Monday, January 26, 2015

Feel Safe...

I got the flu shot and my pneumonia vaccine is good for another 4 years, I wash my hands constantly, and use hand those hand sanitizer thingy's at Kroger and Target.  My food and exercise plan is sound.  So why in the hell have I had a cold for the past 5 weeks or so?

  Seriously.  I coughed and was miserable for 2 weeks before getting the rock 'em sock 'em antibiotic that was sure to kick it out.  Fast forward 10 days later.  Nope, still ailin'.  A call to the doc man and I learned that 'it' must be viral and I would just have to wait it out.  Rest, water and Tylenol.  I have added Mucinex and essential peppermint oil to the regimen and have been diffusing oregano oil for relief.  I've been eating organic honey and cinnamon which is supposed to do something.  I have gargled with warm salt water.  I have gagged down organic apple cider in hopes of breaking up the mucus naturally.  My inhaler helps a little.  I seem better in the ayem but run out of steam and am worse by the afternoon.

I give up.

Maybe I should just go old skool and slam some warm whiskey and honey with a little lemon.  Can't hurt, I guess.  But I'm gonna have to head up north, cuz my Mom has to serve me up the little elixir. 

I'm gettin' desperate here, friends...Any suggestions?

Y'all have a healthy week and for the love of all things good-do not catch this! xo
P.S. Happy Birthday to dollfriend Rose, welcome to my decade, Honey! xo

Monday, January 19, 2015


Happy Martin Luther King Day.  Respect and kudos to the man who dreamed of fair and equal consideration for all of us.

How is everyone's January going?  Believe it or not, January is one of my most favorite months.  No, not for the weather, but for the unscheduled time.  December finds me very socially active with holiday parties and family time.  I eat, drink and be way too merry, leaving friend Kurt the tough job of workin' my chub off.  I swear I will get off the extra weight just in time for the holidays next December!  But until then, I wear layers and fleece for warmth and 'camoflage'.

For a month, I do not mind the short days.  It seems all right if I don't even leave the house some days.  Reading by the fireplace is a normal and regular indulgence.  I make chili and stew and other comfort foods, taking advantage of whatever is in the freezer and pantry.  When it gets dark at 5:30 p.m., the candles I light give the house a cozy look while hiding the fact that all I did was work out and then read all day.  Without the guilt of yard work hanging over my head, I catch up on all the movies I have on DVR.  I shop, (mostly on line) for end of the year sales and then delight when the packages show up on my porch.  Sasha Fierce and her wide slicks are my excuse to avoid slippery roads and procrastinate appointments till the salt on the roads has done it's job. 

And lists.  I love my lists.  To do's, to calls, to read, etc..  Scouring Pinterest for art ideas, new ways to festoon my outdoor planters and ways to better organize my garage is a wonderful thing.  I even actually will do some of them. Yesterday I painted with alcohol inks for two glorious hours.  I even sometimes knit and crochet, enjoying the warmth of the yarn on my lap.

This comfort zone of hot chocolate and down comforters will leave me very content until sometime in February at which time I will get cabin fever and start moanin' and groanin' about the very things that I was enjoying.  A trip up north and preparations for the Keys visit will get me thru till March.

How are you spending your winter?  Love it or leave it?  Let my lazy self know!  xoxo

Monday, January 12, 2015


Psssst. Can you keep a secret?  I can and I'm proud of it.

 All my life friends have found me with the ability to listen and not share their issues.  A guardian and keeper of secrets.  I do NOT tell.  Maybe my experience as a hair dresser and a bartender was good training.  I've heard my share from the good, bad , ugly and just out and out bizarre.  But, if you share a confidence with me, I will take it to my grave.

  I have been told of pregnancy's-before the bellies gave it up.  Also, those who chose not to stay that way.  Affairs.  Even the juicy ones-I will keep quiet about.  Mums the word.  Dreams and aspirations that just are not ready to be realized will be supported by me and I will be checking back to see if you have made any progress.  Health issues and test results that are causing concern.  Weight numbers-very top secret.  All just between you and me.

 I try to not advise, but just listen and nod sagely.  Most of the time, friends do not want you to solve their dilemmas, but just to commiserate and understand.  Listen without predjudice.  (Wasn't that the name of a George Micheal album?)   So, I try to just be a sounding board and not offer up too much.  I think it's better to just let someone come to their own conclusion unless they specifically ask and even then the answer must be ambivalent so as to not come back and bite me in the ass. 

The only time I can remember giving up a confidence was when the person was endangering themselves or someone else.  Guess there are exceptions to every rule.  But as a rule, I got your (secret) back.

And I hate it when someone uses you to unburden themselves and then later you found out that they told everyone and just told each of THEM not to tell anyone.  I have a problem with that.  It's annoying and a waste of my time.

Can you keep a secret?  Do you find yourself a confidant?  Or are you one of those that cannot be trusted with a juicy tidbit?

Let me know.  It can be our secret.  xo

Monday, January 5, 2015

Try Me...

Recently I read a very wise quote by a very wise person.  The words of wisdom that struck me to the core, went something like this, "Let's begin by taking a smallish nap or two".  And you are wondering who this brain-trust, prophet can be?  Winnie the Pooh, of course!  And I couldn't agree more...

Anyone who has known me for about 20 minutes can tell you that I LOVE to nap.  Not just love to, but need to.  Habitually, around 2:00 p.m. on most days, I slip off for my little 'lay down'.  Usually I read for a bit and then doze for a bit.  Pets are welcome and encouraged to join me and as pictured, Lola never met a nap she couldn't get with.  I wake up totally refreshed and ready to rock out the rest of my day and evening.  Along with my daily crossword and Suduko, my rests are my 'brain floss'.  My regular bedtime is unaffected by this routine. 

I just read that the most effective was to nap involves caffeine.  A 20 minute nap immediately following caffeine, will leave you refreshed just in time for the boost of the caffeine to kick in.  Who knew?  Back in the day, I used to sneak in a nap during my lunch hour and felt wonderful all afternoon.

So do you indulge?  Do you need a nap and does it 'work' for you?  Do you nap alone or with pets?  You know I want to know.

Have a wonderful first week of January and if you are in Michigan, stay warm cuz baby, it's cold outside!  Kinda makes me want to take a nap.. xoxo