Monday, February 24, 2014

Really Bad MF...

As mother nature decided once again to shake up her snow globe, Jim, Mark and I hooked up at Timmy Ho's for coffee and convo.  Kismet it was that allowed the three of us to be able to punch a small hole in our lives and make time to get together.

 I arrived first and watched Mark come thru the door all snow covered and looking like an off duty Santa Claus.  We had our traditional-albeit wet-hug.  Soon after, Jim strolled in and graced us with his gorgeous smile.  He tolerates me throwing myself at him for a squeeze.

After the usual weather observations, we got down to the business of catching up with each others lives.  Mark is fighting chronic pain and the frustration of Detroit politics, as they directly affect him.  He mostly is content with observing life around him while enduring some painful losses of friends and family, and one special little doggy. 

Jim is on his own new life adventure and he has never looked better.  As things in his life have ironed out, his eyes are bright and he is able to see the humor and irony, better than ever.  Tales of his teaching inmates petrify me and I can't wait to see him safely retired.  But his social life stories are hilarious.

So what does a world weary poet, a buff prison instructor, and an aging party girl have in common?  Nothing and everything!  We wrangled an innocent bystander to snap our pic and I was prompted to make my usual 'rose between two thorns' observation.

Three hours passed like minutes.  Till we meet again my friends, I'll think of you often and with a smile.  xoxo

Monday, February 17, 2014

Better in Stereo...

Hello Darlings! What a week it has been!  I love to use "holiday's" as post prompts and this week is a real lulu.

We celebrated Valentines Day on Friday and that is so overdone and I've posted on it numerous times-so I'm taking a pass.  That day always makes me think of a special little valentine named Michelle, who absolutely ABHORRED said holiday.  She would, however, eat the chocolate. xoxo

Presidents Day is also today.  My non political ass has no right to even venture a comment in that arena.  You are lucky to be spared my incredible ignorance.

It's also a day for a little known 'holiday' called National Sisterhood Day.  Okay-now, here's one I can get behind!  On Friday night, I sat at my sister's restaurant and watched in amazement as 180 people were greeted, seated, and served drinks and luscious dinners.  The place was jumpin' and was running as smooth as a chocolate martini.  This totally ties in with National Entrepreneur Day which is exactly what my sister is.  In addition to the crowd that was served, Lisa had to turn away 200+ diners due to such a full house!  She has grown and built her restaurant into a legend, and of this I am very proud. While I love working with people (sometimes!), I could never handle the dollars and cents of the business like she can.  Putting together her creative menu would totally boggle me and I fear my best offerings would be in the libation department.  All hail the chocolate martini!

And last but not least, it's also National Random Acts of Kindness Day.  Now this gives me cause for a pause.  Yes, I do little things...I give out food and money to people I see living on the street, and I try to smile when someone cuts in front of me at Kroger.  I hold doors open for elderly people.  I feed a stray kitty and even built it a little house to get out of the cold. I keep my son in M&M's.  But, really?  That's it?  My husband will anonymously pick up tabs for some family he sees out to eat.  My brother in law will randomly tip a waiter or cab driver in Mexico, enough money to make a real difference in their lives.  But me?  I can't remember when I've done something 'randomly'.  This I intend to work on.

Have a great week.  Stay in love.  Be grateful for our country.  Call a sibling.  Do something kind-randomly.

 And if all else fails-eat some chocolate!  xoxo

Monday, February 10, 2014

Look at You...

Last Wednesday, February 05, marked my anniversary.  Or rather my 'bloggiversary'.  Happy 6th to me!

On Sunday, I printed out the last 3 years of posts and carefully put them in binders.  I have 6 books that hold all my essays.  All 314 of 'em.  I blew through 2 colored ink cartridges in the process!

 Yep, for  6 years, once a week without fail, I have posted something that was on my mind.  It's among the longest relationships I have ever managed to sustain.  And in many ways, the most fulfilling.  Blogging has been an adventure in self discovery.  There is something very telling in the things we write about.  From a glamorous and trivial beginning, I like to think I have grown in both content and punctuation.  Thank God, I learned to use paragraphs, (Mark!) It has been very cathartic and has helped me deal with some sad losses.  At times, it has strained my creativity and my imagination.  But I love it.

I have made some wonderful friends.  Mark, J.R. and Michelle and Erik are friends that have encouraged and supported me and let me into their 'writers club'.  I cherish the times we actually get together for conversation and coffee/and or drinks-which is not nearly often enough.  Others, especially Charles, have been steady with their words of support.   Some friends never comment, but call or text me their thoughts on what I have written.  It has opened me up to so many new perspectives and opinions that I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise, creating new dialogues.  If my stats page is correct, I have readers around the world.  What an incredible thing to consider!

So as I hit 'publish' for the 315th. time, I want to thank you all.  It means more to me than you can ever know.   xo

Monday, February 3, 2014


He wasn't the hottest guy.  He didn't have the greatest body or the best smile.  But when Phillip Seymour Hoffman was on the screen, I couldn't take my eyes off of him.  I have seen most of the movies he has acted in and was completely convinced of his character every single time.  Be it a priest, a gay porn star ,or a backwoods redneck-he nailed it perfectly and most times stole the scene from the leading character.  I loved his New York world weary, and very honest personality.

January 27-February 02 is Drug Awareness Week and I find it a horrible irony that Phillip's death was on the very last day of that week.

I have been learning about something called Harm Reduction in regards to addiction.  It has been used in drug programs for years in Canada, Europe and Australia.  From what I understand, it's a more realistic approach that the typical all-or-nothing method.  The all or nothing mentality doesn't work for most people and seems to be a set up for failure and that brings the very consequences that caused the relapse in the first place.  And with a very large chance of relapse, it seems clear that maybe a different method should be investigated.  It's the proverbial vicious circle.

  People with allergies have access to an epi-pen in case of emergency.  People with diabetes can control it (to some degree) with insulin.  There are medications available for most chronic diseases that can minimize the risks associated with the condition.  With heroin, an opiate agonist drug must be used to counteract the overdose.  I realize the controversy this will generate, but possibly the legalization of drugs.  With regulation, comes safety.

I know this is not the usual fluff that troubles my world, but I just wanted to give you all food for thought as I feel the loss of one of the great actors of our time.  It will take much more education, compassion, understanding and realistic thinking to possibly make a difference for this situation.

So for today, R.I.P. Phillip Seymour Hoffman.