Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Costume no Candy..(yes, it really is a song!)

Happy almost Halloween to y'all. I know I'm early, but next week's post will be after the fact, and to quote the "Peach Tart", I hate to be 'tardy for the party'! (thanx, Peachie!) Anyhoo, note the pic of me last year dressed to impress as Beth from "Dog the Bounty Hunter". I just love Halloween for all the fantasies it can inspire. It's always been my chance and licence to cut loose! Went to a party at our friend Shawn's bar and mayhem (as per usual) ensued. I was forced to be on the job all night and many suspects were made to be frisked, questioned, and cuffed. All this after touching up my lip gloss, showing my badge and tossing my locks. It is a role I was born for! Same party this year and I am to this minute uninspired in the costume department. Any ideas? Stay tuned for updates.
What a gorgeous fall day! Fall always brings out the homebody/creative side of me. I have been an organizing fool and my closet shows it. Baked a cake and ate FAR too much of it. Workin' on a large painting even tho I'm not sure where I am going with the overall theme. Who cares? I just love working in color and how the time slides away as I do it. I met an artist once, (I will tell the story another time) who invited me to Paris to his villa where He would teach me how to paint. Truly and honestly. To this day, I regret just not going. What if I really would have been good?! Imagine my work in the M.O.M.A!
I have started tap lessons and am LOVIN' it! I have always wanted to tap and besides it's a great excuse to dress all 'Flashdance' style with off the shoulder torn sweatshirt and leg warmers. Nothing like a new 'get up ' to inspire--but Edyta Sliwinski need not worry! I had it on my Bucket List to tap dance with Gregory Hines in New York someday. Of course afterward, we would have hit a cool coffeehouse to discuss stuff followed surely by dinner and a few cocktails....He would have been stunned by how quickly I've progressed after a few classes, and I would have had to explained that even the smallest role in a movie where we tapped out a duet would be hard to squeeze into my schedule. I have since learned that He has passed. Don't know how that one got by me. He was an awesome tapper! R.I.P.
Tonight I am going to a drum circle event. I have purchased a mini djembe and even crocheted and knitted a groovy little carrying case for it. This should be interesting--and gasp! Hope I'm not scouted for a band! Rock star fantasies are hard to let go of. Again, too busy to tour. Maybe an occasional guest appearance, like at the Grammy's or something--if Jon BonJovi begs. Stay posted for news flashes!
It may be apparent that my LIFE is a fantasy. I love and prefer it that way. One day a year is not nearly enough for me. Make sure you stop by "Michelle's Spell" for great pics and ideas for costumes, drinks and such. She is the ultimate fantasy girl! Celebrate your Halloween or other fantasy in the way you dream about. Be safe and stop to enjoy a caramel apple--shot or on a stick--you pick! xoxo

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where I come from....

In Ossineke, where I 'come from', there is a definite speech pattern used that I never fully realized till I moved 'down here.' Yes, anything south of Standish, Michigan is considered "the city" to my up north friends and family. Now, I do not mean to paint us a people described in some Jeff Foxworthy stand up about being a redneck. You be the judge....
It's more like a certain colorful vernacular that we use to spice up an otherwise regular sentance. Very metiphorical. Colliquial expressions abound. (o.k. my Son gave me that one!) I have a cousin who is a speech therapist "down here" and she dissolves into giggles when visiting my family. I think it's quite regional and very slang-like. SHE thinks is cute AND hilarious.

Let me explain. A typical convo could go something like this: my brother, the Ford salesman could say, "you won't believe who I sold a new Lincoln to today. Yes, after hours of dickering on the thing, Blahblahblah actually signed on the line." My Dad would say, "that cheap bastard. He's tighter than the nuts on the Mackinaw Bridge." Yessiree-that's pretty damn tight. Or maybe this: baby Ethan fell and hit his head on the glass coffee table and didn't even wimper. Someone will probably reply, "yeah, that kid is tougher than a boiled owl." Or a two dollar steak. Yes, and he IS wilder'n a March hare. A friend with 5 kids has had to pick up a couple of side jobs. This would deem him 'busier than a one legged man in an ass kickin' contest.' If the extra income is not procured, the very same dude is described as 'lazier'n a cut dog.' (Cut meaning spayed or neutered.) Yes, someone surely will concur that he is so lazy that he would shit in bed and kick it out with his foot. Hmm mm m. Many a Monday mornings have necessitated a person to self diagnosis himself having a case of "anal glaucoma". This happens if you just can't see your ass going to work that day. For sure! Some things are harder than Chinese arithmetic. And the poor dudes Parkinson's has him shakin' 'like a dog shittin' peach seeds!" Very charming. There are even VERY un-political correct nuggets known to be heard around. Moonless nights that are 'blacker'n Toby's ass.' Or the uncle who is 'queer'n a two dollar bill.' Don't say I didn't warn you.
They say you can never go home, but you can occasionally speak like it. I have to admit that old habits are hard to break and I sometimes slip into 'em just like an accent I can't quite shake. Kinda like right now, when I am as 'tired as last years fashions.' Have a great week and a belated "Happy Sweetest Day" to all my sweeties. xoxo

Monday, October 12, 2009

License to Chill...

The jspot is on vaycay enjoying the beautiful Florida Keys while pursuing her mermaid dreams. She will return next week with a full post laden with useless information and trivial pursuits. Until then, y'all wait with bated breath, and get your infusion of glamour and frivolity elsewhere. A few cocktails may help with the process.....Salty, wet samootches from the sea! xoxo

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bless the Beasts and the Children...

Happy Sunday and Happy Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Today is recognized as a day of acknowledgement of St. Francis' love of animals and ecology.
My Mother was in town for the weekend and Her and I attended Mass at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Mt. Clemens. The blessing of the pets was said by the priest and I was touched by the authenticity and general reverence for the animals. Now, that being said, I had no idea there was such a day! As a lifelong Catholic and pet lover, I am not sure how that one escaped me. The prayer and sentiment are so sweet not to mention ages old. The pets get extra treats for being the loving, unconditional, goofballs that they are. Our lives wouldn't be the same without them. Amen to the very, very cool St. Francis of Assisi.
Strangely enough, I have read two reports recently about horrific abuse to kittens. May these cruel wretches suffer a similar fate. Both perpetrators have been caught and I hope they rot in jail and later hell.

And now, my second favorite "animals" have made me a happy chick! Just finished up watching our beloved Tigers beat Chicago. (sorry, Wil) After last nights painful debacle, the win was a joy! Coach Jim Leland would have been considered a bum if we would have lost, but in the event of the win--He is genius. Next game is Tuesday in Minnesota. Thank God, we all need a break right along with our athletes. Although it rained off and on, here at home, a mere 20 minutes away, Comerica Park remained dry. I was just to wussy to brave the cold and possible rain that I thought the live game would hold. Altho I would have loved to run the bases after the game!!Bless you boys and Go Detroit!! You rule and ROCK!! xoxo