Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hola mis amigos! In honor of National Tequila Day, witness myself and Cheryl enjoying blue Margaritas, made with delicious 1800. The other pic is my siesta on the beach....
So now we need a National day to honor tequila? Huh? What's up with that? Can we expect a day to honor every kind of booze, beer and wine available? How about grass, Valium and L.S.D.? Who deigned this great day? Certainly not Hallmark! I'd guess some tequila sellin' company, but as to which one or how they got the national nod--I haven't a clue.

But this I do know for sure. Tequila is evil. It is the devils brew and I have been tempted--and succumbed to-it's evils on more than one occasion. I remember as an eighteen year old legal drinker, ordering Tequila Sunrises and thinking they were the most sophisticated cocktail ever! By the time the orange juice gave you a good case of heartburn it was usually too late and the inevitable colorful 'rerun' was next. It would have helped to have eaten beforehand, but that never seemed a real priority. Us chickies preferred to sup AFTER cocktails so the groovy outfits fit optimally and maybe we could get some sucker to spring for a late meal. Not always the best laid plans, but hey, we lived and learned.

I have to say that tequila is a swill that is definitely worth spending the extra dough on. I have moved up from Jose Cuervo and Sauza to the much smoother 1800 and the luscious Patron. I love the coffee Patron on the rocks. Cheryl can tell you of a rather unfortunate incident 2 years ago where I proved that blue margaritas made with cheap tequila was a HUGE lapse in judgement. I literally risked life and limb and almost fell off the boat. Not to mention an overall 'lapse' of time. What a waste of 24 hours, as I now suffer the hangovers from hell. Get it? Devils swill directly associated with hell? NOT a coincidence...

So as I read up on the history of tequila it struck me that I really do not care. Who originally created it, where it came from, and the blah blah blah of it all. The lesson I learned, I learned the hard way. Trial and many errors. And in the future--just the good stuff, thank you very much!! P.S. for a good giggle, utub Pee Wee Hermans 'Tequila Dance'. It was funny then and it's funny now!

Monday, July 19, 2010

This is How we do it.....

What a week, beginning with a surprising birthday post from the ever gorgeous Michelle! (Michelle's Spell) and ending with many wishes from family, friends, blogfriends, facebook friends and even Lola! Thank you to all. xo Makes an old chick feel downright special!!

Among the birthday loot I received, an Ipad and an easel, (thank you, Randy), are my favorite things! To quote Ellen DeGeneres, " I love my iphone, my ipad, and my ipod. I even like IHOP!" Me too! Can't wait to download books and read them on a large screen that is lighted with large letter options. Also the light on it will be so convenient for reading in bed. And when travelling, I don't have to haul books along or purchase them upon arriving. You know me--I judge the value of a vaycay on how many books I was able to read...So, yippee on the I pad! The easel, ah, the easel. I have always painted my canvasses on a flat surface, but lately find when I stand the pic up, that something is off in the proportions. The easel should be able to help with that, once I adjust to the inevitable learning curve. We shall see....

How about the news this week? The cap on the oil gusher is working! So far, so good. Let's hope that the collateral damage is something we can live with. No, pray. Praying would be better. And they finally caught the 'Barefoot Bandit'. I mean, really. A nineteen year old, barefoot dude that is a known petty thief. Until he steals 5 AIRPLANES!!! C'mon. And then takes his gig internationally. Passports, crossing state and country borders, renting a hotel, and committing crimes of pie stealing. And he is just NOW getting caught. Makes us look like idiots, for sure. The made for t.v. movie is gonna be a good one and he already has the perfect stage name.
"King" Le Bron will not be gracing our Detroit Pistons with his honor. He has settled his royal self with the Miami Heat and will be bringin' the heat for real. Managed to get Jesse Jackson's boxers in a knot with the slavery comparisons. I can't even go into the ludicrousness of that whole thing. Detroit is my #1 Team but since I am a part time Floridian, the Heat is my #2nd loyalty--as long as they don't beat our home boys!!

Whoops, he did it again! Our poor, hapless Kwame. Gettin' in trouble even while in the pokey. Now, his wifey comes to visit, and a embrace and a kiss is allowed. Sounds reasonable to me. Until the dumbass simply MUST grab her breast. Really? Ya, just had to do it, didn't ya? Couldn't resist, apparently. What was he hopin' for, a full conjugal right there in plain sight? What a goofball...

Strains my old pea brain, I tells ja..Shout out to my darling friend Kara, who underwent an emergency appendectomy this week. She is recovering and will be back to pimpin' diamonds at Atlas Jewelry soon. Kiss and gentle hug, to you, Diamond Girl!

Have a great week and pray to the Lord above that the humidity finally goes down. Enjoy life--a 'cold one' will help.. xoxo

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Other Side of Summer....

In speaking with my Dad this past week, he posed this question. Why aren't you writing more? Ya gettin' lazy, or what?
So yes, hell yes, I had to admit. This weather has me lazier than a cut dog. (That's up north speak for a neutered or spayed dog and the ambitions it lacks!) Not sure if lazy is the appropriate word, because on a much lower level, I AM doing something. I have read many books lately and even got a little paint on the canvas. I have napped every afternoon for looonnnng, lazy hours while still sleeping in a little later in the morning. Dinners are usually something cold or simple or better yet, off of a menu.

But writing? Not so much. I sort of vowed when I started this blog thing, that I would not make it a journal of my weekly, regular happenings. My daily minutiae bores meto tears, much less any hapless reader! I would try to tell stories or at least address something relevant. Or maybe even venture into a little non-fiction, as witnesses in my ONE stab at it in the blog titled "Two Egg Day", posted under "Baby, it's Cold Outside". And for some reason, I hate to write of someone that is still living. I keep notes when something seems 'blog worthy' to me, but lately I have really been uninspired. I still love to read all my blog friends posts and comment on them, too. But I have been very dreamy and mushy headed myself, with barely a clear thought. Even more than usual! (which I own) I seem to start and then lose my train of thought entirely. And as much as local politics make for a wild ass story as does the tragic oil debacle threatening my precious Keys, I just am still too uninformed to comment.

I can only blame the heat. You know your getting old (which I own) when you dwell on the weather. But it IS so relevant! I used to totally revel in the summer temps--and still do on the more temperate days, but more and more am finding it draining, both mentally and physically. We've all heard of the 'dog days' of summer and I suppose that this is what it is describing. I have cut my gym time in half as the place is like a rain forest--just with a funkier smell. Although the regular 'snakes' don't seem to mind. All the better glisten for the biceps and such! And some of that funk is ME! Even my L'vanilla and Secret gel can't live up to the task! An abbreviated, small effort on the weights and a little treadmill time, and I am SO outta there. Drop the top on Ruby Dee and hope to not offend the traffic in the area!

Again, the dog thing. Lazy and smelly and just a little more jiggly. NOT a pretty picture. Paired with the discovery of Krunchers Kosher Dill Potato Chips and Ultra Pomegranate and Raspberry beer and it is NOT a pretty picture. Even my position of utmost importance, (1 day a week in our warehouse) is on hold, because it has been like a blast furnace in there. I hope the company can still turn a profit without me sweeping in and handling the lunch details and such!

So, here is a couple of pics sure to cool you down. Can you really stand another pic on a boat with a cocktail? (Weellll, that's not REALLY over!) The downtown Mt. Clemens ice carvings are very cool and buddy Chance, is totally chillin'....Let me know what y'all are doin' to stay inspired these steamy days....xoxo Well, maybe just kisses--it's too hot to hug.... xxxxxx

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thank U.....

Pictured here is my darling goddaughter, Layne, and I enjoying a perfect July 4Th holiday weekend on beautiful lake St. Clair.

Red hot sun,

White wine on ice,
Blue sky and water.

Now that's the perfect color scheme for me. Corny, I know but Michelle (Michelle's Spell) and Erik, (Erik's Choice) already said all the good stuff!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with the freedom to do what makes you happy. xoxo