Friday, February 29, 2008

Isn't it ironic, don't ya think?

I love irony and all the contradictions and the sarcasm that "good" irony can stir up. It's so easy to laugh at someone else's irony, just happy that it's THEIR pickle and not ours. I said easy--not nice. Well, recently "someone elses" irony hit oh- so- close to home. My dear brother from Ossineke, (a small, Native American, fishing village in northern Michigan) is doing his level best to be a good single parent to his 3 small sons, while working 6 days a week at the local Ford dealership and 1 night a week at our sisters wonderful restaurant, as a bartender. ( More on the ever fabulous Rosa's at another time--it's a whole another bottle of wine!) Steve has been known to stoically haul his cookies to the dealership every Saturday just in case some laid off-no Ford A plan-just struck it lucky person, should happen to want to kick a tire. (I know--kinda harsh) But it's a short day at the end of a long week and with donuts and the lottery club to ease it all--Steve made it work. Sometimes there was even a "live one"! Well, seems that one Friday afternoon it became apparent to his boss that Steve has worked the last 989 Saturdays in a row, and suggested he take the next day off. What? No getting up early on the 6th day? No donuts and lottery tickets? If He could scare up a babysitter, it would be a night out with a sleep in! So, throwing caution out the window, Steve took the day off. Saturday morning the donuts and lottery tickets were procured and with a little luck the lottery tickets could fund a couple of frosted bear claw induced angioplasties. No one could have predicted that with a shriek audible somewhere in the area of the Joe, the secretary announced that they had won $20,000.00! The two others sharing the wealth (there usually would be three others) stared in disbelief!! Especially when one of them noticed that they in fact would be splitting (3 ways not 4) $200,000.00. OMG! A call was sent out to my brother so that He could share the joy. Ever the supportive friend, Steve spread the congrats around. Just happiness. No IRONY! Not even ONE sour grape. I'm afraid that I would have had a whole vineyard of 'em and probably would have drank at least the same. Maybe you know the type of person, or at least have HEARD of the type of person, that never has a bad word to say and can usually find something redeeming. Well, that was Steve. So what if it cost him $35,000.00 (after taxes) for one lousy Saturday off. Just not meant to be he says. Maybe next time. Yea, and I heard it's snowing in Hell. How else can you look at it? And who would have thought? It figures......xoxo

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do you know the way to San Jose?

O.K. Now lessee.... Packed? Check. Passport? Check. Mani/Pedi? Check. SPF45? Check. (gone are the "bronze goddess days--now tanning just looks careless, irresponsible and just plain dangerous, DRAT!!!) Lola babysitter? Check. Roots did? Check. Mom called? Check, check and check!! While I will be indulging myself on a much needed, GLAMOROUS vacation in Miami and Costa Rica this week, I hope you all will be staying warm. Check me out middle of the week, cuz I've got a post due to print! Especially you, brother Steve! I've no idea if I will be able to post poolside in Tamarindo Beach-especially while in a reclining position, undoubtedly clutching a frilly cocktail and nibbling on fresh star fruit, but I am planning to take lots of pics to share upon my return. Sun, cocktails, walking endless white sand beaches--some nude!, shopping, yoga, observing, and exploring are on the vay cay menu!! Oh, and I can't wait to see a cute monkey and to dispel my Sons theory that all they do is indiscriminately fornicate and throw feces--whereas I am sure they will want to hug me and let me hand feed them bananas! Ha! Take care, and stay warm. See you in 8 days. Oh and p.s. I know the song is about the San Jose in California, but it was just too easy--couldn't resist.. xo

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Her name is Lola......

Okay. So I've waited long enough. Time to talk about and surely bore you stiff regarding my darling cat, Lola. About 3 years ago, I found myself craving some "pet love" and decided to do something to remedy the sitch. Problem being, I am extremely allergic to dogs and cats--no just a sneeze here and there oh no the uglyreditchyeyedsneezingconstantlyIcan'tbreatheI'mgonnaDIE kind. Ironically and sadly enough nobody loves animals more than me. So how did I ever determine this burning urge given the annoying allergy thing? Well, the allergies didn't show their ugliness till I was around 25 and had owned a few dogs by this time. So to own a pet now without being drugged into delirium and with an inhaler glued to my lips, would take a little talent. I have heard about hypo allergic dogs with non offensive dander, but a dog just doesn't fit my lifestyle with the exception of the fantasy that said dog would MAKE me run 5 miles a day. There were also rumblings about a cat with non-offensive dander, but I have never really been a cat lover--total dog person--or so I thought. Happens that the Pet Expo was going on in Novi, and uncharacteristically, I braved the drive and the crowd to check out some critter possibilities. Armed with a quadruple dose of Benadryl inhaler, I made my way over to the Bengal section. Now, to be sure, I really am more about a rescue pet from the pound than a "designer cat". Making my way over to the Bengal section, I saw the most beautiful cats ever. They look just like little leopards! Come to find out, they are a nationally recognized breed, that was created and bred by a woman here in little old DETROIT! Holla to the D! The cats actually have Asian leopard as part of their breed--which explains the decidedly wild look. The build is long muscular and lean and the face is very box like with large eyes. Just a total coinkydink that they are the perfect spotted accessory! Another interesting tidbit is that Bengals are known to be the dog of the cat world. What? Well, seems they will follow you around like a dog, are not afraid of water, and can be leashed trained to walk outdoors! So, after learning of this info from a breeder, I finally held a Bengal cat. She immediately stared at me curiously and started to purr. How hooked am I? How much $$ No kidding. Well, I will have to think about it. For about 2 seconds! I quickly located a local breeder in Romeo and sped out there to get me a kitty. And there she was. Lola is comin' home with me! Three years later, she can make about 10 different sounds, is a total athlete, and the cuddly love o' my life. She was born on Valentines Day in Romeo, Michigan!!! How perfect. The rest is history as you can imagine. All I can say is that I TOTALLY recommend a Bengal as a fabulous pet option if you suffer the malady--or even if you don't. Now, if I can just get her to MAKE me run 5 miles a day...(sing along with me--you know you want to--EL-OH-EL-LAY, Lola!) xo

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday mornin' comin' down......

After waking up yesterday with "no way to hold my head that didn't hurt", today I feel reasonably recovered from what was a 12 hr. flu bug--not a hangover suffered because of 2 beers at the Wings game. Spent all of Saturday just chillin', tubin', sleepin' and rehydratin'--flu being the ultimate excuse for just being checked out. However, doin' nothing while you are sick is not nearly the luxury it is while you are healthy. Listlessness, sweats, and headache make even reading a chore. But, it's Sunday, I feel almost human, and the possibilities are endless. I could run out to T.J.Maxx just to make sure there is nothing I can't live without for my upcoming vay cay...or do a "Target run" just to stock up on those 2 oz. travel sizes, and check out that fun $1.00 section....Definitely Kroger is a must because there is very little in the way of chow here--a fact I didn't care about yesterday when fat free fudge sickles were just fine. Whipping up a gourmet dinner will necessitate something other than just the chocolate/ice cream food group. Hmm.m..m. A good walk along the 16 mile path surely would be invigorating and the fresh air would feel great, or at least a little time upstairs bonding with my treadmill or elliptical. Overwhelming possibilities indeed. BUT,--hold on now-- I may be mistaken', but all this thought as given me or just reawakened my slight headache. The weather looks positively nasty--driving must be treacherous! Black Betty doin' a slip slide (shiver!) would be way too hard to handle with my strength ebbing and all. Besides what with all the vile germs and viruses, I just can't be too careful. Kroger is usually packed on Sunday and I could always call Jets. Exercise would surely bring about those pesky sweats and possibly a soaring temperature. Way too risky. Maybe if I moved from the couch to the love seat, the change of locale would make it more comfortable to get back into that book.....or maybe a cheesy Lifetime movie.....Forget it. Maybe I just better take it easy after all. Better safe than sorry, right? I think two Tylenol's and a fudge sickle are in order..... xo

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love to love you Baby....

You may call me a freak, but I am a freak for Valentines Day. Sure its easy enough to enjoy when you have a special someone (and I do!) but, solo celebrations certainly have their merit. Many years I have used this for an excuse (as if I've ever needed one) for a lesson in, ahem, "self love." Paper hearts? Who needs 'em? Godiva? Hershey's still makes my favorite dark chocolate. Red roses are a little morbid for me, (one too many creepy anonymous deliveries), but the spring starter bulbs for tulips, paper white and the such are available to remind us that spring is just around the corner. Maybe down the street and around the corner, but on the way nonetheless. I get enough fine dining to consider a big bowl of popcorn to be the ultimate in culinary delight. But, it has to be made in a pan, with real butter and lotsa salt. Carbs and bloat be damned! Champagne is so festive and you can use it to toast your FABULOUS self! Lone bubble baths can be accompanied by a good read that can be less dangerous as half drowning (literally) in the throes of passion! I think you get the idea. So, enjoy yourself and indulge in whatever works for you. And even if you hate the day, tell someone that you care about that they are special--and make their day. You don't even have to shave your legs.... xoxoxo Happy Birthday to my Gramma Iola who is 94 years young today. She loves the Tigers and can still rock a one armed bandit. LuvLuv! Also my precious Lola (my little Bengal cat) who is 3 today. All love xoxox

Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby, Baabee, where did my blog go?

Such a cool song to describe such a frustrating event! Yes, its true. With a quick stroke of my finger, I inadvertently deleted my first blog entry that I posted on Sunday. GRrrrrrr! So, I will try to recapture its essence, while not feeling as excited as I was originally about it. I had explained that with a new camera in hand, I would attempt to share some of my world with y'all. Growing up in northern Michigan has basically formed me and my move to a Detroit suburb 12 years ago has broadened my perspective. I have lots of opinions, stories and such to share and will welcome input, commiseration and plain old calling me out if necessary! Hopefully the blog will prove to be an exercise in self enlightenment and or discovery and a source of amusement. As I embark, please feel free to comment as I hope this to be an interactive event. Now, where did I put that Supremes album? xo

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just another manic monday....

First of all, a shout out to my nephew, Steven Race who turns 11 today. Nothing marks to passage of the years like the birthdays of children. Personally, I have stopped counting and of celebrating my own birthday, cuz after a while it just seems redundant. Birthdays are for kids who look forward to all it entails without ever pondering the number of years! So, Race, eat cake and be the special guy you are on your special day. I love you......oxoxoxo! In other news, it is petrifingly cold-not fit for man or beast. So dress warm, warm up your car and know that this too will pass. Today marks just 2 more weeks till our Costa Rica vacation. I've got my passport, am sorta packed, just need of course, to drop about 20 pounds! Ha! Hibernation gets me every time! Powerhouse Gym and my p.t. and friend, Rose will help me make the effort in that department. More on the vay cay later.... Anyone catch the Grammys? Talk about glamour and frivolity! But i have to admit- i cannot resist the clothes and the live performances. Kinda crazy though. People already getting piles of money for their efforts still have to get the ego stroke in a public forum. Can we honor with an award those people who REALLY enrich our lives? How about that darling William at Kroger who so carefully packs my groceries... Or the sweet waitress at the Firehouse who doesn't let my wineglass stay dry and always remembers that its dressing on the side? And who is it that maintains those beautiful flowers in the median on Metro Parkway? Is it the same person who makes sure the walking path is both plowed and salted? Kudos to the gentle nurse who makes my monthly B12 shot almost painless--I know, just a little pinch here! The caregivers at various nursing homes that make our loved ones more comfortable than we ever could and so it with more tolerance and with a smile. Truly award winning. Can't forget my friend Mark who calls to cheer me almost daily with something funny to say or a song left for me on my voicemail. You can't believe how many songs he is able to incorporate my name into! Oh, and of course my friend and Yogi extraordinaire, Tim, who can transport me into another place-just by his voice during class. I'm sure we all have these special people everyday easing us along. Let's have our own awards by remembering to thank them for all they do. They are the ones who truly make our days sweet.........xo