Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Rain.....

Hello all, on this perfect fall day and thanks for all the comments regarding "Girls Weekend." They make me laugh and I love that.
This weekend was considerably quieter than the last one. Spent Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market scoring fresh stuff for dinner. I made spaghetti and meatballs with fresh garlic, basil, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. Learned that there is more than one type of basil. Even happened upon homemade organic whole wheat pasta! Cheryl's just-frozen corn and wine (she is the family vintner-and a great one at that!) finished it all off. Two snaps, a wiggle and a twist for me! Took our bloat (and one more glass) to the couch to enjoy our food coma.

While at the market looking over a honey display, I met-of all things- a giant, guitar playing bee. I kid you not. "Did you know that bees are the only animals that produce a food product for humans?" No, I certainly did not!
As you may know, I attract these characters like, well, a bee to honey.
After learning that he drives a BeeMW and more bee trivia, I shared my little diddy. What comes after "part Bee," I asked him. He pondered before giving the correct answer of "part A." I only had to correct him in the pronunciation. It's Par-taay, baby!! After some more fun facts and jokes, Biggie Bee moved on to his next victim. Wait, I called after him, I need a picture. He gave me permission to use it on my blog as long as it's family friendly. Moi? But of course! He complied like a good little bee and buzzed away, singing "Don't worry, Bee Happy." See ya around, Honey!

First thing this morning, we witnessed a "ghost freighter" cruising on the horizon. The fog made it all ghostly and beautiful. Just a few rays of sun trying to shine thru made it an image worth capturing. However, I forgot my camera, as I seem to do with so many things of late. Made pancakes with fresh blueberries and raspberries from the market. Yummy. Now Lola is at my elbow, reminding me that it's time for our Sunday afternoon "lay down". I will be reading an Alice Hoffman book that has me interested in people who have survived lightning strikes. Wild phenom! Gotta go, duty calls. Enjoy your day in whatever way! Hey Walking Man--I did a little rhyme! xoxo

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a Girl Wants....

Ahhhh. Home and recovering from our annual "Girls Weekend" which took place at the beachhouse this weekend. Yes, it is brutal. Like a marathon, but much more tiring. The same gang-more or less-converge up north, on this weekend, for a man-free get together.

Nine of us participated this year in the ritual festivities that started at my house on Friday with Grapetini's. Yes, cheers are in order as once again we have managed to get all together for a whole weekend! We then progressed up and continued the party at my sister-in-law and hostess extraordinaire. Cheryl passed out cocktails, tiaras, and t-shirts and the fun began. Later at Foster's, our dear friend Shawn, posted a welcome on his markee as well as a custom menu for us. We karaoke'd (a tortuous event, at best) and danced it up. Some nice guys at the bar even volunteered their time to be our bar bitches, cooks, masseuses and what have you. How very sweet and generous! Thanks, but no thanks!

The weather cooperated beautifully and we lazed in the sun and ate luscious dips and such and had, yes, more cocktails. Blue Margarita's being this years signature drink. Unfortunately, I have some blood work scheduled for Monday morning and this prevented me from too much imbibing--probably a good thing. After catching up on each others lives, the inevitable trying to figure out the male race became the topic. Now, we are not man bashers in any sense of the work. Au Contrair! We love 'em, but relish the time to share our war stories around the bonfire. One of the girls used to work for NASA as an engineer, and we all got an interesting astronomy lesson.

Wrapped things up today and headed home for a much needed nap. This old broad is whipped!

Side note! My all time favorite soap, "Guilding Light" has been cancelled. In production for 72 years (radio, first) it finally got axed. Up north, the show is like a religion. See, growing up we only had two channels, with CBS coming in the best. Hence, a gigantic, built in fan base. My 95 year young Gramma is a fan, with my Mom and I and Sister, too. We used to run home from school to watch it. The cast is like family even with the unbelievable story lines, used on soaps
Don't care. It was entertainment that brought us the glamour of all the latest fashion and hairstyles. Loved it and will miss it. R.I.P. Guilding Light... xo

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drugs or Jesus......

Is there anyone other than Me appalled with all of "those" commercials on the tube? You know the ones. Because I am a devoted "Guiding Light" fan (even tho I DVR it for later viewings) I am bombarded with the ads that the networks feel appropriate for us stayathome types. Geesh! It just shows-ta-go-ya that the network head are most defiantly males.
Within a 2 hour viewing slot one is able to view a myriad of these "helpful ads". Viagra still being the forerunner and possibly the classiest of them all. The handsome middle aged couple are seen walking down the beach, presumably discussing his "problem". (Not to mention Hers!) Then here comes the pitch and warnings for possible heart attacks and undying erections. Fade back to said couple holding hands while closing the bedroom door. Problem solved! Whaaaa?
At least it's better than "Smilin' Bob" looking especially randy wearing his Santa suit while a line of women wait for their turn on his "naturally male enhanced" lap. I love the girls with the wide eyes and pursed lips anxiously waiting to give it a little go. This very image has turned me off of all visits to Santa where sitting upon the lap is expected. My Granddaughter (not yet even a possibility yet) will just stand next to him with her huge list. Better yet, just give the list to "Nonnie". Sure odds on getting in filled without the weird lap sit situation. Recently at a party store I saw the little packets advertising a similar aid for women. Boy, a Crystal Lite slushie and some Enzyte for ladies all in one easy swipe. Can't beat that!

Then there's the KY for couples with the fabulous claim "His excites, Hers delights, and together they ignite". Who hoo! Certainly looks like it did the trick for the smug couple in bed with the sheets pulled up to their necks. All this good info at three in the afternoon. Just in case you might want to run out and procure some before the hub unit gets home at 5:00. Quick, there is still time!!
We are not going to discuss the issue of feeling fresh "down there". Or the pads, plugs, sprays, and gels that necessitate the perfect condition. They are as crude and offensive as I have just been. At least they can add the visions of lavender flowers floating in the air. Uh, okay.
One last one that certainly is a tickle and deserves a Honorable Mention. How about those ladies sitting around discussing God knows what, when the convo necessitates one of the women sharing the delights of her new massager-that conveniently fits over her finger. And it comes discretely in the proverbial plain brown package. Alrighty, then. Can't you broads find "Lovers Lane", "Naughty Time" or "Pricilla's" for goodness sake--they are on every corner. Or my Sister-in-law can schedule you a very special "Slumber Party" for your private needs. And She serves wine!!!
And last but not least the baby bear with the toilet paper cling-ons stuck to his furry little butt. Disgusting. Must we? Really? I prefer the ads with the darling labrador puppy having a spa day.
Cute, and gets the point across without the stupid visual..

It's a pity that as a society on the whole--nothing is sacred anymore. Crass, vulgar, inappropriate, gross, classless and invasive is more the norm. And that tired old T.M.I! And it's not even presented cleverly! Dumb images for a dumb society. Can you tell I hate it?
Done ranting. Gotta go. Time to try out my "Butt Lift in a Box". I'll get back to you on this one..... xoxoxox P.S. Congrats are in order for our darling friends, Tom and Kara on thier recent engagement! Love you guys... xo

Monday, September 7, 2009

Party like a Rockstar....

Happy Labor Day to everybody. Hope this finds you all well and enjoying NO labor. It's officially the last weekend of summer--altho most of us will recall this past 3 months as "the summer that wasn't". Farmers Almanac predicts a long, warm fall with a Indian Summer in the works. Hoo-Rah! Hope they are right. Also the Detroit Lions make their bid to not come in last in the league. Rumblings are that they are much improved. We will see--and hope. GO LIONS!

Back on my "Titties and Beer" post I received some very unique comments. And I take total responsibility and ownership of them! I have a dear friend, "Benjammin" (cuz he makes the BEST music c.ds.) that wrote Me a little poem. I told Ben that Wil (WilHarrison) was taking all the lauds for best comments, so He got busy. It goes something like this:

Tata's and brewha's,
America's men magnets.
Their on platters called bra's,
and boomba's called Hawgs.
Their combo can't go unnoticed,
in a small town of Forrest,
with wolf whistles galore,
and many pour me "some mores"!

I have never had a poem wrote for me before and I am flattered to death. Nope. Dated some "Rockstar" types who never even penned me a verse! Hell, if showin' a little boobage was all it took, I can't believe it didn't happen much sooner! I had to ask what a "boomba" was and I thought the "Hawg" reference was in regards to an ill thought out time where my sister and law and I were bribed/betted on/dared/shamed into wrestling pigs at a local "Hillbilly Hoedown"! Don't ask--that's another post. And it seemed like a good idea at the time..... The "some more" thing applies to both beer and the delicious campfire treat known by the same name. Ben has been known to be our "S'more Bitch" and patiently toasts 'em up for us. Cool, heh? He also helps us imbibe in a Patron tradition--that he originated-- for important birthdays and such. What a guy! xoxo

So that is all for now. Oh. Thanks go out to Ben's parents, Denny and Margit for hosting their annual BBQ that we all enjoyed. Denny hooked me up with grilled chicken and a Bradour and I was a happy punkin. Margit's fresh tomato salad was perfection! A warmer, welcoming family cannot be found. (we won't get into the pear moonshine that Denny distills--yummy!)

Lastly, sympathy's for our blogfriend Wil who lost his dear Father recently. I have not yet lost a parent and cannot imagine his sorrow. Wil also posted a beautiful tribute to his Dad that is thoughtful and loving. Check it out. XXOO to Wil.