Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween!  When I asked Siri my question, I'm not gonna lie, I loved her answer.  I'm puzzled too, Siri!  Years ago, as a teenager and young adult, my fashion choices were sometimes (well, most of the time!) uniquely my own.  I remember prancing out as a teenager, all trussed up in my finery.  Feeling every inch of look.  My Grandpa would look me up and down and say, "what do you call that outfit?  It's Halloween everyday for Jodi!"  Psssssshhhhhhtttt-that's the air going out of my balloon.  But only for a second.  I simply possessed too much confidence to care what anyone thought.  But he was right-a little, anyway.  I probably was pushing the edge a bit.  I still love dressing up and Halloween is perfect for going the extra mile in self-expression and fantasy.  I partied with my pals tonight and helped pass out candy to the little beggars.  I enjoyed seeing the children all proud of their costumes as they grabbed the goodies.  It's my wish for them that they stay guileless and creative in their lives.  It's liberating and brings such joy.  For me at least.  And the candy just makes it all the sweeter.

Enjoy all the sweet creativity that this world has to offer.  You know, I'm going to!  xo

Monday, October 24, 2016

Shout out to my Ex...

Yo Adrian!  Folks, (isn't that a quaint old word?) you are witnessing the end of an era.  After 15 years of driving Mustangs, I've decided to make a change. And by God it wasn't easy.  Much deliberation was had before I made up my mind and committed to the order.  My girl Sascha Fierce took the old one/two punch as I purchased my new 'Italian Stallion'.  Not really-I never would allow my old girl to take the sucker punch! 

Meet my new ride-Mr. Rocky Balboa. Rocky or Rocco for short.  Given that I've recently discovered my Italian heritage, I decided to give my Jeep the nod and honor him with a little 'Italiano' flavor.  Feeling like I wanted a larger vehicle with still a convertible option, I arrived at this little beauty.  I have owned two Wrangler's in the past so the ride is not really knew to me, and my brother, Steve, car salesman extraordinaire gave me a hot hook up.  I admit to missing some of the bells and whistles that I've become accustomed to, but I enjoy sitting up higher and even feel a little safer.  However, today I experienced a very traumatic incident.  I found my self sitting in the front row at a red light with four lanes of traffic.  The light turned green and I was NOT the first one out of the gate.  Pony power, Rocky does not possess.  Grrrrrr.....rrrrrr, I hate when that happens and I still harbor a latent 'need for speed.'  Oh, well; I'm sure I'll get used to the reduced horsepower. And maybe have a few less speeding tickets.  Maybe....

So, if you see me on the road, give me that cheesy little 'Jeep wave.'  And don't be offended if I try to pass you at the light.  Have a great week my Darlin's!  xoxo

Monday, October 17, 2016

Me too...

Happy crabby Monday and kudos and thanks to Capt. Luis (and Randy) for the mouthwatering hookup.  Fresh from the Keys, stone crab claws are some of my most favorite tasty treats!  Mustard horseradish sauce and a little white wine and I'm good to go. Yummy way to start the week!

I recently read that the only people who aren't crabby on Monday are people that are retired.  Well, as a hair dresser I always enjoyed Monday's off.  My weekends were usually Sunday thru Tuesday, until I dropped down to part time.  Monday has always been my 'fresh start' day after a sometimes indulgent weekend.  I like to plan out and organize my week vowing to get something accomplished.  And get back on track with my workout.  On an 80 degree October day, it was easy to be optimistic.  Just wonder if this warm weather will ever allow a full on fall leaf color change-c'mon fall!

So whether you are have a good day or a crabby day, or both.  Enjoy, it's almost Tuesday!  xo

Monday, October 10, 2016

That's Life...

Ahhhhh, Splendour in the Grass...a poem I love and a movie I can't believe I haven't seen. 

The poem, by William Wordsworth is gorgeous and remarkably my pea brain 'get's it.'  The words are lush and gorgeous to me and their meaning is two fold.  It speaks of innocence and maturity and knowledge gained by life experience-namely death.  Life starts out-more or less-innocently, and through the travels till death, we accept and learn.  That's life, as they say.  I will not post the whole poem, but advise you to look it up.  It's beautiful in it's simplicity.

Now for the movie starring on of my favorites, Natalie Wood, and Warren Beatty.  I know only the basic premise and that it was considered and discarded for our high school drama club for the scene which depicted the 'splendor in the grass.'  I will try to watch the movie soon.

A friend and I were talking today about how it seems that we are experiencing tragedy and death more than ever.  I loved when we were young little flowers that death had not wilted yet.  We optimistically featured our loved ones and ourselves as immortal.  But as we have grown older, death is as much a part of our lives as living is.  Maybe it is the system that is place to help us prepare for the inevitable. 

I am relishing the optimistic feeling that I am enjoying on this sunny Monday.  Hope you all are feeling some of the same.  xo

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Beach Baby...

It's back to life, back to reality for me this morning.  After getting in late from a quick vay cay on Cape Hatteras National Seashore, I feel rejuvved and ready to get my week rockin'. 

Can I just say that I love, L.O.V.E the beach?  I spent hours reading and walking and wading in this gorgeous stretch of sea and sand.  I fully understand the lure and power it has over me.  It simply brings out my creative side by wiping all of my cares away and opening up more organic possibilities.  With the stresses and cobwebs removed, I envisioned art projects, writing themes, resolutions and simplicity.  The sound of the crashing waves and sea birds that threatened to lull me from my book to drowsy land.  The heady smell of humid, salt air.  The blue and white sky that begs me to try to capture it on canvas.  The laughter of the children splashing in the surf tempting me to join in the fun.  The warm sand beneath my feet as I walked picking up shells, stones and sea treasures.  The gorgeous pampas grass with their plumes gently swaying, as well as views of the stately cape style homes with their simple, weathered gray facades.

Cape favorite stretch of beach.

Today its the mundane-bills, groceries, laundry and such.  Although I sometimes picture a simple life on the beach, I wonder if an everyday beach experience would take away the feeling of the special place that is the seashore for me.  Don't know, but I think I would like to find out. 

How about you?  Where's your special/happy place?  Let me know!   xo