Monday, February 25, 2013

When it was Now...

Coco Chanel has been quoted saying, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous".  And that's exactly what Kristin and I were going for as we were out and about at a fundraiser this past Saturday night.

The decorations were nice, and the food was your basic wet chicken affair.  The drinks were weak and the D.J. was mediocre.  Ahhh, but the company was rockin'.  Had plenty of thing to catch up on with friends that we don't usually see, not counting Kristin.  The bidding was fast and furious and that, and the raffles will send a class of 6th graders to Washington, D.C. this spring.  That's donations the easy way for me.  Nothing too desperate here, folks.

On the other end of the spectrum, this week I was made aware of two, young, mentally ill guys that were living on the streets with barely enough clothes.  The local thrift store was where I went to buy jeans, socks, flannel shirts and t-shirts for them.  You would have thought I'd raided Nordstrom's when I gave them the bag of goodies.  Their faces were happy and they couldn't wait to change into the clothes.  The boys (well, men actually) were humble and grateful.  I was amazed and touched.

I've barely given the rather privileged kids a second thought in regards to their 'needs', but the two guys will stay with me awhile.  No one is throwing a big fancy party in their honor.  A warming shelter in this frosty weather and the hopes of a bridge card will be the biggest thing to happen to them.  I pray something goes right in their lives.

I love doing little things like this.  Buying a dress for a Snowcoming dance for a little girl whose family is having a rough time or handing a cheeseburger out the car window to the guy who stands at the Moross and I94 exit, is what makes me feel good these days.  Wish I could do more, but feel honored to be allowed to help.  Maybe it's the mother in me-I don't know.. But I do know that it opens my heart a little every time and I feel blessed. 

Have a blessed week-I know I will. xo

Monday, February 18, 2013


Oh for Pete's sake-where will the madness end?  Cousin Mike just couldn't resist the opportunity to catch me off guard while he took a little 'bite out of crime'!  Shameless opportunist!  This past weekend I have spent up north assisting my sister Lisa, Mom, some of Lisa's staff as well as some friends in giving the place a little face lift.  Rosa's Lookout Inn has been freshened up and painted as befitting any lady.  Sort of like a trip to the dermatologist for a little botox with a bonus stop off at Sephora for some new lipstick. And she looks fabulous!

Rosa's Lookout Inn is located in Spruce, Michigan and originally opened up in 1936.  My Grandparents held their wedding reception there, at about the same time.  My sister purchased the place and turned an old, tired business into a landmark.  Much money was invested in new bathrooms, kitchen and other things just to bring it up to code.  Her menu reads like a walk thru Tuscany with a wonderful steakhouse feel.  She has won numerous awards as the favorite Italian restaurant in northeast Michigan.  Her staff makes you feel right at home while serving up the best lasagna you ever tasted.  Always just the right amount of garlic and cheese!

But more importantly than just giving you a food and service critique,  Rosa's specialty is making you feel warmly welcomed and at home.  All of her staff treat you like family and take care to make sure that your experience is one that you will remember for a long time.  No detail is too small.

If you ever find yourself in northeast Michigan, be sure to do yourself a favor and stop in for a bite at Rosa's.  It's divine.  Mangia, mangia! xo

Monday, February 11, 2013


Urban legend has it that the Eskimos have 100 words to describe snow.  How very intriguing, delightful and amazing.  Recently, during our latest snowfall, I realized that I have a few words of my own.  Growing up in northern Michigan necessitated these descriptions to define how the snow would impact our lives.  I still look at snow in this way. 

Last week I was treated to my favorite vision/version of snow.  This one I call 'glitter snow'.  It is best seen at night with an outside light to illuminate it.  The accumulation on the ground as well as the falling flakes actually appear coated in glitter-sparkly and magical.  Kind of like my world in a giant snow globe with huge flakes slowly, ethereally drifting down.  Also it's very reminiscent of my old disco days.  For an awesome moment, you can even forget that you are freezing...

'First snow' is that light skiffling that we get early in the season where it's still a novelty and we are temporarily transfixed by it as if it's the first time we've ever experienced the event.  Generally this snow does not last, leaving us oddly disappointed.

There is 'snowman snow', which obviously is the type needed to roll 3 balls, stack them and add accessories.  This is the type of snow we hope for during 'snow day' snow, when we would have the whole day to accomplish the creation.

'Powder snow' obviously makes for the best skiing conditions and beats the hell out of 'fake snow' which the machines make, and are like hard, icy pellets.

'Driving snow' has the distinction of falling in a driving way plus making actual driving treacherous.
A close cousin is 'blowing and drifting' snow, which usually brings us the prayed and danced for day off from school or work.

'Spring snow' is that freakish storm that happens after we've had a few 60 degree days in April.  Such snowfall is met with irritation and rolling eyes.  Often it catches us off guard in say-a tee shirt or bathing suit, shivering.  Uttering oaths seems to relieve the frustration a bit.

Lastly, my all time favorite that even beats out glittery snow-'melting snow', when it's going away and the sun promises spring.  That followed by summer and fall and the inevitable 'first snow' of winter.

Maybe the Eskimos can add my 8 words for snow to their Inuit language.  What do you think?  Do you have a word for snow?  Don't answer that Mark (The Walking Man)!!   This is a family friendly blog!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Heartthrob (Deluxe Version)...

13 years ago today, Randy and I stood before 6 of our friends and made the vow to stay together.  Hell, we had already been a couple for 7+ years, but now we had the paper and the name change-not to mention a few tax breaks!

It was a balmy day in Everglades City Florida on that day when we eloped.  A short ceremony followed by a champagne brunch and Key Lime pie and a couple of hours later we were in a boat zooming around the 10,000 islands and picking shells on small sandy islands.  That night at the Everglades Seafood Festival we gorged on stone crab claw and lobster tails.  The festival had two big name country bands and we count them as 'our wedding bands'.  Thousands attended our 'reception' and I'm sure all agreed that the food and music were superb.

What can I say?  We met cute, but that's a whole another post.  Randy accepted my (20 years ago) then 9 year old, and has raised him and loved him like no other.  The best of the best and even better.  And I have been loved, indulged, and treated like a queen-all while enjoying the freedom to still be me.  It is important to say that I had been single for a long time and had doubts that I would ever find anyone like him.  But life can throw you for a loop, at the very same time it throws someone special in your path.  Someone who fits. 

And fit we do.  Kinda like the perfect pair of good leather heels, worn with a big, soft, old sweater.  Comfortable, supportive, and warm and familiar.

It's been 20 great years and much has gone by as we have loved and learned in this thing called life.  And the adventure continues.. All my love, Randy.   xoxo