Monday, March 31, 2014


Holy hot papito!
Okay, every once in a while you will cross paths with a truly amazing person- someone different than anyone else you know.  That exact thing happened to me last week, here in the Keys, when when I met Yuri.

 Yuri and his family were staying in our complex and in addition to being absolutely stunning,  okay-smokin' hot-he was completely amazing!  Yuri has recently retired from his career with the Cirque du Soleil after a 20 year run.  As a solo artist, he has performed in over 7,000 shows including shows for 30 presidents.  Yuri was born in Russia and speaks with a charming accent that mesmerized me, as he patiently answered all of our questions regarding flying through the air and maintaining a perfect physique.  To add to his 'cool factor', his wife Natalya was the prima ballerina in the show.  Can I just say that these two upped the ante at the pool this week?  Fo' reals, we were all 'sucking it in' as these two pulled up chairs to join the party.  Simply physically perfect with personality to match.

On Yuri's last night here, he dropped by and got us all interested in his career after Cirque.  His photography skills are amazing.  The influence of Cirque is easy to see as he combines physicality with his personal visions.  He modestly showed us a bust of himself that was created by an artist in his honor.  We all drooled, looking at the computer screen as he explained his art visions.  I have some favorites pieces and am determined to own one one day.  If you google his site, it's the one with this wife and the snake.  Completely amazed.

How fabulous is it that a normal day can bring you such unexpected joy and wonder? 

If you get a chance, look up and Yuri and view his photography.  And, as usual, I will be interested in what you think.  xo

Monday, March 24, 2014

Home Sweet Home...

 Three weeks into this vay cay, I must say that things are going great.  My sister, brother and two favorite cousins have joined us for the non stop festivities.  Four other friends came by for cocktails and dinner out al fresco.  And now we are entertaining two couples, friends from North Carolina.  Whew!  It's been a blast. 

On Friday, our friends leave and we will have one last week to unwind and button things up in preparation for the trip back to Michigan.  As much as I love the Keys, as always, I am slightly homesick for Dane and Mickey and the normal routines that 'home' brings.  I miss our friends and their kids.  I am over fed and under exercised and just generally indulged.  Our guests have been loose and understand if I sometimes need to sneak off for a little nap, cuz damn, this is all crazy exhausting!   Lola is as lazy as a cut dog, spending her afternoons lolling about in the sun-much the same way as she does at home.  But somehow, she seems a little restless.

I can only hope that Michigan will greet me with the snow being melted and my tulips sprouting up.  My morning paper will be in the box and I will make my 9:00 ayem gym class.  I will cook something.  I will limit my cocktail hour to weekends and dessert will not be an everyday thing.  I will focus more on writing.  I love routines, but can never seem to find that groove here.

Vacations are fabulous, but be it ever so humble-there's no place like home.  xoxo


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whiskey in the Jar...

Happy St. Paddy's Day!  Doesn't Lola look cute sporting her Irish hat?  She wore it for a moment and I was much more amused than she was with her fashion statement.  The hat brings out her big, green eyes, at least, saving her from total humiliation.  As an Asian leopard, she doesn't see the point of all of this St. Paddy shenanigans.  But she does look really cute-don't you think?

 Our celebration this year included some Michigan friends down for a visit. Cocktails, sunset, dinner and a cool magic act were on the agenda for a wonderful Keys evening.  No green beer, no corn beef and cabbage, no Irish music, and definitely no leprechauns!  I barely even wore green.  And that's just the way I like it.

I wonder if there were any Norwegians that did something worthy of a day I could celebrate?  Gotta look into that possibility and what a celebratory day could entail.  Hopefully there could be a big, Nordic god or goddess that would be more palatable than any old leprechaun-which totally give me the creeps.  Or at the very least a Viking mascot-which could necessitate a big hat with horns.  That could be cool.  I'm pretty sure Erik the Red did something as worthy as driving out all the snakes ...We could eat salmon, drink black coffee, and view the night sky hoping for a natural light show.  Sounds like wayyyy more my speed!

Anyhoo..  Hope your week goes as smoothly as a sip of Irish whiskey, with the wind at your back and the sun in your face, with the luck of a four leaf clover, and all that nonsense!  xoxo

Monday, March 10, 2014

Blue Heaven...

In an old, two story, funky looking house in Key Heaven my favorite restaurant can be found.  Located off the main strip in an area known as Bahama Village, it is the epitome of Keys style.  You have to look closely for the signage and the big blue arched gate that marks the entrance. 

There is both indoor as well as outdoor dining areas and bar space but I always prefer the outdoor arena. Tropical plants and flowers are left mostly in their natural state with colorful hibiscus and bougainvillea everywhere.  The open air is 'roofed' by multicolored tarps strung between the trees.  It's imperative that you watch your step so you don't trip on the roots of giant banyan trees in the middle of the 'dining room'.  There is an area that once was a boxing ring that old Ernest himself used to come and spar.   Wild chickens roam around on the ground and nest in the trees accepting any food offering you might have for them.  They co-exist peaceably with numerous cats lounging about as well.

There is most usually a wait for a table.  The outdoor bar is fun to cozy up to and watch this crazy dining experience play out.  If that doesn't suit you, there is a gift store hocking the usual souvenir's available to poke thru.  And randomly, a ping pong table sits off to the side allowing for gamesmanship if you are so inclined.

I love the food.  It's a cool blend of local fresh fare with a Bahamian twist.  I find myself ordering the exact same thing every time I go there and it never disappoints.  Yellowtail snapper with a citrus sauce, beans and rice, cornbread and plantains is the plate I can never turn down.  Playboy magazine rated this very dinner as a top ten favorite once.  You know I agree!

Do you have a favorite eatery?  I'd love to hear about it.  xo

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


What day is it anyway???

 Tuesday?  Omigosh, I forgot to post!  Now that doesn't happen very often.  After arriving in the Keys on Saturday night, everything seems like a blur.  A very warm blur.  With long, sultry days with temps hovering at 80, it's very easy to lose track of time-and days.   And now, on Tuesday night at 8:58, all this fresh air and sun has me completely whipped.  When did I become such a wimp?

To add to the surreal situation, we put Warren out to sea today.  A small group of us gathered and remembered him in the place he loved to visit.  I read the post that I wrote shortly after we lost him with background music of some of his favorite songs.  My brother did the final honors and feel he is resting where he belongs-perpetually happy and at peace.  R.I.P. dear friend. xo

So, Dolls, on this happy note, with a belly full of mahi mahi and vodka, I am calling a 'blog pass' this for this week.  Kinda like a blog vaycay.  A blogstop.  A postacation.  We are heading to Key West today for more hi jinks, tomfoolery, and shenanigans.  Also, Mark (Walking Man) has me on some mission in the horticultural arena.  Seems that there is some interest in a certain yellow flower that happens to thrive in the tropical foliage at mile marker 0.  I promise to keep an eye out, Bud.

See you all next week, when hopefully I'll have my head together. 

Or not.... xoxo