Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Your Life..

As Thanksgiving weekend winds down, I can say that I have much to be thankful for. Very thankful that the traffic up to Ossineke was light, making the drive much more tolerable for my antsy self. Grateful to see that my 97 3/4 year old Grannie is settling in comfortably at the nursing home, and seems very content. She and I love remembering old times when I was a child hanging out at her farm. Spending time with my family who allow me to show up with only a bottle of wine (or two!) in hand and then treat me to a wonderful dinner. My Mom always comes through with the yummy traditional fare and my brother in law treated me to grilled duck-which is my favorite. Spending time with my nephews, Steven and Spencer, is always fun and they are politely indulgent of all my questions and mauling. Rounds of Texas Hold 'em with them provided some needed laughs, with the Lion's defeat filling in with background noise. The weather was superb, and the view at "Little Rapids" was stunning. It was a day as perfect as they come.

But most of all, I was particularly thankful to get back home, put my feet up and tear into a stack of waiting newspapers. Reading thru all the store flyer's made me most grateful of all that I did not have to participate in the Black Friday thing. I have the luxury of shopping during the week, minus the crowds and have found that most of the sales carry over. I shop very little anyways, preferring donations, instead. And cash always works for my nephews!

And what would I do without Tracey, my darling dancing, weight training, boxing instructor who will attempt to beat off all of the 'damage' I've done with my overindulgence. I love her spark and drive that gets my old ass movin' and groovin'!

To my loyal readers and friends, I am continually surprised and grateful. It's your support that makes me smile. Love to you all. xo

Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Feeling...

The affair started out innocently enough. No one was meant to get hurt. There was nothing clandestine about this tryst-too many people were involved! There were troubles, to be sure, but in hindsight, I would not change a thing-about The Bathroom Affair.

Yes, the relationship I was in with my bathroom had grown old. It simply was not thrilling me anymore. It was looking very tired and misunderstood. Glancing around at the room, I knew I needed a change. And here's where I started my dalliance with decorating. Just a mild flirtation....

At Decorator World, armed with a giant Timmy Ho's coffee, I perused the dizzying array of wallpapers and drank in their lovely smell that combines fresh paper and glue. I antagonized deeply before stepping out with a chartreuse and silver and faux ostrich print that surely will cost me a fortune and drive me to drink(more). The order was placed and it was game was on! I spent an ungodly time stripping off old paper and patching, sanding, priming and prepping. While precariously perched on the toilet tank, I somehow cracked something, and now the toilet has to be replaced. Damn! That was unplanned. I also slipped in old wallpaper glue and broke my toe. It throbbed painfully during entire process. Of course, the now dull white ceiling would have to go and I strained my mustard applying sparkly silver cloud paint on that bad boy. Did I mention that my ceilings are 8 foot something high? And my toe was killing me? Crazy stretching for a short chick. My Mom-the queen of all things paint and wallpaper, was enlisted, and showed up with necessary tools of the trade to help.

Things were going good until the inevitable happened. With fresh ceiling and walls in place, the counter top was looking d-u-l-l by comparison. So, off I go to about a thousand granite stores before settling on a new chunk of stone. Naturally, the sinks were the next thing to be updated along with new faucets. And wouldn't crown molding be just the thing to set off the new walls? Back to Lowe's I go. Denzel would have to go topless in 40 degree weather to fit in the 12 footers, so my neighbors Jeep was commandeered to procure said molding. And then on to Bed, Bath and Beyond for matching towels and rugs. Online I ordered new art. Where will the madness end?

So currently the plumber, granite installer dudes, (who educated me on the delights of Sicily) and crown molding guy are finished. I can finally get on with my life and end this obession with my now pretty bathroom. And it all started with a little wallpaper.

Wonder what a chandelier would look like in there?..

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! xo

Sunday, November 13, 2011


It happens once every hundred years. And 11-11-11 has come and gone uneventfully- for me anyways. The news featured pictures of children happily celebrating their 11 year birthdays on this day and also a baby born at 11:oo, making this numerical anomaly even more so. Many couples took advantage of this day to get married and NEVER, ever have an excuse to forget their anniversary! My friend Sharon did celebrate her birthday, however, not her 11th one! Happy Birthday, Girl!

Do you suppose that 11 is some people's lucky number because of this universal alignment? Seems people are always searching for some sign that will bring them luck. When I turned 18, back in the day, I went to BINGO with my Gramma. There I witnessed people rabid with the 'lucky number' fever! They sorted and carefully selected their cards with certain numbers in mind to aid them in winning the big jackpot. It was amazing that such a random thing as bingo numbers could somehow be chosen with luck and logic to cause a hand shoot in the air with the proclamation of BINGO. And the numbers were not the only thing. Some gamblers had good luck charms and totems that crowded their space. Pictures of grand kids, lucky pennies, trolls, and other assorted goodies were displayed and touched for luck during the games. It was crazy! And what the hell is lucky about pennies? Maybe if you have like, a gajillion of 'em....

So, do you believe in luck or is everything a pre-determined fate? Will the bingo win happen if you just randomly grab some cards, like I did? Or can you make your own luck? Are we lucky in love or have we just finally learned to compromise? The near miss car accident - luck or just good timing?

Weigh in for me, will y'all? Luck or fate. Which do you think sums up your best and/or worst experiences? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dream a little Dream...

Did everyone remember to fall back? Turn the clocks an hour to the left? 'Fall back' into bed is what I say! Yes, it's that time again-one of my favorite 'holidays'. What's not to love about Daylight Saving Time? An additional hour of snooze is the only thing expected of you. No gifts or cooking-just more sleep. That extra hour is my idea of heaven.

Anyone who knows me, is aware of my awesome ability to sleep anywhere. If I am not driving, I can clunk out pretty quickly and have been known to sleep thru 3 states! When I fly alone, I have to notify the flight attendant to begin to wake me up in time to disembark as the jet engines purr lull me to oblivion once we hit cruising speed. I love to go boating and am just fine as long as we are zoomin' along, but once we slow down to a trolling speed-forget it. Again, I am passed out and find it annoying to have to move so people can get bait, rods and such.

Most days, happily, I do not have to catch my dozer on the fly. Usually between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. I can be found enjoying my 'lay down', with Lola, my little cuddle buddy. It is a luxury that I adore and recommend to you all. Seems like sleep deprivation is blamed for most of our mental and physical health issues. So, get busy! Sleep away!

And on a totally unrelated subject, check out me posing with the current Mr. U.S.A. Steve is a gym acquaintance (and hottie) of mine and recently I had lunch with him and some friends. Steve is a paramedic and fireman (and hottie!) who body builds in his spare time. And gives free nutritional advice to us ladies as we swill wine and eat antipasto at Andiamo. His dad, the chef, hooked us up real well and a good time was had by all.

After lunch I headed home for my customary nap. A full tummy and a little vino made slipping off very easy. And I had plenty to dream about. Steve the bodybuilder (and hottie!), you guess? Hell no! Fresh mozzarella and pasta make for the sweetest dreams of all!

Have a great week and happy slumbers! xxoo