Sunday, August 28, 2011


is my favorite color, warbles Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Big tough guy. I prefer more a raspberry shade, but for this blog we will just generally say 'pink'!

Note the Mary Kay pink ride gone cra-zazy. This sporty lady was spotted by dear friends, Brian and Kelly while at Detroit's Eastern Market on Saturday. Girlfriend was workin' the hell outta her pink! Totally pinktastic!

I have always had a kind of love/love relationship with pink. It's the color that defined my gender at the moment of birth. Once I suffered pink eye, first in one eye and then the other garnering me a week off work and some serious ugliness to boot. I coveted the pink Barbie Jeep, but (sigh) had to make a pink Kleenex box do. Pink was an unlikely color for the famous panther, but did very little to curb his suave and debonair style. The same could be said for Pink Floyd and Alecia Moore,who's stage name is Pink. My favorite wig is Cleopatra style -and pink! I have 4 pink flamingos in the yard at the beach house-totally kitchy. I enjoy looking at them while sipping a vodka and pink lemonade-so much more festive than the yellow kind!

When on Mackinaw Island, The Pink Pony is a favorite watering hole. Even in my 'black' stage of wardrobe, my lipstick was still Pink Parfait. John Hughes scored big when he named his 80's movie, "Pretty in Pink". When visitors to Key West become over- served, a pepto bismol pink taxi will get you home safely. Victoria's Secret has a whole line of sportswear called 'Pink", and I enjoy lounging in them while reading 'Pink is the new Blog'. I once bought a cell phone just because it was sparkly pink. I have Bazooka bubblegum pink Everlast boxing gloves that make it hard for the men in class to take my hits seriously. Happily, I've never recieved a 'pink slip'. American Cancer Society uses a pink ribbon as their symbol. And as a lover of Valentines day, pink roses and candy tickle me pink.

So where will this madness end? Luckily for you, my dear readers-NOW. Just shows how much I can run on, rant and rave over just one little word! Hope this finds y'all in the pink as you begin another week. Pink kisses to all. xx

Monday, August 22, 2011


It is very hard for me to justify my usual 'frivolity' this week. I am deeply saddened by the death of Todd Green, who lost his life entertaining us all at the air show this weekend. I watched Saturday's show, from the yard, but thankfully did not witness Todd's terrible fall. Also on my mind is the drive by shooting of a 10 month old baby. It has been reported that the shooting was intentional and a person of interest has been identified. The baby is in the hospital in critical condition. Unimaginable.

Tragic events whether accidental or intentional, are hard for me to comprehend and understand. Why, is my first thought, followed closely by 'what the hell were they thinking'? Altho not exactly the same thing, I have always been fascinated by the abnormal psychology that involves a murder or harming someone. Many bios have been written about serial killers, abusers and the like, and I have read most of them. And I still am no closer to understanding what makes that person tick. Do I even want/need to understand? It's just that we basically start out with the same brains, and environment and heredity do it's thing to such extremes that it scares the hell out of me. And the collateral damage caused to family members as they suffer the life changing aftershocks.

No one has these answers. It's not clear how to handle or punish the people who commit these actions.

Today, I am quietly praying for these people and their families. Also, I am feeling grateful for the blessings and grace in my life. xo

Monday, August 15, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Recently I read that at the funeral of Amy Winehouse, Carol King's "So Far Away"was played. Being Amy's favorite song, it was the perfect closing for her sometimes sad life.

This being said/read, I started to consider the kind of droll subject of funeral music. Hmmmmm. Being a good Catholic girl, I think that the choices may be somewhat limited to songs found only in a hymnal--depending on the priest. 'On Eagles Wings', 'Amazing Grace' and the occasional 'Morning Has Broken' are popular approved favorites that I like.

At the funeral of a friend that was a fallen policeman, 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' was the sad and appropriate song played. R.I.P. Byron. My friend Rose has said that she would prefer 'Let it Be'-also a nice accepting song. I have heard 'What a Wonderful World' both a funerals AND weddings. If Louis only knew..

So dear friends, please take a moment and let me know what you would have played at your demise. A favorite song or something that sums up your feelings about your life? Do mourners even notice? Do YOU even care? I used to think 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', the Judy Garland recording, would be mine, but now that Israel Kamakawiwo'ole has overexposed it--I don't know. Maybe a Carpenters tune, 'Superstar' being one of my all time favorite songs. I'm gonna ponder. Let me know darlings.

Have a wonderful week and do not die! At least not until you choose your tune. KIDDING!! xoxo

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Moment for Life...

They say that getting there is half the trip. Some say the anticipation is better than the trip. My Mom says that travelling with the girls is a vacation, but traveling with my Dad is a trip... I say getting there IS a trip..

Nothing like a good old fashioned road trip to shock and amaze me. You never know what you will happen across. As a person a little-okay a lot-afraid of most things public, travelling always comes with it's share of challenge. Why is it that someone elses dirt is somehow dirtier than my own? I will admit though, that things are better than they used to be.

In order to save time, we try not to veer off I75 too far, so gas and food and motel choices are sometimes limited. The truck stops are now one stop joints where you can safely get all your business done. In the past I would practically have to be catheterized or risk a bladder infection or bowel obstruction before using a public restroom. Remember when you would have to ask for the key before heading out to a restroom only slightly better than a port-a-john on the sixth day of the State Fair? I am relieved to say that the toities are now inside and for the most part clean. I did however, get mistaken for a 'lot lizard' as I wandered down the wrong hallway near the men's restrooms and showers. A nice dude with a big belly and beard pointed me in the direction of the ladies room.

Back in the day, I would always pack all my own food eschewing all truck stop greasy spoons that were likely to precipitate another trip to the aforementioned outhouse. The Flo like waitress would scowl at me as I asked for skim milk, turkey bacon, egg white omelets, fruit etc. Now the McDonald's have yogurt and finally, decent coffee. At a Subway, I saw red wine vinegar, whole grain wraps and guacamole on the menu. Relatively good for you and fast service to boot.

Even the 'better' hotels still have me petrified of bed bugs and overall funk. I immediately remove the bedspread and keep my flip flops next to the bed for walks over carpet that I do not know when it has last seen Hagopian. I also shower with them on. But they are 'pet friendly', so Lola is happy. And you can get wine delivered to the room. Bonus!!

One thing I hope that never changes is the shopping at the truck stop mega malls. I love to snoop thru what someone thinks is needed for road travel. One place even had an in house movie theatre for truckers over their hour limits. I understand the need for those pills that keep you awake, but Viagra-like meds? Ummmm...I guess that's where the 'lot lizards' come in. All kinds of do rags are available in case you get all sweaty behind the wheel. French fried onions are popular with refillable mugs the size of a pony keg. Anything with a Confederate flag seems to be in style. Krispy Kreme are the donuts of choice. Second rate stuffed animals abound in case you forgot to get someone a souvenir.

So, as you can imagine, getting to my condo with my own bathoom and bed is a relief and well worth the trip. And I am finally free to make it barefoot...xo