Sunday, January 29, 2012

Turn the Beat Around...

The sign said, "68 more days till opening day!!!" Cool. I mean hot! On this cold and snowy Sunday the anticipation of my beloved Tigers opening game warms my freezing cheekies. And, yes, I will be front and center when Detroit has it's first official audience with the 'Prince'. And by now if you haven't heard the news, the Detroit Tigers now has it's very own royalty. Not to be outdone by the Palace and the Piston's Tayshaun Prince- now the Tigers have acquired Prince Fielder in hopes that he will aid the Tigs in the run for the pennant. Oh, and I did see Prince (of purple paisley wonderment) himself at a Detroit venue a few years back, but that's a whole 'nother story...

Now here's the kicker. We acquired Prince Fielder-even his last name is perfect-for the next 9 years for the bargain price of 214 million dollars. Are you kidding me? Are we expecting P.F. to cure cancer in the bargain? Or maybe end world hunger? Despite my poor grades in math, I think that figures out to around 24 million a year. That's 2 million a month. A half a million a week. And 72,00.00 a day. Even on the days when there is no game being played. Even on the off season. Can't wrap my pea brain around it all.

Needless to say, it's gonna be an interesting scene at the 'ol ballpark this year. Personally, I think Prince could at least drop some weight just in case he doesn't slam a home run and actually has to be a base runner. Get in shape, dude, it's your job and you are being crazy compensated for it. Hell, for a reasonable fee-say 500 bucks a day-I will train your chubby butt. Or he could sign on with Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig. Do whatcha gotta do, Babe. All of Detroit will be watching.

Just hope all of us fans can afford the peanuts and cracker jacks! xo

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Okay, after enduring a flu shot and then a pneumonia vaccine, I am currently suffering with a sore throat from hell. I thought flu shots were only for 'old' people until my doc adjusted my attitude moments before plunging in a giant syringe of what I suppose was the flu virus itself in my bicep. I almost crushed the hand of the poor nurse standing there to help me endure the agony. I swear the shot was worse than anything flu like that I have ever suffered. At least during the flu I can sleep!

Then two weeks later on an unrelated follow up appointment, I was again notified by the same doc that due to my history of pneumonia, he really recommends the vaccine to prevent it. The same poor nurse was called in for the hand holding/crushing duty as once again, a giant needle was jabbed in my arm. Said nurse indicated that her bruised hand had only just healed from our last rendezvous. Tuff rocks, Cookie! Yogic breathing and some some transcendental meditation helped me to keep from needing the smelling salts. With tears streaming down my face, I did pretty well, all in all, considering my fear of needles. With my doc admonishing me for being one of the biggest babies of all time, I was on my way secure in the knowledge that I was going to have a sick free winter.

Yeah, right. For days now I have had that thing I call the 'breathe, breath, tickle, hack' going on. It goes something like this: so, you breathe, breath again, it tickles, you hack up a dry cough, and then start the whole process over again. It's quite annoying and very time consuming. I've avoided taking an over the counter med and instead have been gargling with warm sea salt water. It soothes temporarily until the b,b,t,h comes back in full force. The slight headache is an added bonus, and just to add insult to injury, one moment I'm chilly and the next a little sweaty. Not a pretty picture, I assure you.

And that afternoon nap that stretched out a little too long will come back to haunt me as I try to sleep tonight. Being bug-eyed awake takes away from the escape that is usually found in my comfy nest. I think I may break down and take a Tylenol Cold in hopes of clunking out dead to the world. Maybe I will make a hot toddy with honey and sugar like my parents used to give me when warm whiskey was the accepted was to hush a little cougher into la la land.

And while I slam the magic elixir, maybe I'll toast to the fact that at least I will not get the flu or pneumonia! Now could someone please come up with a common cold vaccine? My nurse's hand should be ready for action again. I mean really, we've put a man on the moon for heaven's sake-can we cure the common cold? Stay healthy my friends and pray that this sick chick feels better tomorrow. (germ infested) kisses and hugs.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

On and On...

Pictured here are four happy friends and one small Grouch(ie), and missing is the beautiful Beth who was taking the shot and Mark (the walking man) who was a bit under the weather. The booze flowed with the exception of one of us, who was dazzlingly over served the previous night-but we won't sip and tell! It's our bi-annual get together and yes, we did solve most of the world's problems while exploring our hopes for the coming year. Travel and writing were the wishes in general, or maybe just a good manicure!! Lots of catching up while reviewing books and movies recently enjoyed. Even a few toasts-mostly to us. Salut!

On this cold, lazy Sunday, let me share a quote that makes me think of the futility of trading happiness and health for money. It's something I have vowed to never do. The ever wise Dali Lama when asked what puzzles him, most answered this way:

"Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as he is never going to die, and then he dies never having really lived."

And really, what's money and even health, without friends to make your life truly rich? I am blessed. xo

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Lemon Song...

Ah, January. No obligations and time to recover from the recent ones. My first week of sugar and booze detox is under my belt and I feel great. Not that you would guess such restrictions are in place by my picture where I am enjoying my two favorite food groups-alcohol and sugar. A lemon drop martini with a sugared rim perfectly fits the bill. Ahhhh... such fun while it lasted..sigh...

This month, traditionally, I like to hole up and get caught up on movies and books-a respite from the celebrations in December. The cold weather makes it so easy to just chill at my fireplace with a good choice of entertainment and spiked hot cocoa. Oh, booze!

My darling Michelle (Michelle's Spell) treated me to her latest, "Make Yourself Small" and I read it thru immediately. The fact that we are friends makes it a much deeper read for me and I can picture her face and imagine her voice all thru the work. It's rare to read something and actually have a relationship with the author. Michelle has always let us know just exactly what she chooses and keeps a very large part of herself a mystery. Don't get me wrong-its not a bad thing. Quite the contrary, it's very intriguing. In this age of over information and TMI, I find it totally refreshing. But in her writing, she reveals a little bit of herself, if you look closely. She is unlike anyone else I know and so is her writing. My other friend Jim, (J.R.'s Thumbprints) did a wonderful review on her book and I would encourage you to go over to Jim's to check it out. Other comrade, Mark, (The Walking Man) did the cover review and totally nailed it. I am so privileged to be able to call all three of these writers, friends.

So, excuse me for now. I am going get back to my winter indulgence. Gotta check out my reader or the tube for a little escape time. Something sweet and intoxicating should work nicely! (iwillnothavealemondrop iwillnothavealemondrop) Wish me luck, j xo

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What are you doing New Year's Eve?...

It's with a deep sigh of relief that I can say that I have survived 'the holidays'. Not too much worse for wear other that the usual few pounds from constant indulgence and maybe some sleep deprivation. Both of which I plan to address a.s.a.p. Yes, the family, food and marathon partying are over for another year-thankfully. But, I will try to remain in the spirit of love and compassion that this time of year inspires.

I have never been a 'New Years' person. I abhor hall parties, bar parties and being out in general on this night that puts too much pressure on us all to be in high spirits. And I have long since given up on public announcements of resolutions for the new year. I prefer to think that my process is ongoing, and not something to be declared for one month out of the year. This New Year's Eve was once again spent with a few loved ones, quietly. I am looking forward to routine and rhythm that comes from regular day to day schedule. I will resolutely waddle into the gym and renew my efforts at good health and freeze all remaining cookies to be eaten as a treat and not a meal.

Plans to donate to my pet causes will continue, as I do it all year long. Looking forward to being able to run into Target and hear regular music and see short lines. Dreading the task of packing up 5 tubs of Christmas bling and shelving said tubs till next December.

But most of all, hoping to have a year as a blogger that is just as fulfilling and enriching as the past 3 years have been. It brings me joy to read your stories and I hope you get a kick out of mine. Let's learn and grow together in love and in hope for 2012.

Happy New Year!! All love, j xoxo