Monday, October 28, 2013

Magic and Loss...

R.I.P Lou Reed.  I have to admit to being a late comer to his music.   Growing up in northern Michigan with one f.m. radio station, severely limited my exposure.  Later on his distinctive voice and style made it easy to recognize his music.  I actually read more about his life in bits and pieces as much as listening to him.  I have always been curious about 'all things New York' (plan to visit the city soon!) and Lou's face and style seem to typify that feeling.  He was cooler than cool.  I am surprised that he lived as long as he did given his crazy lifestyle-and surviving a liver transplant.
So how is it that at my age, with relative good health, am I such a wuss?  Saturday night, dressed up in skunk costume and my comrade trussed up in her peacock outfit, hit a friends annual Halloween bash.  Never disappointed, the party had many characters, wonderful food, and the most awesome decorations ever.  The 'punch' was flowing and a good time was had by all. 
Why, then, at 12:30 am I hedging for the door?  Yawning even.  Now this is getting ridiculous.  We had plans for an early tailgating party before the Lions game on Sunday, and I knew I would be dragging ass if I didn't get some sleep.  Soon.   So like a skunky Cinderella, I hauled my cookies home to go to bed.  Lame, I know, but I just can't seem to cut it anymore!
 Sunday morning came too soon, and I groaned as I got up and got into gear for the next round of festivities.  The invite only party found me charging to the bar for a quick screwdriver in hopes of a wake up and attitude adjustment.  The nice chef made my omelet custom ordered and to perfection.  More screwdrivers came next.  Me and my gang trudged down to Ford Field with anticipation and hope.  Anticipation of a long game and hope that we could cut out early. 
With one minute left on the clock, us chickie's persuaded the guys to leave (finally!) early.  And don't you just know it, our team pulled off whatever they needed to do to come from behind and win the game.  I was too tired to barely care.  I was exhausted and the couch was calling my name.
Late night and early mornings just don't work for me anymore.  I have seriously fell into the routine of a Florida retiree-party time starts and four and ends at 10, not the other way around!!
So much for my 'Walk on the Wild Side'.   xo

Monday, October 21, 2013


This past week I was lucky enough to experience a visit to a place I've always been curious about.  Everywhere I vacation, I seem to leave a piece of my heart-and this trip was no different.  Cape Hatteras National Seashore has always held intrigue for me.  I have always been attracted to the ocean, particularly it's shoreline.  It's a place sort of like my precious Keys, but sort of not.  Incredible beauty, fresh seafood, world class fishing and a laid back attitude are the commonalities in the two places.  The biggest difference is the beaches. The Keys are built on coral islands with very little actual beach.  But,  holy crow, the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen were outside my door.  Miles and miles of wide, white sand beaches.  I spent hours strolling, picking shells, petting dogs and talking with other beach freaks.  It was a blast to see the shore fisherman with their totally rigged vehicles and they were happy to share their techniques with me.  I was advised where to find the most sand dollars and sea glass.  The slow, lazy pace is totally how I roll and I can't help but love the southern manners and drawl.  In fact, a few more days there and I would have picked up a little accent of my own.
  As I re-enter normalcy, washing the sand from my clothes,  I can't help but daydream about that gorgeous place.  Lola, who I usually never leave, is sprung from the boarding kennel and is not too much worse for the wear.  She's crabby, but I'm sure she will forgive me in time. If you ever get the hankerin' to hang out in simply one of the most beautiful shores ever, than do not hesitate to visit Cape Hatteras, it's lovely ocean beaches are waiting.
Enjoy your week and thanks for indulging my little travelogue.  I am grateful for you and all the beautiful aspects of my life.  xo   P.S. forgive my lack of paragraphs today, (Mark!), blogger is not co-operating!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Only the Good Die Young...

My friend of 40 years is gone.  Warren passed away suddenly and has left us all with the huge task of moving on in a world without him.  We are from the same small town and our relationship was rich with common friends and old stories.  The hole in my heart is large and very jagged, and he pops up in my thoughts constantly.  I hope by writing this, I can get on with some healing.

Warren was a one of a kind-a free spirit in every way-living life on his terms.  Warren took chances and did things that most of us just dream about.  He rode his motorcycle with the wind in his hair and was never afraid to explore new places and meet new people.  And once you met him, you would never forget him.  His blue eyes and slow smile lit up every room he ever walked into.  You had to lean in to hear his soft voice, but it was always worth it.  An old soul and a modern day hippie, Warren was famous for saying, "right on". 

You could count on him for anything-just ask my brother, his long time best friend.  He was a man of simple needs and great talent.  He could build a house from the bottom up and everything in between.  He was known for his hugs-he'd bend down and I would get on tiptoe to make up the difference in our heights.  Warren used to say that he was 'freakishly tall'.  And he was!  Back in the day, he could talk me into dancing non stop for hours. 

  He was a founding member of our annual "Sloth, Indulgence and Debauchery Tour" for the past 12 years while on vacation in the Keys.  Memories of our antics will have to sustain us this year, as we somehow carry on without him.  He could crack my back better than any chiro ever has!!  Warren was a lover of all things in nature.  As kids we hung out at the beach,  picked wild strawberries and mushrooms, and snuck alcohol.  Warren was an amazing chef and could whip up the best pancakes and shrimp fettuccine alfredo ever.  He cooked simply and with love, and when he cooked, I would gladly clean up. He spoiled us all with his yummy delights.

He knew the words to every song you can imagine.  I'll never again hear the song, 'Cripple Creek' without remembering me and Warren, half tuned up, belting it out.  It was one of the many little traditions we had that made our friendship special.

  I'll look for him around every corner of Key West and smile as He lives on in the stars and warm breeze.   I'll toast his memory with love.

Till we meet again, good friend.  Right on.   xo

Monday, October 7, 2013


On M25, in the thumb of Michigan lies the tiny burg of Forester.  Not much to see as you pass thru except The Forester Inn, The Forestore and the cemetery.  This small, but once large lumbering community is home to a local legend.  Founded in fact, in involves the suicide of a young local girl. 

In 1876, 16 year old local girl, Minnie Quay fell in love with a sailor that docked at the pier in Forester.  Known as a bit of a wild child, Minnie clandestinely met with her boyfriend, until her parents resorted to locking her in her room when his boat brought supplies to town.  Legend has it that her sailor's boat took to a stormy lake one night when Minnie was on lock down.  She never got to say goodbye.  The boat was tossed around in high waves and wind and finally capsized.  The whole crew drowned.  5 months later while babysitting her brother, Minnie, dressed in a white nightgown, walked down to the pier.  She waved at neighbors, and much to their horror, threw herself into the icy waters of Lake Huron. 

The local, as well as the national legend is that Minnie's ghost is heard calling her lover while strolling the shoreline.  Many have reported seeing her image doing such a thing and some have seen her actually in the water.  She is said to be looking for women to enlist in her search. 

Minnie has also been sighted around her grave where people constantly leave money and gifts on her headstone.  The old Quay home has been known to have the usual haunting.  An original Quay family member has indicated that lamps swing, rockers rock and things randomly move at Minnie's will.  The shoreline pier, the house, and the grave site are sought out by curiosity seekers and her story was recently featured on "The Dead Files."

My search also revealed that Minnie has a Facebook page, a song written about her that is complete with a video, a poem and more recently a book.

Whether it's true or just a thumbtastic legend, the story brings notoriety to Forester and makes wonderful campfire story fodder.

Do you have any ghost stories or experiences in the paranormal?  Do tell-I'm dyin' to know! 

Happy fall, my dears. xo