Monday, November 25, 2013

I Feel Lucky...

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my lovely Mom.  At 75 years young, she can still kick ass and take names.  Mom has more energy and gets done more with her day by 9:00 a.m. than I can manage all day.  She works out and walks regularly keeping herself is great shape.  I loved it when I lived two doors away and could drop by anytime for her wonderful cookies and homemade bread.  We can count on her for anything and I can only aspire to be more like her.  See you on Wednesday night, when we can celebrate your birthday and Thanksgiving as well.  xo

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  It is my favorite holiday, only second to July 04.  We will all be together at my sister and brother-in-law's for a day of feasting and football.  They are fabulous cooks and I don't mind being kicked out of the kitchen.   I'm sure some of our thoughts will be of my Dad, as we celebrate the holiday without him.  Nobody loved to eat more than him and he was a pro at the turkey carving.  And he always left room for pie.

I have plenty to be thankful for, on Thursday and on everyday.  I have been blessed with all the best things life can give.  Love, family, friends, contentment and security are things that I will try to never take for granted.  These things, plus turkey dinner and a glass or two of vino will surely keep me sated for another year.

Enjoy the holiday.  I'm thankful for you all. xo

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hit 'em up Style...(oops!)

Can I admit to totally having a girl crush on D.I.Y.'s  Rehab Addict, Nicole Curtis?  Totally.  Oh, yeah, she's my kinda girl.  Originally from the Detroit area, now living in Minneapolis, Nicole buys and restores old houses to their former glory.  The show follows her through all phases from purchase to sale.  I admire all the tools she can run and the projects she tackles, all while sporting rockin' boots and cool 'Detroit' gear.  As I demo'ed my bathroom this past week, I had to wonder WWNCD? 

 In my own personal reality show, my bathroom was coming along nicely.  But this rehab addict needed a break.  Numerous trips to Lowe's and endless Amazon shopping for fixtures had me beat.  Tired of running up and down a ladder and inhaling drywall dust, a hot bath and a good book sounded perfect.  I was just scraping the primer off my elbows and gel stain off my fingernails, when the 'call of duty' came.  Girlfriends want to party!   Now this project demands some real action.  Buck up little soldier!  Faster than you can say 'chrystal chandelier', I snapped that ladder shut and gave myself a little makeover.  You think that was easy?  Oh hells no, probably the biggest challenge of the day!

A little glamorous chicky confab and a few cocktails later, I was as good as new.  And a few jello shots didn't hurt the cause any either.  Laughing, catching up, and a pic or two with my beauties, was the perfect ending to the week of very unglamorous bathroom hell.  Girl time can do that.

Later at home, I looked in on my half done bathroom and smiled.  And as I kicked off my boots, and ditched my hat, I knew I'd be back on that ladder again tomorrow. 

Nicole Curtis would be proud.  xo

Monday, November 11, 2013


DISCLAIMER!!!!  (To completely understand this post, you may have to harken back to my Oct. 31, 2010 post called 'Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud.'  I fully realize that I am an idiot that gets overly attached to and even name my Mustangs.)  Please indulge and bear with me.  I thank you in advance. xo

My affair is over.  I knew from the moment I saw him 3 years ago, I had to have him and there was no turning back.  I adored his sexy, sleek look and fast temperament. That mustang had a body like Arnold with a Denzel face!  For three torrid years, Denzel Washington and I carried on like no one was watching.  Our tryst took us to the Keys for the winter and, recently to a quick getaway to Canada.  I loved his black, badass self.  And, Lord help me-he was as smooth as silk. 

Our parting was a mutual thing, (okay, the lease was up!) and we will always remember the good times. We bonded one last time over a drink, (gas) and a bath together (the car wash).  It was bittersweet but oh so fun while it lasted.  But I'm really not the cheatin' type and Denzel is free to make someone else feel special. xo

I made a new 'buddy' on Friday that is helping me move on.  'Sasha Fierce' is a hot little thing with a cool attitude.   She is a racy little diva that promises to keep me on the straight and narrow. With her platinum good looks and hot accessories-we are going to PAAARRTAAYY! 

And, again, I thank you all for enduring my craziness.  xoxoxo

Monday, November 4, 2013

Wake me Up...

It was an initiation to 'Hatteras life' that forced me into trolling around the docks in pirate garb weeks ahead of Halloween.  I think I passed the test.

This week we are being forced to adjust to 'daylight saving time'.  On Saturday night-in case you are not familiar-we turned our clocks back one hour.  I admit to being totally confounded as to the reason this makes sense.  I did love getting one extra hour of sleep, but I feel like it takes me a good week or so to truly adjust.  I do not like changing all the clocks in the house and have even been known to just leave 'em till spring when they right themselves.

  I woke up Sunday morning confused-even more than usual-and had to check my iPhone to clarify the true time.  I remember as kids, being late for church (oh darn!) without any technology to help us out.  We would try to stifle our glee at least until my Mom pulled out of the parking lot, her with a furrowed brow and us planning what to do with our unanticipated bonus hour.

  I realize we are supposed to be saving energy, but I really don't see how.  I seem to have the lights and telly on even more as I have trouble go to sleep but then curiously waking up an hour earlier.  Our waking hours will still be filled with the activities we were doing before the change.  Are we saving energy really, or just going along with an outdated plan?  I hated going to school in the dark and it just seems more dangerous than ever to send children walking or meeting a bus.  Maybe it's just another was of giving us winter worn Michiganders something else to look forward to when we can finally 'spring forward'. 

 Should this practice be done away with or do we have to keep doing it just because we always have?  Let me know what you think.. Happy November!  xo