Monday, August 28, 2017

Walk on Water...

 When the Captain of this gorgeous Donzi gave Nicole and I permission to board, we happily ditched our kicks and hopped on.  It was a fun night and I love the lights and the sky in this pic.

But the 'Jspot' is feeling like my usual touch of frivolity would be very inappropriate tonight with the horrible tragedy in Texas.  I cannot imagine the horror of the loss of lives and/or your home.  I am holding my breath along with the rest of the world wondering where this disaster will end.  Again, I am grateful for my dry,safe night where my family is not in any danger, although Chicken Mickey is shaking with every clap of thunder.  I will see you next week for a dose of my usual triviality.

  Please join me in prayers for all the victims and their families suffering due to Hurricane Harvey.  xo

Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Sun...

When the sign said that the happy hour drink special was 'Mermaid Martini' you can bet I was quick to belly up.  With the unrest in South Carolina, the Barcelona tragedy as well Texas, I was feeling the shaky ground that comes with conflict and just plain horrible behavior.  I don't pretend to completely understand the politics, but I question the seemingly disrespectable way we treat each other.  The lack of understanding and pushing of our own personal agenda is not supposed to be more important than human lives.  Have our keyboard lives lessened our social skills and basic communication skills?  Compassion, and listening and just plain politeness seem to be less and less a part of our society.  I ponder, worry and wonder.

So after a week like this, I needed to seriously breathe, watch the water and enjoy my martoonie.  Also at Captain's Landing, the local famous white duck was hanging around along with other regular ducks, swans, geese and turtles.  Just happy little water fowl, swimming and doing what they do.  I find it very zen to watch them and imagine how simple their very survival is.

On Saturday, with a day as sunny and perfect as it could be,  we watched the incredible air show put on by Selfridge Air National Guard.  The Thunderbirds as well as many other aviation specialties were on display.  It was amazing to say the least.  We had front row, catbird seats at the Ernst's who live close by.  The many that were there plus neighbors dropping by, added to the feeling of community.  We ate, drank, and shared fellowship and camaraderie.  As the show wrapped up, the accompanying music had us all a little teary that our country had such dedicated and talented servicemen that give all to offer us security.

As cornflake as it sounds, I left feeling heartened and more secure. Somehow, things just seemed a little better-and safer.  Thank you to the servicemen and veterans for the dedication and selfless service to us all.  You make my world a better place. xoxo

Monday, August 14, 2017

Something New...

I bitched and complained.  I made excuses. I pleaded and I wheedled. There was no way I was going to a NASCAR race.  But, the DeWALT company offered to generously entertain us and provide tickets to cheer on the car that they sponsor.  So, as a good(?) supportive(?) wife, I peevishly agreed to go.  I warned Randy that he owed me BIG for my cooperation.  (I'm thinking Paris....)
The day promised to be very far out of my comfort zone.  I would be rising well before dawn to be a captured audience for a day slated to be hot, loud, and crowded.  And the worst of the worst-the dreaded porta potties.  I probably would be NA'SCARRED' for life.  But as DeWalt's newest and proudest distributer, I would just have to take one for the team.  (Insert a weak fist pump and an even weaker, 'go team.')

Randy and I and niece Nicole made our way to Brooklyn (MIS Speedway) where we were greeted by Don and Shannon, our gracious hosts.  Their attention to detail was amazing!   They set up the tailgater to end all tailgaters complete with a tent of wonderful food and beverages along with a giant grill.  There was cornhole, and an 8 person octo-bong for shooting beer-and no, I did not partake.  As you can imagine, the people watching just got better as the day went on.  I even survived one trip to the porta potties without too much duress.  Randy was treated to some time in the pits and DeWALT outfitted him like one of the pit crew.  He loved it!

At race time, Nicole and I made our way to our seats and inserted our earplugs.  As the cars lined up, I learned that pole position is not just for dancers.  I found myself actually getting caught up with the excitement and Nicole was totally into it, cheering and doing some weird redneck sound.  I also learned that there would be 200 laps.  Are you kidding me?

At about 150 laps later, our driver, Matt Kenseth dropped down in the standings, so  we decided to pack it in.  Hot, sweaty, dirty and tired, it was time to go home.

Okay, I confess to being pleasantly surprised.  Not only did I survive-I had fun.  It proves to me once again that it's WHO you are with-not WHERE you are.  And maybe I need to keep more of an open mind once in awhile.  Maybe...

Thanks to Don and Shannon and DeWALT for a very cool day.  And my wingman, Nicole for her redneck spirit.  (But if you ever make that pig squeal sound again, I will bop you in the head with your Peppermint Schnapps bottle!)

Gotta go Dolls-there are some tickets I need to book!  'Merica!  xo

Monday, August 7, 2017

May we All...

On Saturday good friends Tom, Kara and darling Vivi joined Randy and I for our annual outing to the Farmer's Market in Port Austin.  I hit the market quite often but it's a very special day when we all go together. 
The Thompson Tribe arrived and we spent some time drinking Bloody Mary's while Vivi explored the beach.  Piling in the truck, we drove up the thumb admiring the tall corn fields and windmill farms.  Vivi gleefully pointed out every cow she spotted.  Threading Viv into her stroller, we set out among the farmers, peddlers and artists.  Happily, we stocked up on fresh vegetables, spices, just-made sourdough bread and raspberry syrup.  I flirted with my favorite little Amish boy at his regular stand.  He was suitably embarrassed while I bought most of what he had to sell, including a peanut butter and chocolate cookie bar dessert.  We then made our way over to the artists and vendor booths.  I think we saw every type of dog that there is and I petted most of them. 
The market is truly people watching and doggie petting at it's best.  Next stop was an outside lunch spot where Vivi charmed everyone by playing her version of cornhole.  She picks up the bags and drops them in the hole.  She then fishes them out and totes them to the other end where the process starts over.  Lunching at a shared picnic table, we made friends with the people on the other end.  It truly is a very small world.  Conversation and the view of the lake made a perfect end to our day.  Heading back home, we all agreed that we love doing this together and vowed to keep up our yearly tradition.  That's a promise worth keeping.  xo

P.S. Please forgive my lack of skill in creating proper punctuation this week!