderment.

Can you imagine the vision of my darling Nicole, as she tends to cancer patients at Mott Children's Hospital?  She is sometimes the face they wake up to and I'm sure they think they have seen an angel as she cares for and aids in their comfort.  And they have.....xo

So what's the harm?  It works for Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy,  illusion;s that are grounded in our childhoods.  The reality of our world is really quite grim at times.  War, poverty, disease, discrimination, crime, hunger and tragedy are realities that are so horrific that escaping into fantasy arenas can help balance the mental scale.  Long walks, baths, reading, movies and being with friends help to ground me and serve as an 'escape'.  Simple and better than booze, drugs, sex and gambling.

For the most part, I don't have to escape anything.  I prefer to be exactly where I am.  I love my life with family and friends and pets that round it all out.  I have learned from my experience and anxiously await what lies next. Life in its purest form with simple pleasures keep me happy and satisfied. 

Did I mention that I found a website that sells realhonesttogoodness mermaid tails?  Sigh....

Enjoy your week and let me know how you 'escape'.  I do not wish to hear of your fantasies.  This is a family friendly blog! xo

Monday, July 23, 2012


It would be totally frivolous for me to write about some piece of triteness in my life in the wake of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  As questions emerge regarding the shooters mental capacity and gun laws, let's not forget the 12 people that lost their lives senselessly, as well as those who have been injured, and their families.  Rest in Peace all who have suffered.  xo

Monday, July 16, 2012

Titties and Beer 2

Holy Guacamole Babies!  And pass the tortilla chips!  It's that time of year again. Yes, the July temps are HOT, driving my Sissy and Me out to the water-this time with vodkas in hand.  As a continuation of my birthday, Cheryl and I had our annual long weekend filled with the very things we love: vodka, sun, laughter, floating on our rafts, catching up and s'mores by the bonfire.  Ahhh, such bliss.  Just two old chickies rockin' the good times!  As the years spin by, it's a great comfort to have someone to commiserate with that understands and is exactly on the same page as myself. Thank you for all the love and support, Cheryl. I love you. xo

Our favorite cocktail d'jour is called a 'Whoo Whoo'.  Interested?  Start with a double insulated sippy cup-totally necessary in this heat.  Fill said cup with ice and add a healthy shot of good vodka. Add  cold water to almost fill.  Next comes a splash of cranberry juice which makes it a pretty pinkish color and qualifies the whole thing as 'healthy' for the kidneys.  Squeeze a generous wedge of lemon and a straw for sippin'. (keeps the lip gloss in place!") note: this relatively low calorie drink is best served with boat snacks, including salt n vinegar chips and cheese and crackers.  Tres' refreshing!

Happy summer y'all, and enjoy the things that say summer to you. P.S. Happy Birthday to my dollface niece, Nicole who also celebrated last weekend! xo

Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't Stop Believin'

Today we celebrate my 'little sister's' eighth birthday.  And tomorrow we 'celebrate' mine.  Guess who's more excited?  As if there could ever be any doubt.  I stopped honoring myself years ago when I had to convince myself that age is just a number.  Yeah, sure, a big ugly one.  Cold Stone Creamery Red Velvet cake with Cake Batter flavored ice cream does help to ease the pain.  On my day, I will choose wine-no shock to anyone!

 However, what's better than being eight and full of joy at your day of special treatment.  I can remember as a child practically counting the days with July being my favorite month.  First it was the fourth of July and then the week after was my day.  Two family barbeque's in one week with cake or strawberry pie to boot.  And the timing of a July day of birth insures that the presents are equally spread out, more or less.  Ah, such a thing....

It's been almost a year since Makayla and I met acquaintance, and I have to say, it's been a great one.  The year with all of it's celebrations seem much newer and fresher when seen through her eyes.  My old jaded self gets a much needed shot of wonder.  Kids have that power.  Also worth note, Makayla got a perfect last marking period card of 10 A's.  For this we are very proud! 

If you, or anyone you know are considering the Big Brother/Big Sister program, I urge you not to hesitate.  The commitment is minimal and so so worth it.  Love to all of you and Happy Birthday, my little sister. xoxo

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Raspberry Beret...

Hi-didja miss me?  Because this past week on the "As Jodi's World Turns" has been particularily crazy and lucky you-I will not  bore you with the gory, boring details.  However, it did feel weird not posting at my usual day.

So, on Friday I almost got poor Denzel rear ended when I saw a store called 'Time Warp' advertising antiques and oddities.  Well, didn't I just have to throw a hard (and fast) left turn to go in and check this shit out!  (Regards and apologies to the lady I cut off so abruptly, it was not necessary to honk and throw me that dirty look..freak!) I do love a good odditie, and this store did not disappoint.  One coral colored pedicured toe in the door and I realized that this was not your average resale.  I gasped as I saw the bowls my Grandma and Mom once had in the cool aqua porcelin, as well as the Corning Wear dish sets.  Gorgeous lamp bases and those black ceramic panthers made me wish I had a room to do over in total seventies fabulousity.

 I got lost browsing around until I had to make the hard decision.  A Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jar?  Nah, cuz then I'd have to fill it with cookies and well, cookies and me are already too good of friends.  The yard gnome is most definatly OUT, I hate those creepy things and would never curse my yard with one.   A New Kids on The Block shirt, yeah...I don't think so.  And then I spotted Ben.  Gleefully, I snatched up the pictured bobblehead and was tickled to try out the tiny basketball button, and yes! his head did bobble.  What a find!  Now, you may remember that my sister-by-another-mother, Michelle of Michelle's Spell fame, scored the same find herself awhile ago and happily rescued her Ben from a thrift store.  As Big Ben's biggest supporters back in the day, this is a treasure to us both.  While sorting thru say, a million or so concert buttons, I ferreted out not one, but TWO count 'em, Prince buttons.  Prince should never be relegated to a 'button box' and I promise to honor his Purpleness with far more reverence.  And last, but certainly not least, behind the counter I spyed (it is imperative to 'spy' in these venues) a drinking glass with perfect Wonder Woman graphics.  Wonder Woman!  I will leave the obvious connection for you to connect.  I coolly inspected it and bargained the jewel down a few bucks.  Yesyesyes!  Nothing like a little 'resale therapy' to cheer you up after a particulary trying week!

By the time I handed over my plastic to pony up for the goodies I had made a new friend.  The owner of the store loved my choices and we bonded while  reminiscing about the good old eighties and our legendary disco days.  And those darn kids just have no respect these days.  I swear, if that guy coulda made me a sandwich, I'd probably still be there blabbin' away. Sigh.  What can I say?  It was a whole lot of fun for very little money, and I will be stopping back to treasure hunt again.  It's one of my favorite things to do.

Enjoy your week and take a moment to 'spy your treasures'-I promise you won't be sorry! xo                 P.S. my computer is acting up and won't allow me to spell check. Please be gentle...