Sunday, December 27, 2009

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch...

Hope you are all enjoying this faboo Sunday. Had a wonderful Christmas that included my parents and brother. We were able to visit friends for some cheer before sitting down to a sumptuous dinner. Mom and I attended mass that rounded out the day and the season.

Yesterday was spent at my darling sissy in laws (and brother in law, too) house for more of the same with Cheryl's Pumpkin Bread being my favorite thing!

So now it's that lovely day where I had intentions of going out but a day spent in pajamas ruled. The real world can wait. Mulled over gifts, ate popcorn for lunch, read and took a nap with Lola. Ahhhh, such peace.

Tomorrow brings a brief return to normalcy for a few days. Then New Year's Eve will descend and we hope to be skiing if we get a little more snow up north. Please do a naked snow dance if you are able!

Then the real routine settles back in. I always enjoy the quiet of January and general lack of activities. Got LOTS of books to get to.
But for now, I'm gonna heat up leftovers and maybe take another nap. Works for me. Hope everyone is having a sweet, peaceful day. We get so few of 'em! Wishing everyone the best holiday ever. xo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Hundred Ways.....

Hello my Dollies! Can you believe that today I am posting my 100Th. post! Imagine that for just a minute. Going on two years, once a week, I have had something to share. Triviality and minutia being the most common topic.

It may have been an old memory for laughs, love of a pet, vacation updates, a missed Grandparent story, a random observation or pet peeve, or just a good old rant and rave session. Two times I have attempted non-fiction--something I would like to do more of. But you were there for me.

I have found this all to be fun, challenging, bittersweet at times--and a bit narcissistic. The photo's are fun and the closest thing to being a model a chubby 5'3" girl can get! Venting and remembering is also my therapy and escapism. Sometimes the old days just seemed better, even though Carly Simon reminds us that "these are the good old days." Better strive to make my days richer and fuller. Perspectives get clearer when put into words.

Which brings me to you, dear reader. You have taken the time to read and follow me on this little journey of self discovery. You have put up with my run in and on sentences and miss spelled words--before I discovered spell check. I love and use slang liberally and you tolerate! It was you (Walking Man) that suggested I use paragraphs. Good call, my wise sage. But I still have trouble getting the post to actually post the way I have written it. You have been my family, when at times I feel like an orphan in this city. I have purchased art thanks to Lana via Charles. Some of you are old friends and some of you are new friends. A wise prison educator worries the hell out of me. I have a lovely friend in India who shares her interesting life. Even weird Chinese guy found me, and left his little comment--in words I cannot understand and feel I definitely do not want to! I give a special hug and kiss to the ever gorgeous Michelle who inspired me to try to tell my tales. xo I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you and have been honored that you respect me and my 'little blog about nothing'. I have been likened to Elaine on "Seinfeld" many years ago! You have commented constructively and supportively (and very cleverly-Erik) and for this I am so grateful. How fun would it be to talk if no one listened?
Wishing you all the merriest of Christmas. Be safe and warm, reverent, loving and joyful. May visions of sugarplums dance in your heads. And may you wake in the morning to write about it. Love and kisses, j.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood....

So, I come from a long line of golfers. My family is crazy about the game--kinda like a religion. But more feverish and intense. I say more like a cult. And I mean my WHOLE family. From Dad down to the smallest cousin--they have crazy embraced this thing. My Sister even met Tiger (yes, that Tiger) in Dubai once. (and no, She is not one of 'the nine'!)
Lessons from the pro, club lengths, widths, brands, etc. are considered to the smallest detail. Partners for tournaments and foursomes are practically a life and death matter. A tee time must be kept and you dare not be a minute late as the next group is standing around clearing their throats and tapping their toes. Most of the game is spent waiting, and half the time you can't even have a conversation. However, a "nice shot" in a low voice-preferably with a British accent is allowed. The whole thing is interminably long and is generally suffered thru on the hottest day of the summer. It is imperative that you have the proper rain gear to allow play to go on in even a severe storm. There is a special siren that rings to warn you of the threat of lightening pulverizing you into statue you on the spot. Having the sense to come in out of the rain only applies in the most dire situations.
The game is particularly suited for the out of shape athlete. Mostly you just drive a golf cart--a skill I learned later to be my personal specialty--one hand on cold beverage and one hand on the wheel. And unlike a tennis game, for example, there is a cutie pie piloting a special little bar on wheels to serve you a cold refreshment! Now, there's a thing that is truly thought out.

And don' t even get me going on the clothes!! On a family outing my Mom says, "You know, they do not allow tank tops at the country club. You have to wear a shirt with sleeves and a collar." Huh? Like with a little alligator on it? Perfect. Oh and she adds, " No short shorts allowed." And I say, "Please not those long plaid ones?!" Well, you guessed it. Golf shoes appear totally orthopedic and those little spikes aren't even CLOSE enough for heels for me! Some concern about the state of the putting greens or something...And I am NOT wearing that dopey visor!

So after purchasing a truly fugly outfit, I agree to go to "The Club" for the family outing. Yes, I have the cute golf bag with the animal club covers. I've relented and am wearing the polo and long shorts ensemble. The shoes are ghastly.

I get two or three holes under my belt and have the best time watching for the club resident fox and the snapping turtles by the water holes. Okay, kinda fun. I flag down beverage hottie and get a cold beer. Now, driving the ball is sort of a kick, but I quickly lose interest in the rest of the hole. I am scolded and told not to lay down on the green even tho it's 98 degrees in the shade. After enduring a few more holes and even getting in some good shots, I have had enough. My Mom remarks with one eyebrow up that I could really be quite good if I just put my mind to it.

As we finally finish the ninth hole, I am relieved and ready to head into the bar for a real cocktail. Just then someone announces that we have 'made the turn' and are ready for the back 9. Ohfercryin'outloud! Now, I know you are kidding me. I look up and see what appears to be a mirage but is really the cool blue waters of the pool,--complete with chaise lounges. See ya gang! I'm so done with this game. Heading to the pool. Look at the cute lifeguard! And send over that driving drink dude! My Dad reminds me--"NO bikini's".

Man, you guys are no fun at all. Enjoy your week whatever you are up to! xoxo

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eye of the Tiger....

Okay, so I gotta say something about the Tiger news. Everyone else has! I was up north for the Thanksgiving holiday at my parents' house when I heard of the accident involving Tiger Woods and his wife.

Upon first details it appeared that Tiger is such a horrible driver, that he couldn't even back out of his own driveway. The fact that it was 2:30 a.m. probably just meant that he was having a White Castle 'Crave Case' craving. Right? Then in his crazy frenzy, he forgot all driving skills except the ones he employs on the golf course. And doesn't Tiger pimp Buick's? Hmmmm. Guess the Caddy was more his style. Anyhoo, after literally knocking himself out, wife Elin comes to the rescue. She beats the hell out of the back window of the Caddy with his 'Big Bertha' club to make an attempt to extricate her husband. Yes, why wouldn't you do that (Elin 110 pounds, Tiger 200 pounds) and try to pull his heavy, unconscious body out the BACK window over a couple of rows of seats. Okaaay. Neighbors report that she was very distraught once his body was actually lying on the ground. It's not clear exactly how he got there. The vehicle damage did not appear to be 'jaws of life' worthy! Given the very private nature of Elin Woods, this must have been very hard to bear with the neighbors watching.

So now what. I know we are not supposed to judge, but it's hard when a personality sells himself as morally above reproach. Endorsements are sponsored and then based on his sterling character. People (not me!) consider his products because of this. And the numbers are reportedly BILLIONS! (billions spoken in an Dr. Evil voice with my pinky tucked into my dimple!)--both in sales and in dollars for Tiger and Elin. As she was beating the Escalade to death she was probably muttering, " Tiger, you big veenie! Vee're gonna be poor now! Vhat vill people sink?" We will have to wait and see how that all shakes out. Bye, bye Nike, Buick. etc.! Or not.

Here come the euphemisms. After all we are all only human, right? Sex has once again proved to be the great equalizer. Money can't buy you happiness. Things aren't always as they seem. Certainly, nobody's perfect. Tiger said so himself. A man is only human.

For those who blindly supposed that just because you are handsome, a spectacular golfer, a classy interviewee, married to a Swedish model, the father of two perfectly beautiful children, living in an exclusive neighborhood with bags of money--you must be satisfied. No, no and no.

In closing, I just gotta commend Tiger's spin doctors and p.r. people for having him at least tell some of the truth and own up to his errors. I maintain that if Bill Clinton would have done the same thing in the Monica thing, he would have fared much better. The public appears to be able to forgive an adulterer before forgiving a liar.

And so we carry on. My theory is like David Letterman, Tiger will be yesterdays news very soon. Thank God for all of us. P.S. Stay warm and cozy--it's gonna get COLD this week. xoxo

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's only Love....

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone! We had a fabulous dinner hosted by friends Bill and Cindy and Bob and Julie. It was amazing with a looooong table decorated by the very talented Cindy with some help from my Goddaughter, Layne. xx We feasted! Joe, a darling retired fireman showed me the secret to the perfect turkey gravy and Cin and Jule's dressing was the best I've ever eaten! Usually our dinner is shared with family, but it worked out with friends on the actual day and family on the weekend. Thanks so much for the day and the dinner. Friends are something we are truly blessed with. Love you guys!

Shot up to Ossineke for the rest of the weekend. It was great to miss the holiday traffic by going a day late. (Very thankful!) Friday night was enjoyed at my Sister's restaurant Rosa's (can't believe I haven't bragged--I mean blogged about that place yet! Soon!) where I enjoyed a shrimp cocktail with shrimp the size of chicken legs and good bread. Yummy stuff. Laughed and hung out and decided that food and wine are taken for granted by most of us, but are truly on the top of my grateful list.

Saturday, we gathered for an old friends 50Th. birthday party. It was a surprise party and I was truly grateful NOT to be the honoree. I like attending but HATE to be the one to experience the mild heart attack when entering said affair. Always prefer a small, quiet affair where everyone isn't watching for my reaction! More friends, food, and family.......

My godchild (my first one) Nicole, teaches second grade and asked students what they were most thankful for. After lots of creative answers such as pets, nature, blankets, etc., one little girl just shrugged and said "love". Out of the mouths of babes...

So after all of my usual things: coffee, chocolate, friends and family, good wine and cheap champagne, health and security, freedom and faith--the greatest of these is love! I concur, little darling.

Love to all, you give me happiness and for this I am most thankful. xoxo P.S. I am also very thankful to Powerhouse gym where I will haul my big biscuit in the morning so Trainer Tony can knock some of the gravy off of it! Make way for the "Stuffing Butt Express"!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Found a Cure...

The swine flu epidemic and hassle over the do or do not of the H1N1 preventatives is scary and enough to make your head spin. This has me thinking of the old time cures that my Grampa and even parents used to look for back in the day. When the swiney went around in the 70's I remember it, and think I may have even had it. It didn't seem any more deadly than some other influenza's that were going around. But, it was the 70's and we had other things to worry about catching! (did, however, miss out on 'those' things!)

For instance, if we had an ear infection, my Dad would fire up a Salem, blow the warm yet cool menthol smoke in the offending ear, and have us lay with the throbbing ear on a pillow to hold in the smoke. It felt warm and we felt warm with all the 'special' attention. Maybe it worked. So, in the last few years I have read that smoke, first or secondhand, actually CONTRIBUTES to ear infections! Who knew? Seemed liked a good idea at the time.
When swimming, and we got a bloodsucker on our feet, again Dad was called to duty. He would get out his trusty lighter and fire the flame up on high. The offending gross thing, would get singed, curl up and drop off. And with any luck, our toes would escape third degree burns. The area was then doused with cold beer and we were back on our way. Crisis averted.
Got head lice? Pour kerosene over entire head. If that doesn't work, shave off all hair. That little nugget from Grampa Crevier. Made perfect sense--to him!
Never, I repeat, NEVER go to the doctor unless you are bleeding out of your eyeballs. The same goes for missing school. Antibiotics were just unnecessary. These things will just go away the same way they appeared--on their own. Rarely were fingers and toes ever xrayed. Didn't matter if they were swollen like sausages, and limpin' like lepers. Just soak 'em in Epsom Salts. Breaks, fractures or whatever would be just fine. You could learn to be ambidextrous. Or you could 'hop' on your good foot.

Lots of inferences to 'mustard poultices' were suggested by my Grampa. Gladly I didn't have to endure that particular cure. Got worms? Don't even ask. Castor oil will cure ya. Or kill ya.
My all time favorite (shock!) was the coughing cure. After just about hacking out our lungs (no antibiotic needed!) we were treated to the famous 'hot toddy'. You didn't have to ask me twice! A large shot of cheap whiskey with honey and sugar was heated up and delivered bedside. Sit up and drink this would be the prescription. After slammin' a highball of that, we would pass out with the whiskey burnin' our throats. Maybe had a headache upon waking, but much less severe on the coughing end of things. And the rest of the household could get some sleep, too.
Having trouble seeing the blackboard? Move to the front and eat more carrots. Simple enough.

Much mention for saltwater rinses, calamine lotion, vinegar, and Vick's vapor rub could pretty much round out the cures. The chicken noodle soup cure has been proved effective and with the famous 'whiskey potion', I think I am all set. Anyone got any special cures for me to consider? Please share. Love to all. xoxo

Sunday, November 15, 2009


So, the firearm deer season opens this week. I know it's official when I get an invite from an old friend, Gayle, imploring me to 'come up' and enjoy a ladies night out with the girls. I don't even have to ask what this is all about. It's a 'hunt' as old as the ages. And God above - it can't be good.

Let me explain. While growing up 'up north' the firearm deer season was met with mixed reviews. Rave reviews by local bars, restaurants, and grocers; horrible reviews by our parents. It made for wonderful increased income for the area and increased ulcers for our parents. Like the third week in August when the air base hosted thousands of trainees; during hunting season baby - there was new meat in town! My Mom and Dad used to practically lock us up to protect us from the 'fly boys' and the 'downstate hunters.' Had to watch out for their innocent little 'swamp angels.'

Little did they know...the girls in my group LOVED it. What was not to love? Our little town was FLOODED with guys. The grocery store and gas station were packed with dudes in new camo and expensive SUV's stocking up on supplies. They proved to be very helpful if we needed groceries hauled or gas pumped. How gallant! Yee Ha!
Okay, for Saturday night, me and my girlies would plan our perfect outfits, have a few pre-cocktails and hit the town. Primarily there were two main bars that were known for being a hunter's hang out. We arrived, sized up the dudes, got free drinks, and danced and flirted our asses off. We knew perfectly well that they had just gotten their wedding rings off (all hunters are single north of Standish) and they knew we were WAY too young for anything other than drinks and dancing. Perfect for both sides. Rarely did it lead to anything more. Up north chickies are notorious for 'flirting but not flopping'. And so it goes...
So with the opening of the season today (and none too soon, I might add) I officially pass the torch. Let's wish all hunters a safe and fun season. And to the next generation of girlies: well, shoot 'em dead, babes! xo

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Demolition Love....

As you can see, it's not all glamour! As I have mentioned before, fall is my time to nest and start new projects. This week with the help of friend and guywhocandoANYTHING, I installed flooring in my dining room and living room. After a quick tutorial from Brian about the compound mitre saw--complete with warnings about cutting off my digits--the work began! With the exception of the custom cuts, I did all of the saw work! 10 hours later, both rooms are done and I LOVE it! Learning new skills is my passion and now I am setting up to redo my fireplace with some cool glass tiles. Funnily enough, I was more sore after that day than my normal gym workout! Told Brian I would be happy to crew with him anytime--just for the workout. And the obvious immediate satisfaction. xx tO the ever patient Brian.

Rose (friend and walking buddy extraordinaire) and I took the Mickster on a 5 mile walk on the path and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and leaf colors. I love the sight and smell of the leaves on the ground once they have started to dry up. Falling away for the next season. Afterwards we swung thru McDonald's for an ice tea. Large, unsweetened with lemon, please. I picked up my tea two windows later and gratefully took a sip. Ewwwww! Sweet tea! Okay, back around for a replacement. I politely informed girl at windows one and two, that I needed to trade for a UNSWEETENED tea, as I originally ordered. I was shooed up to window #3 where the girl informed me that I had, indeed, been served a regular tea. No, I said, it is sweet tea--taste if you like. Then the girl had the nerve to tell me I was wrong, but she would replace it just the same. Well, thank you so much, generous one. I then thanked her and asked her if she had ever heard that the customer is always right. Seemed she had never been privvy to that one. Really. Well, I stewed and even considered calling the manager, before I decided to just let it go and enjoy the tea.

So, now it's a beautiful Sunday and I have already worshipped at the altar of the Free Press/News and watched a number of HGTV tutorials that will help with my next redo. Thinking of heading out for a lap around Partridge Creek to enjoy the outdoor mall before the cold sets in. There must be SOMETHING I can't live without--even if it's just a good cup of coffee. That's it. I'm out. Enjoy life, work or play--it's a beautiful thing.... xoxo

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What's New Pussycat?....

There once was a nice little kitty, who was very bored doing 'mousework'. Miss Kitty needed some fun she thought as she stretched her back. So she cleaned her fur and combed her whiskers. Her nails were sharpened and polished. Now she was all prettied up and ready to go out on the town. After a nice fish dinner with milk, she headed out to look for trouble.

There was a party and Kitty entered with her best strut and joined right in on the fun. Meowwww, y'all! She met some friends and danced the night away. Yeah, she was 'feeline' it! After getting her ears scratched one more time, she shook her tail and headed for home. Her poor, sore paws!
Now, Miss Kitty was purrrfectly content and happy to curl up for a nice long snooze. Ahhh. What a dreamy night. The End.

Happy November to all. Thank the good Lord, Halloween is 364 days away, and that it only comes once a year! Had a blast, but now am toasted oats. Thanks to Shawn, for once again hosting the bash. xoxo

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Costume no Candy..(yes, it really is a song!)

Happy almost Halloween to y'all. I know I'm early, but next week's post will be after the fact, and to quote the "Peach Tart", I hate to be 'tardy for the party'! (thanx, Peachie!) Anyhoo, note the pic of me last year dressed to impress as Beth from "Dog the Bounty Hunter". I just love Halloween for all the fantasies it can inspire. It's always been my chance and licence to cut loose! Went to a party at our friend Shawn's bar and mayhem (as per usual) ensued. I was forced to be on the job all night and many suspects were made to be frisked, questioned, and cuffed. All this after touching up my lip gloss, showing my badge and tossing my locks. It is a role I was born for! Same party this year and I am to this minute uninspired in the costume department. Any ideas? Stay tuned for updates.
What a gorgeous fall day! Fall always brings out the homebody/creative side of me. I have been an organizing fool and my closet shows it. Baked a cake and ate FAR too much of it. Workin' on a large painting even tho I'm not sure where I am going with the overall theme. Who cares? I just love working in color and how the time slides away as I do it. I met an artist once, (I will tell the story another time) who invited me to Paris to his villa where He would teach me how to paint. Truly and honestly. To this day, I regret just not going. What if I really would have been good?! Imagine my work in the M.O.M.A!
I have started tap lessons and am LOVIN' it! I have always wanted to tap and besides it's a great excuse to dress all 'Flashdance' style with off the shoulder torn sweatshirt and leg warmers. Nothing like a new 'get up ' to inspire--but Edyta Sliwinski need not worry! I had it on my Bucket List to tap dance with Gregory Hines in New York someday. Of course afterward, we would have hit a cool coffeehouse to discuss stuff followed surely by dinner and a few cocktails....He would have been stunned by how quickly I've progressed after a few classes, and I would have had to explained that even the smallest role in a movie where we tapped out a duet would be hard to squeeze into my schedule. I have since learned that He has passed. Don't know how that one got by me. He was an awesome tapper! R.I.P.
Tonight I am going to a drum circle event. I have purchased a mini djembe and even crocheted and knitted a groovy little carrying case for it. This should be interesting--and gasp! Hope I'm not scouted for a band! Rock star fantasies are hard to let go of. Again, too busy to tour. Maybe an occasional guest appearance, like at the Grammy's or something--if Jon BonJovi begs. Stay posted for news flashes!
It may be apparent that my LIFE is a fantasy. I love and prefer it that way. One day a year is not nearly enough for me. Make sure you stop by "Michelle's Spell" for great pics and ideas for costumes, drinks and such. She is the ultimate fantasy girl! Celebrate your Halloween or other fantasy in the way you dream about. Be safe and stop to enjoy a caramel apple--shot or on a stick--you pick! xoxo

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where I come from....

In Ossineke, where I 'come from', there is a definite speech pattern used that I never fully realized till I moved 'down here.' Yes, anything south of Standish, Michigan is considered "the city" to my up north friends and family. Now, I do not mean to paint us a people described in some Jeff Foxworthy stand up about being a redneck. You be the judge....
It's more like a certain colorful vernacular that we use to spice up an otherwise regular sentance. Very metiphorical. Colliquial expressions abound. (o.k. my Son gave me that one!) I have a cousin who is a speech therapist "down here" and she dissolves into giggles when visiting my family. I think it's quite regional and very slang-like. SHE thinks is cute AND hilarious.

Let me explain. A typical convo could go something like this: my brother, the Ford salesman could say, "you won't believe who I sold a new Lincoln to today. Yes, after hours of dickering on the thing, Blahblahblah actually signed on the line." My Dad would say, "that cheap bastard. He's tighter than the nuts on the Mackinaw Bridge." Yessiree-that's pretty damn tight. Or maybe this: baby Ethan fell and hit his head on the glass coffee table and didn't even wimper. Someone will probably reply, "yeah, that kid is tougher than a boiled owl." Or a two dollar steak. Yes, and he IS wilder'n a March hare. A friend with 5 kids has had to pick up a couple of side jobs. This would deem him 'busier than a one legged man in an ass kickin' contest.' If the extra income is not procured, the very same dude is described as 'lazier'n a cut dog.' (Cut meaning spayed or neutered.) Yes, someone surely will concur that he is so lazy that he would shit in bed and kick it out with his foot. Hmm mm m. Many a Monday mornings have necessitated a person to self diagnosis himself having a case of "anal glaucoma". This happens if you just can't see your ass going to work that day. For sure! Some things are harder than Chinese arithmetic. And the poor dudes Parkinson's has him shakin' 'like a dog shittin' peach seeds!" Very charming. There are even VERY un-political correct nuggets known to be heard around. Moonless nights that are 'blacker'n Toby's ass.' Or the uncle who is 'queer'n a two dollar bill.' Don't say I didn't warn you.
They say you can never go home, but you can occasionally speak like it. I have to admit that old habits are hard to break and I sometimes slip into 'em just like an accent I can't quite shake. Kinda like right now, when I am as 'tired as last years fashions.' Have a great week and a belated "Happy Sweetest Day" to all my sweeties. xoxo

Monday, October 12, 2009

License to Chill...

The jspot is on vaycay enjoying the beautiful Florida Keys while pursuing her mermaid dreams. She will return next week with a full post laden with useless information and trivial pursuits. Until then, y'all wait with bated breath, and get your infusion of glamour and frivolity elsewhere. A few cocktails may help with the process.....Salty, wet samootches from the sea! xoxo

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bless the Beasts and the Children...

Happy Sunday and Happy Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Today is recognized as a day of acknowledgement of St. Francis' love of animals and ecology.
My Mother was in town for the weekend and Her and I attended Mass at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Mt. Clemens. The blessing of the pets was said by the priest and I was touched by the authenticity and general reverence for the animals. Now, that being said, I had no idea there was such a day! As a lifelong Catholic and pet lover, I am not sure how that one escaped me. The prayer and sentiment are so sweet not to mention ages old. The pets get extra treats for being the loving, unconditional, goofballs that they are. Our lives wouldn't be the same without them. Amen to the very, very cool St. Francis of Assisi.
Strangely enough, I have read two reports recently about horrific abuse to kittens. May these cruel wretches suffer a similar fate. Both perpetrators have been caught and I hope they rot in jail and later hell.

And now, my second favorite "animals" have made me a happy chick! Just finished up watching our beloved Tigers beat Chicago. (sorry, Wil) After last nights painful debacle, the win was a joy! Coach Jim Leland would have been considered a bum if we would have lost, but in the event of the win--He is genius. Next game is Tuesday in Minnesota. Thank God, we all need a break right along with our athletes. Although it rained off and on, here at home, a mere 20 minutes away, Comerica Park remained dry. I was just to wussy to brave the cold and possible rain that I thought the live game would hold. Altho I would have loved to run the bases after the game!!Bless you boys and Go Detroit!! You rule and ROCK!! xoxo

Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Rain.....

Hello all, on this perfect fall day and thanks for all the comments regarding "Girls Weekend." They make me laugh and I love that.
This weekend was considerably quieter than the last one. Spent Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market scoring fresh stuff for dinner. I made spaghetti and meatballs with fresh garlic, basil, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. Learned that there is more than one type of basil. Even happened upon homemade organic whole wheat pasta! Cheryl's just-frozen corn and wine (she is the family vintner-and a great one at that!) finished it all off. Two snaps, a wiggle and a twist for me! Took our bloat (and one more glass) to the couch to enjoy our food coma.

While at the market looking over a honey display, I met-of all things- a giant, guitar playing bee. I kid you not. "Did you know that bees are the only animals that produce a food product for humans?" No, I certainly did not!
As you may know, I attract these characters like, well, a bee to honey.
After learning that he drives a BeeMW and more bee trivia, I shared my little diddy. What comes after "part Bee," I asked him. He pondered before giving the correct answer of "part A." I only had to correct him in the pronunciation. It's Par-taay, baby!! After some more fun facts and jokes, Biggie Bee moved on to his next victim. Wait, I called after him, I need a picture. He gave me permission to use it on my blog as long as it's family friendly. Moi? But of course! He complied like a good little bee and buzzed away, singing "Don't worry, Bee Happy." See ya around, Honey!

First thing this morning, we witnessed a "ghost freighter" cruising on the horizon. The fog made it all ghostly and beautiful. Just a few rays of sun trying to shine thru made it an image worth capturing. However, I forgot my camera, as I seem to do with so many things of late. Made pancakes with fresh blueberries and raspberries from the market. Yummy. Now Lola is at my elbow, reminding me that it's time for our Sunday afternoon "lay down". I will be reading an Alice Hoffman book that has me interested in people who have survived lightning strikes. Wild phenom! Gotta go, duty calls. Enjoy your day in whatever way! Hey Walking Man--I did a little rhyme! xoxo

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a Girl Wants....

Ahhhh. Home and recovering from our annual "Girls Weekend" which took place at the beachhouse this weekend. Yes, it is brutal. Like a marathon, but much more tiring. The same gang-more or less-converge up north, on this weekend, for a man-free get together.

Nine of us participated this year in the ritual festivities that started at my house on Friday with Grapetini's. Yes, cheers are in order as once again we have managed to get all together for a whole weekend! We then progressed up and continued the party at my sister-in-law and hostess extraordinaire. Cheryl passed out cocktails, tiaras, and t-shirts and the fun began. Later at Foster's, our dear friend Shawn, posted a welcome on his markee as well as a custom menu for us. We karaoke'd (a tortuous event, at best) and danced it up. Some nice guys at the bar even volunteered their time to be our bar bitches, cooks, masseuses and what have you. How very sweet and generous! Thanks, but no thanks!

The weather cooperated beautifully and we lazed in the sun and ate luscious dips and such and had, yes, more cocktails. Blue Margarita's being this years signature drink. Unfortunately, I have some blood work scheduled for Monday morning and this prevented me from too much imbibing--probably a good thing. After catching up on each others lives, the inevitable trying to figure out the male race became the topic. Now, we are not man bashers in any sense of the work. Au Contrair! We love 'em, but relish the time to share our war stories around the bonfire. One of the girls used to work for NASA as an engineer, and we all got an interesting astronomy lesson.

Wrapped things up today and headed home for a much needed nap. This old broad is whipped!

Side note! My all time favorite soap, "Guilding Light" has been cancelled. In production for 72 years (radio, first) it finally got axed. Up north, the show is like a religion. See, growing up we only had two channels, with CBS coming in the best. Hence, a gigantic, built in fan base. My 95 year young Gramma is a fan, with my Mom and I and Sister, too. We used to run home from school to watch it. The cast is like family even with the unbelievable story lines, used on soaps
Don't care. It was entertainment that brought us the glamour of all the latest fashion and hairstyles. Loved it and will miss it. R.I.P. Guilding Light... xo

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drugs or Jesus......

Is there anyone other than Me appalled with all of "those" commercials on the tube? You know the ones. Because I am a devoted "Guiding Light" fan (even tho I DVR it for later viewings) I am bombarded with the ads that the networks feel appropriate for us stayathome types. Geesh! It just shows-ta-go-ya that the network head are most defiantly males.
Within a 2 hour viewing slot one is able to view a myriad of these "helpful ads". Viagra still being the forerunner and possibly the classiest of them all. The handsome middle aged couple are seen walking down the beach, presumably discussing his "problem". (Not to mention Hers!) Then here comes the pitch and warnings for possible heart attacks and undying erections. Fade back to said couple holding hands while closing the bedroom door. Problem solved! Whaaaa?
At least it's better than "Smilin' Bob" looking especially randy wearing his Santa suit while a line of women wait for their turn on his "naturally male enhanced" lap. I love the girls with the wide eyes and pursed lips anxiously waiting to give it a little go. This very image has turned me off of all visits to Santa where sitting upon the lap is expected. My Granddaughter (not yet even a possibility yet) will just stand next to him with her huge list. Better yet, just give the list to "Nonnie". Sure odds on getting in filled without the weird lap sit situation. Recently at a party store I saw the little packets advertising a similar aid for women. Boy, a Crystal Lite slushie and some Enzyte for ladies all in one easy swipe. Can't beat that!

Then there's the KY for couples with the fabulous claim "His excites, Hers delights, and together they ignite". Who hoo! Certainly looks like it did the trick for the smug couple in bed with the sheets pulled up to their necks. All this good info at three in the afternoon. Just in case you might want to run out and procure some before the hub unit gets home at 5:00. Quick, there is still time!!
We are not going to discuss the issue of feeling fresh "down there". Or the pads, plugs, sprays, and gels that necessitate the perfect condition. They are as crude and offensive as I have just been. At least they can add the visions of lavender flowers floating in the air. Uh, okay.
One last one that certainly is a tickle and deserves a Honorable Mention. How about those ladies sitting around discussing God knows what, when the convo necessitates one of the women sharing the delights of her new massager-that conveniently fits over her finger. And it comes discretely in the proverbial plain brown package. Alrighty, then. Can't you broads find "Lovers Lane", "Naughty Time" or "Pricilla's" for goodness sake--they are on every corner. Or my Sister-in-law can schedule you a very special "Slumber Party" for your private needs. And She serves wine!!!
And last but not least the baby bear with the toilet paper cling-ons stuck to his furry little butt. Disgusting. Must we? Really? I prefer the ads with the darling labrador puppy having a spa day.
Cute, and gets the point across without the stupid visual..

It's a pity that as a society on the whole--nothing is sacred anymore. Crass, vulgar, inappropriate, gross, classless and invasive is more the norm. And that tired old T.M.I! And it's not even presented cleverly! Dumb images for a dumb society. Can you tell I hate it?
Done ranting. Gotta go. Time to try out my "Butt Lift in a Box". I'll get back to you on this one..... xoxoxox P.S. Congrats are in order for our darling friends, Tom and Kara on thier recent engagement! Love you guys... xo

Monday, September 7, 2009

Party like a Rockstar....

Happy Labor Day to everybody. Hope this finds you all well and enjoying NO labor. It's officially the last weekend of summer--altho most of us will recall this past 3 months as "the summer that wasn't". Farmers Almanac predicts a long, warm fall with a Indian Summer in the works. Hoo-Rah! Hope they are right. Also the Detroit Lions make their bid to not come in last in the league. Rumblings are that they are much improved. We will see--and hope. GO LIONS!

Back on my "Titties and Beer" post I received some very unique comments. And I take total responsibility and ownership of them! I have a dear friend, "Benjammin" (cuz he makes the BEST music c.ds.) that wrote Me a little poem. I told Ben that Wil (WilHarrison) was taking all the lauds for best comments, so He got busy. It goes something like this:

Tata's and brewha's,
America's men magnets.
Their on platters called bra's,
and boomba's called Hawgs.
Their combo can't go unnoticed,
in a small town of Forrest,
with wolf whistles galore,
and many pour me "some mores"!

I have never had a poem wrote for me before and I am flattered to death. Nope. Dated some "Rockstar" types who never even penned me a verse! Hell, if showin' a little boobage was all it took, I can't believe it didn't happen much sooner! I had to ask what a "boomba" was and I thought the "Hawg" reference was in regards to an ill thought out time where my sister and law and I were bribed/betted on/dared/shamed into wrestling pigs at a local "Hillbilly Hoedown"! Don't ask--that's another post. And it seemed like a good idea at the time..... The "some more" thing applies to both beer and the delicious campfire treat known by the same name. Ben has been known to be our "S'more Bitch" and patiently toasts 'em up for us. Cool, heh? He also helps us imbibe in a Patron tradition--that he originated-- for important birthdays and such. What a guy! xoxo

So that is all for now. Oh. Thanks go out to Ben's parents, Denny and Margit for hosting their annual BBQ that we all enjoyed. Denny hooked me up with grilled chicken and a Bradour and I was a happy punkin. Margit's fresh tomato salad was perfection! A warmer, welcoming family cannot be found. (we won't get into the pear moonshine that Denny distills--yummy!)

Lastly, sympathy's for our blogfriend Wil who lost his dear Father recently. I have not yet lost a parent and cannot imagine his sorrow. Wil also posted a beautiful tribute to his Dad that is thoughtful and loving. Check it out. XXOO to Wil.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something about You.......

How 'bout me, lookin' all studious and shit?

In joining many of my blog friends this week thanks, admiration and awe, to Mark (Walking Man) and Charles (Razored Zen) on their recent book achievements. Mark, I read yours while waiting for the judge to levee the fine on my recent speeding misunderstanding. It helped to soften the financial blow I created for myself. I loved it. (but not the fine!) You have seen so much and view it through such honest, humane eyes. My years in Detroit hold many stories-tho I can't express them with your candor. Maybe if I tell you some of 'em, you will get a kick.(?)

Charles, I received your book from Amazon promptly upon ordering it. However, in order to read the full thing, I will have to pry it from my son's hot little hands. He is an aspiring writer who says he has learned alot from your suggestions. Between you and Mark, hopefully, he will get his story out.

Another thanks to Michelle, beautiful girl, (Remergence) for showing this technical idiot how to finally put links to y'all on my site. And introducing me to the delights of the "Peach Tart"! Let's get together soon for some more giggles! Hope I haven't forgotten anyone......

Found a feral mama cat in our woodpile at the beach house this weekend. (how's that for a segue?) Her two babies were as small as mice. Our friend, Ivan, i.d. 'em as approximately 2 weeks old. Lola and I treated them to a can of chicken and gravy. About 10 minutes later, I spotted a large eagle soaring over. Pray with me that the kittens survive. This may be the reason we have had no mice this season. Yay! Also witnessed a doe with her darling, spotted fawn meandering down the beach about 90 feet from where I sat typing this. I would so love to pet them. Lovely, sweet nature abounds!

Happy Sunday to all on this feelslikefall day. Might even be inspired to throw something in the crock pot, later. Enjoy.... xoxo P.S. that dog, Wil (wilharrison) once again gets the top comment award. I might as well award him cuz he will take the honors himself if I don't! I LOVE my blogfriends... Samootches.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Titties and Beer....

Okay. It was just too easy. Frank certainly did know how to coin a phrase! Here is my lovely sister in law, Cheryl and I on our annual "booze cruise". So what if we do it 10 times or so annually? We have just made plans to take this show on the road in October, when we visit the Keys.
Had a wonderful time in Alpena this past weekend where my beautiful cousin, Britni married her handsome groom, Brian. The couple had the day that dreams are made of and even like an old, jaded broad like me had tears. Much thanks and admiration to Joni, Mike, Kevin and Nancy for their part in this very special day. A good time was had by one and all. Congrats to Britni and Brian. Stay in love--and that's an order! xoxo P.S. How about that free advertising for our friend Shawn's bar? You owe us, dude. Vodka will do nicely.....xo

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ray of Light.....

Once again, the lobster season was a success with the "bugs" being large and plentiful. Fresh sushi grade tuna was an added mouthwatering treat, too. Ate, drank and was very, very, merry!
But, as always, coming home is usually the best part of the trip. I missed the hell out of my Lola and she was happy to see me too. Usually she will punish me for a few days by acting like she's better off without me. It's like I just died or something--the little snob. This time tho, she didn't bother with all that bullshit and surrendered, with much purring, to my snuggling. My tomatoes did great with all the rain that fell.

So, now it's all about re-entering. The weather seems much the same as south Florida with all this humidity. The big difference is that on holiday, there is no cleaning, yard work, bill paying, and very little cooking. The strain of walking out to the pool, or the boat, taking an afternoon doze, uncorking wine or pressing a blender button is much easier to accomplish even in the most brutal heat. I have returned refreshed, clear headed, heavier and tanner. The usual for me. Now I am ready to hit the gym and get back on track with the news, etc. Reading all my usual blogs was, and always is an added touch of "home" while away. So, thanks y'all on that count!

Spent a day viewing art in Key West and met the most charming artist. (Also a dude in a full Spiderman suit playing the guitar in 93 degree heat!) Ray is a 30 year old political refugee from Cuba, who was asked personally by Castro to leave forever. That or 5 years in prison. He did serve 15 days, however, as things got decided. His art was deemed too "angry" in protest to the revolution. He struck out to K.W. 6 months ago, leaving his homeland and family, forever, and got work at a gallery and studio. I was treated to a tour of his paintings in process and a little understanding of the process itself. People were actually buying his sketches before he could get them on canvas. A stack of commissions was waiting for him, also. He has been so well received that he has his own show (lone) at a gallery in Chelsea, New York in December. I got pics of he and I by some of his work, as he passionately explain his vision. I plan to go to his opening. Meeting Ray and hearing his story was probably the highlight of my trip, and I would willingly adopt the poor waif if I could. Very inspirational, indeed.
Aren't we so lucky not to live under such oppression? I sometimes forget that that isn't our worry. Many other things may be wrong, but at least, not such stifling of our ideas and art.
Enjoy this sulty and seductive time, known as summer. "She" makes us all more aware of our bodies (sweating!) and basic needs.(cool beverages!) Move slowly and with purpose cuz it won't last long. xoxo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Diver Down..

The "Lobsta Mobsta"(s) are at it again! I can't believe another year has rolled by so quickly. Once again we have made our annual pilgrimage to the Florida Keys for Lobsterpalooza 2009. My post dated Tuesday, August 05, 2008 gets into the particulars of netting spiny lobster if you are so inclined.

Suffice it to say, I am just crazy chillin'. I have read 2 books already. (one "serious" and one serious "trash"!) I found a cool used bookstore aptly named "Hooked on Books"--in keeping with the local pastime. Picked up 6 more treasures that lay in wait. If you borrow a book from me, while on vaycay, there is a good chance that some of the pages are a little water splashed, as likely it has been enjoyed while I float in the pool.
While I have always enjoyed Lobsterfest, I also have been known to grumble about leaving Michigan in August when the weather I've waited for all year has finally arrived. Leaving the beach house for 90+ weather doesn't always thrill me. (The lobster season is based on when the bugs do their annual march, and they arrive at the keys around August 6, so that is how the timing of that all works.) Not the case this summer. As some of you know, it has been a chilly, rainy season--and I was only too happy to get outta dodge.

Plan to get down to Key West for some shopping. There are MANY galleries and funky boutiques that lure me like the call from a mermaid. The food is locally caught and luscious, but my favorite thing is the popcorn that the same vendor has been selling forever. I score a double Margarita from Sloppy Joe's or the Bull, get the popcorn hookup, and I am good to go. You know I am a simple girl, with simple tastes....... xoxo
P.S. I give Wil the "Two Thumbs up, a Wiggle, and a Twist" award for the funniest comment. I do love a creative remark. Keep it Dude, but just know, I WILL get you back!!! P.P.S.S. what's with the dude winning the lottery TWICE? Good Lord, that's uncanny. Hope he is able to do something good with the dough. xoxo

Monday, August 3, 2009

Where have all the Cowboys Gone?.......

I attended a graduation party recently in Battle Creek. The yard was beautifully landscaped with gorgeous floral plantings everywhere. The pool stood waiting and inviting. A buffet with Mexican fare was delicious and plentiful. Tiki torches and lights illuminated the evening. Margarita fixin's were on ice. The stereo speakers provided the music d' jour. Uncle Mark and Marty opened their home for their beautiful, graduating niece, Kylie.

As I enjoyed the view and my Margarita, I took a minute to observe the graduate and her friends. Now, I realize that at such a party, the best side of these kids were not likely to be seen; however most were exceedingly polite, (even saying hello to the "dinosaurs" watching from the fringe) as they snuck a shot or two.

Looking back, on how optimistic we all were in (gasp!) 1976 was crazy, compared to 2009. We all had our own cars by then and maybe have had 2 years of payments paid down by then. We paid our own insurance or at least helped with the bill. These kids had their parents cars or at least financial help from them as they hardly had jobs. One girl complained that Panera had her down to 8 hours a week, and any kind of payment was impossible. This, coming from an honor student, unable to find any other work. At the time I graduated, I was working 40 hours a week at a private country club that was booming with business. Probably stretching the labor laws, but lots of hours available, non the less. Had I wanted to go to college, I would have had no trouble saving lots of cash.

In 1976, the Bicentennial year, we were hopeful and blissfully watching the Olympics, and Mark the "Bird" Fidrych throwin' heat. The Vietnam war had ended and peace time was upon us. The drinking age was 18. It was a sweeter time-at least in my eyes.

Seems we have moved from a manufacturing market to a computer market-a fact that was obvious as ALL of the kids had cell phones, whereas we had barely heard of computers, and had to save our dimes for the pay phone if we wanted to indulge in any ilicit conversations. Where we used to sit around and "rap", I observed kids sitting next to each other texting (and/or "sexting") conversations with others not at the party.

Not sure what the upshot is on my thoughts, but the differences were obvious. Don't wish to be in their shoes-that's for sure. What it all means, I don't know. Best of luck to all graduates, seems you will need it. Enjoy the dog days of summer that seem to finally be upon us. xo P.S. Shout out to our friend, Bobby, who piloted his catamaran to first place in the races on Sunday. Dude, you ARE a rock star. Congrats! xoxo

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things that make you go hmmm........

I think I got this idea from my blog friend, Charles, (RAZORED ZEN) when he did a post on favorite titles. Thanks, Charles, and please forgive me for my blatant copycatting--and remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery...

That said, I read a review about a movie that is out from Detroit producer, Sami Raimi, that is called, "Drag Me To Hell". The review was actually quite flattering and the title certainly grabs ones attention. I wonder if it is a plea or merely a suggestion? Kinda like when you have the flu or a whoppin' hangover and inevitably you mutter, "This must be hell. I'd have to die to feel any better." I swear I will never drink again--at least not until Thursday, or just later on today.

One of my all time favorite title comes from a book, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", (which I LOVED) and a movie (ummm, not as much) by the same name. What magic does that title conjure up? Darkness, maybe moonlight, floral beauty and the chance for possible danger. Very cool. Read that book, if you haven't yet. It rocks.

Last year I bought a new book off of the sale rack, simply because of it's title--something I rarely ever do. How could I resist a big, thick, hard (what did you think I was gonna say?) cover called "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs." Hysterically satirical, relevant, and point on, I nodded and laughed all the way thru it. Again, I recommend you check it out--for a goof!

"Sex and Candy" is a song by Marcy Playground that qualifies doubly as a cool song title and also a cool band name. And it made the cut for my ipod.

"Shit on a Shingle" gets the nod for the best name for an item on a menu. My Mom's menu anyways. Sometimes we would eat a concoction of creamed tuna on toast with peas. Usually during Fridays in Lent. We loved it and loved saying it. Behind Mom's back of course....
I've already posted in the past about favorite names, but the ballplayer named CoCo Crisp for the Red Sox. Or how about the crazy deal where George Foreman names all of his boys (5 or 6?) George Foreman. Narcissistic or merely simplistic. Beats the hell outta me!
Anything make you go hmmmmm? xo
PS. Kudos to our fabulous TIGERS. I hit the game against Seattle that turned into a real home run derby. Reminded me of Dane's little league games. But we won of course. Wil, once again I sent out my sympathies as ANOTHER Detroit team has to give you a little lesson. I hate to gloat, but, We ROCK!!!!! xoxo

Sunday, July 19, 2009

She works hard for the Money...

Hello and witness the picture of me slaving away.

On occasion, it has been alluded (both boldly, and veiled) to the fact that I have a cushy life, devoid of worry and free from the drudge of work. I've been accused of the proverbial kept woman that sleeps till noon and then lounges for hours on the divan with bon bons and soap operas.

Well, let me tell ya, it's not all been pink ponies and popsickles.

Eschewing college, in favor of "adult life" put me in the most crazy job situation ever. With little or no experience, I waitressed at 2 fine fine dining establishments, bartended top end and at private parties, I sold furniture, was a real estate sexratary, taught summer school gymnastics, babysat, was a file clerk and later a travel agent, acted as "Charlie's Angel", (see 6/28 Angel post) bartended some more, worked retail at the mall, worked as a dental assistant, and taught aerobics and weight training--all before the age of 26 when I decided it was time to pursue higher education. From here I went to a 10 month Beauty College and got my licence and worked in 3 different salons before my "retirement" 5 years ago.
It was fun, risky, enlightening, tough and HARD. I learned to be quite fast on my feet.

Now, I work every Tuesday in our warehouse. I start at 9:00 and finish whenever and make ALL the hard decisions--like where to get lunch. Or what flowers to plant in the front of the office. Then there is the cocktail/dinner dilemma to get worked out. And I even make coffee! I have tried to get fired many times, but as you can see, my position is very important to our overall success. The things we do for love.

Now, if I could just get a divan and some bon bons for afternoon break.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sugar and Spice........

How about it? Took a cue from the "Walking Man" Mark, and attended Megan Abbott's book signing in Birmingham on Thursday night. Almost the first person I saw after purchasing her book and heading upstairs for the reading was him. I knew instantly and waited till Megan was done with her story and q. and a. session to approach him. Standing close by, was the beautiful, "Wandering Savant," who I also recognized right away. Mark hugged by warmly as if I was an old, trusted friend, and introduced me to his friend. (forgive me, I cannot remember her first name, altho I can recount her cool clothes clearly!) We proceeded to get to know one another, and I got to ask some questions regarding poetry--which has always been a mystery to me. Some hints from Mark promise to be of help. I HAD to have a pic. I pointed out that Michelle (Michelle's Spell) was gonna be jealous, but the humble Mark didn't think so! I couldn't hog all of his attention, but I do think we will be getting together sometime in the future--and he has volunteered to be the D.D.--always a plus!

After Borders I went into the Cupcake Station (also in B'ham) and just about cleaned 'em out on delicious, overpriced cupcakes to share with my gym buddies on Friday. (The dude sellin' 'em had the most beautiful head of spiral curls that I almost reached out to unspring one!)Seemed the perfect way to start off my birthday celebration. My Mom lives too far away to deliver to the class, so I made it happen myself. After a little protesting, my friends gave up and indulged. They were so yummy and I recommend them for whatever you are celebrating! Especially the carrot cake!

Friday night was perfect with dinner, drinks and diamonds for the lucky girl-ME! Makes gettin' older not seem so bad. Got wonderful calls and beautiful cards from family and friends-- thoughtful as ever. xo Then spent some time boating, (thanks bro in law Mark) and reading at the beach house. Megan's book, titled "Bury Me Deep" is the kind of book you just fall into. Her writing has been described as lush, and I couldn't agree more. After about title 35 pages, I can recommend it to anyone. Along with a cupcake would be good.....xoxo P.S. How 'bout our Tigers! Brandon Inge is THE Tiger. Congrats on the allstar pic, dude. Homerun Derby is Monday night. Go Tigers!xoxo Oh, sorry lovely Megan--I DID remember your name. Yay, Me! xo

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Songs of Freedom.....

Happy Independence Day everyone! I have spent the usual lazy, fun, up north at the beach house kind of holiday. Barely left the cottage (unless you count the booze cruise on the four wheeler!)which is fine with me. Had a big gang here for the festivities and the weather actually cooperated on Saturday. Nothing new or unusual to report. Had a large garter snake in the shed that scared the Bejesus out of us, but other than that it was business as usual. As long as he continues to keep the place mouse free--I say just leave 'em alone.

Pondering my Independence was the most serious thought I had in my head--aside from blended or on the rocks? If I get political here--well, it would just be kinda scary. Going at the idea from a personal slant is more my style.

Independence can be defined as freedom from dependence, control and determination from others.

While I THINK I am independent, while considering, I am not so sure I am --or really want to be. I take much more comfort in DEPENDING on smooth familiar routines and rituals. Counting on family and friends and depending on them is a safety net and support system that I would NEVER want to be without. I want them to depend on me for the same. Doesn't it seem that we basically just pinball off of each other absorbing what we want or need? My mood can be influenced by the people around me and I like to think that I have the ability to do the same for them. I need people and their differences to teach me things.

Control? I cannot think of a situation where I would want to be controlled. Respect and compromise in relationships can pretty much squelch that. Thank the good Lord. However, I love to control my time and what I choose to do with it. I abhor lateness and being kept waiting and make every effort not to do it to others. I like routine, but I try not to let it control me.

Determination of others is a cause and effect kind of deal. Others actions can determine ours-if we want or let it. I try very hard to not be responsible for what others think of me. Can't be bothered. Trying to live right is all we can do to ultimately control our own destiny and even that gets whomped up along the way. Too many things are just not up to us.

Our freedom to live, think, speak, express, believe, create, and love, give us the ability to choose how we let all of this effect us personally. The yogic statement of not being able to control situations, but rather how we can control how we handle them, sums it up.

So, in continuing with this 'prophetic' style, may I just say--enjoy your wonderful human ability to be free. They can never take that away from us. xoxo

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a little girl in northern Michigan, stuck in a meaningless job. But a very nice man took her away from all that. His name was Charlie.

I kid you not. The year was 1976-1977 and I was waitressing at a private country club. The job was hot and heavy action from May to December with seasonal layoff from January to May. Perfect. I could work the dinner shift and make a bag of cash, spend the night partying (drinking age 18) and then pass out in the sun and work on my tan. Then come January, I was free to lounge about my parents house and be a ski bum and lodge bunny. Also taking to task the monumental job of maintaining my fitness and my long, blond, feathered locks. Affording lift tickets, hot toddies by the lodge fireplace (ok, usually I didn't have to pay--that's what Sven was for!) and Herbal Essence Conditioner was a breeze what with no rent, food, or utilities. Tips had long since paid off my car and unemployment was generous.

Around this time I got an interview for a secretary position at a large, local building supply. SOME members of my family had got it into their heads that maybe I should be working full time-as if 8 months a year wasn't enough!! (le sigh!) So, I trudged my butt in, at my Dad's urging and met the boss. I think I wore a white denim jumpsuit, cork platforms and a rainbow necklace--perfectly appropriate attire for a secretarial job. By some miracle, I got hired for the position. I had literally no skills. I couldn't type worth a damn and filing simply confounded me. A switchboard phone? Fuggedaboutit. So, mostly I dusted our desks and ran for coffee, being lucky that the coffee came pre-made out of a machine--or surely I would have screwed that up, too. There was an 80 year old bookkeeper, 30 guys and me. At least those odds were in my favor.

My bosses name was Charlie. He was funny and patient as I fumbled along. He consulted me on some very important issues, such as appropriate signage and paint colors for his boat. Or, maybe a nice, new gee gaw for his wife. As you can imagine,--can you see where this is going?- it wasn't long before I was tagged, "Charlie's Angel." The moniker spread like a California brush fire and I just applied more Bonnie Bell LipSmacker, tossed my frosted hair, and smiled. Life was good.

I enjoyed the job, "fame", and attention until a layoff occurred and my last person hired, not supporting a family, non skilled butt, was bounced. Charlie graciously gave me a good referral.
I haven't thought of that time in my life for a long time, but of course with the death of Farrah Fawcett, I drifted back. Her iconery touched me personally and I swung off it as long as I could.
But I couldn't and no one else could either--ever be her. She was a sunny light that made us take notice. And notice we did when this past week she succumbed to her disease. I just want to say thank you to her for giving a small town girl a chance for a little taste of glamour. R.I.P. Angel. xoxo

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summertime, Summertime

Happy First Day of Summer and Father's Day too. And thanks to the original Father for giving us a beautiful day to celebrate.

Appears summer was officially ushered in and the weather report for next week looks beautiful. I am looking forward to delving into some of the books I have been stockpiling for the beach.

I got to spend the weekend in Ossineke attending a graduation party for my cousin, (yea, Kristi Jo!) and seeing my Dad. It's always great to catch up on things with my family and Dad seemed to enjoy the gifts I got him to try and show my love and appreciation. Good old Dad, always looking out for me. I guess it's true what they say about a parents job never ending. Hoping to get him down to catch a Tiger's game. (aren't they doin' awesome?) And then indulge him in a steak dinner and a hot fudge brownie sundae, a diet that my Mom discourages.

I have hit 2 grad parties and a wedding in the last couple of weeks and am about half way thru this crazy schedule. All this partyin' is exhausting! Some summers bring no parties, but not this one! Looking forward to a quiet week and upcoming weekend.

Hope y'all enjoyed whatever you were up to. Maybe weddings or grad parties or time with your Dad. Summer is officially here! Whoo Hoo! xo

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Around the way Girl...

As you all can see, I am enjoying the long awaited sun. Ahhh.. A little sun, a little cockataila.. It really doesn't take much. Just a simple girl with simple tastes! In keeping with my lazy ass, today I am going to respond to the tag sent to me by blogfriend Charles of Razored Zen. It's called "Four Play My Way." Thanks for letting me in on your world Charles--and now here is (a drum roll please) my answers.

Four movies you can see over and over again
Gone with the Wind (the only history I've ever paid attention to)
Breakfast at Tiffany's (romance wins again)
Casino (Sharon Stone's character got ALL the good clothes)
Slingblade (uh, huhh)

Four places you have lived
Ossineke, Michigan (started out)
Alpena, Michigan (first apartment)
Ossineke, Michigan (first house purchase)
Harrison Twp. (the BIG move!)

Four t.v. shows you love to watch
Guiding Light (I KNOW!)
anything HGTV (especially home makeovers)
Oprah (again, most women love her)
Sports!(Lions, and Tigers and Wings, oh my.) and PISTONS!

Four Places you have been on a vacation
Cancun, Mexico
Florida Keys
Costa Rica
San Francisco, CA

Four of you favorite foods
anything dark chocolate
green beans

Four websites you visit everyday
My answer is the same as Charles. The people who comment on my site are the people that I visit. xoxxxx to all

Four things you hope to do before you die
be a derby girl (this one I am planning--Blonde Bomber beware!)
travel to Africa on a photoshoot and stay in remote villages
indulge grandchildren
read ALL day

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time
Gone with the Wind
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Little Women
The Prince of Tides

Tag four people you think will respond
I never put that pressure on any one for that big of a comment. Usually I hate these survey-like things. Uh, who really cares? They seem so self indulgent to me. PLEASE don't feel you have to respond in comments. Now, if you are a blogger and want to use this format for an easy (sort of) post, g'head. It's not my idea of "foreplay" but what the hell.... xoxo

OH. And this is REALLY important. The Detroit Red Wings are and will always be the greatest hockey team EVER. All you haters--give it a rest. You know who you are, and next year we will graciously give you lessons again.......xoxoxo

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The World I Know.....

Happy Saturday and DDay to y'all. Here are pics of myself--glee full at our Red Wings putting on a hockey clinic for the Penguins, and my son, Dane enjoying his "Great Wall of China" birthday cake at P.F. Chang's where we celebrated our personal Dday! It was a great day for all as Detroit brought it and so did Chang's! Whoo Hoo! P.S. I won't bore you with a labor story; however I will tell it upon request. xoxo

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breathe again.....

This weekend, on my drive up to the beach house, I saw 3 used Volkswagen bugs for sale. A red one, a Peptol Bismo pink one (that one I think I want!) and a black one. It made me think of all of those awful crimes committed out west that involved the criminal driving a Volkswagen. I have read that the seat(s) are removable and therefore an easy transport for a body. Now, my guess would say that most vehicles could accommodate without all of that bother, and be alot speedier in case of a car chase. But what do I know?

Can I admit to now and then loving to read true crime? No, not those trashy magazines of my youth where the crime inevitably was rape that turned into love for the captor. Eww.. Totally predictable and really not all that interesting. But somehow forbidden and mysterious--at least to a preteen on a babysitting job, with the child asleep and probably 4 more hours to kill.

I have grown to enjoy the work of Ann Rule, a popular author of the true crime venue. She has had experience in police work as well as psychology. Her stories are chilling in all of their realism and I guess it's true what they say in that the truth is stranger than fiction. Many of them have been made into movies. Ironically enough, she was personally acquainted with Ted Bundy when they worked together at a hot line, and then later wrote his story, complete with an interview.

Although I am not interested in gore (uh uh, Charles), I do like the way she is able to get into a criminal's mind and show how he developed from a seemingly innocent childhood and usually a very good good family life. Quirks and sometimes fetishes slowly fester and grow till a sociopathic monster develops and can somehow justify his--or her creepy and then murderous behaviors. I am always amazed at the careful planning and effort that is put into each crime, when somehow the genius madmen emerges. Ann Rule has written about LOTS of such cases, and always tries to humanely portray the perpetrators as once regular citizens gone awry. She also meticulously describes crimes scenes and their processing before the days of D.N.A. testing. Ann also handles the distraught families with care and compassion.

In these tense days, when some of us Detroiters as well as some of the nation, holds it's collective breath while the search for little Neveah continues, her mother has admitted to openly befriending child sex offenders. Please let this child be found safe and unharmed. Lets all pray that Ann Rule never has to portray the missing child in an all too real story or movie.

P.S. Go Wings! Bring it to the Joe! Beat up those birds as well as you did those awful Black hawks! Yeah, yeah, yeah! xoxo

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Will Remember You......

Happy Memorial Day, or as my Gramma used to say "Decoration Day!" Up north where summer comes a month later than here, it was the time you put all those awful plastic wreaths and flowers on the graves of your loved ones. God knows that the real ones would not yet survive with the chance of one last snowstorm!

So, today I took some quiet moments to remember my loved ones that have passed naturally and tragically. First comes to mind my beloved Grandparents. The memories that came from those two is such a huge part of who I am today. They taught me things and made me laugh more than you can believe. They have been gone awhile, but I still miss 'em. xo Its, been years, but I had two cousins that were killed young on motorcycles. Such shock and question when death comes to someone so young. It was so sad and such a waste, and of course I wonder at the sense of it all. It probably should have disillusioned me in the way of bikes, but no-- I still want one. Recently an acquaintance was diagnosed with brain cancer, and quickly and painfully succumbed last week. I feel horribly for her family and my nephews who lost a treasured "Nonny." For all of the children who are missing and then found abused or dumped for dead by usually a parent or even a stranger--may their little souls rest in peace. Tiny angels to entertain my Grandparents who loved children. And give their families have the strength to carry on-- or just breathe. For all the veterans and those still serving in our wars. And the innocent victims of war. These deaths are crimes in their own right. I have had family that have served, but have been lucky enough to have survived. Except that they now have memories of horrific sights burned into their brains forever. But at least they are still here to talk about (or not) it. I don't know if I could ever possess that strength.

So whoever or whatever you choose to memorialize today, have comfort in the fact that we all have lost. Circle of life, I presume. Luckily for me, my pea brain chooses to remember all the good stuff and none of the bad. My own coping technique, I guess.
Clean white light, smiles and kisses for all of my angels, in heaven and still here with me. xoxo
P.S. Go Wings! Rock it out at the Joe on Wednesday and let's get on with the finals!!! And a whoo hoo to the Tigers who are now up 4 (i think) games. Detroit Rules!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

No Diggity.....

I saw an interesting bumper sticker whilst out and about the other afternoon. It read, "Why should I press one to hear it in English"? I concur. A couple of years ago, an airline mix up necessitated me going thru a refund process. My call (when that damn Travelocity gnome failed me) was routed to India-- without delay. I spent MANY hours with long conversation trying to convince the person I could barely understand that I did not wish to vacation in Key West just a day after a major hurricane--among other problems. Naturally, my paperwork got misplaced not once, but twice, before I simply gave up. To my shock and amazement, 2 full years later, I got a full refund check in the mail. Yippee! Can't help to wonder if less of a language barrier would have been helpful. Or maybe that someone local could have handled the call. Also on the off chance that someone is actually monitoring my call, say to Blue Cross, when I DO have to press one for English, I always mutter something expressing the ludicrousness of such a situation. Last I checked, this still is the good 'ol U.S of A.

Living in the greater Detroit area does make for some amusement when sitting in traffic jams, between dodging potholes. I am speaking of the considerate drivers who provide the entertainment of sporting those crazy vanity plates that one could make a career out of reading. Now, to me, a personal plate is sorta like a tattoo. Very personal. Truly a commitment--as if we need that stress. And expensive and probably more visible. The original price of those plates or paper tabs is high enough for me without adding the "personal" touch. However, not everyone shares my view, apparently. I have narrowed down some of my favorites to share with you. THNXDAD, spotted on a very sexy Jaguar. The thankful driver? Not so much. When I saw: JUICEEE, on a battered Neon, I wasn't sure, but I didn't guess it referred to the apple she was munchin' on. The same goes for CANDEEE, SEXAAY!, LUSHIS, and HOT2TROT. Ummm, okay. Wonder what the dude with JACKAZZ was thinkin'? I was truly puzzled when I spied: DMB4EVR. I could only hope that the driver stood a small chance for SOME mental growth. Then a window sticker helped me figure out that he was a rabid Dave Matthews Band fan. Whatever. Hope he doesn't change his mind anytime soon. Oh, and my favorite bumper sticker-totally tacky--but worth a giggle says, "My other ride is your Mother." I WILL be checking with her on that one!

Aside from your everyday plates and stickers, I can't help but be gleeful when I figure out a particular encoded one. Often I speed Ruby up to get a look at this person who is so proud of his hobby, child in school, or sports team. Risking a speeding ticket is stupid but I just can't help myself. I am a JACKAZZ... xoxo

Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebrate Me Home......

Can you stand a little more minutia? After shoveling and spreading mulch all day, (thanks, Rose) I am exhausted. Whipped. My yard is a half acre, fully landscaped and fully a pain in the ass to keep up. All I can say, is unlike housework, yard work is infinitely more gratifying. This mulch thing won't have to be redone for a number of years, and I hope to be in a condo by then. (Penthouse, anyone?) I am so tired, sore and a little sunburned, that my post this week is going to be a total bore with a side of snore!

Spent a glorious Mother's Day weekend up north hangin' with my Mom. Had a smooth trip up with no hitches-- traffic or otherwise. The weather could have been a little more accommodating and hence poor Ruby did not get to go topless. Drag.

Saw most of my family and some friends. Gave my Dad and 2 nephews haircuts. Watched Curtis Granderson act the 'Spiderman' at Friday night's game. Then checked Sportscenter on Saturday morning to make sure he got the "Player of the Week" recognition he so deserved! I bow to you, dude! Betcha your Mommy is proud.

Ate at my sister's restaurant and hung out with the Rosa's regulars. Always a good giggle with yummy food and wine thrown in. Went to church and breakfast with Mom before heading home to get ready for the Wing's game. Saw my Son and the pets that I am Mom to. Lola thinks every day is Mother's Day when she honors me with her presence. An hour later, it's back on the road to the Joe. Collected my red rose and "cheerin' towel" at the door! Was seated by some crazy 'duck hunters' that were as much fun to watch as the ice action. Celebrated later at Pegasus with many other hungry fans, and Mom's.

Hauled my tired cookies home to get a good night's sleep before tackling the mulch stuff. The yard is looking great with approximately 8 more yards to spread tomorrow. (25 total!) Now that I have significantly bored y'all, I am going to have a glass of wine and hit the bed. This Mommy is hit.
Happy Belated Mother's Day to all. xoxo

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Friday, I'm in Love.......

One of the best things about summer growing up, was the drive-in. The adventure would begin, on Friday, around the time my Dad got home from work, say around 7:00 p.m. My Mom would have us 3 kids fed, bathed, and in fresh pajamas.

We would have long since had our dinner, but Dad would have a leftover before He carried us one by one, out to the Travelall. For those of you that don't remember or weren't born yet, the Travelall was sort of a station wagon/early SUV type of thing. Mom would have readied the backseat that folded down, into total comfort with pillows and blankets. Perfect. Off we would go, anticipating the dusk that signalled the start of the movies.

We were told before leaving home to use the bathroom as the ones at the drive-in were filthy and God knows who was waiting in there to do God knows what to us. Also there were characters of dubious quality that worked there and would have snide remarks about our movie viewing attire. (It goes without saying that I couldn't wait to see the girls and guys who worked there, even though most were dentally as well as mentally challenged. It just seemed both a romantic and dangerous career choice, that I would consider to be in my top 5 back-up choices what with all the new movies for free and unlimited popcorn! Bonus!) (Plus you got to wear hiphuggers, tube tops and black eyeliner!! Double bonus!!)

Snacks were paramount, and we always packed because then as now, the snack bar was a total ripoff. There would be an ENORMOUS brown paper bag with fresh popcorn. If you haven't heard, our family was and still is, famous for our uncanny ability to eat GINORMOUS amounts of the stuff. And it's always made on the stove with real butter and lotsa salt. My Dad would have Pepsi and us kiddies would have kool-aid in the cooler and ready to go, or save us if we happened to inhale a wild popcorn hull.

Upon arriving, we would drive around looking for a "good" re: working, speaker to hang in Dad's window. Some had no volume, others were crackly sounding, and even others were not connected. We always had a giggle picturing some dufus driving off with the speaker still in the window until the cord snapped. After some trial and error, a perfect spot somewhere close to the middle with a good speaker was found. The movies were always a double feature with a family show first followed by an adult feature. After the previews, Mom passed out the kool-aid and popcorn and we settled in for our show.

Soon I would have to use the bathroom and was let out of the Travelall with a 5 minute warning to GO and GET back. I had to run to do my job AND observe the snack bar workers in that time frame. My some miracle, I avoided all real danger AND got to indulge my future job aspirations. Back to the Travelall, I would go, plans for my future secure. Mom would be dozing out and my little sister was long gone. My brother would last a little longer before joining in the snorefest. Great! More popcorn for me and Dad! I would then climb into the front seat and make Mom get in the back. Dad could hardly enjoy the movie for all the questions I would ask. Luckily for him, eventually I feel into a deep carb induced sleep and he could finally concentrate on the movie.

The next thing I knew we were leaving Hubbard Lake for the 5 mile trek home. Dad would then carry us, one by one back into the house thus ending the night the same way it started. Sleepy and happy, we were off to bed until next Friday night, when probably, if we were lucky, we would do it all over again.

As teenagers we had 2 drive-in options. As you can imagine, it was a totally different scene. Choosing the locale ahead of time, around half of our high school met up there for the festivites. A carload of girls usually met up with a carload of guys. We dressed to please (hiphuggers, tube tops and black eyeliner), (HUGE bonus!), and ate very little popcorn. Our drink was usually Boone's Farm, and we paid very little attention to the movie. I got to flirt with the projecter guy unsupervised. As you can imagine, it was totally a different scene.

I said different. Not better. xoxo

P.S Thanks to my blogfriend, Erik's Choice, for the drive-in idea inspiration. xxoo