Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One More Cup of Coffee...

Can you believe I'm a day late in posting on National Coffee Day?  Whoo Hoo!  This might just be my new favorite 'holiday'.  Yes, I've flirted with the whole tea thing, but I'm a true blue coffee girl at heart.

As a child, my Gramma's farm always had the BEST coffee.  She perked in the old fashioned percolator pot and we tricked it out with full fat Half n Half and as much sugar as we wanted to.  That smell along with bread baking takes me right back to that little kitchen.  It's where my coffee habit took roots along with the wonderful memories of Grampa coming in from morning chores and settling in to a big cup.  And we thought we were sooooo cool!

Growing up, I would always volunteer to wrangle open the can just to get that first heavenly smell and I still love the scent in my giant Tim Horton's can.  As a teen, I worked at a private country club and could drink all the coffee I liked.  The caffeine never kept me awake back then and my Dad and I would often drink one last cup while watching Johnny Carson.  Now if I indulge after 2:00 p.m., I will toss and turn all night.  I love Bailey's or Kahlua and coffee, but unfortunately I have to partake in that treat early or order it with the dreaded decaf.  Don't get me started on the revulsion I have for decaf.  I mean, what's the point?

I always hate to support the 'big guys' but good old Dunkin' Donut coffee and Tim Horton's are my favorites.  Something about them just taste 'roastier' to me.  The anticipation during the short drive thru wait can make me crazy and I'm never happier as I peel back the tab and burn my tongue on the very first sip.

Over the years I started collecting Starbuck's cups altho I don't really care for their coffee.  I love the emblem with the split tail mermaid.  Uber cool!

Over the years, I find myself totally weaned off the sugar addition, but will sometimes add cinnamon.  Being out of Half n Half is practically an emergency at my house.  I recently saw a t-shirt that said, "Coffee first, talk later".   Yes, as I walk like a zombie to the pot, that is my first thought.

So do you love coffee?  How do you prefer your cup?  Do you NEEEED your caffeine?  Not a real challenging question, I know, but tell me anyways.

Or maybe we can go out for coffee!!!   (Mark, call me!) xo

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello my darling Sweet Potatoes!

 How about a little 'corn' for a Monday night?  I 'yam' exhausted from a full weekend of fall projects, yard work, and then a day of painting at a friends house.  Dirt under my fingernails and a sore back are where it's at!   Vegging on the couch is all I feel like doing.  'Peas' and quiet is what I crave the most and I don't 'carrot' all!  'Lettuce' tune into 'Dancing with the Stars' and maybe pour just a small one...

So what else will this first week of pumpkin season bring?  'Beets' the hell outta me!

Enjoy YOUR week and 'peas' forgive my silly, slap happy delirium! xo

Monday, September 15, 2014

Motorcycle Man...

Thank you to my buddy Mark, who made my day by taking me for a ride on his Hog.  He caught me drooling over his Harley and offered me a ride.  It's no secret to friends and family that I have always been slightly obsessed with all things 'bike'.  Was it really that gorgeous out just one week ago?  Oh yes, nothing like having the perfect day for a little cruise that left me feeling like a bad ass for a second or two.

 Still amazed that you can get a ticket for being in a car without a seat belt, but a bike has no seat belt or helmet requirement.  How does that make sense?  Well, it was not for me to ponder-I was far too happy just having my moment and being a bad ass.  What an escape from my usual reality as we lit it up a little and did the 'Harley wave' to passing bikers.

Also, I have to thank Miss Lynn for loaning me her man as well as her 'bitch seat'.  xo

Keep the shiny side up Mark and Lynn!  (I am SUCH a bad ass!!)  Y'all are the coolest.  xo

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rockin' in the Free World...

Good morning, Dollies.  Eastern Market was the site for 3 Sporty Spice Girls rockin' the Carolina blue and representin' the Detroit Lions.  Note the towers in the background that some ingenious and kinda brave person or persons managed to artfully graffiti.

 It's a late start for me today after spending a crazy afternoon downtown tailgating at attending the Lions game.  My brother will tell you that I'm a waste of a good ticket, as football is not really my sport.  The Detroit Tigers have most of my love, but I do dig a good party, so I can endure the actual game.  Dinner at 'Legends' was amazing and as usual, the people watching was superb.  And Kristin and I do enjoy checking out the 'tight ends'!  All in all it was a fabulous night in Detroit with perfect weather and Tigers and the Lions kickin' ass.  I have to say it... Lions and Tigers and Vodka-oh my!

Enjoy your week and I have to haul my cookies off to the gym for a little sweat detox.  Luckily vodka does not have much of a smell..

See y'all next week! xo

Monday, September 1, 2014

Up We Go...

HaPpY LaBoR Day 2014.

  Someone or ones apparently thought Devil's Night came early this year!  As I walked out to get my paper on Thursday morning, I was met with this sight.  And I must say, they did quite a job.  The cherry trees hosted quite symmetrical formations while the smaller shrubs were decorated in a more horizontal fashion.  Charmin two ply, ultra strong, no less.  After all this is Harrison Twp. where no expense would be spared the little darlings!  As I looked both ways down my street, I confirmed that, yes, I was the only yard of honor.  While out photographing this 'art installation', my neighbor informed me that it was the night before the first home football game and pranks were to be expected.  Really?  Football in August.  I didn't think that classes had even started.

Oh well, after admiring the handiwork, I got to cleaning this mess up.  Most of it pulled down quite easily leaving only a few tails for the kids to come by and giggle at.  I can't say I minded too much.  I remember doing the same thing to a favorite teacher once in high school, so I guess divine retribution was visited on me.  Next time I will pay attention to Mickey, who was pacing around at 2 ayem trying to give me a heads up.

Lately, I've been enjoying giving out a question to my dear readers.  So how about this-have you ever pranked or been pranked?  Joni, Laurie, Gayle and Beth...You do not need to answer that one.  And Mr. Maxwell, belated apologies for the mess we blessed you with!

Have a great week on this, the first week of fall.  xo