Monday, January 26, 2009


I read a review on this movie, had my interest piqued, and finally got to see it. The film I am speaking of is, "Towelhead". If you haven't seen it, I urge you. The film was touted as child porn, depressing, distressing and exploitive, by some and thought provoking, raw, dark, graphic and real by others. Racism and symbolism aside, I wish to discuss the subject matter of the main characters abuse and "awakening." A wonderful cast handles very sensitive subject matter with care and class. Not your typical coming of age film, this story involves a 13 year old girl of American/Lebanese decent from a broken family. Not too much notable there-- except that she is highly sexualized for one of her age, and torn between her liberal Mom and very conservative Dad. I was still reading Nancy Drew at 13 with hardly a thought of sex. So very much a case for that was then, and this is now. We are all aware of the sexual images our kids are exposed to and even "family" movies like "Marley and Me" are full of sex speak and nudity. Girls are starting to mature much earlier than we did and their physical development is crazy! I'd like an opinion as to what it means that girls are now able to birth a baby at 9 years old. I guess the preservatives in our diets help to round out the little bods some. God knows, we were stick thin and had no need for "personal hygiene" items OR bras. Anyway, at first thought, it seemed like Jasira was used and definitely abused by men who should have known WAY better--even being provided with a magazine by the next door pedophile. But on my second viewing, I sort of got a different idea. She was a girl/women aware of her power over men and had no problem using it. She agreed to most encounters, and barely fought off the ones she didn't. Now, you will be thinking that she had no self esteem, but that is not what I got out of it at all. She was aware, curious, and willing. My point is that abstinence as birth control is insane. With reproduction being second only to survival--that is just ignorance giving way to hope. Human nature will override those promises any day. And in a world that bombards us with such images as normal, it makes for a perfect dichotomy. Our bodies tell us when the time is right for us, even if it is socially unacceptable--in our culture anyway. Yet another double standard between society and nature. This and the fact that a movie called "Mall Cop" was number one again at the box office, gives me serious pause. Please let me know what you think.. Stay warm. xo P.S. A heartfelt thanks to Officer Greg Tench of the Macomb County Sheriffs office for rescueing our precious Mickey who got turned around outside last Sunday. Also for Animal Control of Macomb County for treating him and us with compassion. At last, my tax dollars well spent! xoxoxo

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sign O' The Times.....

I hit the local stores last week and snatched up some real bargains. I do this twice a year, in January and then in June. If you know me, you already know that I NEVER pay full price for anything and am not opposed to "thrifting." Because I AM basically thrifty. There really is very little I really need in the way of clothes and such, so they have to almost give it away before I indulge. I can't stand lines or crowds, so it's a good thing I have the luxury of perusing during the week with less people to annoy me. And although I log 5 miles regularly on the path or treadmill, I like to park about 10 steps from the door of any store. Maybe cuz it allows for a quick escape, or at least a shorter walk carrying, oh, say 20 bags full of stuff. It's hard to believe that a store can sell merchandise at 70% off and still be profitable, but my short stint in retail taught me that that is exactly the case. Sweaters I would never pop $80.00 for are a must have at the reduced price of $12.00. I bought my son a watch that was 50% off then 20% off then an additional 10% off! I love it and so does He. Even Mickey got a snazzy new leash. Now, if it would just warm up enough for us to resume our walks, heh Mick? I love buying my gym wear at a deep discount, cuz really all you do is sweat it up. The fact that I go 5+ times a week, makes it necessary to own quite a few pieces--or constantly launder. I am a sucker for jewelry, hats, shoes, purses and accessories in general, so I feel way less guilty paying little or nothing for the stuff. I don't give a rats ass about $300.00 dollar purses or their cheap knockoffs. Sales of this type afford me decent bags that I won't be afraid to drop on the car or bar floor. I also grab up gift items for anyone appropriate and stow it away till birthday or Christmas. It's kinda like a little challenge to get the most bang for your buck. The only time I ever buy books at a "real" bookstore is when they are featured on the clearance table. I usually hit the thrift stores and eventually end up with my picks (I carry around a list) for $2.00 or less. Very important when you read with the voracity of a crack addict. It's a literary treasure hunt! I also find things at the thrift store for my brothers three kids. They love the care packages from Aunt Jodi and it just makes sense, cuz they are growing like weeds and my brother has no time or inclination to shop. My contribution the the green thing, too. And it cracks me up that while they are blowing the winter wear out the door, on the next rack the saleslady is putting out the swimwear. When I glance over she shrugs and says, "lot of people are going on cruises in February." Really. And buyin' up the bathing suits at FULL price. No way, babe--wrong price. And we don't even have to discuss the shopping killjoy of exposing pale, post holiday bods in small rooms with fluorescent lights. Not happenin'. Everybody knows if you have the sense got gave a chicken, you would have purchased the bikini at the end of June when they were 75% off and being sold while on the next rack the current winter coats were being sold. What a debacle. When we retire to the Keys, I hope to enjoy the climate that will basically allow for one type of clothes. So much simpler than this madness. Celebrate Martin Luther King Day and enjoy your dreams! xoxo

Monday, January 12, 2009

Is that all there is?.......

So, I guess I won't be using my 20% off coupon at Four Seasons Salon and Spa anytime soon. They were handing out the discounts at adjoining businesses in the shopping center, trying to help the new salon drum up customers. I was awakened from my afternoon lay down, by a text from my friend Brian, informing me of the bust in my (neighbor)hood. Yes, the worlds oldest profession was being practiced right here in my backyard. At the Four Seasons. How 'bout it? We have the usual, garden variety of local crimes your basic pot busts and such, but a "ring of prostitution"? Holy cats. When we had our business in Detroit, it was not unusual to see the girls plying their trade just outside our gate. Niecy and Strawberry were just good old gals, doin' what came naturally in the name of the almighty crack rock. But here in 'burbia? What will they think of next? As something still classified as a "victimless crime", I really don't know how I feel about it. The whole thing involves choices by all involved. The Four Seasons replaced a legitimate salon where the only crime perpetuated was customer no shows, and a less than 20% tip. Maybe a few highlights in questionable taste or a mullet or two in definite bad taste--but no "extra" services, if you know what I mean. So now, women with very little formal massage training, open up a salon and quickly have enough business to warrant complaints from neighbors suspecting something untoward was going on. In a rather high profile shopping center, near my friend Kroger, this service was being offered and apparently well received. The high overhead costs incurred in this location had to require business to be very brisk just to make rent--unlike Strawberry and Niecy with no overhead and prices starting at a very reasonable $5.00 on up. Can't even pretend to understand the financial complexities involved. I guess I feel sorry for anyone needing to frequent the place for anything more than a massage as well as the women who provide it. They probably were victims in their lives long before this unfortunate career choice. Abuse, poverty, drugs, and desperation can suck out all a women's self esteem and make prostitution a viable option. And the job market being at an all time low, doesn't help either. Too bad, sad, and pathetic. I can't imagine feeling that that's all there is. I enjoyed a regular massage from my regular girl, Darcy, last Friday. It felt wonderful and she was able to loosen my neck stress and lower back ache. She is someone I totally trust and feel comfortable with. And she is VERY good at what she does. But, as usual, I digress. I have no prophetic ending for this little news flash. Not even an amusing one. But I will say that I was naive in thinking it wouldn't go on here, under my nose. I hope these women will be able to pursue a healthier, safer, career in the future. And for the customers? You got lucky this time, unlike the women--victims once again. xo

Monday, January 5, 2009

Who's that girl?

So, 2008 out and 2009 in. Happy New Year. Whoo Hoo! I have never had a great love or respect for this inevitable event. Flip the calendar already! Years past I have endured every type of party imaginable, with having to drive home in blizzard conditions amongst drunk drivers. I hate the countdown, hats and noisemakers. As kids, we couldn't wait for Mom and Dad to come home and bring us those very goodies, knowing fully well that we would annoy the hell out of them all the next day when they would have very little tolerance for it. Then, finally, a long time ago, I put my foot down and refused most invites, and just stayed home or at the home of close friends. Although we had 2 other wonderful invites, (Bennie and Lori, and Bill and Cindy xoxo) we opted to go up north and welcome in the new year. Had a great time with friends where we skied, snomo'ed, and walked in the SNOWY woods. We braved lots of slopes and even tackled one black diamond, before retiring to the lodge to congratulate ourselves on our athletic prowess (and lack of gray matter). Rewarding ourselves with a fabulous hot cocoa (o.k., with Kahlua) in the lodge seemed the appropriate thing to do. The sight of so many pink cheeked families laughing and enjoying themselves was inspiring. My amigos and I trudged up a big hill and watched snowboarding daredevils do their thing. A gorgeous guy in black high tech gear, but wearing a Detroit Red Wings hat, did the portraits for us. (Thank you, hunky guy!) We bowled and golfed on the Wii, well, most everyone else did. I abhor all things video, except a good movie, and besides I have to put down my beverage and crossword puzzle to take a turn to PRETEND I am doing a sport. I did humor everyone--or rather amused them with my lack of care and competitive nature. Just not for me. Rather chill by the fireplace and contemplate or daydream. Our friends are fabulous cooks and treated us fabulously to their culinary expertise. I indulged all of my cravings and mused on how, come Monday, a serious effort to return to sensibility would take place. Don't worry, I won't go all "OPRAH" on you. I never make a resolution, per say, but I do pause to reflect on the past year. The coolest thing was starting to blog. I have made some friends that I look forward to visiting each day, as if I was their neighbor. Learning about others as well as myself is an enlightening exercise to say the least. I was privileged enough to visit a place I've always wanted--Costa Rica, and experience their way of living. Witnessed a historical election. Supported friends in their wedding. Cooked a turkey! Went to some great concerts. Walked approximately 750 miles on the Metro Parkway path with my good friends, Rose and Mickey. Read some great books--and some not so great ones. Ditto with the movies I saw. Enjoyed family. Ate well, loved well, and was loved well back. What more could I want? xo P.S. thank you, Jimmy, Pam and Mary xoxo!