Monday, January 30, 2017

Tommorow's Gonna be Another Day..

Scarlett O'Hara-a woman I greatly admire once said, "I can't think about that right now.  If I do, I'll go crazy.  I'll think about that tomorrow." 

Scarlett a resourceful girl-in-a-green-curtain-gown, was known for putting things off.  And I share that quality as well.  Not the resourcefulness, but the procrastination.

Yesterday, in my cozies, I once again thought of reasons NOT to undecorated my mantle and Christmas tree.  I realize it's past time to do this task, but I needed to read the Sunday News as well as the Macomb Daily.  I hadn't checked my Facebook since, well, earlier in the day.  Some movies I recorded needed my undivided attention.  And since I put off going to Kroger, I needed to dream up a creative dinner option with sparse items in my larder. Sigh... Feeling completely overwhelmed, maybe a nap was in order to clear my head and put things into perspective.  And so it goes...

My bills get paid but arrive at their places just in the nick of time.  I get gas in Rocco only after the bell pongs it's warning about a thousand times.  I pack the night before a vacation-hate to rush into things!  I routinely miss the warm up of my classes at the gym; however, that may not be an accident.  I always put off unloading the dishwasher, a job that takes all of 3 minutes-I know, cuz I've timed it.  Really, it's just poor time management.

I realize how stupid and how much extra stress I cause myself by doing this.  I put things on a list, mull and assess them, worry a little on how I'm ever going to get it all done.  I spend more time planning and stressing than the actual job takes!

But I'm's a goal of mine to STOP putting the 'pro' in procrastination.  But, hey, ya gotta be good at something-right?  Yep, I'll get right on it. "After all, tomorrow is another day."  Scarlett O'Hara says so, and that's good enough for me!  xo

Monday, January 23, 2017

Way Down we Go...

Hey, I'm back in the land of the living!  Yes, some strong anti-b's have finally kicked out this nasty infection (throat and tonsils) I've been struggling with.  Happy to be out and about and feeling almost normal.

Tonight I attended a training session for Families Against Narcotics that involves the 'Hope not Handcuffs"' program.  Basically, any addict can walk into any police station in Macomb County and be eligible for help.  My training involved learning to be an "Angel", (no wisecracks from the peanut gallery, MD!) that assists the addicts until a bed in rehab is found.  This program has been piloted all over in Michigan, but never to the size and extent of a county the size of Macomb.  I will be called on to sit with and take info to help the person get the help he or she needs.  I am very proud to be involved in such an important program.  I have found my spot in dealing with the addicts.  I love it.  And y'all know...being an angel just comes naturally to me...

Then tomorrow morning, Rocco and I are pointed due north to Ossineke.  Wednesday night I will be speaking my cause to the good people of Rogers City, Michigan.  My book has had a spike in interest lately and I committed to this event last spring.  Hope I can help someone-it's my life these days.

More good things on the horizon and I'll keep you filled in.  Till then, if you get a sore throat that will not let up, run-not walk and get the anti-b's.  It's what it takes to bite this bug in the butt!

Love and peace and I'll try to keep my halo on straight while spending time with my sister and brother!  xo

Monday, January 16, 2017


Since early Saturday morning I have felt like this: 💀💤💦💫💩😍😖😖😓😑😬😫😩😣😳😴😵.
By tomorrow I hope to be feeling like this: 💋💓💨😄😂💪😈😏😛😜🙋🙇🙆🙏  Don't bother with the emoji's.  I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Hope tomorrow brings my health restored. xo

Monday, January 9, 2017

Things that make me go hmmmm....#2

How about some musings on this chilly January night?  There are things that simply gobsmack and confound me and make me go hmmmmm..

I can't count the number of times I am driving along and see one shoe in the middle of the lane.  What would prompt a person to dispose his footwear in this manner?  Is the other shoe a mile or so down the road, or still in the car?  Is he now barefoot or sporting just one shoe.  Does he think this does not count as littering?  What the hell is his life, anyway?

How about those people with nice cars that feel entitled to double park?  We all have vested interest in our vehicles but being as ass won't protect them any more than just parking inside the lines.

Who on earth decided that wearing our pajamas in public is okay?  Go back to bed if the effort is too much.

Back in the parking lot-it seems to be apparent to some that the parking lot is a trash can.  I see ashtrays emptied,  fast food bags and most appalling of all, dirty diapers and yes, even condoms strewn about.  Gross, lazy and ignorant.

Facial tattoos and those giant holes in ears.  Ummm, other than Guitar Center or a tatt parlor, how do you ever hope to get a job.  Good luck, my friend.
People who claim to 'never read.'  Really, how do you learn things?  Total hmmmmm for me.

Those meat sticks that lay out at the party store for people to fondle and flies to land on.  Who can eat that shizz?  Can you just say bacteria and e coli?

Good chocolate.  Wait, that's not a hmmm, it's a mmmmmm!

Unexpected babies.  Yes, there are women who deliver and didn't know they were pregnant.  Really?  The weight gain, cravings, sore breasts, morning sickness, etc. were no tip off to you?  Hmmmmmm....

Shooting an animal for 'sport.'  If you are not going to eat it-let it live!  I abhor trophy hunting.

The word 'irregardless.'  'Nuff said.,

Child or animal abuse-can't even comprehend.

Overall bad behavior.  This includes bad sportsmanship, entitlement, jealousy, narcissism, lack of compassion.  Grow up already and make some effort to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Thank you all for letting me blow off the steam that has been building up for the past few months.  There will probably never be resolution for my bafflement, but it feels good to vent.

Now, how about those Lions?  xo

Monday, January 2, 2017

Let it Be...

Happy New Year.  Welcome to 2017!  Instead of droning on about goals I may not keep, I think I'd rather look back on what 2016 has taught me.

January, February and March found me meeting with or phoning Mark, my friend and editor as we hammered out the details of my book.  The journey was at sometimes painful and sometimes joyful.  I let the emotions wash over me either way.  It was a wonderful experience with many ups and downs as together we figured things out.  At the same time, in March and April I learned to run crowd control on the construction team that took 6 weeks to complete renovations on two bathrooms in the Keys.  I had to practice pragmatic patience in dealing with the mess and inconvenience of the whole project.  More lessons were learned as I whispered, "it is what it is."

At the end of April the book was finally published and I had a hard copy in my hand.  I could only hope that I did Dane proud.  Spring came and I found a new role as a public speaker as the book took me to restaurants, and rehabs for book readings.  Two television interviews and one radio interview later and I was fortunate enough to hook up with Families Against Narcotics and eventually was honored to be asked to sit on the advisory board.  I have read my words in three newspaper articles and have sent out countless books.  I have since then spoke at two FAN meetings as well as two times addressing an impact panel.  I am so grateful to be able to use my experience to help others.

As summer flew by I endured the political race and all it's folderall.  It was absolutely painful to see such behavior.  Y'all know that I am the least political person in the world and just naively hope we can all just play nice.  We shall see....

As December closed in, I was able to share the holiday with family and not feel guilty about having fun.  I felt strong in the conviction that Dane was with us and would have wanted us all to be happy.

For 2017, I have silently promised myself nothing more than to just 'be'.  Be healthy, be happy, be loved and be loving.  And to accept it all with a grain of salt and a vow to move forward with this thing called life.

All the best things to you and yours for 2017.  It's a wonderful life if we just let it 'be.'