Monday, June 27, 2011

Free as a Bird...

After being ousted out of my 'retirement' to help with an inventory in our warehouse, (no wisecracks, Mark!) I am happily back in my regular groove. I caught up on the mundane house stuff and got something in the fridge besides condiments, cremora and styrofoam. Watched the Tigers win the last 2 games and did a old, fashioned chicken bbq with grilled romaine for dinner. Am looking forward to the long weekend with some serious R and R at the beach house. I downloaded 3 new books to enjoy in my new hammock. (pic coming soon!) I need to get back on my journey to finish Dad's side. And I am most certain that TJ Maxx has a few things with my name on 'em..

HOWEVER, my computer has been acting up and my screen is now sporting red and aqua stripes--that my be kinda cute but is surely an ominous sign. Took my chances tonight and decided to live dangerously and do a quick post. I may or may not be able to comment this week as I get this problem worked out. Till later, enjoy this gor-jwah-ness that is our summer weather! xoxo

Monday, June 20, 2011

Money, Money, Money....

A couple of years ago friends of mine, sisters, learned that they inherited quite a sizable estate. A family friend of theirs, that had little family, passed away and surprised the girls with a downfall of trust funds and property. Since the girls were barely teens, most of it is in trust and distributed incrementally. College and cars and expense worries are a thing of the past. Hell, they could even skip college-unless they just go for fun. (a route that I heartily recommend!)

So, how are they handling the new found wealth? By finishing high school and college, and working at their family business. They are the most goal oriented and polite girls you would ever want to meet and I am very proud of them.

Believe it or not, this past Saturday I learned that ANOTHER acquaintance has had a similar situation. Seems someone he was nice to, left him a large bag of money. He will probably retire early and enjoy life. Lucky dude. Hopefully some donations are in the wind, but I think it's too soon to tell. I can only imagine that it takes some time for the shock to wear off and reality to sink in.

And finally, I read today that a homeless man was found--after a two year search to accept his inheritance. Cool for him. I hope he can handle it and that it does, in fact, somehow improve his life.

So now, the big question, dearies. What would you do if you found yourself in an unexpected tax bracket? Donate? Retire? Travel? Save? I know it's an age old party question, but I still would like you to consider and let me know your answer.

Have a great week and remember, "frugal is such an ugly word"..... xoxo

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feels like the first time....

Two dear dollfriends of mine, Lexi and Elle, experienced their first ever concert this past Saturday. They were among the screaming mass at Ford Field watching Taylor Swift do her thing. They were dolled up and fueled with lots of sugar to make it thru to the late ending of the show. Reports are that they loved it--and you never do forget your first concert with all it's overwhelming nature.

My first concert? The Doobie Brothers at Castle Rock Theatre. Very cool in that loud, damp outside air that left me hoarse the next day. My date drove an El Camino, I think it rained, I know there was lotsa pot and that's about all I remember. Just as well.. I need you Cookies to think back and let me know your 'virgin' concert experiences! Even you old dudes-and you know who you are...

First trip out on the Zodiac was a success and apps (oh, and wine) at Crew's Inn were delicious. Maiden voyage without a hitch. First NBA championship ring for King James may or may not happen-the game is on as I speak. Go Heat! Luis-DO NOT have the big one!

Spent today almost solely on where after a week and a half, I can report almost having ONE tree completed. 8 hours on the keyboard is most assuredly a first for me, but I am determined to finish this journey. Oh-got stung by a bee! The first one of the summer. I always get stung every year and every year I forget how much it HURTS and for how long. Used white vinegar for the homeopathic remedy, but remember my Mom putting mud on the angry red welt when I was a child..

So, y'all let me know about that concert thing, k? I've got to get back to the game! Go Miami, if Detroit can win it, it might as well be you!

Enjoy life, my pretties....xoxo

Monday, June 6, 2011

Never Know...

I have always been intrigued by family heritage and have wanted to dig further into mine. So this weekend, I bought into I don't have any illusions of any family member 'starting out a slave, and ending up a businessman', but who knows? Maybe some blue blood or Scandinavian Queen is in my past! The site offers an international library for 2 weeks, free of charge. I got busy right away and spent roughly 12 hours before completing one of the 6 that I plan to research. The site has all info pretty much sorted out for you and all you need to start is very basic info-a few names and dates- and you are off and running. I started with my Dad's side and was not surprised to find out that both of my great grandparents came over from Norway. I was shocked to read their names on the ships manifest! Khristiansand, Norway is exactly where my Dad's fathers side originated and I plan to visit this port town someday.

After the short trip to Norway where the records dried up, I moved on to Dad's mothers side of the family. What a crazy discovery ending up in France in the fifteen hundreds! France has impeccably kept records that were easy to find and clear to read. I learned that I am squarely 1/4 Norwegian and 1/4 French on my paternal side. I am now delving into Mom's side and can't wait to see what that will bring.

If you have ever had the inkling, by all means go to and check it out. It's absolutely amazing and very addicting. Don't say you haven't been warned. I honestly cannot stop doing it! I am going to do my son's father's side also and it's been rumoured in the family that he is a nephew of the great infamous Jesse and Frank James.

Gotta run, it's off to the wild, wild west for me and I will let y'all know how it shakes out. And by the way, Happy Birthday Dane! Have a glorious week! xoxo