Monday, January 27, 2014

Cuba Libre...

Thought that maybe on this cold January night, a picture with sun and warm water might be in order.  Featured here is our friend, Luis.  He is a full time professional charter fisherman in the Keys.  That is one monster dolphin or mahi mahi that he is holding.  Luis is an expert that has given many the thrill of the lifetime as he makes catches like this possible.  He's been known to treat us to catches of fresh stone crabs, too. 

Recently, Luis called to ask if it REALLY is that cold here.  Yes, dear we are freezing-breaking records for temperature and snowfall.  He loves to remind me that it's bikini season 24/7 in the Keys.  I may have to remind him that he also has three months of misery when in June, July and August, the temps are so hot and humid that you can barely stand to be outside.  He won't be convinced that the two are anywhere near being the same situation.  And I hate to admit that he's right..

I have never seen schools closed this long due to cold.  In northern Michigan, snowfall would do it, but we never froze to death on the 3 block walk to the bus stop.  We stayed in for recess, but other than that, it was all systems go.  Today at Kroger, for the first time ever, I did not push my empty cart thru the slush to the cart corral.  I left it off to the side rather than enduring the biting cold for one more minute.  My Christmas lights will be outside till it gets warmer-whenever that may be.

These grey days seem endless and it's hard to remain positive.  Dreams of sun and blue water will have to do for now. See you soon, Luis-you big, ol' Cuban.

 Stay warm my friends and pray for those less fortunate, who are suffering in the cold.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dark Horse...

Is it my imagination or does it seem like people are more desperate than ever to stand out?  Has self expression by tattooing, piercing, hair styles and dress replaced true creativity?  Has learning Chinese been replaced by a symbol on the bicep?  Is it possible that the technology that has made the world smaller and given way to more public forums prodded this trend?

I can appreciate a cool tattoo, hell I've had one for years.  One.  In a discreet location.  But more and more I see tats in content and placement that surely must effect or set some limits on that person.  Does the guy with full sleeve tats and decorated fingers ever have a chance at a main steam job, or is he destined to be self employed or work at Guitar Center?  The same goes for the piercings found on the lip, eyebrow and cheek.  What about the tongue-causing that unfortunate speech impediment.  At what point does the adornment become mutilation?  Does a Mohawk or dreadlocks or pink hair make a statement and/or a judgement issue?   Pants falling down with underwear in view as well as shirts that show bellies as self expression?

I think these things are so prevalent that they say more about joining in than standing out.  I see very little true originality.  I can hear my Dad saying, if so-in-so jumped off a bridge, would you follow?  Don't be ridiculous Dad, I just want to be able to wear these hot pants!  And I would freeze with these things on!

I don't know...Maybe I'm just getting old.  But I'd like to see originality expressed the old fashioned way.  Write something, draw something, sing something, make something.  Take a photo of something other than yourself.  Read, learn, observe, do. 

Now, that would be original.  xo

Monday, January 13, 2014

Feel this Moment...

Gymnastics has always had a piece of my heart and it was with great pride that I attended my darling Lexi and Elle's very first meet.  My old teammates, John and Kathryn Geddert hosted the event at their gym in Diamondale, Michigan. 

With their hair in the 'official' team bun and sporting the competition leotards, the girls calmly stretched and warmed up in front of a large crowd.  I found out later that they were a bit nervous, but you would have never guessed it as they smoothly went thru all of their routines. Very cool customers indeed!  Mom, Dad, Grandmother and I were bustin' buttons watching and cheering.  It was a wonderful experience for us all.  The girls learned some of the many lessons that competition always teaches. 

The day brought back many a fond memory as I recalled being one of those nervous girls on the floor waiting my turn.  It seemed like just yesterday that I stood there with sweaty palms and a butterfly tummy, awaiting the nod from the judges.  Finishing a routine was always met with such relief and sense of accomplishment.  Our girls seemed to take it all in stride.

I was never much more than a mediocre gymnast, but that never dulled my passion for it.  I still do splits, cartwheels and handstands whenever there is a mat, and I love working with Lex and Elle on their skills.  That being said, I was, and will always be a gymnast.

Enjoy your days of being gymnasts girls.  Shine like the stars that you are.  Love you.  xoxo

Monday, January 6, 2014

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead...

After being know as a 'champion sleeper' my whole life, something very weird is going on.

 I've always been able to enjoy 8 to 10 hours of peaceful, dreamless slumber that requires a loud alarm for me to be coherent.  Until recently.  Planes, cars, and boats have been known to totally clunk me out.  Flight attendants have had to wake me to signal my arrival after I've snoozed thru beverage and a movie.  I'm useless as a deck hand once the engine has lulled me into lala land.  And a car trip?Fuggedaboudit!  Ten miles down the road, and I can't keep my eyes open.  My 2 o'clock "lay downs" are legendary and the butt of jokes among my friends.  So what da hail is goin' on?

Lately I have been waking to complete awareness at exactly 4:20 each morning.  Yep, at exactly 4:20 my eyes fly open and I'm totally awake.  4:20?  Whaaat's up with that?  Que up the Twilight Zone theme...

Here's some random and useless thoughts that have run though my mind at that precise and odd time:  4:20 again?  4:20, 4:20...  Nationally recognized day and time for marijuana smokers everywhere and no, I don't need to blaze up-altho this could be the ultimate 'wake and bake' ...4:20, four twenty...  4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie.  Blackbirds?  Stick in your thumb and pull out a plum.  Atchatz Pie Company's mixed berry pie sounds good.  Can't ever get my crust that good.  Wonder if they use lard.  My lardass needs to hit the gym hard.  April 20.  Easter is late this year.  I love those gooey Cadbury Crème Eggs.  And SweetTart jellybeans.  Where do my yard bunnies go in all this snow?  What do they eat?  Should I feed them?  My stray cat has not been eating.  Hope she is holed up safely somewhere.  Lola!  Stop head butting my hand and GO TO SLEEP.  C'mon spring.  Maybe by April 20th. I'll have the beach house open if the weather is good.  A s'more would be epic right now.  Gotta get some gluten free graham crackers.  Better check Amazon.  Might as well finish the 'Goldfinch'.  God, this Ipad light is bright.  It's getting light out. What do I have to do today-can't think straight without coffee.  I need coffee.  Might as well get up.

  I can always take a snoozer later-sometime after 4:20.  xo