Monday, April 29, 2013

Spiders and Snakes...

Once I saw clip that featured a woman who was afraid of pennies.  Yes, pennies.  Her reaction was crazy and seemingly unreasonable.  My son Dane's neighbor is deathly afraid of toads.  He gallantly and gently rescues the poor creatures from the crazy screaming lady.  Poor little toad.
I like to think of myself as a relatively brave person.  Not a worrywart, adventurous, and a little gutsy.  I have worked hard to train myself not to worry about things I cannot change.  That may seem a bit laissez faire, but it works for me.  I would always take the dare and race down the black diamond slopes.  I was the kid who would swim out the deepest knowing that I would be able to swim the distance back in.  Never had a fear of water and even scuba dive-in the ocean.  I could jump off the highest swinging swing and run up the longest ladder.  I have flown in a tiny 3 seat airplane and loved every minute of it.  No fear of heights here.  Learning to drive in the snow doesn't scare me a bit.  Just go slower and watch out for the other guy.  I can easily do a MRI even though it scares many people to be in that coffin-like tube.  And I've gotten used to shots, although I still hate 'em.  Spiders?  Snakes?  Bees?  Wasps?  Nada.  I don't relish public speaking but managed to bite the bullet when I eulogized my Dad in front of a rather large group.  Not so bad, really.  I am an adventurous eater and will try anything on (or off) the menu.  Well, not hundred year old eggs or fried cockroaches, but most other things.
But every year at this time I must face a fear that makes me queasy.  Invariably while shopping for my spring flowers I must face 'them'.  Some deranged person has deemed that those little gnome creatures are appropriate for yards and gardens.  With their beady eyes and squished features and pointy hats, well, they just creep me the 'eff' out!  I made friends Tom and Kara remove one from thier cottage yard before I could comfortably visit them.  I refuse to book with Travelocity because they use one of those little creeps as the mascot.  I have nightmares that there is one of them in my closet that chases me around.  I simply hate them....
So now, true confessions my Dears.  What scares you?  And be specific.  And if I ever visit you, please sweep all gnomes from your yard before Denzel Washington pulls in.  Happy Spring! xo

Monday, April 22, 2013

Love shines Down...

Hello dear readers-I am finally home after a few 'earthy' days.  I've been up in Ossineke doing all things earth.  Monday afternoon I spent with my godchild's kindergarten class on their celebration of Earth Day.  We were read a story, we did an art project, they almost killed me in gym class and we studied and ate some things (fruit) that grows on trees.  I then had some intense attention from a princess, a mermaid, a doctor and some friends that gave me a little a friendly little blood pressure and reflex check.  Nikki is an awesome teacher and her little charges, all 23 of them, love her.  Thanks class, for an awesome afternoon!

On a totally different note, this morning we interred my Dad.  It was a sunny morning in an old, country cemetery where my Dad was  blessed from ashes to ashes and dust to dust, literally.  It felt completely right to end the celebration of  his life in this way.  Flowers and trees were beginning to bud and birds were chirping.  An old horse was just over the fence watching the proceedings as he munched fresh grass.  Dad was laid to rest with his wife, children, sisters and extended family witnessing.  Back to the earth-as it should be.

I am very introspective tonight as I feel tired and grateful to have experienced what seems like the full circle of life.  New life, old life and everything in between is wonderful and special on our wonderful, beautiful, earth.

Let's work together to keep it that way for generations to come. xoxo

Monday, April 15, 2013

Could it Be...

Thoughts and prayers tonight for the victims of the Boston tragedy.  I barely have words to describe the fear I am feeling.  I am sick and rocked to my core.  xo

Monday, April 8, 2013

Scream and Shout...

Tonight finds me ending my vacation.  I'm packed and leaving in the morning.  I'm tired and ready to get back into a routine that doesn't include sleeping in, rich food and daily happy hours.  As usual, I am ready to get back home.  The drive back isn't nearly as fun as the ride down and for just a hot second, I wish I was flying.  But Lola would rather ride.

Since before vaycay, I have been engrossed in the Jodi Arias trial catching it live on HLN.  Being a true crime/court t.v. addict-I have been glued.  The story involves all the juice that keeps us interested.  Sex, murder, religion, questionable mental states, lies, and did I mention sex?  Jodi has finally admitted to the murder of her Mormon lover and after changing her story twice, they are finally getting down to the truth.  She admitted to killing Travis, so now it's just a matter of the death penalty or life in prison.  Jodi's defense have spend hours and boocoo bucks trying to prove that she is mentally unstable and possibly a victim of domestic abuse.

So where are you all on the question of death penalty?  Is rotting in prison all of your life payment enough for taking a life or do you deserve to pay in kind?  What if she WAS abused?  Does that make a difference?   It's horrible and devastating for both families and friends involved.

Can't wait to see how this all pans out in the court.  I'll be away from the telly for a few days, but will have plenty of time to listen on the radio.  Sounds exciting, huh?  This Jodi thinks so... xo

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 My last week in the Keys, finds me still aspiring to become a beautiful mermaid.  However, parts of me do not want to cooperate.  My hair refuses to become long and flowing and in fact needs a good salon treatment to prevent it from totally frying off in this heat.  I can go topless, (or totally nekkid) on my sunbathing deck but well, let's just say, that the old girls don't looks exactly like the ones pictured.  We are not even going there in regards to the tight little fishie bum!  And the sun does nothing to make my skin compare to hers.  Later today, when go snorkeling on the reef is the closest I will become to a Queen of the Sea.  Beeotch.  Sigh....

That will not prevent me from enjoying my guests as we do what we do while feeling smug that it's 20 something degrees back home.  So till next week, it's hot days and sultry nights.  Salt air and blue sky's.  And one old Sea Hag... xo