Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's only Love....

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone! We had a fabulous dinner hosted by friends Bill and Cindy and Bob and Julie. It was amazing with a looooong table decorated by the very talented Cindy with some help from my Goddaughter, Layne. xx We feasted! Joe, a darling retired fireman showed me the secret to the perfect turkey gravy and Cin and Jule's dressing was the best I've ever eaten! Usually our dinner is shared with family, but it worked out with friends on the actual day and family on the weekend. Thanks so much for the day and the dinner. Friends are something we are truly blessed with. Love you guys!

Shot up to Ossineke for the rest of the weekend. It was great to miss the holiday traffic by going a day late. (Very thankful!) Friday night was enjoyed at my Sister's restaurant Rosa's (can't believe I haven't bragged--I mean blogged about that place yet! Soon!) where I enjoyed a shrimp cocktail with shrimp the size of chicken legs and good bread. Yummy stuff. Laughed and hung out and decided that food and wine are taken for granted by most of us, but are truly on the top of my grateful list.

Saturday, we gathered for an old friends 50Th. birthday party. It was a surprise party and I was truly grateful NOT to be the honoree. I like attending but HATE to be the one to experience the mild heart attack when entering said affair. Always prefer a small, quiet affair where everyone isn't watching for my reaction! More friends, food, and family.......

My godchild (my first one) Nicole, teaches second grade and asked students what they were most thankful for. After lots of creative answers such as pets, nature, blankets, etc., one little girl just shrugged and said "love". Out of the mouths of babes...

So after all of my usual things: coffee, chocolate, friends and family, good wine and cheap champagne, health and security, freedom and faith--the greatest of these is love! I concur, little darling.

Love to all, you give me happiness and for this I am most thankful. xoxo P.S. I am also very thankful to Powerhouse gym where I will haul my big biscuit in the morning so Trainer Tony can knock some of the gravy off of it! Make way for the "Stuffing Butt Express"!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Found a Cure...

The swine flu epidemic and hassle over the do or do not of the H1N1 preventatives is scary and enough to make your head spin. This has me thinking of the old time cures that my Grampa and even parents used to look for back in the day. When the swiney went around in the 70's I remember it, and think I may have even had it. It didn't seem any more deadly than some other influenza's that were going around. But, it was the 70's and we had other things to worry about catching! (did, however, miss out on 'those' things!)

For instance, if we had an ear infection, my Dad would fire up a Salem, blow the warm yet cool menthol smoke in the offending ear, and have us lay with the throbbing ear on a pillow to hold in the smoke. It felt warm and we felt warm with all the 'special' attention. Maybe it worked. So, in the last few years I have read that smoke, first or secondhand, actually CONTRIBUTES to ear infections! Who knew? Seemed liked a good idea at the time.
When swimming, and we got a bloodsucker on our feet, again Dad was called to duty. He would get out his trusty lighter and fire the flame up on high. The offending gross thing, would get singed, curl up and drop off. And with any luck, our toes would escape third degree burns. The area was then doused with cold beer and we were back on our way. Crisis averted.
Got head lice? Pour kerosene over entire head. If that doesn't work, shave off all hair. That little nugget from Grampa Crevier. Made perfect sense--to him!
Never, I repeat, NEVER go to the doctor unless you are bleeding out of your eyeballs. The same goes for missing school. Antibiotics were just unnecessary. These things will just go away the same way they appeared--on their own. Rarely were fingers and toes ever xrayed. Didn't matter if they were swollen like sausages, and limpin' like lepers. Just soak 'em in Epsom Salts. Breaks, fractures or whatever would be just fine. You could learn to be ambidextrous. Or you could 'hop' on your good foot.

Lots of inferences to 'mustard poultices' were suggested by my Grampa. Gladly I didn't have to endure that particular cure. Got worms? Don't even ask. Castor oil will cure ya. Or kill ya.
My all time favorite (shock!) was the coughing cure. After just about hacking out our lungs (no antibiotic needed!) we were treated to the famous 'hot toddy'. You didn't have to ask me twice! A large shot of cheap whiskey with honey and sugar was heated up and delivered bedside. Sit up and drink this would be the prescription. After slammin' a highball of that, we would pass out with the whiskey burnin' our throats. Maybe had a headache upon waking, but much less severe on the coughing end of things. And the rest of the household could get some sleep, too.
Having trouble seeing the blackboard? Move to the front and eat more carrots. Simple enough.

Much mention for saltwater rinses, calamine lotion, vinegar, and Vick's vapor rub could pretty much round out the cures. The chicken noodle soup cure has been proved effective and with the famous 'whiskey potion', I think I am all set. Anyone got any special cures for me to consider? Please share. Love to all. xoxo

Sunday, November 15, 2009


So, the firearm deer season opens this week. I know it's official when I get an invite from an old friend, Gayle, imploring me to 'come up' and enjoy a ladies night out with the girls. I don't even have to ask what this is all about. It's a 'hunt' as old as the ages. And God above - it can't be good.

Let me explain. While growing up 'up north' the firearm deer season was met with mixed reviews. Rave reviews by local bars, restaurants, and grocers; horrible reviews by our parents. It made for wonderful increased income for the area and increased ulcers for our parents. Like the third week in August when the air base hosted thousands of trainees; during hunting season baby - there was new meat in town! My Mom and Dad used to practically lock us up to protect us from the 'fly boys' and the 'downstate hunters.' Had to watch out for their innocent little 'swamp angels.'

Little did they know...the girls in my group LOVED it. What was not to love? Our little town was FLOODED with guys. The grocery store and gas station were packed with dudes in new camo and expensive SUV's stocking up on supplies. They proved to be very helpful if we needed groceries hauled or gas pumped. How gallant! Yee Ha!
Okay, for Saturday night, me and my girlies would plan our perfect outfits, have a few pre-cocktails and hit the town. Primarily there were two main bars that were known for being a hunter's hang out. We arrived, sized up the dudes, got free drinks, and danced and flirted our asses off. We knew perfectly well that they had just gotten their wedding rings off (all hunters are single north of Standish) and they knew we were WAY too young for anything other than drinks and dancing. Perfect for both sides. Rarely did it lead to anything more. Up north chickies are notorious for 'flirting but not flopping'. And so it goes...
So with the opening of the season today (and none too soon, I might add) I officially pass the torch. Let's wish all hunters a safe and fun season. And to the next generation of girlies: well, shoot 'em dead, babes! xo

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Demolition Love....

As you can see, it's not all glamour! As I have mentioned before, fall is my time to nest and start new projects. This week with the help of friend and guywhocandoANYTHING, I installed flooring in my dining room and living room. After a quick tutorial from Brian about the compound mitre saw--complete with warnings about cutting off my digits--the work began! With the exception of the custom cuts, I did all of the saw work! 10 hours later, both rooms are done and I LOVE it! Learning new skills is my passion and now I am setting up to redo my fireplace with some cool glass tiles. Funnily enough, I was more sore after that day than my normal gym workout! Told Brian I would be happy to crew with him anytime--just for the workout. And the obvious immediate satisfaction. xx tO the ever patient Brian.

Rose (friend and walking buddy extraordinaire) and I took the Mickster on a 5 mile walk on the path and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and leaf colors. I love the sight and smell of the leaves on the ground once they have started to dry up. Falling away for the next season. Afterwards we swung thru McDonald's for an ice tea. Large, unsweetened with lemon, please. I picked up my tea two windows later and gratefully took a sip. Ewwwww! Sweet tea! Okay, back around for a replacement. I politely informed girl at windows one and two, that I needed to trade for a UNSWEETENED tea, as I originally ordered. I was shooed up to window #3 where the girl informed me that I had, indeed, been served a regular tea. No, I said, it is sweet tea--taste if you like. Then the girl had the nerve to tell me I was wrong, but she would replace it just the same. Well, thank you so much, generous one. I then thanked her and asked her if she had ever heard that the customer is always right. Seemed she had never been privvy to that one. Really. Well, I stewed and even considered calling the manager, before I decided to just let it go and enjoy the tea.

So, now it's a beautiful Sunday and I have already worshipped at the altar of the Free Press/News and watched a number of HGTV tutorials that will help with my next redo. Thinking of heading out for a lap around Partridge Creek to enjoy the outdoor mall before the cold sets in. There must be SOMETHING I can't live without--even if it's just a good cup of coffee. That's it. I'm out. Enjoy life, work or play--it's a beautiful thing.... xoxo

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What's New Pussycat?....

There once was a nice little kitty, who was very bored doing 'mousework'. Miss Kitty needed some fun she thought as she stretched her back. So she cleaned her fur and combed her whiskers. Her nails were sharpened and polished. Now she was all prettied up and ready to go out on the town. After a nice fish dinner with milk, she headed out to look for trouble.

There was a party and Kitty entered with her best strut and joined right in on the fun. Meowwww, y'all! She met some friends and danced the night away. Yeah, she was 'feeline' it! After getting her ears scratched one more time, she shook her tail and headed for home. Her poor, sore paws!
Now, Miss Kitty was purrrfectly content and happy to curl up for a nice long snooze. Ahhh. What a dreamy night. The End.

Happy November to all. Thank the good Lord, Halloween is 364 days away, and that it only comes once a year! Had a blast, but now am toasted oats. Thanks to Shawn, for once again hosting the bash. xoxo