Monday, May 28, 2012

I Like How it Feels...

When sister-in-law Cheryl asked me to train with her for the 3 day Cancer Walk, I couldn't say no.    Cheryl is working up to 60 miles to participate in the fundraiser and her training schedule had her down for an 11 mile walk on Friday.

  Now, I can handle 5 miles easily enough, and I can box a few rounds.  I am able to stagger through a boot camp class and huff and puff through a step class.  I know my way around weight training and I've never met an elliptical machine that I didn't like.  But 11 miles?  I was not sure I was cut out for that.  The schedule has the walk set at a pace of 3 miles and hour so you can build up endurance.  So we are talking about a 4 hour time commitment.

At 8:00 a.m. we slammed our energy gel stuff and grabbed our water bottles.  The walking path loomed ahead.  As I've stated, the first 5 miles went easily and Cheryl and I sailed along and caught up on each others lives.  Miles 5-7 took us through Metro Beach and a nice breeze kept us cool.  It was at this point that I felt my hips protesting a little.  We refilled our water bottles and turned around for the last leg of the walk.  I swear miles 8 and 9 were passing so slowly and my hands started to swell.  Cheryl, on the other hand, still had a lilt to her step.  It became so obvious that her training had prepared her for this haul.  We stopped to stretch and her Endomometer reminded us that we had two more miles to go.  We forged on and finally got to our finish line.  Cheryl promised me cocktail (or 3) and with that thought, we finished.

What a challenge!  I recommend anyone able bodied enough to try to do the thing you think you can't do.  It feels great.

On this Memorial Day my thoughts go out to all who have sacrificed for us.  Also loved ones that have passed but are in our memories today.  It's because of you, that our lives are as they are.  xoxo

Monday, May 21, 2012

On the Radio...

I have to say, this week I am really feeling my mortality.  My dear Granny (98 years young) is giving us all a scare with some ups and downs in her world.  As of today though, Gramma is feeling great and ready to live for awhile longer-her words!  She is my last living grandparent.  My own parents are in their mid to late seventies and while their health is quite good, they are definitely getting older.  My son turns 29 next month.  Never more than lately, have I felt that time, and life, is spinning by faster and faster.  Kinda like that ride at Cedar Point where you spin around and then the bottom drops out leaving you hanging on for dear life.  And it's all one big, crazy, out of control blur.

Of course, it seems like just yesterday when the voices of Donna and Robin moved us at the disco.  Crazy, fearlessly, deliriously, and forever young.  And now thier deaths have left  me both sad and ponderous.  Cancer knows no age boundaries and 62 years old has never seemed younger.  Last year our darling Michelle, (Michelle's Spell) nearly died after a serious surgery complication.  And now Charles, (Razored Zen) and his wife, Lana are battleing the cancer demon.  There are no guarantees and living right offers no safety net.

You may remind me that this is, in fact, life.  But knowing that does not make it any easier a pill to swallow.  Forced on us, like a bad dream.  Much like irony, it is a 'jagged little pill', at best. 

So what are we left with?  I guess all we can do is live as fully and with as much grace as possible.  Someone  else is most definely calling the shots for reasons we do not get to know yet.  Maybe it's just a reminder or wake up call that we only get one chance to do this thing.  I'm going up north next week to check on Gramma .  And I vow to slow my own train down a bit, with a little more faith and a lot more gratitude and prayer.  That's all. xo

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Your Love is King...

Happy Mother's Day, from one happy Mother!  The wonderful men in my life fabulously hooked me up with a card, roses, crab legs, and love-sweet love.  Earlier, I sat in the sun and enjoyed a quiet time with my book.  And later, the low calorie fudge sickle will be the last thing in my perfect day.

To all Mothers: know you are special.  To my Mom- you are the best. There is no love like a mothers.  It is from ours that we learn to nurture and teach and love in the best way that we can.  It is said that we (women) do not truly know love until we are a mother.  And it's true.  For all it's frustration, heartache and worry, it is still the sweetest, most delightful and rewarding job I have ever had. For this I am blessed and grateful.   ox

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Belatedly, happy Cinco De mayo, or as Lola and Jaco kitties say, "Synca de Meow"!

I can't help but get a little teary this morning and no, It's not my slight tequila hangover from the celebration with my party posse!

 Starting oh, well, forever, I have been unable to watch the commercials about animal cruelty, featuring neglected animals.  When I hear, 'I will Remember You" I simply must turn or walk away from the horrific sights coming up.  What kind of sick, twisted M-Effer could ever do that to an innocent, helpless animal.  As humans, our capacity for inhumane and unspeakable acts against animals, are probably our worst faults of all. 

Last week while driving to Detroit, I spotted a dog that looked just like Mickey standing, confused on a busy exit ramp.  Friend Kristen whipped out her phone and called Detroit Dog Rescue and gave them the location of the pup.  Hopefully he will be rescued, as his owner, no doubt, probably cares not a whit for this underfed, lost dog.  And buying pet food yesterday, I pet all the kitties up for adoption and pray that someone will please give them a good forever home.

On facebook, my cousin remarked that a full month after the loss of her beloved Daisy,  she still thinks of and misses her everyday.  And I tear up with the memories of my past pets.  There is nothing much harder than losing a pet. Then I read that a dog was found in Detroit in a garbage bag, but was rescued and doing much better. 

I wonder if owning pets should require a serious background check.  Mental stability and income ( just to be able to feed and provide medical care, etc.), would be carefully considered.  Money would be charged just to help fund Detroit Dog Rescue.  Then occasionally a random spot check would ensure that the pet is being treated lovingly.  And if the situation is less than right, the pet is confiscated and a hefty fine is assessed.  Side bar: I also think people should require at least that much scrutiny before allowing a baby to have a child. Sorry, I will wait for the name calling to begin. I expect it, but still can't change how I feel.

As Lola rests comfortably next to me on a chair, and Mickey and Jaco mill about fed and healthy, it is unconscionable to me that I would ever neglect them.  Trusting eyes and wagging tails are one of the most special relationships you can ever have.  All love to my little darlings! xo

P.S. Two spectacular ladies are celebrating birthdays.  A very special Birthday wish to my dearest Cheryl and gorgeous dollfriend, Michelle (Michelle's Spell) Girls, you just keep gettin' better. xo