Monday, July 31, 2017

Ahead of Myself...

This morning at the beach house we made a very gruesome discovery.  One that was detrimental to my well being and would be the cause of possible near hysteria and mayhem.  How I would survive this crisis was of utmost concern.  What, you ask, could  be the cause of such impending disaster?

We were out of coffee.  Yep.  Not good.  It was pointless at this time to point any fingers at anyone and I needed to conserve my energy.  (RANDY!)  Through my foggy haze I managed to pack up and load up and beseeched-okay screamed-to Randy to step on it to the nearest coffee dispensary.   Remember, we are 'up north' where the caffeine options are sometimes few and far between.  We calculated that the emergency would pass once we drove the 16 miles into town.  As we sped into the bakery and slammed the truck in park, we noticed that the neon did not say 'open.'  After a little bit of hyperventilating I accepted the fact that racing another 12 miles would be necessary to get a cup of Joe.  Finally, we pulled up to a tiny bakery/party store/resale establishment.  The man behind the counter was appropriately dressed in a dirty wife beater but could have been in body paint for all I cared.  We gave him our order and he grunted the amount we owed him.  Randy paid the man while I burned the roof of my mouth and my tongue on my coffee.  Can't say it was the best coffee I ever had, but man, it did the trick.

Later in the day as I drove thru Tim Hortons for a large can of coffee, I thought how the whole debacle reminded me of my favorite coffee haunt in the Keys.  The adorable Cuban couple can barely speak English as they cheerfully greet us.  Everything on the menu is made to order including the best breakfast tamales this side of Havana.  And the coffee...Well you can only imagine.

From northern Michigan to southern Florida from a grunt to a smile, I am happy to have my coffee needs met. 

Have a wonderful week and as corny as it is; remember to stop and smell (and drink!) the coffee.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to my wine swillin'
hot tub chillin'
workin' out,
and laughin' about
gym sessions and
sunglass obsessions.
Sister of my heart,
I don't know where to start,
except to say that it was kismet 
the day that we met.
My partner in crime,
we mesh and we rhyme.
I have your back and
you pick up my slack.
For all you do
this much is true;
My life is much better
because of you.
Happy Birthday, Dollface! xo

Monday, July 17, 2017

Ice Cream Man...

July is National Ice Cream month, because we needed a 'National' holiday to celebrate the lusciousness that is ice cream.  As if...

As a kid, I remember vanilla ice cream with traditional Hershey's chocolate sauce.  We would smash our sundaes till the ice cream was straight up chocolate.  The perfect combination of sugar and fat, ice cream is a party in the mouth!  The local Dairy Dome (yes, Dome-not Queen) was a short bike ride away and I believe a small cone was 15 cents, 20 if you wanted it dipped in that mystery hard chocolate shell.  Save the peanuts-I still hate nuts in my ice cream. Sweet were those summer days with ice cream dripping down your wrist as you hurried to eat before it melted.  Terrible brain freezes were endured as we gobbled down our icy treats.

Later, as my tastes refined, I craved Heavenly Hash ice cream.  It was the only thing that would calm the incessant heartburn I suffered during pregnancy-nothing else would do.  Or at least what I would have you believe!  Nobody would dare question the motives behind a woman 9 1/2 months pregnant during the hottest summer ever and get out without mortal injury.  Toss her a bowl of the Hash and back off quickly! 

Somewhere along the line my stomach became wonky and I now cannot tolerate regular ice cream.  I now enjoy the occasional gelato with no ill effects.    I indulge rarely, and for that reason, every bite is a heavenly treat.  I normally favor anything coffee flavored, but today decided to go with the Berry Cheesecake.  Cuz berries are fruit and fruit is healthy, right?  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Do you have a favorite flavor?  The weather is perfect so indulge and let me know how you 'ice cream!'  XO

Monday, July 10, 2017

Plot Twist...

It was nothing short of a 'Thelma and Louise' adventure as my niece, Nicole and I  made our way to Bad Axe to renew our drivers license.  Having spent the week at the beachhouse, we figured the small northern office would be the path of least resistance to handle our birthday task.  However; the path was not straight or smooth....

After getting very specific directions to a town we have visited about a thousand times, we found ourselves in the middle of cornfields and those giant windmill turbine  things.  Lost as lost can be.  After consulting with both Siri and google maps, we finally got ourselves headed in the right direction and only needed Rocky to spin about 4 u-turns to do it. 

We 'smiled pretty' and were happy to learn that we did not have to write a test.  Our relief was palatable as we headed to Wally World for supplies.  I had what I was sure was a Robert DeNiro sighting.  Unbelievable resemblance.  Just 'ol Bobby lookin' at coffeemakers along side of me.  He gave me a nod and that crinkly smile as I grabbed up my Krups.  Later at a local thrift store we saw what I am sure was the winner of the RuPaul Drag Race season 8.  About  6'8 in platforms and fishnets, she was browsing the goods.  Nicole and I needed a cocktail and lunch after these crazy and unlikely viewings. 

Fed and happy, we headed back to the beach-this time on the right road.  We stopped at a giant turbine to snap a photo op and admire the gorgeous countryside, replete with wheat fields and a doe
and her twins.  What a perfect ending to our country adventure. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Cookie from your Auntie.  I look forward to sharing more crazy shenanigans.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sharp Dressed Man...

After a sumptuous dinner at the Tiger Den, on my way to my seat I spotted Craig Monroe.  C. Mo.!- I shrieked like a teen at a Justin Bieber concert.  Stopping in my tracks, I was happy that my sunnies covered my star shaped eyes.  C. Mo, I gushed, I watch all the game broadcasts just to see what you are wearing!  Any chance you would let me have a photo op?  Sure, he says and putting down his Caesar slice, leaned over and sweetly posed with me.  Let me see what you have on, I said.  He obliged me with a twirl and we laughed that even with his gorgeous suit, he had on Converse kicks that matched the ones I had on.  We bonded instantly..

I am a sucker for a sharp dressed man.  I love creative, thought out looks on a man that is not afraid to show that side of himself.  Craig's perfectly tailored suit with a crisp white shirt, skinny pants, and a contrasting silk pocket square topped of with his high tops were perfection.  We don't have to even discuss his also perfect physique and whatever cologne he was wearing. (Okay-tiny crush here...)

I told him that he was next weeks blogstar.  He flashed me his smile (more perfection), and got back to his slice.  I made my way down to my seat, still a little starstruck.  We miserably lost the game but I still had a cool 'Detroit Tiger' experience. 

I mused later on how much I love the fact that my husband is also a clotheshorse and an incredibly stylish dresser.  Whether you dress up or dress down-no matter-just own it and be comfortable in your skin and style.  It's a confidence thing.

Thank you Craig Monroe for indulging an old, suburban chick.  You're MY Tiger!  xo