Monday, December 29, 2014

Carol of the Bells...

Normally, I do not do reviews on anything because I just don't have the confidence to competently pull it off.   But this is one I think I can handle....

On Saturday afternoon, Randy and I ventured out to The Palace of Auburn Hills to see, not the Detroit Pistons, but the fabulous Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I have heard and loved 'Carol of the Bells' as done by the T.S.O., being their most recognized, and in my opinion their most powerful song.  Now, I sat and wondered what the heck Tran Siberia had to do with this band-who is really not an orchestra.  At one point, the screen showed the train speeding along thru Siberia, I assume as a nod to the name.  I like to describe the the show as a progressive rock Christmas opera.  Throw in numerous rock and classically trained musicians and 25 or so lead singers and you get the idea.  Let's not forget a crazy cool light, laser and fog show ala Pink Floyd, with musicians running thru the audience and being suspended on cranes and raised stages.  Fire and snowfall effects were amazing.  And the hair.  How could we forget the hair?  99% of the band and singers have waist long locks and these manes are also in perfect sync.  And just when you think you've seen and heard it all-they kick out an unbelievable Led Zeppelin tribute. 

In addition to the show being visually jaw dropping, the music was beyond.  I was moved to tears many times as the beauty and passion of the spectacle overwhelmed me.  2 and a half hours flew by like a dream.  It was simply wonderful.

Tran-Siberian Orchestra brings their show to town every December.  If you ever want a special experience that you truly will never forget, snag some tickets-they are very reasonable-and make a date to get lost in the magic.

Have a fab-ooh-las week and a safe New Year's Eve.   xo

Monday, December 22, 2014

All About it...

Does anyone ever call Monday a 'funday'?  Not usually, I suspect.  But when a my darling niece, Lindsey proposes a such a day, how could I say no?

 So, instead of the usual Monday grind, I hauled my cookies to Ann Arbor and participated in a girly day of indulgence.  By waiting until after the early rush traffic time, I made the drive in just an hour.  We started out with lunch at Zingerman's.  It's been awhile since I've been there I and I forgot how much I love their menu.  Why does grilled cheese sandwiches taste so good when you order them out?  Maybe it was the exotic cheddar or the excess of matter, it was delicious!  Next stop was downtown where the weather was perfect for browsing the cool shops.  Just enough of a street crowd to make the hustle and bustle of the season perfect.  Loved perusing the unique, arty stores without any holiday shopping pressure.  Both Lindsey and I purchased cashmere scarves-for ourselves!  And of course, all that browsing can make two girls thirsty, so a drop into 'Felix' was in order for a couple of specialty martinis.  Yummy..

But the best part of all was getting to know my niece as an adult woman.  The time spent at family holidays doesn't always lean to that type of conversation.  Especially in our family with sports on t.v., various pets running around and all of us pretty much talking at once.  Lindsey and I have a mutual love of food, wine, makeup, family and art.  She is a scientist with a brain I could never stand next to, but if she talks slowly and uses short words, I can kind of get it.  Kids these days!

Thank you, Linds for breaking your old Auntie out of her rut.  I had a blast and am looking forward to more adventures with talk of a cake decorating class and a sushi making lesson.  Sounds cool, doesn't it?   xo

Merry Christmas, my Darlings. xo

Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby, it's You...

So when did pregnant women become sooooo  gorgeous?  Dollfriend, Lauren, was ever the picture of a radiant expecting mother when I attended her shower this fall.  Confident with clear, glowing skin, shiny, glossy hair and a body that looked normal, other than what looked to be a small basketball tucked under her cute dress.  A truly, serene and beautiful Madonna.

It probably won't surprise anyone that that was NOT the case with me.  At eighteen days overdue, I was a miserable witch-and that's being generous.  Very generous.  My big perm was frizzy, (hey, it was the eighties!),  my ankles were elephantine, and we won't discuss my maternity wear.  During the hottest June ever, my swollen bod was in a bikini or a t-shirt with the garden hose over my head.  And I could have cared less who saw this vision.

 We did not have air conditioning-hence the overheated whale like body paired with the unfortunate coif. I protested smocked, pastel maternity wear-incredulous at this little insult to injury. Are ya kiddin' me?   Mommies today would never suffer the humiliation of EIGHTEEN days overdue, but at the time, ultra sounds were not insurance covered except in emergency situations.  "That baby will be born when it's ready" were the sage words from my Doc.  (yeah, bite me!)  I was practically a menace to the neighborhood wandering around half naked,  totally overripe, muttering at anyone who crossed me or marveled at my 'doo'.  Few escaped the wrath of my hose.  With no idea when I was actually going to birth this little babe,  I was stripped of all possible dignity.  Folks-it was not pretty.   Let's face it, the science, nutrition, and fashion are waaaaaaaay better today. 

Last night friends, Tom and Kara had the ever trendy 'Baby Gender Reveal Party' and announced to the world that their firstborn would be a girl.  Hello Kitty!!  Buds Brian and Kelly are sharing this weekend, the sex of their little peanut. xo  Cousins Kristi Jo and Kevin  expecting a girl this spring.  I am very excited and happy for them all.  Girls rule!

But, coolest of cool..... Lauren and Tom welcomed little Tom Harley Sawyer on 12-13-14!  What a birthday!!   Congrats you two as you walk thru the door to the most incredible experience life has to offer.  Enjoy every second of baby Harley-he's truly the best of both of you.  WARNING: I will kiss his cheeks off when I see him.!  Congrats again. xoxo

Monday, December 8, 2014

This is Gospel...

I don't know what bug was dumb enough to bite an onery cuss like me, but I'm telling you, it took out a chunk.  Spent the whole day snuggling with Hazel and sippin' hot beverages out of my trick new Starbucks mug.  Isn't she a pretty little mermaid?

Anyways, tossin, turnin', freezin' and burnin' have left me exhausted.  Achy all over with a sore throat made for a very lazy day.  Am loading up on Elderberry and zinc, (thanks Kristin!) and if I don't feel better by tomorrow I am going straight up Tylenol Cold.

What a drag.  I've downloaded a new book and am reading in between naps, and I don't even feel guilty about reading the day away.

Hope y'all have a great week and hope like hell you don't catch this thing.  Take care of yourselves.  xo

Monday, December 1, 2014

How you Remind Me...

Happy December 01!  It is also the day recognized as "National AIDS Awareness Day".  AIDS.  Now there is something I have not heard of or thought of lately.  I saw on the news that Ryan White's Mom was here speaking in Detroit today.  I remember the plight of Ryan and his courageous attempt to educate us at a time when very little was known or understood about the disease.  I then tried to educate myself on the C.D.C. site, but was unable to find any updated stats.  I can only assume that thru education, the rates are down.  I know the medicines are much better and life expectancy is higher.

I only knew one person personally touched by aids.  Very sad, of course.  In Key West where the population is mostly gay, I have seen the ravages.  It is an absolutely horrific sight.  There is a group that helps to adopt out the many cats and dogs left behind as their owners can no longer take care of them. But that's really as close as I've gotten.

In the book, 'Fairyland, a Memoir of my Father", by Alysia Abbott, the story comes to life.  Taking place in the '70's, in San Francisco, the story Alysia tells is one of coming of age in a less that perfect childhood situation.  Being raised solely by her father, a professor and poet, she experiences early freedoms as she more or less figures out her fathers situation.  He is mostly honest about his lifestyle and Alysia thrives under his honest and loving parentage.  She reverses the roles of child and parent as she steps up as his caregiver in his final weeks.  It is a story she tells with candor and no regret.  I recommend it to anyone as a good read and a peek into a very personal life story.

Pray, as I will, that research will lead to more successful therapies and that someday we will see a cure.    xo