Monday, May 29, 2017

Sounds Good to Me...

Just got in this morning from Alaska where we took three, yes three, flights to get home.  The red eye out of Anchorage was my first ever ride where I traveled at night.  So I am bushed.  How lucky was I to have a vacation with my family where we ate, drank, explored, shopped, and laughed ourselves sick.  It was a blast and I will share more details when my head is not so jet lagged.

Thanks today to all my family and friends and those I've never met for their service to our country.  I think you are all very brave and I'm proud to personally know so many of you that gave of your heart for our country.  How do you thank someone for giving you your freedom?  I wish I knew.  But thank you again.
See you next week when my head is out of the clouds longer than a few hours.  Have a wonderful week-it's almost June!   Hugs my comrades. XO

Monday, May 22, 2017

Big Fish...

"Art comes alive in the arguments you have about it."    Banksy.

Yes, I admit that I go to Key West for the same reasons everybody goes-the Mojito's, the sunsets, the music and the incredible freak show that is the everyday spectacle.  But what I really love is the back to back art galleries.  Everything from local to fine art can be admired and in my case, lusted after.  Years ago the very first 'real' piece of art Randy and I ever purchased was in Key West.  It was a big deal for us and I still adore the piece. 

This year, while perusing a gallery, we spotted this pic of the classic Ernest Hemingway pose.  Not my usual taste; this one really caught my eye.  While Ernest is not my favorite author-his style is too masculine-he means something entirely different to me.  Ernest represents years of attending the Ernest Hemingway Week, where I participated in readings, running of the bulls, contests, etc.  Whooping it up in Sloppy Joe's where this very image can be found.  We both knew that this piece was our next purchase.  Securing Ernie in the truck, we made our way to Blue Heaven, the place we celebrated our last art purchase.  And then we took him home.

 At our condo, Ernest proudly greets you and is probably the first thing you notice when you walk in.  He sits on a wall between a large tarpon mount and a big marlin mount.  How perfect that the Old Man and the Sea sits between the fish he loved to pursue.

We've gotten mixed reactions on our choice.  Some love him, some are neutral and some have questioned our taste.  But who cares?  Art is in the eye of the beholder and we love it!

Monday, May 15, 2017


You are still a Mom, my friends will say;
but somehow it doesn't feel that way.
The one I nurtured and loved so very much;
is lost to me, his quick kiss and loving touch.
I don't really know what I am these days..
My identity has changed in so many ways
The piece of me that was the best, has
left me alone to stand the test.
To live again, I had to start
to move forward with this broken heart.
In his name, I'll fight this fight
and try my hardest, with all my might.
To love without my only son,
to stay strong and not come undone.
The pain does not ever  'go away'
I carry it with me everyday. 
But in your name, I promise to thrive
and work hard to keep your love alive.
The part of me that's now missing
will always be with you,
But this part is certain-and so true.

Everyday until the end;
My Son, my friend,

I will always be your Mom.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Most Girls...

As a person who is fortunate enough to avoid 8 weeks of winter I know I shouldn't complain.  And I've always been bored by people who use the weather as their main source of conversation.  Is it going to be too cold to go to the Tiger's game?  Is it going to be too hot to go to the art festival?  What if it rains at the outdoor wedding venue?  Is the sleet going to cause the roads to be too treacherous for us to drive up north?  Will our condo survive hurricane season this year?  And my personal greatest fear-is it going to be windy?  I hate and am scared of high winds.  Those of you who know me, know that I will take to my bed with the pets and fervently pray to be delivered from the possible tragedy that could befall me and the furbabies should we have a giant tree crash across the bed.

But really...It's May 8 and it should be spring!  We only have 4 seasons and it's time for a new one!  Past time, if you ask me.  Last week found me moaning and groaning about the gray and rainy days.  Unmotivated and sluggish, I complained and commiserated with anyone who would participate. And I bored the hell out of myself.

As Michiganders we seem to be bonded in our struggle to deal with our unpredictable condition.  It is our true commonality and we are strongly attached to the way in which our weather can sometimes control our lives.  Survivors of crazy weather is one thing we have going for us and I think it has made us all adaptable creatures.

So instead of complaining, I am going to try to live in the moment and NOT wish I was back chillin' with my little tribe of mermaids in the pool where it's 80 and sunny every day.

What fun is that?

Monday, May 1, 2017


As a child, I was always a 'hunter.'  I would search for hours to find a perfect 4 leaf clover.  I loved fall when I could find the perfect orange and red fiery maple leaf and I still remember the smell of the wax paper as I ironed and preserved the glory that nature provided me.   My Grandpa taught us to hunt morel mushrooms and we would walk for miles in search of these delectable treats.  Wild strawberries, beach glass, Petoskey stones, Indian arrow heads, sea shells and the big dipper were ours-treasures that were just waiting for our discovery.

Later on, as my situation demanded, I searched for other treasures.  Bargains on 2 for 1 at the grocery store and clothes that were a 'bargain.'   It was the 80's and Madonna propelled me straight into the thrift store for tattered items and rubber bracelets.  I handily combined fashion with necessity-and relished the hunt for these treasures.  Fast forward 20 years...

I still love a bargain and hate paying retail for anything!  So, after  4 months of hard work, I am happy to announce that my eBay store is up and running!  And I've received a Top Rated Seller ranking!  I still adore the 'hunt' of thrift stores and garage sales, picking out the buried treasure.  The only difference now is that I can do it for fun and not necessity.  And because I am not a collector or a hoarder, it was only natural that I sell some things for profit and fun.  Hence, my store.

The Saucy Mermaid is proud to stock a vast amount of clothes for all sizes.  Guppies and Curvy Mermaids can find what they may want, too!  I am having so much fun using my childhood 'hunting' skill to stock my store.  It was a total and natural fit.

Stop by if you wish.  Go to eBay and search 'stores', put in The Saucy Mermaid and shop 'till you drop.  Let me know if you are able to hunt down any treasures.

Peace from the Saucy Mermaid