Monday, December 31, 2012

Locked out of Heaven...

Happy New Years Eve, friends.  Yes, that night is upon us again.  Many of you know that NYE is one of my least favorite nights to celebrate.  All that forced gaiety,  kissing of strangers, and evaluation of last year and hopes for the new year just has never been my thing.  Way too much of a change at failure.  Isn't the world hard enough without setting yourself up for that shit on purpose?  How about a little spontaneity here?  The planning for my NYE outfit was exhausting enough without deciding about my future year.  I mean, what's the point?  
  I'm very happy to be past the time in my life where I HAD to go out, just in case I'd miss something.  Like the new year would not dawn if I wasn't out there a ringin' it in.  Also, I abhor the always unflattering paper hat and the annoying noisemaker that some idiot hands out and insists we wear.  The deafening sound of kazoos at midnight seems like a horrible musical start to anything other than a kiddie parade.  And the hat is an awful fashion choice designed to make you even more sad as you are forced to endure Auld Lang Syne-quite possibly the worst song in history.  I'd rather hear Gagnum Style-KIDDING!!  The whole thing can go on without me.  No longer do I antagonize over hair, makeup, a date, and the perfect dress and heels.  I can do glamour on another night without all the amateurs!   Some friends have invited us over for a very casual get together.  Casual dress, snacks, kids(!), a bonfire and WII 'Let's Dance'.  If we have s'mores, it'll be perfect.  And tomorrow, without a hangover will be soon enough to try to scrabble a plan together for the new year.   Sound like a plan?  It does to me.  Now I just need to know, does glitter eyeshadow go with a sweat suit?  Hell yeah!  It's New Years Eve, Baby!
  P.S.  If you have not driven through Rochester, Michigan during the holidays, you are missing a big holiday treat.  As far as you can see, the storefronts on the main drag are covered in lights.  It's the coolest thing.  And the Perfect Margaritas at Rojo aren't too bad either!  See you in 2013 Lovee's xoxo!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmas and the Happiest New Year.  I hope your blessings are many and your troubles are few.  May you be compassionate and loving to all those you meet.  Have faith that things will work out.  Treat others and yourself with care and honesty.  Be patient and hopeful. Enjoy good health and much laughter.  Let your creativity flow.  I love you all.  xxoo

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Father's Eyes...

 What do you think of when you think of my Dad?  I will remember him as a loving son, brother, husband, father, uncle and grandfather.  He was a salesman, veteran, township clerk, baseball coach and Tigers fan. These are the roles that define him and he was very good at them...

  But the very first thing that comes to MY mind is food and family.  Yes, the Norwegian giant did love his food.  Mornings meant news, coffee and Connie's Cafe.  The girls at Connie's knew to keep it hot and keep it coming.   As kids, my Dad always made us the biggest and best Sunday breakfasts, smiling as we gobbled it up.  Popcorn was also big in his world.  Real big.  Dad would cook it up the old fashioned way on the stove, with lots of salt and a whole stick of butter.  We kids would stand by with our bowls at the ready for his famous popcorn, leaving the whole buttery, sticky mess for Mom to deal with in the morning. 

Dad loved Mom's cooking praising her always for meals and her baking.  He also blamed her cooking for his weight gains.  But, we would remind him,  our Mom never had a job at Bud's Donuts or McDonald's!  We loved busting him for wrappers in his truck along with pickle bologna skins and saltine crumbs.   Dad loved heading up to Gramma Iola's house after dinner to visit and have a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream with Hershey's chocolate.  He loved going to Aunt Dixie's where the coffee was always on and many sweets were made available.  His niece Nikki's kids were his very special treat.   I loved to spoil him at my house and Randy always had a big Manhattan waiting for him when he arrived.  I would cook dinner and he always made sure to leave room for my hot fudge brownie sundaes.  The recent thanksgiving at the Hensel camp made Dad very happy.  Family get togethers and food were the important things and Dad loved to laugh at the dinner table. 

So on this day, I want to remember all the happy times.  The angels better put the coffee on, the big guy is here-wing size, extra large. xo  Rest in peace Dad, we love you and will miss you. xo                

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


My Dad had been losing weight without effort and feeling fatigued alot in the last few months.  Upon finally having some tests run, it was determined that he had cancer.  The doctor told my Mom to take him home and call Hospice.  The meds would keep him pain free.  One to two weeks was all we could expect.

We have been here at Mom and Dad's since Friday and my Dad is hanging tough.  Ice cream is all that appeals to him and He mostly just sleeps.  Family and friends have been streaming thru here the whole time.  The situation is so unreal.  Last week my Dad worked a day and now he can barely move.  He has been having pleasant dreams and vision that seem to keep him entertained.  He has no fear of death and is looking forward to seeing his Mom and Dad.

Mickey keeps a vigil next to Dad's recliner just in case he wants to sit up for awhile and little cousin Evan keeps a hawk eye on Mickey.  Our neighbors are keeping us in all sorts of goodies and I am feeling fatter by the day.  There is not much else to do. 

So we wait.  And remember happier times.  Pray that he is not uncomfortable too much longer and I will keep you all posted.  xo

Monday, December 3, 2012

White Noise...

Ever have one of those days when you piss yourself off?  Today I ripped off a fingernail that left me with 9 perfect ones and one short stub. Fabulous.  I got sunscreen in my eye and it burn hellaciously for a full hour.  I went to Lowe's for a new vent and forgot to measure the spot first.  Like a dumb ass rookie driver, I pulled up at the gas pump opposite of the side I needed to be on.  I realize these should not be events that rock my day, however, they can be very annoying.

So it was with great delight that I got my mail and found the latest book from Michelle of Michelle's Spell.  Also included were a cool picture montage of Mark, J.R., Michelle, Beth and Grouchie out on the town one night last winter.  Erik was missing in the pic so evidently he took the shot. The sweet note she penned me, was enough to make my day.

Hurriedly, I sat down and devoured her latest book of poems and may I just say that it's my favorite of her writings so far.  Some found me nodding my head in understanding and some had little twists that I did not see coming.  All were touching, and I felt immediately better just reading them and picturing darling Michelle conceiving, writing, and editing her work.

It's the little things really, and always.  The smell of a roast with potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot and the nudging of Lola while reading my friends writing can instantly elevate me.  And for this I am thankful and amazed.

Have an amazing week, friends. xo

Monday, November 26, 2012

Even Flow...

Well dears, by now the turkey bloat should be nothing but a memory.  With any luck, the routine of our lives has returned and also by now the uneaten leftovers should be tossed-ending any chance for food poisioning.  My brother in law treated us all to his famous 'turduken' and I gorged myself on the duck portion of the meat.  What a treat-thank you to both Steve and my sister Lisa, for hosting this fabulous, family foodfest.  I have much to be thankful for-my family being tops on my list.  Hope your day was what it takes for you to feel contented and grateful.

And on to the rest of the weekend.  My Mom came back with me and together we have painted my living room.  Ceiling, walls and moulding are all fresh and crisp awaiting the furniture delivery tomorrow.  It was very hard work, but we love creating new environments.  As a creature of deep routine, this is actually a change that I am excited for.  All of this have left me so totally bone weary, that I do not have a creative thought in my head tonight.  Completely spent.

Niters to all, see you next week. zzzzzzzzzzz  xo

Monday, November 19, 2012

Postcard from Paris...

I love to paint and have a blast trying out new ideas with my little sister.  But I am a horribly inept artist and truly wish I was better at it.  I had my chance once and I blew it.  Let me tell you the story...
Once upon a time, while partying in sunny Key West a Michigan girl met a handsome guy.  He buys her a glass of wine and introduces himself.  After two nights and many cocktails, on the last night of vacation, the man says, "Come with me to Paris, I'll teach you to paint.  We'll stay at my villa and paint and drink wine."  The man says that he has a small gallery here on the island, as well as one on Nantucket and one in Paris.  He hands her a business card that verifies all of this.  She cannot believe her ears.  These are words the girl dreams of.  (In fact, she still dreams of.)  But she has a life and is flying out tomorrow back to the real world.  It would be impossible at this time-and she can barely wrap her head around it.  He says the offer is open. 
So where does that leave the girl with the dream?  She has realized that her reality IS her dream.  No regrets. It's all in the timing.  But sometimes when she attempts to paint, the thoughts of real lessons from a real artist, in Paris, creep in.  She smiles and sighs.  It's a lovely dream, and you can't take that away from her.  Ever.  And that's the reality.  xo                                                                  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Girl Gone Wild...

As most of you know, I am THEE Madonna fan.  In one of my earliest posts, I outlined the uncanny parallels that make up our lives.  Totally sisters by another mother!  So when I heard last year that her 'Madgesty' was once again gracing us with her presence, I announced that we were going to the show no matter when or how much.  After all, it may be her last concert.  Oddly, it's the very same thing I said in 2006, which was the last time she was here.  Yeah.  I know.  Whatever....

On my 'virgin' experience in 1985, I was a single mother of a two year old.  It was all that I could do to scrape together the ticket price, find an overnight sitter, (thanks, Mom) and sport a totally cool, wannabee outfit.  It was a long day extending into the late night.  I sported big hair, heels and an armful of rubber bracelets.  Hours of dancing and signing and carousing Greektown left me energized and no worse for wear.  This time?  Not so much.

After drinks, dinner, drinks, dancing, drinks, snacks, drinks and walking back to our hotel, I was fried.  By 3:00 a.m. it needed to be over.  I was too full, too tired and my feet were killing me.  Just taking off my boots required a herculean effort.  Madonna delivered a strong show, but even she was only on her feet for 2 hours!  Try 10 hours, girl!!  The next morning, I croaked and was delivered "coffee", and began to come back to life.  Upon arriving home, a quick shower and a long nap put me somewhere in the normal range of living. 

Oh, I almost forgot the best part!!  Blogstar alert!! While shuffling out of the Joe, I ran into Trent from "Pink is the New Blog".  I noticed him, and introduced myself, telling him we have a mutual friend in Michelle, of  'Michelle's Spell' and that I read his post everyday. Trent warmly shook my hand and may I just say that he is MUCH more handsome in person.  What a doll and fellow fan!  I loved it..

It's with mixed feeling that I say that I almost hope it's her last tour.  Don't know if I could take it again!  I will make you a deal Madonna:  I will retire if you will.. Please girl, I beg of you.  My feet beg of you!  Don't make me survive another show, because you know I will.  Even if it kills me.

All hail the Queen-she rocks!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Begin Again...

Tomorrow is the big day.  Thank God.  It will soon be all over.  The presidential race 2012.  The godawful, insulting and mudslinging ads will be off the television.  The signs marring my street will be taken down-I hope.  No one will be knocking at my door on Sunday afternoon when I am still in p.j.'s reading the Free Press.  And please, oh please, my phone will stop ringing with calls designed to 'help' me decide.  Facebook will go back to it's normal minutiae without everyone banging their own personal political bongo.  Such a day it promises to be..

After my much and always needed coffee, I will probably hit the walking path allowing the working peeps to have time to pull the lever.  After fortification (20 grams of protein within 20 minutes of my workout), I will shower up and head two blocks over to the polls.  I don't know why, but the polls always make me feel like I am doing something illegal. The officer is going to arrest me.  Fraud will be my crime.  Can't explain it, it just is.  My gut starts churning as soon as I walk in.   I will flop down my licence and prove my identity.  When it's my turn, I will go into the booth and immediately start to sweat when I realize that I did not study the proposals well enough to make a valid stand.  Proceeding on to the big stuff, I will curse that I cannot split my ballot as I am more a 'people voter' than a 'party voter'.  Choices made, I will hope that the curtain opens and I have done everything right.  That's right.  Curtains.  Because these choices are meant to be personal.  Private.  With a big exhale and great relief, I will make my way out to Denzel Washington and zoom away, happy in the knowledge that I have done my American duty-which after all, is a priviledge.

After dinner, which will probably be out, I will turn on and tune in to the election results.  May the best man win and may some of what he promises turns out to be true. With luck and prayer, may our county flourish under his leadership. 

That's how it works, right? 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Yeah...

Bet you almost didn't recognize Cheryl and I without our bikinis and beer!  Such is life.  Ah, but it's fall and that calls for sweaters and water.  Water?  Things are getting crazy up in here!!!

On this night, I am over my beloved Tigers loss in the world championship.  It was fun while it lasted and a real good ride.  Some gets to win and someone has to lose.  Life throw even the best a real tricky curve ball sometimes.  Till next year, guys....

And what the crazy hell is up with Hurricane Sandy?  It's rare that that type of storm hits so far north.  I feel horrible for the tragedy that has effected so many lives and promises to change many more.  We are most assuredly lucky and blessed that only big waves and high wind will hit here.  I have watched news coverage till I am sick about the devastation that is occurring.  I hate weather extremes and wonder why it seems we have so many of them lately.  Last year it hit 80 degrees in a snow less March and then was followed by the hottest summer on record.  Nothing spooks me more than high wind.  I didn't leave the house today and do not plan to do so tomorrow either.

And on the circle of life front, I have to congratulate friends Mandy and Goci on the birth of their beautiful baby boy.  Luka is gorgeous and I am excited for their new and enriched lives.  And almost on the same stroke of time, I must send out my sympathy for my dear friend Tim, who has lost his brother Marvin, all too soon and all too quickly.  Beginnings and endings fill my thoughts, along with everything that falls in between.

Stay well my darlings, no matter what life has in store this week.  There are no guarantees. xo

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hold that Tiger...

How silly are Dane and I posing with two 'fatheads' of our two of our favorite players?  We had a blast at the game with those crazy things and even had a moment on the jumbo tron.  It may be my 15 seconds of fame...Go Tigers as you head into the World Series!  Make us proud!

It is with a giant groan that I am attempting to watch the presidential debate.  I watched the first one, missed the second one and am now viewing the third.  Anyone who has known me for 5 minutes or so, knows that I abhor politics.  I always have.  People just tend to get far too militant when the subject comes up and politics always bring out the worst in people. We all have our reasons for voting for who we support.  Things that effect our democracy is different to each of us.  As I watch, both candidates seem as smug as bugs in a rug.  Cheshire cats, patiently waiting for their moment in the sun.  I can't help it-I hate it.  Maybe it's my overall ignorance and I recall very little from my high school class designed to teach me the machinations of government.  As you can imagine, I could have cared less.

Am I proud of my lackadaisical attitude? No way.  Many of the people in my life have bothered to get involved and can surely talk the talk.  I just lack the patience and feel not knowledgeable enough to even have my vote count.  In 1976, my very first presidential election, found me leaning on my Dad for advice.  He follows all political everything and will patiently educate me if I will sit still long enough.  Why anyone would want the job of President of the United States is beyond my realm of imagination.  I'd rather dig a ditch.  But give me credit where credit is due, because the Lions game is on and also the game that will tell the tale for the Tigers and I am STILL trying to get thru the debate.

I realize that it's bubble heads like me that help shape the world as we know it.  I'm just more suited to frivolous details rather than ones that just about make my head pop off.  Too much he said, he said.  I pray that voters smarter and more educated than myself will make the proper decision. 

Any advice?  Let me know what you think.  And please forgive me, so maybe I can forgive myself.  xo

Monday, October 15, 2012

Take me Away...

Aah, the sweet days of strolling Ann Arbor in a halter dress are done and over for another year.  I love AA, a perfect college town with an eclectic mixture of culture and collegiate.  Art, beer, dining and youth make it a favorite place of mine-culture vulture that I am.  I love to pretend I'm a University of Michigan student doing my thing instead of an aging yuppie horning in on all the fun.  Oh well, I can dream can't I?

It's officially fall.  I have the 'yard dudes' coming over tomorrow to help me put my yard to bed.  Today for the first time, I have the fireplace on.  The days are getting so short and I will be happy to 'fall back' when that time comes.  The leaves on our street are slowly getting orange and my planters have officially given up their color.  One lowly white iris stubbornly is blooming.

Of course the two wins the Tigers have had over the Yankees have me jazzed.  We have tickets to tomorrows game and I can't wait.  It's not going to be a tank top and cutoffs night, tho.  I will be digging out the sherpa coat, boots and mittens to cheer our boys on. 

Pretty routine week here at the ranch.  Sometimes I like it that way.  Enjoy your fall and the changes it brings.  xo

Monday, October 8, 2012

Come on, Come on...

So Friday morning finds me wandering out to my mailbox with bleary eyes, bed head hair, Starbucks mug in hand, clad in only a plush leopard print robe.  Truly a sight for sore eyes and morning commuters whizzing by.  Certainly not the vision they needed burned into their brains on this, the beginning of the weekend.  But I digress.  My peripheral vision shows my neighbor-up with the birds, I presume-lugging stuff out of her garage for a sale.  Oh Lord..the utter ambition.


Until the past few years, when she had nothing else to sell, my Mother held her annual 'G Sale'.  Such sale was a major production involving our whole family with weeks of preparation.  My sister, brother and I would be called upon to sort through clothes that didn't fit and toys that we no longer played with.  My Mom scoured the basement and storage areas of the house for things that did not make the cut for last years sale.  My Dad would move his stuff around the garage to allow space for the set up.  His truck was used to haul tables needed to display the merchandise.  My mom would painstakingly price each and every item, securing a small paper tag with a straight pin.  We then filled the spaces with organization that would rival a Gap store. 

In the preceding week, friends and neighbors would be phoned and invited to the 'pre sale'.  Early sales were necessary to make room for better displaying of the goods.  All week, our hallway and bathroom were busy as the area doubled as a fitting room, one with no limit on the number of garments allowed.  Children were left to their own devices to shop or play with toys.  There was always a 'free box' where they could help themselves to headless Barbie dolls and puzzles with missing pieces.

On Friday morning, my Mom would be up at the crack of dawn setting the dough for her famous cinnamon rolls.  These gooey treats were traditional and fill the house with their lovely cinnamon scent.  The goodies would be ready around eight and my auntie, uncles, grandparents would pour in to grab a mug of coffee and a roll as we waited for our customers.  Usually we just got our signs posted when it was time to open the garage door.  Our sales were legendary and our shoppers did not disappoint.  Sales were brisk until lunch when we would stop for chili and sandwiches.  It was fun to count the money box to see how we were doing.

At six the door would close and we would wrap up the day with pizza.  Saturday was much the same except all items were sold at half price.  Sales were slower but it was important to get rid of the stuff.  Sale goers were encouraged to buy, buy, buy.  At four, we boxed up the remains and prepared to 'curb it' for the garbage man.  Money was counted and recorded and split among us.  The cigar box was put away for another year.  Inevitably we would comment that it was the best sale ever.

Feeling tired and content, we were happy to retire from retail/resale for another year.

Thank you all for your patience in reading what may be my longest blog post ever.  It was simply a story that must be shared.

P.S.- Do you have or go to garage sales? Or do you just call Purple Heart?  Ever find any fabulous finds?  I'd love to hear.. xo

Monday, October 1, 2012

I Wear my Sunglasses at Night...

Check out my girl Kristin and me showing off our new sexy specs! Hers are Chanel! and mine are Brighton, if anyone really gives a rats ass.  Both of us are sun glass crazy and could be seen sporting them around Eastern Market as we tailgated for the Lions game yesterday.  This shot was at one of our favorite watering holes-Vivio's where we talked our way OUT of the five dollar cover charge (the bouncer was an easy target) and enjoyed Bloody Mary's-mine virgin and spice free due to my still spongy stomach.  No matter, they were delicious and sooooo awesome.

However, not so awesome was our team, the Detroit Lions.  Amidst high hopes for the season, they simply cannot seem to get it together.  That I carefully gather from what others say and the approximately 2 minutes that I actually paid attention.  Sort of.  Oh well, my beloved Detroit Tigers took up all the slack with their fantastic win which puts them even closer to being in the AL Central Pennant race. Just 3 more games left!!! And with our own Miguel Cabrera in the run for the Triple Crown, things are really heating up.  I LOVE baseball and I have explained before, it's in in my D.N.A, as my whole family are rabid fans dating back to my grandpa and probably beyond.  On my Mother's visit, (she left Sunday, boohoo!) she was glued to the Ryder Cup, a big tournament in golf.  I don't much care for golf, but I love her enthusiasm.  Up north, my Dad, Brother, and Sister as well as most of my Uncles were similarly engaged, probably wearing out the 'last' remote button as they flip back and forth not to miss anything!  It's our passion. Yes, you could call us sports nuts.  Or just plain nuts-that works too.

Oct. 01 marks the start of a full month of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Let's be thoughtful of ALL cancer and it's insidious effects on the people and the families suffering from it.  A phone call, card or kind words can go along way.  Hell, I just had a minimally invasive and minor surgery and was totally touched by the outpouring of concern.  It makes me renew my resolve to be a more thoughtful person.

Enjoy this glorious fall week and GO TIGERS!!!! xo

Monday, September 24, 2012

You Give Love a Bad Name....

Good Grief! What's this world coming to when Nordstrom's is pimping t shirts with whitetail deer on them?  The tines on the deer represent the approximate number of holes currently in my abdomen following my recent laproscopic surgery.  Yes, I was a surgery virgin until last Friday altho Mark, (The Walking Man), expert on all thing surgical and beyond, did his best to coach me thru it.  His tips regarding my impending nudity while freezing half to death while 8 people in masks view my 'regions' was very helpful.  My hiatal hernia experience came off without a hitch and I am home happily recovering, not too much worse for the wear.  My Mom is here nursing me along my recovery.  She's fabulously handy at cleaning, making casseroles and even cutting back my irises.  I think I'll stay uncomfortable for just a little while longer than necessary just to keep her here.  And to watch 'Dancing with the Stars' with me.  We both have that guilty (not really so guilty) pleasure and love to critique expertly (of course), while admiring all the hot euro trash in tight pants! Yes,please..
On a much different note, I want to give a jspot kiss and hug to friends Ben (sometimes commenter, BenJammin') and Dave, who's sons are both deer hunting in Youth Season.  And both of the boys are named Zach!  Ben's son, age 9 has already bagged his buck and the other Zach will probably get his very soon.  But the big nod really goes to the Dad's for the lessons they have taught their son's.  Firstly, the support it takes while the boys got their licence to hunt, and then hours while the shot is perfected.  Next comes time waiting in the blind teaching patience, dedication, and perseverence.  And lastly, the respect of mother nature all while bonding over some Father/Son time.  What a beautiful thing. Congrats guys.
Oh, just one more thing...How about that women going all 'Goodwill Hunting' and finding that painting for 9.99 at the local thrift store.  And then reselling it at an auction for 37,000.00!  How cool is that?  I love thrift stores and once found a 50 dollar bill in the pocket of a vintage tuxedo jacket that I had purchased. And another friend who happened on a very cool chess set that turned out to be solid ivory which she sold at a very solid profit on Ebay.  Whoo Hoo.  I'll be paying much more attention to the 'art' section of the stores in the future.
Any to get to my recovering..feet up, check.  Phone(s) within reach, check.  Ice water, Lola,  Ipad and blankee, check, check, check and check.  And to all of you Dolls, check ya later! Have a great week. xoxo

Monday, September 17, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls...

Hello Monday!  After our annual Girl's Weekend, normalcy is looking mighty fine to me. 

Getting together with friends I usually have not seen in a year is always a blast.  Sister in law extraordinaire, Cheryl, does most of the planning and organizing, and no detail goes unchecked.  We have little routines and rituals that she makes sure are carried out-no matter how crazy-it's all part of our sisterhood.  It's the closest thing I'll ever get to a 'sorority'-something I never wanted to have any part of.  But this is different.  No rushing.  No initiation.  No dress up dances.  And most importantly, NO BOYS!!  We catch up on each others lives and laugh ourselves sick.

But it's back to reality-thank the good Lord.  I do not want a cocktail for breakfast-even if it's disguised as a healthy thing with tomato juice, celery, or orange juice.  I will happily get my diet on track without yummy dips, too much cheese, and hot dogs on a stick.  I promise to drink 64 ounces of water today to counteract a s'more shot and a Barry White martini.  (the latter was sipped while listening and dancing to his Big Sexiness-all without spilling a drop!)  Makeup will be on my face and the sweats are in the wash. I'm going on a loooong walk in hopes of burning off some of the 7 gajillion calories I ingested with total and utter abandon.  And I will go to bed at a reasonable time instead of bonfireing and stargazing until all hours.  Absentee 'sisters' can sleep peacefully knowing that they will not be 'drunk dialed' to be reminded of all the fun they are missing.

So till next year, my lovelies.  Enjoy your lives and be assured that your honorary therapy weekend will happen again next year-we should be recovered by then!  xo

Monday, September 10, 2012

Try a Little Tenderness...

It is with total frustration that I will try to re-create the blog I posted yesterday and inadvertently erased.  It's, by the grace of God, the first time I've had to do this.

Ummm, yeah, OK.  First I wanted to acknowledge National Suicide Week.  Most everyone has been touched by this senseless and tragic choice. In my experience, there is very little you can do for the person who chooses to take their life.  Providing an ear and shoulder is about the whole of it.  Usually, by the time a person's mind is made up, very little can be done to change it.  But the people left behind in these senseless tragedies really are the ones we can help.  As in any death, there are really no words of comfort except I'm sorry.  It is a wound that I don't think even time can heal, due to residual feelings of culpability and guilt.  I've heard support groups can help.  God save us from having to go thru this, and give us the grace for compassion to those who have suffered it.

Next, I went on about Grandparents Day.  This is the first Grandparents Day that I find myself without any Grandparents.  A sort of Grandparent orphan, if you will.  With the passing of my Gramma this spring, I became nobodies granddaughter.  I was lucky to have them in my life as long as I did.  I miss them and think of them everyday.  Who else will be happy with a short call or visit?  Who will listen with rapt interest while I blab on and on about the details of my life.  Even minutia was important to a grandparent.  I could count on being told I looked good even if I had gained 5 (or 10) pounds.  My Grampa would could me liver and onions with so much love that anyone could have been converted to enjoy this sometimes dubious treat.  My Gramma made Norwegian cookies and made sure that I got my own personal tin every year thus contributing to my weight gain.  I loved my Grandparents and feel deeply the hole they have left in my life.  I pray someday to be able to be the same kind of Gramma to my own grandchild.

Yesterday, when I posted, I was feeling melancholy.  Telling you all what was on my mind helped.  Thank you all for 'listening'.  And for this, I loves ya. xo

P.S. My original post surely was much better than this regurge!!! PPSS-Rosegarden, Charles and Mark all left lovely comments that I am happy to have read before I did the big erase!  Not even sure how I did it! Grrrrr.....

Monday, September 3, 2012

September Morn...

Happy Labor Day!  Hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend.  And what a weekend it was.  Family descended on the beach house and the weather was glorious.  Perfect for B.B.Q., boating, observing the 'blue' moon, bonfires and s'mores.  Niece Nicole 'celebrated' the full moon by losing her bikini bottom while jet skiing.  That girl does know how to get her party on!

But, yay!, now my favorite season is upon us.  Fall, or Autumn as I like to call it, is just around the corner.  The nights are getting cooler, the kids are back in school, and life seems to take on more structure.  As a creature of habit, this all bodes well with me.  As every change of season approaches, I like to treat it as another beginning.  A fresh start.  Time to re-organize my neglected house and recommit to a healthier lifestyle.  Put my yard to bed.  Be home a little more and catch up with correspondence. Cook a bit more.  Try out some new soup recipes. (well, maybe order them while dining out!) Visit my family up north and some friends down south. Watch movies that I've been wanting to see.  Get my hands on some good, crisp Michigan apples-McIntosh being my favorite.  Watch in amazement as Halloween stores pop up everywhere.  Plant some big purple cabbage thingies.  Smell that delicious smell of burning leaves. 

So, after one of the hottest summers on record, are you ready to embrace fall?  Any plans?  I'd love to hear 'em.  xo

Monday, August 27, 2012

Blowin' in the Wind...

Exhale, uncross my fingers, thank the Lord and breathe.  Our precious Florida Keys getaway was once again spared any real damage by Hurricane Isaac.  Hopefully Charles and Lana will be as fortunate, altho the storm seems to be heading their way.  Pray that no one is harmed and the damage is minimal.  The hurricane season will be niggling away at us until it ends in November, as it does every year.  It confounds me that we can't do something to prevent these things.  I mean can't we just throw a stick of dynamite in the eye of it and blow the damn thing up?  Why do I have to think of everything? Sheesh...
And how about that crazy Prince Harry?  Hooks up with new bud, Ryan Lochte and just tears up Las Vegas.  The fun starts out innocently enough-two shirtless dudes racing in the swimming pool.  (Did Harry seriously think he had a chance?)  But then things go terribly off the rails.  Prince H, darling that he is, hooks up with a bunch of chickies for a game of 'strip pool'.  Now where can this possibly go when all he has on is his swimming trunks to begin with!?  I can only guess that the cocktails were flowing.  And dear Harry, have you not seen the ease of photos with a phone?  It's very easy to snap a sneaky pic and just as easy to make the shot go viral in about two seconds.  And where was your security beefcake?  Fired, I presume. Now, I have always thought the Monarchy to be excessively stuffy, and I admired Princess Diana's attempt to make it more 'common'.  But I bet that Harry's mother is rolling over in her grave at her baby boy's antics.  Not what anyone had in mind for the 'family jewels'!
Now, I understand that Prince Harry is a young, fun loving guy.  We all have war stories that involves events we would not rather admit to.  For most of us, it's just the learning curve of life.  But he is a Prince and it would seem that that title deserves just a little more tact.  What do you think-does the Monarchy's image deserve to be treated with more respect, or do you think that Prince Harry is just acting like a young man of privilege, out for a good time. I understand he has been advised to pull his facebook page-something I was surprised to find that he had in the first place.  It's going to be interesting to see how the whole thing shakes out.  I have a feeling that Harry will be much less visible for awhile.  I have always been fascinated with all things royal and it seems that things have shifted a little.  Let me know what you think or even if you care!
Have a great last week of August-September is bearing down on us! xo 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey Joe...

On Saturday, my dear and youngest niece Lindsey married her sweetheart Joe.  The wedding took place on the campus of University of Michigan as well as the reception that followed.  It was the perfect day for a garden wedding and Lins and Joe were supremely happy.  I wish them a lifetime of laughter and joy and love, sweet love.  Go Mr. and Mrs. Williamson and Go Blue! xoxo

Yesterday,  Mark (The Walking Man) reminded me that this week is Mental Illness Awareness Week.  I blogged extensively last year at this time and won't go into all of it today.  As a card carrying member of National Alliance of Mental Illness, I keep abreast of all efforts in the mental illness field.  It is absolutely amazing how many of us suffer from some sort of mental health problem, while so little is being done to increase awareness.  As a disease of our highest functioning organ, it gets very little recognition for the life changing condition that it is. I'm sure you all know of someone who struggles.  Until it gets proper recognition, the disease will never get the money for the research it needs to help cure/manage it.  Please donate or just advocate in any way you can to help. 

Now it dawns on me that I have put marriage and mental illness in the same post.  Coincidence?  I think not.  After all, doesn't a life long union take a certain amount of mental strength?  The everyday 'give and take' alone can drive you a little nutty. 

But when it's good, it's still the best.  Live happy with honor and respect to one another.  And call your old Auntie Jodi anytime you need to talk.  I love ya both. xoxo

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jesus Loves Me...

The Bible in 50 Words
God Made.
Adam bit.
Noah arked.
Abraham split.
Joseph ruled.
Jacob fooled.
Bush talked.
Moses balked.
Pharoah plagued.
People walked.
Sea divided.
Tablets guided.
Promise landed.
Saul freaked.
David peeked.
Prophets warned.
Jesus born.
God walked.
Anger crucified.
Hope died.
Love rose.
Spirit flamed.
Word spread.
God remained.   

I read this recently and thought it was amazing.  The author is unknown or I would have gladly given props.  I know Mark and Mona and others write Flash 50 words or less, so I thought this would be interesting.  It's pretty cool-isn't it?  And how about me with my two partners in coffee crimes?   Yes, it's sinners and saints-I'll let you pick out who's who!

Have an inspired week. Luv, j xo

Monday, August 6, 2012

London Calling...

My friend Tim (yoga teacher/artist/musician/singer/writer and general renaissance man) called me recently.  When I heard his lovely bass voice crooning , "Hot time, summer in the city, back of my neck feelin' dirty and gritty", I did not miss a beat in answering with, "cool cat, lookin' for a kitty, gonna look in every corner of the city".  We laughed and  I spared him the agony of my singing the rest of this wonderful summertime anthem.  But baby, it's been hot!  I've heard we may go on record as having the hottest year ever.

And speaking of 'bout those Olympics?  My pic today shows my friend John Geddert with his gymnast Jordyn Weiber in London.  John had the honor of being named head coach to the U.S.A. women's gymnastic team.  Yes, it was very special to me to watch my old team mate as he lived the apex of his wonderful career.  John and I grew up together in Ossineke and competed on the Ossineke Gymnastic Team.  We then went on to the Alpena High School team where John excelled in the sport and I excelled in dating my teammates.  My girlfriend, Kathryn, also an excellent gymnast, (like John-not me!) fell in love with John and the two married shortly out of high school.  I stood up in their wedding.  That was 35 years ago today.  I find it so rare that they got married so young, went to college together, worked in a gym and then later opened their own business, had three kids, traveled the world with their gymnasts and then led up the team in London 2012.  Rare indeed.  And they still call each other 'best friend'. 

So, it is with deep pride that I congratulate John on his Olympic venture and with love that I wish both he and Kathryn 'Happy Anniversary'.  You two are the best of the best!  xoxo

I am so very proud of their love and talent-and GO U.S.A.!!  xo

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Shoop Shoop Song...

Who says there is no such thing as mermaids?  Witness my beautiful niece, Nicole, carefully posed on the Charles A. Street shipwreck.  This ship sunk in 1908 near Forestville, Michigan in 10 feet of water.  It's also near a wonderful sandbar that we like to anchor up on and when the water is clear, it's visible and easy to see the hull and ribs of the ship.  Very cool indeed.  I love the picture so much that I have entered it in a 'summer fun' photo contest.  Wish Nicole luck because she could use the prize money purse as she pursues her nursing career. 

I know I have written about my mermaid fixation before, but lately they seem to have enjoyed a renewed popularity.  Discovery Channel recently ran a two hour special that speculated their existence.  I have it DVR'd and will check it out after the Olympics. (Go U.S.A.!)  I think I see a theme, here.  Vampire movies and television series seem to still  be going strong and an ill-fated Dark Shadows movie was in and out faster than you can say, "I vant to draaink yourr bloood."   So what's up with all the fantasy?  Are we that much in need of excapism?  And no, as of yet, I have not indulged in 50 Shades of anything-unless you count paint samples at Lowe's.   My usual pig-headedness will not allow participation in such aforementioned books until the brou ha ha is over and done with.  I'm less likely to have to defend myself when nobody is talking about it anymore.  Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings zoomed to bestseller status even with their total fantasy themes.  The Olympics lets me live vicariously and imagine my own fantasy of truly being an athlete.  Such mental and physical control amaze me and I watch in wonderment.

Can you imagine the vision of my darling Nicole, as she tends to cancer patients at Mott Children's Hospital?  She is sometimes the face they wake up to and I'm sure they think they have seen an angel as she cares for and aids in their comfort.  And they have.....xo

So what's the harm?  It works for Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy,  illusion;s that are grounded in our childhoods.  The reality of our world is really quite grim at times.  War, poverty, disease, discrimination, crime, hunger and tragedy are realities that are so horrific that escaping into fantasy arenas can help balance the mental scale.  Long walks, baths, reading, movies and being with friends help to ground me and serve as an 'escape'.  Simple and better than booze, drugs, sex and gambling.

For the most part, I don't have to escape anything.  I prefer to be exactly where I am.  I love my life with family and friends and pets that round it all out.  I have learned from my experience and anxiously await what lies next. Life in its purest form with simple pleasures keep me happy and satisfied. 

Did I mention that I found a website that sells realhonesttogoodness mermaid tails?  Sigh....

Enjoy your week and let me know how you 'escape'.  I do not wish to hear of your fantasies.  This is a family friendly blog! xo

Monday, July 23, 2012


It would be totally frivolous for me to write about some piece of triteness in my life in the wake of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  As questions emerge regarding the shooters mental capacity and gun laws, let's not forget the 12 people that lost their lives senselessly, as well as those who have been injured, and their families.  Rest in Peace all who have suffered.  xo

Monday, July 16, 2012

Titties and Beer 2

Holy Guacamole Babies!  And pass the tortilla chips!  It's that time of year again. Yes, the July temps are HOT, driving my Sissy and Me out to the water-this time with vodkas in hand.  As a continuation of my birthday, Cheryl and I had our annual long weekend filled with the very things we love: vodka, sun, laughter, floating on our rafts, catching up and s'mores by the bonfire.  Ahhh, such bliss.  Just two old chickies rockin' the good times!  As the years spin by, it's a great comfort to have someone to commiserate with that understands and is exactly on the same page as myself. Thank you for all the love and support, Cheryl. I love you. xo

Our favorite cocktail d'jour is called a 'Whoo Whoo'.  Interested?  Start with a double insulated sippy cup-totally necessary in this heat.  Fill said cup with ice and add a healthy shot of good vodka. Add  cold water to almost fill.  Next comes a splash of cranberry juice which makes it a pretty pinkish color and qualifies the whole thing as 'healthy' for the kidneys.  Squeeze a generous wedge of lemon and a straw for sippin'. (keeps the lip gloss in place!") note: this relatively low calorie drink is best served with boat snacks, including salt n vinegar chips and cheese and crackers.  Tres' refreshing!

Happy summer y'all, and enjoy the things that say summer to you. P.S. Happy Birthday to my dollface niece, Nicole who also celebrated last weekend! xo

Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't Stop Believin'

Today we celebrate my 'little sister's' eighth birthday.  And tomorrow we 'celebrate' mine.  Guess who's more excited?  As if there could ever be any doubt.  I stopped honoring myself years ago when I had to convince myself that age is just a number.  Yeah, sure, a big ugly one.  Cold Stone Creamery Red Velvet cake with Cake Batter flavored ice cream does help to ease the pain.  On my day, I will choose wine-no shock to anyone!

 However, what's better than being eight and full of joy at your day of special treatment.  I can remember as a child practically counting the days with July being my favorite month.  First it was the fourth of July and then the week after was my day.  Two family barbeque's in one week with cake or strawberry pie to boot.  And the timing of a July day of birth insures that the presents are equally spread out, more or less.  Ah, such a thing....

It's been almost a year since Makayla and I met acquaintance, and I have to say, it's been a great one.  The year with all of it's celebrations seem much newer and fresher when seen through her eyes.  My old jaded self gets a much needed shot of wonder.  Kids have that power.  Also worth note, Makayla got a perfect last marking period card of 10 A's.  For this we are very proud! 

If you, or anyone you know are considering the Big Brother/Big Sister program, I urge you not to hesitate.  The commitment is minimal and so so worth it.  Love to all of you and Happy Birthday, my little sister. xoxo

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Raspberry Beret...

Hi-didja miss me?  Because this past week on the "As Jodi's World Turns" has been particularily crazy and lucky you-I will not  bore you with the gory, boring details.  However, it did feel weird not posting at my usual day.

So, on Friday I almost got poor Denzel rear ended when I saw a store called 'Time Warp' advertising antiques and oddities.  Well, didn't I just have to throw a hard (and fast) left turn to go in and check this shit out!  (Regards and apologies to the lady I cut off so abruptly, it was not necessary to honk and throw me that dirty look..freak!) I do love a good odditie, and this store did not disappoint.  One coral colored pedicured toe in the door and I realized that this was not your average resale.  I gasped as I saw the bowls my Grandma and Mom once had in the cool aqua porcelin, as well as the Corning Wear dish sets.  Gorgeous lamp bases and those black ceramic panthers made me wish I had a room to do over in total seventies fabulousity.

 I got lost browsing around until I had to make the hard decision.  A Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jar?  Nah, cuz then I'd have to fill it with cookies and well, cookies and me are already too good of friends.  The yard gnome is most definatly OUT, I hate those creepy things and would never curse my yard with one.   A New Kids on The Block shirt, yeah...I don't think so.  And then I spotted Ben.  Gleefully, I snatched up the pictured bobblehead and was tickled to try out the tiny basketball button, and yes! his head did bobble.  What a find!  Now, you may remember that my sister-by-another-mother, Michelle of Michelle's Spell fame, scored the same find herself awhile ago and happily rescued her Ben from a thrift store.  As Big Ben's biggest supporters back in the day, this is a treasure to us both.  While sorting thru say, a million or so concert buttons, I ferreted out not one, but TWO count 'em, Prince buttons.  Prince should never be relegated to a 'button box' and I promise to honor his Purpleness with far more reverence.  And last, but certainly not least, behind the counter I spyed (it is imperative to 'spy' in these venues) a drinking glass with perfect Wonder Woman graphics.  Wonder Woman!  I will leave the obvious connection for you to connect.  I coolly inspected it and bargained the jewel down a few bucks.  Yesyesyes!  Nothing like a little 'resale therapy' to cheer you up after a particulary trying week!

By the time I handed over my plastic to pony up for the goodies I had made a new friend.  The owner of the store loved my choices and we bonded while  reminiscing about the good old eighties and our legendary disco days.  And those darn kids just have no respect these days.  I swear, if that guy coulda made me a sandwich, I'd probably still be there blabbin' away. Sigh.  What can I say?  It was a whole lot of fun for very little money, and I will be stopping back to treasure hunt again.  It's one of my favorite things to do.

Enjoy your week and take a moment to 'spy your treasures'-I promise you won't be sorry! xo                 P.S. my computer is acting up and won't allow me to spell check. Please be gentle...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wild One...

It's been a very wild ride and I'm dancing as fast as I can.  In the past week or so, I have celebrated my son's birthday, my Granny's funeral, a friend's baby shower, and Father's Day.  What a mixed bag of laughing and crying.  Emotional fruit salad of sorts.  And marveling at the wonders of life. I caught up with almost everyone I am related to and the pre party at my sisters restaurant easily covered all my up north friends.

Gramma passed peacefully after making sure that we knew who she wanted as pallbearers and what she would like to eternally wear.  After that, she just went to sleep.  98 years old with no aches and pains and never having had a surgery.  The day she left us co-incidentally was on the birthday of her daughter-my Auntie Shirley, prompting more life connection theories.  Leave it to Gramma to make sure none of us ever forgot her day of passing.  I did a reading of a blog from 2012 that I wrote in honor of her 96th birthday to make sure everyone knew my details on her life.  It was a day filled with humor and dignity, much like she lived her life.

R.I.P. Granny, be happy, get Grampa whipped into shape and enjoy those Tiger games.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hanky Panky...

On Saturday I attended a barbecue birthday party feting a friend who turned 60.  In a past post I commented on the speedy passage of time and not to beleaguer a point, but here it goes again.  There was a time when I thought 60 years old was one foot in the grave.  I supposed that you had done all your living by then, and if you hadn't-you best get busy.  I am embarrassed to say this next part.  When I was about 30, I had a dear friend pass due to breast cancer.  She had just turned 50.  I loved her and was very, very sad.  At the time, I took comfort in the fact that at least she had had a full life.  Incredulously now, I re-mourn her, as I realize how very quickly her life was cut short.  It's all a matter of perspective.  And real life experience as I know that personally, I am nowhere near done living.  And she wasn't either.  Terminal cancer is so brutal that I think it makes you just want to go to sleep for relief of pain.  As I shake my head at my ignorance, I promise to learn and consider my perspective with a little more care.

On another, totally unrelated thought-my son recommended a documentary that I watched with great interest.  It is called 'Catfish' and is a true story about a Michigan woman who dupes a photographer and 2 filmmakers thru facebook.   It is an engaging, tale that includes an art angle as well as a love story.  As it is captured on film, you start to realize, with a certain janky feeling that this is NOT going to end well.  Ah yes, the joys of facebook and blind trust.  And totally exposing yourself with utter unchecked vulnerability.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Till next week, enjoy the gorgeous weather my dolls.  xo

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Holding out for a Hero..

I recently overheard someone speaking of a person who was his hero.  Dipping into that conversation had me wondering about hero's and hero status.  Do I have a hero? 

 I have many people that I admire, but a hero?   I'm not sure.  Hero..Champion..Exemplary person.  I still don't know.. I admire my Grandparents and parents for well, just doing what they do.  I could and can always count on them.  The doctor who finally diagnosed my blood disorder was important to me, but maybe he just read my blood work carefully.  I don't think that counts, tho.  People who have suffered and endured serious illnesses are a kind of hero, I guess, or maybe they are just very brave.  Sports figures?  Nah, they are just really good athletes.  I have a couple of favorite teachers, but maybe they were just doing their jobs well and keeping me amused was just a bonus.  Jesus Christ certainly fits the bill with all areas of suffering, love and sacrifice covered.  Mary, his mother, has always been my favorite to pray to for her unflagging faith.  But still, that's not really what I'm looking for. 

There have been many songs written about hero's and still I cannot immediately call one to mind that fits the bill.  This is a puzzlement to me because I would like to have someone qualify for this role.  To not be able to put my finger on a hero seems complacent of me.  Still, I'm stuck.  Help me out on this one, dear readers.  Tell me if you have a hero and what qualifies this for you.  With your input, maybe I can get wrapped around this idea.  P.S. are faithful readers, you DO qualify in my book as people who have blessed me with support and humor.  And you know how much that means to me. xoxo

Monday, May 28, 2012

I Like How it Feels...

When sister-in-law Cheryl asked me to train with her for the 3 day Cancer Walk, I couldn't say no.    Cheryl is working up to 60 miles to participate in the fundraiser and her training schedule had her down for an 11 mile walk on Friday.

  Now, I can handle 5 miles easily enough, and I can box a few rounds.  I am able to stagger through a boot camp class and huff and puff through a step class.  I know my way around weight training and I've never met an elliptical machine that I didn't like.  But 11 miles?  I was not sure I was cut out for that.  The schedule has the walk set at a pace of 3 miles and hour so you can build up endurance.  So we are talking about a 4 hour time commitment.

At 8:00 a.m. we slammed our energy gel stuff and grabbed our water bottles.  The walking path loomed ahead.  As I've stated, the first 5 miles went easily and Cheryl and I sailed along and caught up on each others lives.  Miles 5-7 took us through Metro Beach and a nice breeze kept us cool.  It was at this point that I felt my hips protesting a little.  We refilled our water bottles and turned around for the last leg of the walk.  I swear miles 8 and 9 were passing so slowly and my hands started to swell.  Cheryl, on the other hand, still had a lilt to her step.  It became so obvious that her training had prepared her for this haul.  We stopped to stretch and her Endomometer reminded us that we had two more miles to go.  We forged on and finally got to our finish line.  Cheryl promised me cocktail (or 3) and with that thought, we finished.

What a challenge!  I recommend anyone able bodied enough to try to do the thing you think you can't do.  It feels great.

On this Memorial Day my thoughts go out to all who have sacrificed for us.  Also loved ones that have passed but are in our memories today.  It's because of you, that our lives are as they are.  xoxo

Monday, May 21, 2012

On the Radio...

I have to say, this week I am really feeling my mortality.  My dear Granny (98 years young) is giving us all a scare with some ups and downs in her world.  As of today though, Gramma is feeling great and ready to live for awhile longer-her words!  She is my last living grandparent.  My own parents are in their mid to late seventies and while their health is quite good, they are definitely getting older.  My son turns 29 next month.  Never more than lately, have I felt that time, and life, is spinning by faster and faster.  Kinda like that ride at Cedar Point where you spin around and then the bottom drops out leaving you hanging on for dear life.  And it's all one big, crazy, out of control blur.

Of course, it seems like just yesterday when the voices of Donna and Robin moved us at the disco.  Crazy, fearlessly, deliriously, and forever young.  And now thier deaths have left  me both sad and ponderous.  Cancer knows no age boundaries and 62 years old has never seemed younger.  Last year our darling Michelle, (Michelle's Spell) nearly died after a serious surgery complication.  And now Charles, (Razored Zen) and his wife, Lana are battleing the cancer demon.  There are no guarantees and living right offers no safety net.

You may remind me that this is, in fact, life.  But knowing that does not make it any easier a pill to swallow.  Forced on us, like a bad dream.  Much like irony, it is a 'jagged little pill', at best. 

So what are we left with?  I guess all we can do is live as fully and with as much grace as possible.  Someone  else is most definely calling the shots for reasons we do not get to know yet.  Maybe it's just a reminder or wake up call that we only get one chance to do this thing.  I'm going up north next week to check on Gramma .  And I vow to slow my own train down a bit, with a little more faith and a lot more gratitude and prayer.  That's all. xo

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Your Love is King...

Happy Mother's Day, from one happy Mother!  The wonderful men in my life fabulously hooked me up with a card, roses, crab legs, and love-sweet love.  Earlier, I sat in the sun and enjoyed a quiet time with my book.  And later, the low calorie fudge sickle will be the last thing in my perfect day.

To all Mothers: know you are special.  To my Mom- you are the best. There is no love like a mothers.  It is from ours that we learn to nurture and teach and love in the best way that we can.  It is said that we (women) do not truly know love until we are a mother.  And it's true.  For all it's frustration, heartache and worry, it is still the sweetest, most delightful and rewarding job I have ever had. For this I am blessed and grateful.   ox

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Belatedly, happy Cinco De mayo, or as Lola and Jaco kitties say, "Synca de Meow"!

I can't help but get a little teary this morning and no, It's not my slight tequila hangover from the celebration with my party posse!

 Starting oh, well, forever, I have been unable to watch the commercials about animal cruelty, featuring neglected animals.  When I hear, 'I will Remember You" I simply must turn or walk away from the horrific sights coming up.  What kind of sick, twisted M-Effer could ever do that to an innocent, helpless animal.  As humans, our capacity for inhumane and unspeakable acts against animals, are probably our worst faults of all. 

Last week while driving to Detroit, I spotted a dog that looked just like Mickey standing, confused on a busy exit ramp.  Friend Kristen whipped out her phone and called Detroit Dog Rescue and gave them the location of the pup.  Hopefully he will be rescued, as his owner, no doubt, probably cares not a whit for this underfed, lost dog.  And buying pet food yesterday, I pet all the kitties up for adoption and pray that someone will please give them a good forever home.

On facebook, my cousin remarked that a full month after the loss of her beloved Daisy,  she still thinks of and misses her everyday.  And I tear up with the memories of my past pets.  There is nothing much harder than losing a pet. Then I read that a dog was found in Detroit in a garbage bag, but was rescued and doing much better. 

I wonder if owning pets should require a serious background check.  Mental stability and income ( just to be able to feed and provide medical care, etc.), would be carefully considered.  Money would be charged just to help fund Detroit Dog Rescue.  Then occasionally a random spot check would ensure that the pet is being treated lovingly.  And if the situation is less than right, the pet is confiscated and a hefty fine is assessed.  Side bar: I also think people should require at least that much scrutiny before allowing a baby to have a child. Sorry, I will wait for the name calling to begin. I expect it, but still can't change how I feel.

As Lola rests comfortably next to me on a chair, and Mickey and Jaco mill about fed and healthy, it is unconscionable to me that I would ever neglect them.  Trusting eyes and wagging tails are one of the most special relationships you can ever have.  All love to my little darlings! xo

P.S. Two spectacular ladies are celebrating birthdays.  A very special Birthday wish to my dearest Cheryl and gorgeous dollfriend, Michelle (Michelle's Spell) Girls, you just keep gettin' better. xo

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Patience is a virtue-cultivate it!  My Mom said that to me so many times growing up that is became a joke that everyone teased me about.  A five minute wait for anything would spark a loud sigh, and eye roll and perhaps even a foot stomp for added punctuation.  It did me little good, and didn't even speed the wait along even by a second, and in most cases slowed the show down even further.  But I could not control myself, THEN..

Having a child proved to be the ultimate lesson in patience as the little dude was 13 days late.  After about 8 days, I just accepted that I would be waddling around 'with child' indefinitely.  And when he was finally birthed, the true lessons in patience began.  A baby has it's own timetable-one that can be neither sped up or slowed down by a good eye roll so suck it up!

So I'm better now.   Yoga and good old maturity has made me much more reasonable tho there are still things that threaten to make me snap like a dry Ritz cracker...

Sometimes there is one checkout at Kroger and I'm the fifteenth in line.  With ice cream.  And for the third aisle in a row, the lady parks her cart in the middle and prevents me from getting past.  Move along lady, I don't have all day here!  If when signing in at the gym for a class I am already late to, there is a big convo regarding protein shakes and such and the clipboard is being blocked.  Hey, Muscles! If I'm late, it's all YOUR fault!  If the 'brown truck' slows down, but does not stop, with a delivery of something sure to change my life, I may run to the computer and track it's progress.  Big sigh.. I do not mind if dinner takes awhile to arrive, but for heaven's sake do not delay in delivery of my cocktail!  I've found that craning my neck in the direction of the bar does not seem to help and only succeeds in making me look like an idiot.  Just a very thirsty idiot!  A five minute wait at Tim Horton's drive thru can sometimes drive me to check my phone for something amusing.  C'mon girl.  Do you have the attention span of a housefly?  No, just need my caffeine-pronto and can hardly wait.

Impatience is not a charming quality, and I am determined to work on it. Nobody wants a malcontent old lady in the nursing home loudly demanding her applesauce.   Any advice for me, patient, virtuous friends?  Hurry along with it.  KIDDING!! xoxo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soul Man...

Happy Earth Day, Darlings!!  This week has been crazy busy for me, starting with a visit from dear friend Mark who helped me shop out the greater Macomb County and eat and cocktail our way thru about 10 restaurants.  Anything to help keep the economy movin'!  The week ended (only just!) delightfully with a woodsy get away where I learned about deer ticks.  Don't ask...

Unpacking, then a hot bath ( to ensure drowning of any errant ticks), and I can relax.
A quick perusal of the Detroit News/Free Press will give me just a shot of reality as I move into another week.  And the news is not good.

I can no longer read the Key West Citizen online without paying for a subscription.  Sigh.. It's fun keeping up on happenings of my 'other' home.  Get the plastic and get it over with.

Still no arrests in the tragic Trayvon Martin shooting.  I  can barely get thru the details that are a questioning factor in this case.  A boy was shot.  Arrest and move on, and give Trayvon's death some justice.

It's Earth Day again, and I am sorely reminded the difference in the clean roads everywhere BUT Michigan.  When traveling home from Florida, the roadsides were pristine and it was not unusual to see old fashioned chain gangs hard at work.  But in Michigan-garbage and junk everywhere.  What's up with that?

And are we truly worried about what Ben Wallace will do in the future?  Hell, I was amongst his biggest fans.  How about retire with your millions and go work at a car dealership or something, comfortable in the fact that you made us Piston fans very happy-for a time.  Financial security should allow for some pretty open options.

The man who had two babies is divorcing his wife.  Really?  And I thought that would surely end happily. Really?   It was such a solid plan, after all.

Brad and Angie are jumping the broom!  So what?  Does anyone think that a six carat, custom diamond ring will ensure marital bliss?  The money would be beter off spent buying Angie a cheeseburger.  Skinny bitch.

As you can see, I am tired and rambling-and SNARKY.   Also suffering from  a raging case of heartburn brought on by a very hearty gnaw at a cool b.b.q. joint, which is doing nothing for my overall tolerance.  It's off to bed with a Tum for my tummy.  The best news is that  tomorrow is a new day, and I promise to face it with a more 'j-ish' (as Charles would say) attitude! 

Love to you all. xo

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moon River...

Holy Holly Golightly!!!! Ah, yes... On Saturday I got to live out one of my fantasies. At a Hollywood themed fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House, it was encouraged that we dress like our favorite Hollywood star. No problem-that is if you can get by the underlining clown decor-(shades of Wayne Gacy!!) re: a giant Ronald McDonald and huge orange clown shoe centerpieces at each table! Given my aversion to all things clown, dwarf, gnome, leprechaun etc. it took a few vodkas and deep breaths to adjust. However, my dressing room at home had accessories waiting to furnish me with all necessary accouterments to be Audrey for the night!
In one of my favorite movies, "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Audrey Hepburn plays a young, single girl about town. At that time, approximately 1961, she was considered a modern day prostitute. The fact that she was beautiful and chose her men well made it all seem somehow okay. Even charming. And how about that foxy George Peppard? They made dating for money totally glamorous!
On 'Sex and the City', when Carrie found that an overnight guest had left money on her nightstand, the possibilities of a prostitution label had again, to be considered. Does dinner and a movie count as 'payment'? If so, then I have to accept the label myself.
Now, in the news, once again, is the worlds oldest profession. In Columbia, one of our Secret Service Agents did not pay the nice lady and she refused to leave the hotel causing an uproar. And begging the question-should any of this really be illegal?
There are many fine lines in this argument, and good points to be made either way. Maybe legalization and the use of brothels would be much safer and regulated. Isn't it going to happen anyways?
When visiting Toronto one time, the local 'ladies of the night' hung out at the corner and politely said hello to me and also policemen walking by. They seemed perfectly healthy and happy out plying their trade and dishing out doggie treats to passing pooches out for their nightly walks. I confess to not really knowing enough facts about Canada's law to accurately discuss this-just saying what I saw. It seems to me that the real crime is the pimps and traffickers that use coercion and exploitation.
What is your opinion/experience on the subject? I am curious to know what you all think. Drop a line here at the jspot and let me know. And I will pay YOU, in coffee sometime. xo
P.S. after numerous attempts, blogger will not allow paragraphs today. Bear with me, and this means YOU, Mark!!!! xxoo

Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen...

Happy Easter everybody! I read some very interesting articles while trying to put my finger on what exactly Easter means. For instance that the word 'Easter' is actually the name of a goddess and that the determination of the actual Sunday of Easter is determined by the paschal moon!

My understanding of it is very simply, that Jesus died and then rose again to forgive us our sins. And prove for once and for all that He was the real deal! Since no one has ever done this before, we are forced to rely on faith and trust to be able to believe such a thing. And I do.

Jesus has not promised us that this life would be easy and has acknowledged that we would sin and fail, and hardships would be wrought- but would be forgiven thru him. It would be lovely to have our lives (on earth) be effected simply by how we live it, but such is not true. Bad things continually happen to good people. But we were not told anything different. The promise of happiness only comes thru eternal life-and we are able to influence that by our actions and our faith.

On this lovely Easter Day, have faith that all things happen for a reason-one that we will not get to understand until eternal life. I resolve once again to do my best to be my best. Trying to live with love and kindness every day until that day, as He has shown us. All love, j xoxo

P.S. Yes, I do swim with manatees! A mama, papa, and baby come begging for fresh water and lettuce and I cannot resist jumping in to play with them. I get a chance to connect with my inner mermaid. It's a wonderful and awesome experience and I do recommend it for you not faint of heart! xoxo

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Rain...

Happy April Fool's Day my lovely fools!! The joke was on me today as I arrived home to a 55 degree Michigan day. However, April first has always signified the beginning of spring and happy weather times until sometime next December. Trees are in bloom everywhere and my magnolia tree is loaded and ready to pop any day now. Daffodils and tulips are adding much needed color in the yard also. I get so excited seeing them and get much less worked up over the bougainvillea in Florida that is always in bloom. It's easy to take their beauty for granted,

I love spring. It's so fresh and clean and new. Which currently is exactly the very polar opposite of how I am now feeling. Much good comes from having a month off, but boy, when reality hits-it hits hard. The longer you are away, the tougher the re-entry. I have about a foot of mail and newspapers and magazines to go thru. Stopping these services (you can do it online, of course!) and having them all delivered at once is convenient, but it truly is overwhelming en mass! And there is barely a scrap of food up in here!! You can bet a quick run out for Half n Half is happen sooner than later, with a full on Kroger run tomorrow when I have a modicum of energy in this old bod.

And speaking of the old bod, it's back to the gym for me. And I will be upping the ante on Mickeys walks. That fool dog is like the best exercise plan known to man. He happily will escort me on a walk or run anytime. I'm hoping his enthusiasm will rub off, cuz I gotta shake this Keys Disease that has turned me into a lazy slug.

I've barely watched anything on the boob tube other than the weather channel which I am convinced that runs a steady loop of 85 and sunny, 24/7 in the Keys. My DVR is full of shows I may never be able to catch up on, including Sex and The City reruns that I have seen, oh say, about a thousand times each. Maybe I will just erase them all without viewing 'em again.....


April Fools!!! xo

Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Miss Magic...

Mangrove Mama's is the place to be for four ladies who lunch! We venturing down to Key West for a day of shopping, fun and general nuttiness! It's my last week of vaycay and I will be venturing home to normalcy-as much as I usually subscribe to! Some semblance of routine and reuniting with Mickey are some things I look forward to with great anticipation. And getting my vodka soaked butt back in the gym-muumuus do not bode well for the suburban Detroit area! Have a wonderful week and next week I hopefully can gather a cogent thought for a real blog! xo

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mick Maguire....

Happy St. Paddy's Day-one day late As I have explained in the past, I am a terrible Irishman. I do not like Irish beer, music or food. However, my brother (my Mom is dogsitting) sent me this pic of Mickey who is in full Irish regailia and most certainly has the spirit. Why this poor pooch constantly puts up with our humiliation for sport is beyond me. Somehow the old ghetto mutt manages to look like an elderly Irish dude with a five o'clock shadow just thirstin' for a green beer! Party on dear Mickster! And everyone else who may or may not be nursin' the hangover today! xo Enjoy this unseasonably warm weather! xo

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kinky Reggae....

Arrrrggg, from the Marathon Seafood Festival! Dig my groovy little walking stick that may come in handy should I have to vote somebody off the island..or just become a tad bit over served! Seafood, art, great local bands and beer are the order of the day with pirates wandering about. I love this big party and look forward to it every year at this time.

Two weeks have come and gone and I haven't read a newspaper or watched the news. And I don't miss it at all. It's crazy how quickly a person can switch gears and get into island mode. I love the quiet head space and lack of any real routine, but as of yet, have not yet taken advantage of it, creatively speaking that is. Unless you count painting a sun porch and inviting shade of aqua. One would think with all this time and beauty around me that the creativity would just pour out of me. Yesterday in Key West, I even roamed the streets frequented by Hemingway (among others) himself, and still-I got nuthin'. Even blogging was a day late with no real organized thought. Maybe if I drank as much rum as the Papa, I could be similarly inspired, but being more a vodka girl, that's unlikely.

Maybe I will take a hint from Lola, who I see has found a spot in the sun to curl up and stare at the ocean. Looks like She has the right idea, which is NO idea at all. Y'all have a chill week, with St. Patrick's Day on the horizon, the Keys have another reason to party-as if the nightly sunsets weren't enough! xo