Monday, September 28, 2015

Sixteen Candles...

Well maybe just a few more that sixteen!  On what may have been the last gorgeous Saturday night, gal pal Kristin and I made our way out for a last summer fling.  No, not that kind of fling!  Had a bite of dinner before hooking up with the birthday boy himself.  Kurt is our trainer and we couldn't miss the opportunity to buy him a vodka or two.  Kurt instructs in a 'flow' style but nuthin' was flowin' that night except the Goose.  And yes, we got a little loose. 

Us broads split early before we turned into October pumpkins and left Kurt to carry on his party without us.  Hope your night was as special as you are, Buddy.  We will see you on Tuesday for our regular beat down.  Happy Birthday, Kurt!  xo

P.S. I am celebrating a little 'day' myself.  Can you believe that I have published 400 posts?  Yep, I can hardly believe it myself.  Thank you all for your support thru my celebrations, sadness, rants and stories.  I love ya'll bunches. xo

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sweet Pea...

On Sunday night, in Ossineke, Michigan, I had some dreams come true.  Old friend, Bruce Anscheutz opened his home and whitetail ranch to me and some family and friends.  At six p.m. we met at Bruce's gorgeous home and watched as many deer, including bucks, does and fawns came up on his porch waiting to be fed.   Two fawns had their nose on the windows as they waited for Bruce to fix their bottle.  I got to feed Sweet Pea.  She was the sweetest and hungriest little baby I've ever seen.  As an incredible animal lover, this was pure joy for me.  Sweet pea let me feed her, hug her and kiss her head.  I was in heaven.

Bruce started out Whitetail Way as a game ranch, raising and managing deer for game hunters, but has sort of evolved into a petting zoo, with deer, sheep, goat, and ducks.  The animal live on gorgeous acreage and are spoiled by Bruce's loving care.  He knows all of their names and histories and I even witnessed a big buck give him a kiss.  These animals are the world to him and he treats them lovingly and respectfully.  He is as dedicated as a farmer as twice a day he must check the fences and feed these animals.  He generously opens his home and property to those of us that love animals.  Bruce has a train that rivals the Detroit Zoo train and we all pile on with our beer and ride around spotting the animals.  On Sunday the weather could not have been more perfect as we enjoyed the woods and deer.

With a husband who hunts and being a wife who not only cooks but loves venison, this kind of presents a conundrum of sorts.  Growing up on my Grampa's dairy farm, I've always squirmed a little at eating beef.  But I eat it, if I don't know the name of that particular bovine.  The same is with deer.  Randy hunts in big woods and the animals are not pets.  They are wild animals and that, I must hold onto.

Bruce brings much joy to local people who bring their children over to witness this awesome spectacle.  He is a knowledgeable and gracious host.  It's is the coolest thing ever.

Thank you, Bruce for sharing your babies.  I loved it and you are the BEST! xo

P.S. Hello to darling Sweet Pea! xo

Monday, September 14, 2015

For Those About to Rock...

We salute you!  Holy Hell's Bells!  Can you believe AC/DC is still rockin' it hard?  Can you believe our old asses still are?  Well, believe it.  Ford Field was the site for this crazy sight.  The boys were Back in Black and did not disappoint as they beat out every one of their tunes that made them famous.  Beers were spilled and the air was thick and 'suspect'.  The users looked the other way.  There were fireworks and the inevitable cannons. And don't forget the bell!  No introductions, no stories, no nuthin'.  Just 3 hours of hard drivin', kick ass rock.  Brian Johnson looks and sounds just like he did 20 years ago-newsboy cap in place as he delivered the vocals.  Skinny little Angus came out in his usual attire and systematically stripped down, thankfully stopping at just his shorts as the show went on.  His trademark step still brings the audience to it's feet.  Sweating like mad, he ran around with that fish out of oxygen look on is face and flopped around  like a dead fish while madly not missing a beat.  The people watching was supreme with all of us old rockers relieving our glory days. 

I didn't even have the show on my radar, but jumped when the tickets became available.  Glad I did it-don't want to do it again.  Those old boys Rocked Me all Night Long, while totally kickin' my ass!
Taylor Swift, Eagles, AC/DC with Madonna in October and Stevie Wonder in November.  I'm just about 'concerted' out or will be soon.

How about y'all tell me about your first or favorite show?  I'll be waiting... xo

Monday, September 7, 2015

I Can't Feel My Face When I'm With You....

Yikes can you believe Labor Day is here and gone?  How on earth did it get to be September?

In celebration, 3 girls, 3 guys, and one very cute Bebe, had a morning Bloody Mary (well, not the Bebe, of course) and headed up to Port Austin for a little round of action at the farmers market.  This particular open air market is rated one of the top five of it's kind in Michigan.  The vendors are amazing with everything you can think of for sale, as well as arts, crafts, and antiques of all kinds.  I have my favorite Amish stand with my favorite little Amish boy selling his wares.  It was the last one for the season, so we were anxious to stock up on the fresh goodies.  We found fresh honey, organic spices, gorgeous tomatoes, venison jerky, alfalfa and bean sprouts as well as mixed greens.  Princess Vivienne scored a darling handmade mermaid costume at I can't wait to see her beach photo shoot.  Our men patiently carried around our goodies and treated us to lunch later. 

With lovely co-operative weather, there couldn't have been a more perfect way to spend the day with family and friends-including one special Bebe!  If you ever want a fun Saturday morning, head up to Port Austin and take in the market, and you may even 'Spot a J'!  Hope you all had a wonderfully, long, and relaxing holiday.  xo

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cheers to the Fall...

An icon is gone.  Cedar Grove Tavern in Hubbard Lake, Michigan suffered devastating losses in a fire on Sunday morning.  Located in the cedars of Hubbard Lake, the tavern has been a popular bar and eatery as long as I can remember.  Back in the day, I was a regular.

The bar was simply a local legend.  Owner Jim, could be counted on for a warm welcome every time I strolled in.  A hug and a kiss and a promise to 'misbehave' were exchanged.  The dance floor was the scene of many sweaty, crazy times as some of the best local bands played on.  Me and my posse of chickies would run crowd control most Saturday nights. The pizza and hoagies were epic after, or even before a long night of antics.  Pig roasts and talent contests added to the fun.  It was locally the best Halloween party with all of us turned out for some costumed craziness.

My first (legal) drink at 18 was at that very bar.  Jim feigned surprise that I was 18, since I had been in and out of there and maybe imbibing for years.  The hug and kiss were extra large size that day.  And I totally misbehaved.  Randy and I, in a totally kismet moment, met at that very bar.  The story of the 'citiot' and the local 'swamp angel' is one we have retold many times.  We held Dane's 'up north' family graduation party in the side known as 'Tiki Jims'-and unlikely name for a northern Michigan bar.

But Jim is gone and now so is the bar.  Things are awfully quiet today in the swamp, and all we have now is our memories.   But damn-they are fond ones.  xoxo