Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Sister...

Here she is, Miss the National Coney Island enjoying the finer things in life! On Wednesday, last week I finally met my 'little'. I could not have been better matched. Makayla is a darling 7 year old with a very inquisitive mind. She was shy at first, but warmed up quickly. We have had two play dates and lots of fun. She loves Mickey and patiently stroked him for a full hour while he entered la la land. Lola allowed her to drag her around. We baked Dane a cake. We strolled thru Partridge Creek Mall and viewed all kinds of breeds of dogs. (Partridge Creek is dog friendly!) Makayla's favorite pizza is ham and pineapple--the same as mine! We enjoyed such a pie at the California Pizza Kitchen. After the pizza, she ate a giant M & M sundae! She beat me at two games of cards--match game to be exact. No shock cuz my brain is admittedly a little mushy, plus I was totally enamored with her quick, fresh memory. We bought a large puzzle with lots of kittens for later use. We laid on my bed (with Mickey and Lola) and giggled at Sponge bob Square pants. She 'helped' me dress and do make-up for a fundraiser held downtown. I reluctantly took her home.

Yes, I know this is all new-but I love it. I already have a little sister, five years younger than me, named Lisa, who I love and love spending time with. But, it's not the same. I was too involved with my own stuff to really treat her as anything other than my own personal baby doll and later as a pain in my ass. Makayla gets the good stuff. My match specialist has reminded me many times that the program is not about spending money and I am not her Mother or Grandmother, but more about spending time one on one time. Of course, I want to buy her everything, but will settle for just hanging out with her. She is a total delight.

So, as I pack for our annual trek to the Keys for lobster season, I have my little sister in mind. I hope we have a long, healthy, and mutually respectful relationship. She has her own cell phone(!) so I will call her as I cross each state line to say hello. I will probably buy her a t shirt with a mermaid on it and collect shells that we can do a craft project with.

I think you get the picture.. I will be coming at you from the Keys next week, with hopefully a few lobsters on ice. Have a wonderful week, I will keep you posted on all fronts. xoxo

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Me and Mr. Jones...

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Birthday to dollfriend and confidant, Kristin who is celebrating a 'big' birthday today. As a contented and happy wife, mother and friend, she takes this day as a logical progression in life. As it should be. Have a great day, Babe, you deserve all the best and I love you. xo

This is a very exciting week in the life of the 'J'! I am FINALLY meeting my 'Little". Yes, I am officially a 'Big"-sister that is! I read in the Detroit News that our area is seriously hurting for volunteers in the Big Brother/Big Sisters program. This is something I have always been interested in. I filled out the very lengthy application and had about 12 close friends and family called for recommendation interviews. I then went in and met my match specialist interviewed me for and hour and a half. I was asked if I had a preference in a child-and I do. I would like a young child and had no race or religious barriers. I informed them that a physical or mental handicapped child would be okay with me also. I then filled out a great deal more paperwork. I have been approved after their careful consideration.

Generally you are given 3 childrens' profiles that you are able to look over and pick from, but on the first profile, I bit. My 'Little' is newly 7 and likes indoor and outdoor activities. She loves to read and is way above average. She is shy but warms up quickly. Perfect!!

So, on Wednesday, I have a meeting with her family, and they get a chance to approve or disapprove of me. We will see I guess. I can't wait. I have been waiting for this day for so long. It will be all I can do to not spoil her rotten with shopping and travel. My brother has joked that she is the 'lucky little lottery winner'! As if....

So wish me well and cross your fingers for me this Wednesday when the big meeting happens. I will keep you all posted on things as this big event unfolds.

In sadder news, RIP to Amy Winehouse, who passed on Saturday. Another wonderful artistic talent lost too soon.

Y'all have a wonderful week, and take the time to celebrate all that life has to offer. xoxo

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Hot Summer...

Hey friends. Sitting at Foster's Bar trying out my new laptop with Shawn's free wifi. Had a gorgeous weekend of the usual stuff that makes me happy and am looking forward to a week with some cool events, too. Forestville, Michigan is where I spend lots of lazy summer days before the crazy city life closes in. I love both places equally as it truly is the best of both worlds. But.... the events of northern Michigan DO differ slightly from my life in the city.

I want to share with you the plethora of possible Forestville activities as I see them posted behind Shawn's bar. Seems Kid Rock's Badass Brew is now available here. Good to know...The Kid does rock. Minden City is having a three day festival that includes the ever popular TRACTOR PULL! 6:00 SHARP, the action starts! Now, believe it or not--I have been to said pull and it IS a blast. The whole town plus some of us 'cityiots' show up and cheer for our favorite tractor or in my case, the cutest driver! Whoo Hoo! Go John Deere!

Parisville (Parisville?) Saloon is having their first annual Bike Run and Hog Roast, August 06. Too bad I will be chasing lobsters in the Keys at that time. You know I am attracted to those big, shiny bikes and maybe a little roasted pig to boot. And as a bonus, I can get out that old leather halter top! Ohhhhh, there is even a live band at 9 p.m....

And if that's not enough excitement, there is a 'Horseshoe Grudge Match' going on here at the bar. Inquire within for info. Not for me, thanks. I suck at horseshoes but can be counted on to cheer like a wild banshee. (again, for the cutest guy!)

A computer generated sign also informs us that 'The customers at Foster's Bar and Grill won $42,019 in lottery winnings in 2010'. I can assure you I was NOT part of that group and by a crazy co-incidence, that is almost exactly is the same number I SPENT on cocktailia, pizza, and such! Of course, I'd have to play the damn lotto game if I would expect to be included in that number, but I am way to busy socializing to pay attention to keep track of the numbers involved. Easy come, easy go...

And last but not least, an unpaid bar reciept from some goober who tried to pull a dine and dash after indulging in a few beers and Miss Emily's delicious pizza. NOT advised at this establishment. You will be exposed for your dastardly deed, for all us barflys to note.

So, as you can see, my options are very varied-many possibilities. So very much to consider for my tired, wine-soaked head. But a girl can dream. Of big green tractors with cute, farmer boys. Go John Deere! xoxo to y'all! Summer rocks here at Shawn's bar! xoxo

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stayin' Alive....

At a past post from blogfriend, Charles, we were invited to help him name his latest book. He gave us a few to choose from and then considered our opinions in his final choice. "Midnight in Rosary" is the name that He settled on, and I like it.

So when we were asked to consider how important the name of a book can be, I had to admit that I have many times bought a book based just on the catchy or clever name and/or a beautiful cover pic. Sometimes the font of the print alone will catch my eye. I usually take off the paper jacket on the book--and defiantly remove it when I am embarrassed at a cheesy title that I am indulging in.

So, when browsing at a local book sale, one book jumped out at me and practically landed in my hands. The cover showed 3 raggedy looking children in an old black and white photo and the title of the story was, "The Hypocrisy of Disco". I could not resist. And it was a memoir set in San Francisco about a child growing up during the 'summer of love' by your usual, run of the mill hippie parents. It is author Clane Hayward's first foray into writing. Claude and H'Lane proved to be forerunners in the strange baby name trend and that poor child is still probably explaining that handle.

The story is told of 3 children with different fathers being raised by their mother and various men. They were dirt poor and ate only rice sometimes, while living in shacks without plumbing and electricity. Mostly filthy and lice ridden, somehow their Mom thought this a pure and honorable way to grow up. It never dawned on her that this form of living was akin to abuse, as the kids were scorned everywhere they went. Sending them to school, filthy and barefoot, with a bag of tofu sandwiches for lunch made the children natural targets. Clane develops a heightend sense of her surrounding from all of this though, and treats us to descriptions of smells, sights, and textures in ways that made me feel like I was standing next to her. After being shuffled around from commune to tent to ranch and finally with her true father, and then her grandmother proves to be more of an adventure than I could imagine.

The story is an easy read--sometimes dark, but always with the honesty and trust of a child. Clane persevered and ended up in the armed service and then on to college and teaching school. I love a story with grit that has an ending of triumph. It gives honor to personal endurance and shows that you do not necessarily have to have the perfect upbringing to succeed and be happy. Read this book if you want to be amazed and smile. And find out precisely what the hypocrisy of disco really is.

Yes, I am a year older today. I do not care about the public celebration of birthdays, preferring to be quiet and reflective on the day that marks my birth. Although, you know I love birthday suits and birthday cake. And that's all I'm gonna say about that! xoxo

Monday, July 4, 2011

American Woman....

Happy fourth of July! A few things that make my holiday complete--loaded Bloody Mary's for breakfast, boating with the Ambercrombie models, (aka my hot nephews!) and last but not least, a couple of good books in my hammock! All the things my blog and partywise friend, Michelle, hates about the fourth, are the very things I love. The sun has been perfect and we had 16 people join us for a barbecue. Fireworks on the beach are cool, but not at the expense of Mickey, who hates them. Poor baby. The sky was so clear and there were many shooting stars, which beat the hell out of fireworks for me.

But....on Saturday, a storm that rocked the thumb left us without power for 24 hours showing us how truly and shamefully wimpy we are. Melting ice? What about the beer? No water for showering off the sunscreen and bugs? Egad-a cold water spongebath. Ummm, hauling water from the pump to be able to flush the loo? Oh, this is so NOT working for me. How am I going to charge my cell? Oh yeah, Denzel's car charger can handle that. Candles just aren't cool for anything you really need to see and a much better suited for aromatic and romantic endeavors. And I have been meaning to replace the batteries in the flashlight, of which we have, like, 20 of. Luckily my lighted Ipad enabled me to read in bed, although come morning, SOMEBODY better go SOMEWHERE to score me some caffeine before I detox and get even uglier. Either that or just hang a rope of garlic around my neck and cover the mirrors as I turn into a sunscreen sticky, crazy haired monster. Not anywhere close to pretty..

So, when Thumb Electric hooked us back up, (after numerous calls) I was happy to stroll down Electric Avenue. Make that dance. As kids, we loved power outages and were content to play board games and eat up the refrigerator before everything spoiled. What happened? I don't know and don't care to be tested again anytime soon. I totally feel for those who have truly experienced disasters of the real kind. We truly are blessed and lucky.

Hope y'all had the fourth that makes you happy and contented and grateful. I know I did. xoxo

P.S. Michelle, when running with sparklers, take off those monster heels for your own safety and everyone else's!!! xoxo