Monday, July 27, 2015

One of These Nights...

Here I am, busted, while enjoying my afternoon lay down.  No shame.  I'm a napper-I love it-and I wake up refreshed and rocked.  After Friday night, I needed it even more than usual.

Friday at 5:00 found us at the Green Dot Stables in Detroit.  This crazy little horse stable themed restaurant is quite the unique venue.  You can choose from approximately 30 types of sliders with various French fry options.  Everything on the menu is $3.00!  We loved it!!

By 7:45 p.m. with beer in hand, we were seated, eleven rows up, thank you very much, in anticipation of the Eagle's concert.  That's right.  The EAGLES!!!  One of my all time favorite bands and I can barely contain myself.

Respectfully, the show started promptly at 8:15-no diva-like behavior here!  At an average age of 67!, these guys still 'have it'.  You would think it was 30 years earlier as Glen, Don, Tim, Joe and the others did their stuff.  They could not have been any cooler.  When Tim sang, "One of These Nights", I almost cried, with memories of my 18th. year flooding back.  I could tell you where I was, who I was with, what we were doing and even the smell in the air when I was listening to that tune for the very first time.  I closed my eyes and was carried away in the moment.  The contact high of all the pot didn't hurt the situation any either!

Like traveling, concerts can be just too much bother for me.  The parking, the crushing crowd, the overpriced beer, etc. get on my last nerve and make me swear off events.  Hell, I recently watched an AC/DC concert on HBO and it was kinda, like, good enough.  But...this was the EAGLES.  And I love 'em.  They are and always be the voice of my adolescence as well as a total class act.

At the 'Hotel California' encore, I cheered my ass off with teary eyes, as more visions hit me.  I was in a white denim jumpsuit with a rainbow necklace, sporting my best Farrah Fawcett doo.  The bar was smokey and hot and so was the guy I was mashin' with on the dance floor.  Ahhh......

  I loved it, it was worth it, and I will never forget it.  Go if you have the inclination. xoxo

Monday, July 20, 2015

Strip it Down...

WARNING!!!  To all my loyal male readers-you just might want to sit this one out.  Avert your eyes.  Skip it.  Take a week off from the jspot.  Or, just be brave and forge on.  This is territory that will probably make you squirm.  Welcome to my world...

I have had it with the inappropriate, unnecessary insulting, and embarrassing commercials about feminine hygiene.  Really, it's just us chicks that need to be concerned about things 'downtown'?  As if!  C'mon.  What man is writing these things?

Okay, all the girls playing sports in white clothes during their 'time' is understandable, but we get it and know how to shop for it.  It's required and we handle it without outside advice.

Now, can we just talk about 'Poise' pads.  Honey, it's got nuthin' to do with poise.  And, again, we got this.  Don't men ever have those issues?  A little 'unpoised' moment?  Do they maybe need a little pad in the boxers?  I don't know and I don't think I want to.

Vagisil-that itch you can't scratch and that embarrassing odor.  Really?  Cuz I've seen more dudes openly takin' a quick paw at their stuff with little or no embarrassment!  I bet that not once have those funky monkey's considered the need for a little freshener!

And how about the three girls that come out and stand behind three topiary plants?  Well-not to worry ladies, Schick has come out with a handy dandy razor that is perfect for trimming up your little 'bushes'.  Really, now.  I can bet there are plenty of guys that could use a little manscaping, but somehow they simply are not called upon to get those hedges in shape.  It's okay boys-you can borrow our Schick or just fire up the weed whacker!

I find the whole subject so totally sexist.  I think that all 'areas' deserve to be ummm...groomed and fresh.  Not just Miss Kitty.

Oh, and don't let me forget my favorite.  I can't think that we need to discuss our vaginal meshes, bladder slings and the possibilities of lawsuits regarding these things.  Until men start meshing, suspending and shoring up their junk-I DON'T WANT TO GO THERE!  Sheesh....

Okay, that's my rant for the week.  Guys, be a sport, and please consider your possible  need for a trim here, a little pad there and spritz everywhere.  Hygiene equality for all, I say! 

Just don't say I didn't warn you.

OX for all you dudes that made it thru!  You are among the few and brave.  And I love ya all.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Happiness is such a Mess...

I have been on the move quite a bit lately.  In April I was in the Keys, in June, I vaycayed in North Carolina and in July, I spent the weekend in Maine.  Whew.  For me, that's a lot of traveling.

Do I enjoy it?  Yes and no.  I love seeing new friends and the people that I meet.  Cool new experiences are, well, cool.   But... I think I have finally figured out what it is that I don't like.  It's the constant awareness that I must have to be somewhere at a specific time.  As a true commitment phobe, as well as airhead-I find this exhausting.

 I must leave the house at x time to be at the airport.  I then locate airlines parking, park and put the little parking identification slip somewhere safe so I can spring Sascha Fierce and split the scene when I get back.   Next up is my airline terminal.  I must check in with proper I.D. and get my boarding pass.  I then have to clear the crazy security, (okay, I got a TSA freebie this time!) and find my gate.  I then must eat and get back to said gate in time to board.  All this must take place with my I.D. and boarding pass at hand while carrying a large purse and dragging a suitcase.  Finding my seat and stowing my carry on is up next.  Upon landing, I retrieve my suitcase and find the ground transportation floor.  In Metro Airport this may involve a tram, and escalator (2x!), and elevator, along with 2-4 of those fast walking things.  I then must find the appropriate pick up area along with the correct bus to ferry me to the rent-a-car kiosk.  After signing more paperwork then I did to buy a house, I am directed to a lot with number of my rental.  I locate the care and then spin around a parking structure for an hour to exit said structure.  Okay, now I have to figure out how to get to the hotel and go thru that check in.  I have my confirmation number, credit cart and I.D. handy for all of that.  Sigh..okay, I'm in...

But.. when I leave the hotel,  I have to remember my key-with no room number on it-and what the hell car I'm now piloting. 

Only now, do I feel relaxed enough to enjoy wherever it is that I am.  And enjoy I did.  In Maine, I visited Laura on our birthday's.  Yes, she is my birthday twin and we vowed we would celebrate her 50th. together.  We had a blast at the party honoring my friend, and partner in Keys crimes.

Happy Birthday to my dollfriend, Laura.  You were totally worth it! xo

P.S. Welcome to my new nephew, Julian Oliver Wightman, who was born on July 09, just 10 minutes short of sharing my birthday with me.  I can't wait to meet you baby boy! xoxo

Monday, July 6, 2015

Me and Bobby McGee...

 My favorite holiday has gloriously passed, making me thankful and aware of my freedom.  Press, speech, religion etc. are privileges that we often take for granted.  While-as usual-avoiding anything political, I thought I'd share some of the ways I also identify with the word 'free'. 
I hate that we are free to purchase 'fireworks'.  I abhor loud noises, and firecrackers and M80's do not qualify.  All that noise is worthless without the beauty of the colored sprays of light.  Every year some wanna be pyrotech blows off a digit.  Besides, they hurt Mickey's ears.
I try to live as freely as possible and exercise my free will as much as I can without being too obnoxious.  Truly, sometimes it's better to shut up than be right.  Free advice is nice, but much nicer
when it is solicited.  I ask for friends advice all the time and try not to offer if without being asked. You know what they say about opinions-and it's not too nice! 
 I love those dumb tear outs in my fashion magazines and try all the free samples they can send.  My very favorite Sunday mornings involve the Detroit Free Press with all that that name implies.  Free loaders?  Not so much.  Pay your fair share.  Try to give more than you take.  And please don't hog all the free mints at the door of P.F. Chang.  Free People is one of my favorite brands of clothing, but it is most definitely NOT free....
Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.  Janice sure thought so.  I think that it is really more of a choice than that.  A free lunch?  Where?  That's cuz there's no such thing!  A poster on my wall once read, "If you love someone, set them free.  If they come back they're yours; if they don't, they never were."  The seventies were full of those dippy sayings, and me and my little gal pals nodded sagely at the truth of it all.
Hope all of you can find freedom regardless of your situation.  I've come to learn that it is all in our heads.  Yogi has especially taught me that and there are countless quotes regarding that particular nirvana. 

Thank you all in your support of me and my little freedom of speech and press.  Expression, to me, is the true freedom.  xo