Monday, February 28, 2011

U Can't Touch This....

Oh, yes, I can... In Marathon, Florida today I met this cool French Bulldog named Hammer, at a tiki bar while enjoying peel and eat shrimp and a lime drinky thingy. Apparently he is a regular at said bar and actually arrived by boat with his owner-- on the front like a giant hood ornament. In the Keys it is very common to see dogs, cats, and even chickens wandering around restaurants. And I love it. And can I tell you, this dog had his swerve on!! I couldn't take my eyes off him as he strutted his stuff on his way to his normal table. All the waitresses and bartenders called out to him by his name. As a crazy animal lover, I just HAD to meet him. Turns out this big boy, all 165 pounds of him, is a total cream puff. He allowed me to pet and hug up on him. I ran my fingers thru his face wrinkles and smoothed the fur on this knotty head. He gave me a kiss and posed for the photo. (sort of!) After he was properly fawned over and treated to some fish, he took his coolness back out and got in his boat and motored off into the sunset. Kind of a canine rock star that did 'ol baggy pants, MC proud.
I will be here enjoying the pleasures of the Keys for five weeks, doing a remodel project on the condo, so get ready for more 'paradise updates'! My own personal 'Hammer Time!' Makes ME feel like a rock star... xo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Summer Breeze....

Lately I have been reading like a crazy woman. My ipad is hauled around with me and pulled out anytime I have to wait for anything. Lately it has been enjoyed at both my Dr.'s and dentists offices, de-stressing the wait time and turning it into a little 'escape'-- as much as possible while anticipating these delightful occasions.

I stumbled across an author named Lisa Genova when her book "Left Neglected" came up on a list of 'must reads' I must have read somewhere. Left neglect is an actual name of a disease that the main character suffered after an auto accident WHILE TEXTING. The story takes on a large responsibility by educating readers on the little known condition. Our brain can actually 'forget' it has a left side and will not send the normal cues out for response. We also learn how a moment of carelessness can be a very slippery slope and potentially life altering. I found it fascinating to learn of the bodies capability of stubbornly holding on to this condition and the characters determination and humor in dealing with it.

Then, as I am wont to do, I moved on to her next book, "Still Alice" that also tackles a medical condition. I had never heard of the horrifying thing known as Early Onset Alzheimer's. Again it is highly informative and very tragic at the same time. If you have ever known anyone with Alzheimer's, you already known the horror of realizing that you are losing your mind. Very heartbreaking. Makes me thankful for the health I enjoy while wondering if my forgetfulness and need for lists is something more than my usual run of the mill dizziness.

I still am uncomfortable with giving a 'real' book review. Blogfriend Charles, however, does it superbly. Let me just recommend and see how it flys. After such serious fare, I am on to a few biographies and memoirs. Don't be too impressed--this one is by Cheryl Burke and it's a welcome mind break. Anyone reading anything interesting? Would love to know what y'all are into currently. Those of us in D town are once again digging out from a winter blast. What a great time to settle in and READ!!! xo P.S. Auntie misses her precious Aeryn...xoxo

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart Shaped World...

Happy Valentines Day. I will not get into the fact that hearts, flowers, chocolate and champagne are a few of my favorite things. I will not apologize. I will use any excuse or day to celebrate these things and love doing it. Whatever, how ever. And like we used to say in the 70's--do your own thing, baby....
A very special sa-mootch to two of my very favorite valentines who just happen to be celebrating birthdays on February 14. First, my Gramma Iola who is 97 years young and as fabulous as ever! Your doing great, Babe and we all love you very much! Then to my favorite little furbag, Lola Simone who is 6 years old and the best nap buddy in the world. You have my heart.

And lest I could ever forget, YOU my readers who give me the time of day each week and take a moment to comment. I smile at each and every one. To my special Valentine blogfriends, who's blogs I visit and comment on--I feel like I've known you forever. You entertain, educate, and amuse me and I thank you so much. Why do I feel like I am accepting the Grammy? Cuz it's an honor-that's why! Love and hearts to y'all. Now go eat some chocolate and drink some champagne with someone you love. And don't forget to stop and smell the roses...xoxoxo

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rubber Ducky....

Happy day after the Super Bowl! Two fabulous parties later, I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet day. Not really a big football fan, I usually mindlessly root for the team that has the coolest colored uniforms or the team that gives me the best odds in the pools. And I look horrible in green, so the Steelers were my team. But wait! With Troy Polamalu (that name is soooo fun to say!) and Clay Matthews, there is HAIR to consider! Whoo Hoo--now your talkin' my language! Grown men in spandex and flowing locks. Certainly a trend to consider..And the Black Eyed Peas rocked the half time. Finally a musical show not featuring an old, tired band. When I had the pleasure of attending the Super Bowl in Detroit, the Rolling Stones were the entertainment, and they have most definitely have gathered moss. I know. As usual, I am a waste of a ticket. The game did not disappoint and I won 150.00 smackeroos on the betting squares!! Never mind that it cost me 100.00 to do it!

Sooo, what a perfect day to prematurely indulge in the little known 'holiday' that is 'celebrated' on February 09, called "Reading in the Bathtub Day"! I was very chagrined when the jets on my Jacuzzi did not cooperate in making massive bubbles and foam. I had my heart set on a Mr. Bubbles soap beard and afro for my pic. Drat! But you get the drift..

Drifts! Survived the blizzard with very little effort. With the fireplace on and pets layin' on me, we snuggled in and watched the snow globe that was our backyard. Denzel Washington stayed snug in the garage till all was plowed the next day. I had a memories flashback when being reminded of blizzards up north as kids. I will tell of those times in a later post.

Have a warm, happy week and stay 'up' as these gray days of winter are upon us. You can always read a good book in the bathtub. Bubbles preferred. xxoo